Number 315 - 8th July 2006


WOW! - Gala Magical Variety Experience, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, Sunday September 24th, 7pm. Paul Stone presents: Derren Brown, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Dimmare, Charlie Frye & Co, Soul Mystique, Paul Zerdin (three time Royal Variety Show performer), Wally Eastwood (headline juggler, Las Vegas), Wolfgang (Cirque du Soleil), The Overtures, String Fever and the Sophistication Dancers. Paul Stone writes: "The Show is to recognise the 'Unsung Heroes' of the 7th July London Bombings, namely the Emergency Services and Hospital Staff who were on duty on the day of the bombings. I plan to donate 750 tickets (this beautiful theatre holds 2200 ) to these 'Unsung Heroes' for them to enjoy a great night out with their families as a 'thank you'. I'm also hoping to raise some money for one of the bomb victims who lost both his legs and an eye in one of the Tube Train blasts. I have deliberately kept the ticket prices low, a fraction of the normal West End Theatre Ticket prices, (£25 and £18 Concessions) and I am offering a special ticket price for IBM, Magic Circle, and bona fide members of Magic Clubs of just £15. The show takes place the night after the IBM Gala Show in Eastbourne [which Paul Stone is also producing], and there will be plenty of time for anybody who wants to travel from Eastbourne to London to attend." Special price tickets are only available from Paul Stone, either by calling 07884 072001 or via email If you can't attend, but would like to buy one or two tickets for the organisers to donate, that too would greatly be appreciated. 8.7.06


Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing. The Definitive Biography of a Comedy Legend by John Fisher will be published on October 16th by HarperCollins Entertainment. Frank and revealing, this fully authorised biography by Tommy's friend and colleague, acclaimed TV producer, John Fisher, is the first ever intimate portrait of Britain's best-loved, but little known, entertainer. More than just a comedian, Tommy Cooper was a born entertainer. Working in a golden age of British comedy, Cooper stood - literally - head and shoulders above the crowd, and had a magical talent for humour that defied description. When Cooper enlisted in the army in 1939, and began to perfect his comic timing on his army colleagues in the Egyptian desert, the man with the fez was born. Cooper was at the heart of the thriving British variety scene, adored by his legions of fans and much revered by his fellow professionals. The gentle giant of entertainment accompanied his bewildered, botched magic act with a sublime sense of bravado and a face that was made for comedy. He was one of the first funny men to have the entire nation in stitches. But, there was a man behind the laughter that few people saw. John Fisher was Cooper's friend and colleague and witnessed first-hand the child that lingered within the adult and moments of self-doubt and inadequacy that contrasted with the genial exterior. Until his tragic death, which occurred in the middle of his act on live television in 1984, Tommy Cooper lived in constant fear of the day he would be found out by his audience. He could never believe the accolades that came so thick and fast from every direction, and died to the sounds of laughter that he never really believed. Supplementing his own intimate knowledge with material accessed for the first time from the archives of Tommy's agent and manager, Miff Ferrie, and with the full co-operation of the Cooper family, John Fisher brings alive the man behind the comedic mask in this definitive biography of a comedy legend. To pre-order (with a discount) from Click Here. 8.7.06


Dai Vernon: A Biography, David Ben. "A marvelously told story for anyone interested in magic history or in the absorbing life of, arguably, its greatest star." Michael Claxton, Magic. "It surely ranks among the very best of magic biographies and autobiographies given us to enjoy." Stephen Minch MUM. "Combining meticulous research, a deep understanding of the workings of magic, and broad insight into magic's artistic history, Mr. Ben turns out to have been an ideal candidate to assume the undeniably daunting task of telling magicians a story of immense importance." Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii. Hardbound, 370 pages, over 40 rare photographs, full-colour dust jacket, in stock and available now from 8.7.06


Jez Rose launches a new mind reading DVD for the general public this week. You Can Be Mental, Too! teaches 10 tricks that will make it look like you can read minds, too. Available online from your favourite magic dealer including and and through Jez’s own website To celebrate the launch, Jez has 5 free copies to give away to readers of MagicWeek. All you have to do is answer the following question: "Jez Rose is a mind reader. Sharla Rose was a serial killer (no relation). A famous chocolate selection shares a similar name – what is that?" Correct entries will be randomly selected and notified via email. Competition closes 15th July 2006. Send your answers to: 8.7.06


