Number 319 - 5th August 2006


Houdini The Musical... coming June 2007 to the West End. "This ground breaking new musical will be dealing with the last month of Harry Houdini's life. With stories of betrayed friendships, love, romance, sacrifice and sinister plots - from the golden age of variety, when the magician topped the bill... and will again." For more information visit 5.8.06


"Aren't you Martin Sanderson?"... "Aren't you Harry Potter?" Top corporate magician Martin Sanderson, entertaining Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe a couple of weeks ago at an event in London. "One minute I was entertaining the crowd, the next I was swapping tricks with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, on screen the greatest wizard ever, off screen a keen magician and one of the nicest guys in the world." said Martin. Martin Sanderson was recently made a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. 5.8.06


Illusionist Keelan Leyser and his partner and assistant Charlotte Marie are about to embark on a UK tour performing their fusion of illusion and dance in theatres around the UK accompanying Basil Brush in a show called The Fox Factor - 110 shows between July 25th and November 19th. Details of dates and venues can be found on Keelan's website Keelan has launched a new DVD to coincide with the tour called The TriX Factor which can be purchased from The show is produced by Sooty presenter and former illusionist Richard Cadell. 5.8.06


The Rough Guide to FISM 2006... "Just before I grapple with the Stockholm public transport system once again, I thought I would put this picture of my breakfast online for the benefit of Noel Britten who told us last night of a stand up comedian who was showing the other acts via a picture taken on his phone how good his breakfast was at his bed and breakfast." It can only be the boys from Opus with their Tales from the Wagon... for the lowdown on FISM 2006 visit For the latest FISM news visit - many congratulations to Eddie Dawes on his History & Research Award. 5.8.06


The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year Competition has been run by The Magic Circle every other year since 1961. Entry forms will shortly be available to apply enter the competition in 2007, which is open to all young magicians who can present an 8 to 12 minute stage act and who will be over 14 and under 18 on 1st January 2007. Heats will take place on Sunday 15th April 2007 and the final is on Sunday 15th July 2007 at The Magic Circle Headquarters in London. Entry forms will be available from Dr Michael Colley, MIMC on 01367 252482  from 1st September this year. The winner is awarded the title 'The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year' and receives the Derrick Speight Trophy and, on reaching 18, plus four years of fully paid up membership to The Magic Circle. Previous winners include Johnny Hart, Colin Rose, Russ Stevens, Richard Griffin, Andrew O'Connor, Dominic Wood, Paul Dabek and, the current holder, Steve Dela, to name but a few. (On a personal note I rate this competition as the most significant competition in British magic by far. One that has encouraged and promoted a wealth of talent and helped launch many a successful career in the process. Duncan) 5.8.06


James Prince is featured in Magic Profile this week. "Top Trick? Rather an obvious answer but it’s got to be Cups and Balls. I’ve used it for well over 20 years, in all circumstances for all audiences, at table and walk-round. It inspires instant interest and recognition and yet is hardly used these days, which suits me just fine. It can be presented using solid silver cups (thanks Brett) or impromptu using coffee cups and sugar lumps." To read the full profile Click Here. 5.8.06


At That Funny Stage, A Book of Original Comedy Material for the Working Performer by Graham Hey (comedy mentalist and Deputy Editor of Magicseen) is a new ebook of original comedy material for the working performer, published by "Whether you specialise in magical comedy or are just looking for some 'adlibs' you can use at various points in your act, this book is for you. Choose from over 250 original one-liners, ideas and visual gags – from MC introductions and opening lines to gags that fit a wide array of performance situations; including a number of brilliant heckler put-downs. Please don't confuse this book with the tired old collections of lame magic gags that have been recycled to death and lines that are so bad, they often elicit moans instead of laughter. This is razor-sharp, adult comedy material for close-up, cabaret, comedy clubs, and more." For more information and to order online visit 5.8.06


Pyrofreak is a revolutionary electronic device for lighting flash paper and flash string from "Show your hands empty and produce flashes of fire! Produce fire from different objects! Use your mental powers and light a piece of paper! Transform a piece of paper into a chosen card! Only limited by your imagination!" Also from My-MagicShop, Shuriken Card "a new flying card that will blow your spectators away!" and The 7th Key "A wonderful effect for close-up" Visit for more information. 5.8.06


Scott Sullivan from Kentucky, USA, will be performing in the first week of Magic@Cafe Royal in Edinburgh. Scott is a talented magician, actor and writer, and this is his first time performing in Edinburgh. Ian Kendall performs in week two (congratulations on your wedding last week Ian!) and Paul Nardini in week three, see Ian continues to produce instructional CD's and more, visit for details. 5.8.06


Peter Lamont's The First Psychic: the peculiar mystery of a notorious Victorian wizard is out in paperback this week. 'Enchanting' (Sunday Times), 'A wonderful tale' (Financial Times), 'A superb, ingenious biography' (Scotland on Sunday), 'Shrewd and often very funny. This is a serious and thought-provoking book about how we witness and interpret the world (New Statesman). Available from with 20% off Click Here. 5.8.06


Finding Your Funny Bone with Scott Wyler, The ultimate guide on how to be funny. "This new broadcast quality DVD goes behind the scenes and shows you what the pros do to make people laugh. It will teach you how to write, perform and remember a full original comedy act. Even if you already perform comedy in your show and no matter how much you think you know about the subject, Finding Your Funny Bone will teach you more than any other product on the market today!" For more information and to order visit 5.8.06


The SAS Magic Dinner Cabaret Charity Night. Featuring top comedy from The Grumbleweeds, the wonderful singing voice of Rebecca Judd, Radio Merseyside's Willie Miller and magic from Smith and Singleton (SAS). Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool city centre, 21st October 7.30pm. Tickets £40 telephone 0151 548 6899 to book. Raising money for the Variety Club of Great Britain sunshine coach program. 5.8.06


The South London Magic Society has re-launched its website "This makeover is geared towards attracting new members to the club, and to keep existing members informed of latest developments and future events, even if they should miss one of the monthly meetings. Inspiration for the new site design is based on fractal art - a mysterious and beautiful phenomenon - which segues perfectly with the nature of magic." One of the site's new features is a news page that members can update themselves without the need for any technical skills. Visit for more information and to enquire about joining the club. 5.8.06


Welcome to Wonderland: at the Magic Cavern. Gary Scott, Wayne Clancy and David Fung will be starring in five special performances of the Welcome to Wonderland series of shows Late Night on Friday 11th August at 9pm and Saturday 12th August at 9pm. Summer matinee: Wednesday 16th August at 3pm, Thursday 17th August at 3pm, and Friday 18th and 2pm. Tickets £10, concessions £8.50. See for more details. 5.8.06


Stephen Barry was invited to perform for Tom Fletcher's 21st birthday last week, seen here with other members of band McFly • The Jamie Adams Charity Showcase that was held at the Branksome St Aldhelms Centre in Poole last Sunday was a great success, raising £730 for Cherri, the little girl suffering from leukemia • Canadian close-up magician Ravi Mayar performs weekly at The R Bar in Esher, Surrey. At a recent VIP night included John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and song writer Paul Barry • Visit to see photos from the convention • Sulis Productions are looking for talented 14–21 year olds for their Money School workshops, visit for details • Look out for Paul Daniels in an upcoming series of commercials for supermarket giant Tesco • "A hard act to swallow" Click Here • "Top magicians compete in secret in Swedish capital" Click Here • "Magician contest a tricky business" Click Here • "Emily Blunt in 'The Great Buck Howard' Talks" Click Here • "From magician to psychologist" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 5.8.06