Number 285 - 10th December 2005


Blackpool Magicians Convention: Latest News. Japanese magic star Fukai will lecture and appear on the Saturday night International Gala Show. The Friday International Forum features: Stan Allen, Hank Moorehouse, Wayne Dobson and Terry Seabrooke - offering a wealth of magical experience and taking questions from the audience (from 6pm). The full lineup of international close-up stars is: Jeam Pierre Vallarino from France, and from the USA Billy McComb, Martin A Nash, Rick Merrill, Chris Capehart, Chase Curtis, Paul Green and Michael Ammar. And the lineup of lecturers has now been confirmed as: Michael Ammar, Martin A Nash, Paul Green, Chris Capehart, Rick Merrill and Chase Curtis, all from the USA, and Patrik Kuffs (Canada), Fukai (Japan) and Jean Pierre Vallarino (France). This year everyone who registers for a Gold Card Registration (68.00) before 31st December 2005 will receive a free DVD. Dates: 24th - 26th February 2006. Priority Registration Form: (or call Arthur Casson on 01253 393688). 10.12.05


South Tyneside International Magic Week. 17th - 19th March, 2006. For the third consecutive year, South Tyneside Council, with Martin Duffy, President of the Newcastle Magic Circle, are organising a week of magic that promises to be their best yet. From the USA: Stage Magician of the Year, Close-up Magician of the Year and Parlor Magician of the Year Whit Haydn (photo), the original magic of Docc Hilford and the strong visual magic of Daniel Garcia. Lecturing from the UK: Charlie the Magician, offering practical ideas on how to make a living as an educational magician. An afternoon with master showman David Berglas, and a special lecture from Paul Stone. The three-day convention will include two evening Gala Shows starring Geoffrey Durham, Alec Powell, John Archer, Brendan Healy and David & Dania. For more information, and a registration form, visit The first 100 registrants will additionally gain access to the exclusive 'midnight show' featuring Whit Haydn. 10.12.05


Marc Oberon, current European Champion of Close-up Magic, has been added to the line up of performers appearing at the Session Convention in January. He will be performing his award winning act in the UK close-up show and will be joining Lee Asher, Kostya Kimlat, Tyler Wilson, Andi Gladwin, Tim Shoesmith and James Brown. Ticket sales for the Session have been very strong, with all the signs pointing to a sell-out. Hurry! Visit: 10.12.05


Barry and Stuart present three in a row for Channel 4 on Friday December 30th. First The Magic of Jesus "In this 60-minute Christmas special the stars of Dirty Tricks undertake their most challenging project to date as biblical stories become a springboard for the duo to produce some amazing tricks" then a repeat showing of When Magic Tricks Go Wrong and finally Dirty Tricks (show 6 from the original series - first showing). See TV Magic for details. 10.12.05 now stock a range of Neodymium Magnets at very competitive prices. "Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) is used to manufacture the most powerful magnets per unit volume that are commercially available today. It is used where a small size and maximum power are needed. Neodymium Magnets exert very high forces and can attract each other through unbelievably large distances making them very popular for a wide range of applications from scientific experiments to magic acts. They also have an immense and unbeatable resistance to being demagnetised, making them ideal for repulsion applications as well as attractive applications." So the search for a supplier is now over... stock over 20 different sizes including disks, rods blocks/squares and spheres. (I wonder how many you'd need to pack into your boots for a self levitation?!!) If you've got an inventive mind you'll love experimenting with these magnets, especially when they're combined with other magic methods. Highly recommended, and excellent value too. Visit: 10.12.05


Tim Clothier - Advanced Illusion Projects. Now advertising with MagicWeek: "A collection of original illusion designs. Tim Clothier presents his new book 'Advanced Illusion Projects' Full colour throughout, Photographs, Story Boards, A chapter about building mock-ups, Scale Drawings, Extremely detailed plans 3D views, Exploded drawings of illusion construction. Each illusion design features detailed scale plans of the entire structure of the prop. All parts of the illusion are shown and described, including information on how to build them, materials to use, and recommended finishes. 156 pages. $49.50" To order visit 3.12.05