July's Magicseen, the UK's brightest full colour magic magazine, is now available. In a packed edition they have interviews with the brilliant Graham P Jolley, top illusionist JC Sum from Singapore, and close-up expert Stephen Tucker. Graham Lee and Mike Stokes offer the lowdown on balloon modelling, there's a look at who's charging what fee wise, and what makes the 4Fs convention the success that it is, there's a timeline showing television appearances of over 200 magicians since the '40s, plus comedy, reviews, news, and much more! Subscribe at 8.7.06


David Ginn: Crash Course on Kidshows, live in London. "Nearly two hours of comedy kidshow magic and fun... shared by the man who has lived it all in 350 shows yearly for more than 30 years. Not only will David Ginn perform children's magic routines, but he will explain how they work, why they work, and how you can get more fun and laughs by adding 33 Things Children Enjoy!" Friday 21st July. Venue: Davenports Magic Studio , 5,6 & 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, The Strand, London WC2N 4HZ (Map) Tickets £8.00 Details: Bob Pamplin 8.7.06


Five of Hearts Magic Productions are busy putting the final touches to some brand new items for their 'Victorian Collection' range that will be displayed on their stand for the very first time at FISM at the end of this month. For a preview visit and click on the 'Special Events and Latest News' link. 8.7.06


Anatomy of Keys by Steven Price has just been published by Brick Books, publisher of poetry books in Canada since 1975. "Steven Price, in his Anatomy of Keys, draws us into the intricacy of Harry Houdini's character, as the Master himself entered trunks, chains, a web of knots. In poem after poem, there is the miraculous surprise of release. These are moving, brilliant poems, a remarkable debut." Tim Lilburn. Visit the publisher's website or order from 8.7.06


Paul Gordon has just finished coaching comedy actor Mark Benton (currently appearing in the Nationwide "brand new customers only" commercials). Mark will be using magic in his new television series "Fallen Angel" teaching a young girl sponge ball magic. 8.7.06


Alakazam Magic are pleased to announce that they have three hot new instant downloads available on their site. Trilogy owners will love Trilogy Streamline - with scripting and handling by Richard Bellars. There's a great new effect by Luke Jermay called Central Reservation (a clever routine suitable for close-up or stand up work) and Six of One by Mark Elsdon, features six highly commercial eye-popping effects. Visit their website for more information 8.7.06


Entertaining 007! Chris Dugdale and Tony Middleton (aka Sonic) were invited to entertain former 007 star Sir Roger Moore last Saturday. Roger Moore loved the magic and proclaimed "these are two of the finest prestidigitators I have ever seen!" He then went on to explain to Chris after the show that he was the man who got Channing Pollock his screen test for Warner Brothers, and that his own father used to be a member of The Magic Circle. Chris was flown back into London after the two week opening run in "Naked Magicians" in Hollywood where they received three standing ovations in one night - L A Weekly described the show as "dazzling". 8.7.06


Mark Worgan lectures for the Watford Association of Magicians at 8pm on July 18th at the Bricket Wood Social Club, Oak Avenue, Bricket Wood, St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL2 3LQ. Mark's lecture covers comedy, cabaret, close-up and children's magic. 8.7.06


Graham Lee found himself producing a full-size drum kit, two guitars, a saxophone and keyboard last week for Parka's upcoming pop video 'Disco Dancer' - the balloon instruments taking just over 6 hours to construct. The next two Care & Share Balloon Fundays, sponsored by Semperetex Balloons are on Wednesday, July 12th in Ashford, Kent and September 19th in Eastbourne, the day before the British Ring convention. See for details. 8.7.06


