Number 302 - 8th April 2006


Joseph Atmore is Dunninger. Richard Leigh in association with The Jermyn Street Theatre and Joseph Atmore presents a 'Late Night Magic' special. California based mentalist Joseph Atmore recreates a 1940's era radio show based on the work of the 'Amazing Dunninger'. From the intimate auditorium of the luxurious Jermyn Street Theatre in London's West End watch 'The Dunninger Show Recreation' as it was performed in front of a live audience at The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Experience what a 1944 radio studio audience would have experienced. This is an exact recreation of an 'Amazing Dunninger' radio show. Originally broadcast in 1944 on the Blue (NBC) radio network. Watch three special guests participate in some amazing telepathy experiments. Marc Paul is the announcer. Ian Rowland is the director and guest judge is David Berglas.

Joseph Atmore, noted magic historian and mentalist, has studied the life and career of the Amazing Dunninger for many years and has written a best-selling book devoted to the performances of Dunninger. During the show you will hear the original organ music (composed by John Gart), and the script throughout is based on the hundreds of scripts in Joseph's collection.

Friday 2nd June, 10.45pm. The Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6ST (Map - 1 minute walk from Piccadilly Tube Station) All seats £14.00. Or why not first enjoy a meal with close-up magic by Dominick Zwolinski in The Getti restaurant (above the theatre) before the show? £36.00. Jermyn Street Theatre only holds 70 - hurry, this evening will sell out! Call the box office on 020 7287 2875 or book online via


IBM Ring 85 Annual Convention, Limerick, Ireland, 28th-30th April 2006. Hosted by the Munster Society of Magicians at the South Court Hotel, Limerick. On the Saturday: Michael Shortland lecture, Children's Matinee and Competition, Michael Finney lecture, Graham Lee lecture, Banquet, Stage Competitions, Late Night Magic. Sunday: Dave Allen lecture (photo), Peter McLanachan lecture, Close-up Competition, International Gala Show. For more information and to book, Click Here. 8.4.06


Late Night Magic. Richard Leigh in association with The Jermyn Street Theatre presents a fifth season of 'Late Night Magic' cabaret on Friday and Saturday nights from April 21st to June 30th. With dinner and close-up magic in the Getti restaurant (above the theatre) for 9pm, followed by cabaret at The Jermyn Street Theatre from 10.45pm to midnight: "'Malcolm Marvelle - Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita' have been together for 25 glorious years and are resident magicians at the 20 seater Twilight Ballrooms in Scratby." They return to the West End to host 'Late Night Magic' which features guest magicians: Andrew Murray, Sam X, Peter Wardell, Gary Scott, Kris Krendo, Chris Cox, David Bodycombe, Black and Paris, Oliver Tabor, Dominick Zwoliniski, Jay Fortune, Mandy Muden and Julian James." See What's On for dates. (After the season "Malcolm Marvelle - Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita" travel back to Scratby and then head up to The Edinburgh Festival.) 8.4.06


Martin Sanderson: The Business. Martin's new DVD is out now, featuring: "7 brand new money-making effects, plus the secrets of corporate magic." Following on from the success of last year's Corporate Close-up with Martin Sanderson this disc is full of routines (this time using every day objects), and tips, for the busy professional. Visit the website for more information, and to see a video clip: (We've seen a pre-release version and there really is some excellent material on this disc. Martin's done it again!) 8.4.06


Oxford 'Dragon' Boat Race. Following their triumphant Boat Race win at the weekend, the very English Oxford University Boat Club, chose magicians from Wales to entertain at their sumptuous ball at the exclusive Hurlingham Club in London. The South Wales close-up team of Stuart Watkins and Jasper Blakeley amazed over three hundred party-goers with their magic, including Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Pincent (photo).  8.4.06 are pleased to announce that they are the official suppliers of Elope Party and Costume Hats to the UK (as used by Ken Scott). "These are fantastic hats in the style of Birthday Cakes, Jesters, Clown Fish and Wolves, just to mention a few. Each hat features a secret pocket which can easily conceal a silk or other small object without fear of detection." See what else is new at: 8.4.06


Professor Richard Wiseman is giving a talk on the psychology of magic at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this Sunday at 2pm. "Mind Magic. Magicians appear to achieve the impossible - making objects disappear and defy gravity. In this highly interactive event, we invite you backstage to discover the secret science of sorcery. Learn about the hidden psychology employed by some of the world's greatest illusionists to deceive and astound. Discover the real relationship between magic, mystery and science. And find out how you too can perform miracles." Click Here for more information. 8.4.06


