Number 274 - 24th September 2005


Beyond Belief - The Power of the Paranormal goes on tour in the Autumn. Alan Hudson, Alex Crow and Kennedy team up to present a brand new theatrical production that promises to take audiences on a journey through the powers of the paranormal. "From Kennedy's deadly game of Russian Roulette to Alan Hudson's comedic mind reading and magic to Alex Crow's paranormal experiments with Ouija and séance." For dates, venues and to book Click Here. "Dicing with death for a living" Click Here. 24.9.05


Magic Aid. Members of Aberdeen Magical Society are joining forces to help the victims of the Tsunami by presenting a spectacular family magic show, Magic Aid – Northern Sleights, at Aberdeen Arts Centre on Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October at 7.30pm with a special children's matinee on the Saturday from 2.30pm – 4pm. The members of AMS decided to rally to the call of the President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for magic clubs to perform in aid of the people affected by Tsunami. Appearing in the shows throughout the weekend are Fifth Dimension, Alan & Allan, Jim Aitken, Carl Howse, Ron Gordon, Peter Nicol and Garry Seagraves. For further details contact Jeff Burns 07764 793897 email 24.9.05


Nicholas Einhorn with CBBC presenters Jez and Abs. Nicholas made a return visit to the Xchange studio last week baffling and amusing viewers by pushing a coin into a coke bottle and then risking by all suspending a glass of water upside-down directly above the head of presenter Abs! 24.9.05


Southern Sorcerers present their annual Charity Magic and Variety Show in aid of the Sally Pugh Memorial Fund on Saturday, 24th September, at the Theatre Royal, Addington Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1PW (Map). Starring Michael Pearse, Loki (photo) and recent Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year finalist Jonathon Shotten. Tickets £5.50 or £20 for a family ticket (booked in advance). Box Office 01843 293887 or for more information contact Allan Wright 01843 846846. 24.9.05 kindly sent through two eManuscripts last week. The first being EpiCard, a very clean triple prediction on the lines of the old classic Mental Epic (but without the dodgy looking blackboard). Very good, and 100% practical too, Click Here. And the second being the newly released UK Bagshawe Deck eManuscript "Al Koran was a brilliant mentalist and his improved version of the Bagshawe Deck was one of the features of his world renowned act. It baffled audiences for years. In this new release, Al Koran's improved design and handling has been strengthened even further – integrating contemporary performance techniques with a streamlined set-up that eliminates any potential pitfalls. The result is a Bagshawe Deck that combines maximum audience impact with an ease of performance never before possible. We call it the Ultimate Koran Bagshawe Deck or UK Bagshawe Deck for short." If you've never worked with a Bagshawe deck, don't know what one is, or simple want to discover more about the deck, then buy this eManuscript - you'll love it! Two excellent manuscripts, both available as instant downloads from, whose passion for their subject, as ever, shines through. 24.9.05


Anthony Owen talks about magic on television on Monday evening at 8pm on Some More Tricks, the ebook follow-up to Anthony's acclaimed Some Tricks is reviewed by Rob James this week. Click Here. 24.9.05


Andrew Murray is featured in Magic Profile this week: "I can remember many a Saturday morning watching unsuspecting visitors to Alan Alan’s shop pick up the exploding coin! It was almost like an initiation ceremony for newcomers. Alan was very good to my brother and I who had become regulars. He recommended books and, most importantly, the careful study of those books. I remember Harry Lorayne's 'The Magic Book' was my first purchase - it's still a great starting point for any aspiring magician..." Click Here. 24.9.05


Terry Wenham has worked professionally in the United States for the past 20 years, specialising in restaurant magic. This week he's visiting the UK to attend the British Ring Convention, but will also be performing for one night only at a Sicilian friend's restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, Kent on Saturday October 8th Terry emails readers: "I would love to receive an email just to say hi, and would be thrilled to spend time with you at the Sicilian. I will be returning again to the UK for the Blackpool Magicians' Convention, in February. For the past seven or so years I have attended both the IBM and Blackpool fun times and love it. In July, I was honoured to be able to attend the 100th celebration of The Magic Circle. Maybe your club would like me to lecture in February and show off my new book! Hope to see you at the Sicilian." Email: Website: . 24.9.05


James Brown presents his commercial close-up lecture for the Associated Wizards of the South on Tuesday 4th October. Visiting magicians welcome, but contact the society first via their website 24.9.05


Jack's Back at The Magic Circle. Two years ago Jack Delvin's show at The Magic Circle sold out within three weeks, an extra night was added, which was also sold out. "Delvin into Magic is the ideal evening of pure entertainment for all those that like watching, and joining in with, magic. Sheer magical indulgence. You will see tricks and illusions that you have never seen before, performed by one of the old masters of magic." Saturday 12th November 2005 at 3pm and 7pm. All seats £10.00. The Magic Circle, 12 Stephenson Way, London, NW1. Box Office 0207 387 2222. 24.9.05


Claude Klingsor's Balsamo has just been re-released and updated by Fabrice Delaure Productions. One snap of the jaws for "yes" and two for "no" - throw away your note pads boys, we're talking talking skulls here! "Developed in 1985 and produced only in a very small number, Fabrice Delaure Productions is reviving this fantastic trick, adding all the innovations of modern technology." Visit for more information. 24.9.05


Pete Firman aka Tufty from Channel Five's Monkey Magic and soon to be seen in the forthcoming Channel Four series Dirty Tricks - is the star of the latest exclusive interview from TV Magic Limited. You can download a free copy now by clicking on the link at 24.9.05


Celebrate Oxford Street. London's Oxford Street will be closed to traffic on Saturday 1st October and a number of street performers have acts have been booked to entertain the crowds including James James, fresh back from the Edinburgh Festival and Theatre Spectacle in Zurich. He will be entertaining the crowds with his cups and balls work. More information Click Here. 24.9.05


MagicWeek is featured in the new edition of The Good Web Site Guide 2006, published by Harper Collins, together with MagicWeek advertiser Available from Click Here • "The year's most bizarre event outside of the war; David Blaine" Click Here • "Magician to the Rich" Click Here • Happy 50th Birthday to Mike Danata of - his shop in Bournemouth is floor to ceiling magic! • I had planned to include a new DVD clip this week, but time ran out, so it'll be next week now instead. Many thanks to everyone who sends in news, but please try to keep to our 12 noon Friday deadline if you want it to appear in Saturday's MagicWeek, see you next week, Duncan. 24.9.05