The Magic Cavern's Third Birthday. Richard Leigh has announced a full summer of magic for The Magic Cavern at Barons Court Theatre to celebrate their third birthday this August. Richard will present The Magic Cavern Matinee, and additional performances have been added for the summer holidays. Sam X and Tom Wooton look after the matinee slot for the week when Richard is in Edinburgh with his spoof magic double act 'Malcolm Marvelle - Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita' Click Here. Chris Cox - He Can't Read Minds! is another Edinburgh show Click Here which has its London preview at The Magic Cavern in August. Gary Scott, Wayne Clancy and David Fung join forces to present a show called 'Welcome to Wonderland'. Dr Extispicy returns for another sell-out night with his one man show 'Dr Extispicy's Psychic Party.' And headlining for The Magic Cavern's third birthday is Fitzgerald and Laroo Jack, a comedy magic show from America. Full details: 8.7.06


Kernow Magic have just re-launched their website having made several changes to its structure. Feedback from their customers has enabled them to identify areas for improvement, to make the online shopping experience even better. Additions include: 'Live Customer Support' - you can now speak to their magicians live on the site for instant answers and support. 'Reviews' - a great way to leave feedback that will benefit future customers and enable Kernow Magic to gauge what's hot and what's not. 'Last Viewed Items' - keep track of possible purchases. 'Wish List' - seen something you want but not sure about it, or can't afford it yet? You can now open a secure account with Kernow Magic and build up a personal 'Wish List' of your favourite products! Visit to see for yourselves. 8.7.06


Lex & Alina - new quick-change act. Quick-Change author Lex Schoppi and Alina have a new act featuring high speed "second generation" quick change routines: "Both artists are masters of the art of completely changing their costumes in a split second, one costume after the other, unbelievably fast. Even fellow artists stood open-mouthed as Alina changed her costume in a unique illusion whilst bound to a post. New standards are being set in this art!" To see a video clip visit: and for Lex's range of quick-change products visit 8.7.06


Gibraltar Magic Circle founded. On Monday 3rd July the Gibraltar Magic Circle was officially founded. The founding members are Jack Jensen (President), Levi Attias (Secretary), Jamie Zammitt (Treasurer), Francis Santos, Stanley Gomez, and Chris Mendez (Committee members) and other magicians not present. Joshua Jay lectures for the circle on Saturday 30th September and visiting magicians are welcome. In fact visiting magicians will always receive a warm welcome and are invited to contact Jamie Zammitt (Photo L-R) Chris Menez, Levi Attias, Stanley Gomez, Francis Santos, Jack Jensen. Front: Jamie Zammitt. 8.7.06


Young Close-up Magicians Wanted. Whatever Artists Management Ltd are looking for young close-up magicians who can also present a street style presentation for month long contracts in Dubai at a 5 star hotel and shopping mall (the world's largest outside the USA). The hotel and shopping mall are in the same complex as Ski Dubai and are owned by the parent company. Your repertoire will need to appeal to all age groups as at weekends there are many children, both in the restaurant and in the mall. Contracts will run for 1 calendar month (6 day weeks). The fee is plus return airfares, transfers in Dubai, all food and accommodation. For more information contact Whatever Artists Management Ltd 8.7.06


Close-up Magicians Wanted! Chantal Lockey is staging a charity night at the Toko Bar, Bournemouth, on Sunday 1st October from 7.30pm to raise money for The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths Ideally you'll entertain guests for an hour or two, enjoy your own VIP ticket, free drinks and nibbles. Email Chantal for further information if you think you can help. 8.7.06


New online entertainment agency seeks magicians to support education for children with autism. A new entertainment website has been launched supporting the creation of schools providing one to one education for children with autism. Directors Martin Blore and Marina Efstathiou were inspired to create the site having watched their close friends struggle to find funding to support specialist education for their autistic son. The two couples decided to join forces to create Wishing Well House Ltd which plans to ultimately provide one to one education for children with autism, with the first school planned to open in the NorthWest. The idea is modelled on a successful school in London called Treehouse which now provides almost fifty autistic children with one to one tuition For all bookings placed through the agency is donating 10% of its fees directly to Wishing Well House. For more information email 8.7.06


"Criss Angel's Success No Illusion" Click Here • "Harry needs your help, but he can't say what for - he will reward those who help him, 486" No, I don't understand it either... find out more, visit • "In Las Vegas, all they need is 'Love'" Click Here • Next week we'll bring you the inside scoop on performing magic at weddings, but that's it for this week. Your UK magic news is always welcomed, have a magic week, Duncan. 8.7.06