Number 308 - 20th May 2006


David Blaine Night on ITV. Buried Alive, Street Magic, Frozen in Time and the all-new David Blaine: Drowned Alive will be shown back to back on Saturday 27th May on ITV 1 and 4. The new two-hour special is Blaine's spell-binding journey of mind, body and soul in preparation for his latest breathtaking feat. Blaine, 33, has been training for this most difficult challenge with a world class free-diving team led by internationally renowned trainer Kirk Krack. Free-diving or breath-hold diving is a competitive water sport without any underwater breathing apparatus. For the first time, viewers will be taken inside Blaine's home, as his trainers and coaches put him through punishing physical and mental training. Blaine faces additional challenges in the tank including hypothermia, blacking out, skin problems with his hands and feet and nerve damage. He will need to acclimatise himself in the sphere by regulating his breathing, sleeping at regular intervals and maintaining his hydration levels and will receive liquid nutrition through a tube. The longer Blaine stays underwater, the more body heat he will lose, his core temperature will drop and the more oxygen he will use, making the challenge much more grueling... Houdini would have loved this one! See TV Magic for times. For David Blaine posters and more visit "David Blaine Announces Next Stunt" Click Here. 20.5.06


Losander tours magic clubs in the UK starting with the Blackpool Magicians' Club on May 22nd and finishing at the Downtown Magic Club in Kent, on June 13th. "Dirk Losander - a master of the art of levitation. Magic happens everywhere in any place when Losander is there. He creates real miracles!" For details see What's On. 20.5.06


Dominatricks by Tyler Wilson, has just been published by Andi Gladwin. "Dominatricks is a magic book that drips with style. It's soft-backed, innovation-stacked and action-packed with 150 pages of material Tyler counts on night after night to transform deafening laughter into stunned silence. You can build a professional close-up / walk-around act on these routines. Tyler did. Nothing is left out: you get the full handlings, presentations, jokes and tips reaped from thousands of real world performances." Tyler performed at the Session Convention in January and got a fantastic reaction. This book includes 20 professional close-up magic routines and sleights, a CD containing a performance video, bonus material and more, with a foreword by David Acer. We've heard very good things about this one already, and hope to have a review shortly. For more information and to order visit today! (There's even a version for left handed magicians. Now that's what I'd call attention to detail, and gives you some idea of the work and pride that has gone into this publication.) 20.5.06


Kevin conjures up a career after TV fame. One year after his appearance on TV's Faking It former Scots physicist Kevin McMahon is cutting out a career as a comedy-magician and preparing for his first Edinburgh Festival. After his time in the make-believe world of TV, he returned to his old job as a PhD researcher at Heriot Watt University. Two hours later, he chucked it in and declared: "I'm going to be a magician." Like anyone in their first year in business, 25-year-old Kevin has faced challenges he never imagined. "After I'd had my '15 minutes of fame' a little over a year ago, that's when the tricky part – pardon the pun - began. As so many people starting a small business find, just running it takes over your life, and you think of little else. I wouldn't go back however; the adrenalin rush when things go right is irreplaceable. It's been a slog, and I've had moments of both joy and despair, but it's thrilling, and financially I've got back up to where I was before I started, so hopefully the future is magic." Said Kevin, who makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut with a character-based comedy magic show this summer. Tricks I Have Learned Since Being On Telly is the story of three unforgettable characters all played by Kevin. Previews from August 3rd, opens August 6th at the Roxy 2, Lady Glenorchy's Close, Roxburgh Place EH8 9EB. Grid Ref: E6. Venue Box Office: 0871 750 0077 Fringe box office: 0131 226 0000, also see: and 20.5.06


Congratulations to magician Paul Craven who, running in memory of his cousin Simon, completed the London Marathon on St George's Day in just over four and a half hours, raising close to £6000 for the charity Children with Leukaemia. This finisher's picture was taken only minutes after he crossed the line, I wonder if he is the first person ever to have done a card flourish for an official marathon photograph?! The 5 of spades signifies Paul's 5th marathon in as many years. "I wasn't sure that I would have enough energy after 26.2 miles even to smile, let alone get the cards out - but it was, as ever, a fantastic day when you genuinely see the best side of humanity - it really is a magical event." Said Paul. Visit for more details of Paul's motivation and to make a charitable donation. 20.5.06


Michael Diamond has a new website which will be of interest to magicians that are into Bizarre Magic and Sideshow Stunts: The site also includes a link to featuring Michael's range of 'Bizarre Magic' products. Michael Diamond also lectures - interested club secretaries should email for details. 20.5.06


Latin-Magic have just returned from the P&O Oceana, where they were presenting their unique illusion show that combines Latin dance, magic and illusion. The act was an instant hit, and they will be returning in July. For more pictures and news visit 20.5.06


Sean Carpenter Lecture. Described by The Stage as outstanding, the British Champion of Close-up Magic 2003 lectures at The Pentacle Club. Don't miss it! 8pm on Tuesday 23rd May at St Laurences School, Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JX (Map) Tickets £5 for non-members. Contact Alan Maskell, Secretary, on 01223 462647 20.5.06


COMAGI Corporate Magic is pleased to announce that co-owner Allan Petrie was awarded the Children's Entertainer of the Year award at the Scottish Magical Championships held in Greenock at the end of April. Allan competed against some of the top Children's entertainers in the country including a contestant from Germany. 20.5.06