Sav is looking for 10 minute cabaret acts (manips, silent, escapes, bizarre...) and solid close-up magicians who are available to work in Central London. Email (a show reel and CV will be required) for more information. 8.4.06


Jay Sankey's brand new release Nailed! is now available from The Merchant of Magic. Visit to see a full online video demonstration. "The performer introduces a very unusual prediction: a colour photograph of the four of diamonds nailed to a wooden table. The magician insists that, 'in a moment - when you freely select a card - it will in fact be the card in the photo.' The spectator is asked to hold onto the photo, but when she selects a card it is found to be the king of clubs, not the card in the photo. To right matters, the miracle-worker does the truly impossible by causing the king of clubs to change places with the four of diamonds inside the photo! Everything can be immediately examined! Angle-proof! Resets in a second! Super easy to do!" 8.4.06


Magic at The White Bear Theatre Club, London - with top performers from The Magic Circle on Monday 10th April 2006 at 7.30pm. Starring Pip Kennedy: "Lots of fun for everyone... creating a magical time at every event. Pip has been performing magic in and around London for over 15 years." John van der Put: "'The Jamie Cullum of Magic' Nicola Iseard, the Daily Express. Not exactly your average magician. Come and see the UK's only live performing Baby Ghost! Meet John's three special friends, Ian, Duncan and Smith! And find out exactly why Unicorns have all but disappeared..." and David Weeks (photo) "Experienced in creating wonder, bafflement and amusement, close-up before your eyes, but not in your face David's performance is fun for all." Box Office: 020 7793 9193. Tickets £10.00 Venue: 138 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4RB (Map). 8.4.06


Lee Alex is the magic advisor on a full length feature film being shot in Turkey starting in May starring one of the country's biggest stars Cem Yilmaz (photo) as the magician. The film will contain three stylised illusions - familiar to Turkish audiences, and will also include sequences featuring smaller magic, taught to Cem Yilmaz by Selim Basirir (President of the Balkan Society of Magicians) and Lee. The movie is titled "Hokkabaz" and covers the life of a "not so successful fictitious magician." As well as starring in the movie, Cem Yilmaz also wrote the script. His last movie GORA (a comedy sci-fi) broke all box office records in Turkey. 8.4.06


Channel 4's 'A Place by the Sea' Freeform Productions, the makers of Channel 4's A Place by the Sea are looking for people who want to find their "perfect pad or caravan on the UK's coastline." If you have an interesting story to tell and are looking to relocate, retire or buy a holiday home within the British Isles they'd like to hear from you. "We are always looking for people with interesting careers and hobbies and we would love to feature someone from the world of magic. We particularly want to hear from people interested in the North East/North West coast, Scotland, Ireland, Norfolk and the Isle of Man." Contact Louise Kenworthy: 0161 235 6565 8.4.06


Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger: Magic - the Secret Art, at the Princess Pavilion, Falmouth is reviewed by Nick Ralls this week "The people of Falmouth were in for a real theatrical treat when two of America’s great stars of magic came to the Cornish town. The combined charismatic talents of Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger in a truly remarkable magic and mystery show proves a theatrical experience that sticks in the mind like glue. The locals may not have heard of the formidable duo – although they have now - but that was not true for magicians who travelled far and wide, some journeying for more than seven hours, to see two amazing magic heroes doing what they do best..." To read Nick's full review Click Here. 8.4.06


Juliana Chen is now performing in the final two weeks of the 2006 Art'n'Illusion Festival at the Gialino Music Theatre in Athens. The six-week festival has sold-out to the end of its run, April 19th. Chen is also the festival's artistic director. Magicians appearing have included England's Guy Barrett, Shimada, Kevin James, Erix Logan, Shawn Farquhar, and Omah Pasha. 8.4.06


Derren Brown's first mass-market book will be published by Channel 4 Books in November 2006. To pre-order from Click Here • Mike Danata's Magic Studio will be open on Easter Sunday and Monday from 10am - 5pm and all callers will enjoy 10% off everything - visit for address details and map! • What's On, the Las Vegas guide, announces the winners of its 2006 Visitors' Choice Awards - congratulations to Lance Burton, voted 'Favorite Magician' • Paul Daniels was 68 on Thursday - Happy Birthday Paul! • That's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed. Thanks to everyone who contributes. See you next week, Duncan. 8.4.06