Paul Gordon is having a Magic Sale: "Mention 'Magic Promotion' when ordering and ask for a free magic gift." 10.12.05


Magic audiences can now view internationally renowned close-up magician, David Redfearn, perform his "cool magic" trick online at his new website Event Magic. During the 2-minute video, David comments that he is about to perform possibly the coolest trick in the world, before amazing his audience as he makes a torn, chosen playing card appear within a frozen block of ice. Originally aired on ITV1 in the UK, and performed for TV presenter Carol Smillie, the trick is one of David's favourites. As resident magician at Chelsea Football Club, David has performed in front of celebrities and royalty around the globe and regularly features at corporate hospitality functions and events. To view "Cool Magic" in action visit David's new site 3.12.05


Card Symphony by Matt Edwards. "A themed stage show in miniature - Classic card effects and sleight of hand magic are skillfully and beautifully staged to a classical music soundtrack, themed around the theatre and orchestra. Features are a levitating linked card routine, Grandfather's Aces choreographed to Moonlight Senata (A simple but stunning piece of 'theatre') and an 1812 Overture finale which is frantic and even includes miniature canons going off." Performed by Matt Edwards. Devised, produced and directed by Richard Leigh. February 1st - 5th 2006 at 8pm. Matinee on Sunday 5th at 3pm. See What's On for details. This show will also be touring next year and has in the past formed a very different night of entertainment at magic societies as a lecture/show presentation. Enquiries to: 10.12.05


The Magic Carpet. "Arabia - a very long time ago, a long way away. Two adventurous young thieves, Miloshin and Zhitva, meet while trying to steal the magnificent treasure of the Sultan and Arabia. So begins an epic journey of adventure as the pair team up and set off across the desert to sell their loot and make a fortune. Amongst the treasure is the ring of Solomon, a jewel of immense magical power. If it were to fall into the wrong hands it could destroy the world. The dark and terrifying wizard Du-Shou wants the ring... and is prepared to kill to get it! Only Miloshin and Zhitta's cunning and bravery can save the world from destruction. Oh, and a certain dusty old carpet..." Age 7+ Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, King Street, London W6 0QL 10.12.05


Mat Black and Chris Paris are a new double act appearing at the Barons Court Theatre (home of The Magic Cavern shows) from 6th - 13th January 2006 (see What's On). The show kicks off a new season of Monday evenings of magic which is how The Magic Cavern started nearly three years ago. If you have an act that needs a live audience, or are a seasoned performer with new material to try out, then these evenings are for you. Alternatively if you are a Magic Society you may like to showcase some members work. More information from: 10.12.05


Aberdeen magicians Alan & Allan from COMAGI Corporate Magic will be performing at a charity show at the Savoy on Thursday 15th December, and email: "While in London we are also meeting a well known beverage company who may be sponsoring a UK comedy/magic tour that we are organising next year. We would like to hear from comedy magicians who may be interested in joining us." Anyone interested should email for more information. 10.12.05


Irish magician and illusionist Ruairi O'Connor will appear on "Primetime Christmas Special" on Monday. This hour-long episode of the award winning current affairs programme will examine how the banking industry in Ireland has made a lot of the Irish public's money disappear! RTE1 Television, Monday, 12th December, at 9.30pm 10.12.05


Darryl Rose, seen here with ITV1's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! winner Carol Thatcher at the wrap party where he entertained both the crew and celebrities in Coolangatta, Australia, with card magic "That's Magic" Click Here "Magic result for children's charity" Click Here "Illusionist Investigates Miracles of Jesus on Discovery Channel" Click Here "Keith Conjures The Conways..." Click Here "VisionTV and Reel Time Explore Enigmas" Click Here Tom Lauten reviews ESP Chips from Anthony Blake and David Harber this week, Click Here   That's it, see you next week, Duncan. 10.12.05