Da Vinci Code Book Test. Brand new from "At last, the world's hottest book can now be one of your hottest mentalism effects. A phrase, on a randomly selected page in The Da Vinci Code, is revealed by a prediction; encrypted with an ancient cipher. What's more, aside from a prediction slip encoded using the ancient cipher discussed in the book and an easy-to-use decryption key (we supply ready-to-print artwork for both), everything else you need to perform this effect can be borrowed... paper, pens, the book and a deck of cards. There are absolutely no gimmicks or advance preparation required, and you finish completely clean! How many other Book Tests can stand up to those claims?" We were kindly sent a copy, clever stuff from, very topical, and great value too at just $4.95 as an instant PDF download. 20.5.06


Simon Lovell's Strange & Unusual Hobbies show is reviewed by Steve Evans this week "The show opened with a card trick where the chosen card was transposed (in a spectator’s hands) with a previously discovered 'wrong card' - something that Simon said he was very good at finding! This was card work level 1 but was also a perfect demonstration of Simon’s ability to sell what he is doing to an audience as they were fried when the chosen card was finally revealed..." To read the full review Click Here. 20.5.06


The Cups & Balls has long been the favourite trick of Tony Shiels. While he is well known in mentalism circles for his major contribution to bizarre and storytelling magic - and indeed for the world-wide publicity he achieved when he raised the Loch Ness Monster - it might surprise readers to know that the Cups & Balls was one of the mainstays of his touring show. He became obsessed with learning all he could about the Cups & Balls and his original research has now been compiled and edited into an easy to read ebook you can either read online or download immediately - there is no charge. This is not a book of technique but one of research and makes fascinating reading for the Cups & Balls student. Visit (and click on Expert Escamoteur's Equipment on the left). 20.5.06


Graham Lee has more Care & Share Balloon Jam/Workshop days coming up. He's in Mildenhall on Wednesday 7th June and Ashford on Wednesday 12th July. Both days are being sponsored by Sempertex Balloons (more info: In June he visits the Millennium Jam in Belgium, an event that is attended by over 250 balloon twisters from around the world. Graham is organising an all-inclusive trip; for more information email: 20.5.06


Auction of magical effects that belonged to Len Neil who passed away in 2004. The Merlin Magical Society are auctioning Len Neil's magic collection on Thursday, June 1st at 7.30pm at Little Heath Parish Hall, Thornton Road, Potters Bar EN6 1JJ (Map) The auction will run from 8pm to 10pm. Entry fee £5.00 for non members; contact John Clayton on 01708 732298 or Ali-Cardabra on 0208 807 1663 in advance to reserve a place. The auction will include 200 tricks and books including a signed edition of The Magic of Robert Harbin (No. 339, reserve set at £300) and bound Abracadabras Volume 1 to 60 (reserve set at £120). For more information contact John Clayton on 01708 732298. 20.5.06


Vizage will be appearing at six nights a week in two alternating shows throughout the summer: Summer Spectacular '06 and Viva Las Vegas, nightly at 8pm at The Spa Theatre, Spa Complex, South Bay, Scarborough YO11 2HD (Map) from 25th May to 30th September 2006. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday: Summer Spectacular at 8pm and Thursday, Friday and Saturday Viva Las Vegas. Box Office 01723 357869 Tickets £9.75 Concessions £8.75 Children £6.75 Family Ticket (2 + 2) £29.00 20.5.06


Magicians holidaying on the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante) should look out for Scotland's Paul Brignall who will be presenting his popular Comedy Cabaret and close-up magic in the resorts of Kalamaki, Argassi and Lagana throughout the summer. 20.5.06


Sheffield Circle of Magicians have the following lectures lined up for 2006: Martin Cox (June 1st), Roger Curzon (September 20th), Dave Charles (November 21st). Lectures are held at the Three Cranes Pub on Queens Street, Sheffield starting at 7.30pm sharp. For more information contact Simon Green 01142 488725. 20.5.06


Johnson Magic. Nic Picot has a good range of Johnson Magic products available to order on his website: 20.5.06


Conjuring up some deceptively good fun. Edinburgh Magic Circle Open Night, Pleasance Cabaret Bar. "Television has a lot to answer for if you're a magician. These days, it seems if you can't produce a Jumbo Jet from behind a two foot square curtain, walk across the Grand Canyon on thin air or survive certain death in the clutches of an iron maiden, then you can't be very good. In the days of David Nixon and Ali Bongo, the real trick was to keep coming up with new ways to sell the same card tricks and sleight of hand stunts with metal hoops. Paul Daniels might have upped the ante a bit, but it was still more or less the same prestidigitation repackaged. Audiences are more sophisticated these days. Many people have a rough idea how the big stunts are done because they've seen TV shows revealing their secrets...." To read the full piece by Martin Lenonin the Scotsman Click Here. 20.5.06


It's a scam! Just a quick reminder, especially for anyone who is new to the internet, that there are thousands of internet scams out there, some now targeting entertainers. Typically they will involve up-front offers of payment that ultimately involve the recipient banking a cheque and then being obliged to forward on money, as the initial payment was too large (for whatever reason). The original banked cheque will eventually be returned to you, by your bank, as a worthless piece of paper... and you'll be out of pocket. Beware! 20.5.06


The 46th Bristol Day of Magic is reviewed by Mandy Davis this week (thanks Mandy!) Click Here • "Robbie plans mystical element for tour" Click Here • "Master of Illusion - David Copperfield blurs line between magic and reality at Dodge Arena" Click Here • "Singer and Illusionist Darren Romeo Receives Standing Ovation from Legendary Magician David Copperfield" Click Here • That's it, thanks to everyone who contributed news this week, see you next week, Duncan. 20.5.06