Number 321 - 19th August 2006


Blackpool Convention 2007 - Artistes announced! Blackpool Magicians' Club have just released the names of some of the artistes booked for their convention next year (23rd, 24th and 25th February, 2007). Aldo Colombini, Simon Lovell, Gregory Wilson, Dan Garrett, Jay Sankey, Henry Evans, Dirk Losander, David Roth, Michael Rubenstein, Juliana Chen, Ian Rowland, Omar Pasha, Sos & Victoria Petrosyan (photo), Adrian Walsh, Tony Stevens, Marc Metral, Nate Kranzo, Stan Allen, Terry Seabrooke, Wayne Dobson, Hank Moorehouse and Marc Oberon... with many more names to be booked. There will be 104 magic dealers with the Dealers Fair opening at 1pm on Friday 23rd in the Empress Ballroom and The Arena. The Registration Office is now fully operational, contact: Arthur Casson, 44 Bryan Road, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 9BE, Telephone 01253 393688, email: Or for more information visit 19.8.06


Arturo Brachetti live at the Fringe. "This is Arturo Brachetti's first Fringe appearance. Quite what Edinburgh has done to deserve such cruel deprivation is a mystery, because this Italian is a performer without parallel. As a children's entertainer he could seriously overload their sense of wonder. But the awe he inspires is such that even the gifted physical comedians in this audience look stunned. Alternately billed as 'the fastest quick-change artist in the world' and 'the fastest this century', the slickness of his display is such that I'm convinced he's the fastest ever." Writes Jay Richardson for (click for full review). Reader James Arnott emailed "Just a quick note to thank you for mentioning the Arturo Brachetti show on your site. It really is an absolutely stunning show, and far more magical than a number of the magic shows I saw there. I can't recommend it highly enough, anyone calling themselves an entertainer in any line of the industry should see this show." 19.8.06


Derren Brown Tricks of the Mind. From the publishers: "Derren Brown's amazing television and stage performances have entranced and amazed millions. His baffling tricks and stunning illusions have set new standards of what's possible, as well as causing controversy. Now, for the first time, he reveals the secrets behind his craft. He delves into the structure and psychology of magic. He tells you how to read clues in people's behaviour and spot liars. He discusses the whys and wherefores of hypnosis (which he says doesn't exist) and shows how to use the powers of suggestion and massively improve the power of your memory. He also investigates the paranormal industry, exposes a few charlatans and looks at why some of us feel the need to believe in it in the first place...Woven into this are autobiographical stories about Derren's own experiences and beliefs, told with characteristic humour and engaging honesty. This extraordinary book lifts the lid on the deepest darkest secrets of magic and explores the limits of what can be achieved by the human mind. A must for Derren's legions of fans, it will amaze you, entertain you and expand your mind at the same time..." Hardback, 256 pages. Pre-order with 34% off from 19.8.06


70th British Ring Convention, 19th - 24th September 2006, update: Here's an updated list of lecturers and performers appearing at this year's convention in Eastbourne: Jeff Hobson (USA), John Calvert (USA), Mac King (USA), James Dimmare (USA), Wally Eastwood (USA), John Carney (USA), Tim Conover (USA), Silly Billy (USA), Seth Kramer (USA), Charlie Frye & Co (USA), Mikael Szanyiel (France), Les Black Fingers (France), Vanni Bossi (Italy), Paolo Giua (Italy), Soul Mystique (Australia), Reuben (Ireland), Terry Seabrooke (UK), Graham P Jolley (UK), Magic Rose (UK), John Lenahan (UK), Bharat Patel (UK), Shep Hyken (UK), Jimbo (UK), Paul Zerdin - photo (UK), Craig Christian (UK), Noel Britten (UK), Mark Mason (UK), Nicholas Mohammed (UK), Peter Wardell (UK), Roy Davenport (UK), Gingernutt (UK), Mike Stokes (UK), Moira Fletcher (UK), Fay Presto (UK), Peter Greenwood (UK), Vanni Pule (Malta), Brian Sefton (UK), Martyn James (UK), David Hibberd (UK), Tony Josolyne (UK), Tim Cockerill (UK), Paul Freeman (UK), Eddie Dawes (UK), David Hibberd (UK), Tony Josolyne (UK), Tim Cockerill (UK) and Paul Freeman (UK). For the latest news Click Here and to register online visit 19.8.06


Now That's Magic! "Debbie McGee on marriage to Paul and looking fab at 47 [by Beth Neil in the Mirror]. The sequined bodysuits and glittery ball gowns are gone. The bubble perm has been replaced with sleek blonde locks. And the sparkly disco make-up has been ditched in favour of neutral shades. But with her trim figure and elfin features 'the lovely Debbie McGee' doesn't look that much different from when she first made her name alongside Paul Daniels back in the 80s." To read the full story in the Mirror Click Here. 19.8.06


Let Me Entertain You. Following a nationwide search, funny man Brian Conley invites performers to come and entertain his discerning studio audience in any way they choose for a possible £1,000 cash prize in this new daily series for BBC2 Let Me Entertain You. Rick Green and Becci appear in Wednesday's show. Each act has up to three minutes and each member of the audience has a button which they can press when they've had enough. Once half of the audience has pushed their button, the act comes to an abrupt end and is forced to leave the stage. If the act manages to stay on stage for three minutes then they win an award, £1,000, and the chance to come back and compete in the semi-final. Can Rick Green and Becci make it past the audience's buttons? Will they go through to the semi-final? Watch Wednesday's show at 4.30pm on BBC 2 to find out! 19.8.06


Save £5.00 on Kidology UK. News from the convention organisers: "Here's a great incentive (as if you needed another!) to attend this year’s Kidology – the weekday convention for children’s entertainers. Due to the soaring cost of the venue which we have absorbed for the past two years, there will need to be a price increase to £35.00 next year but, for those who attend in 2006, they will be able to take advantage of a loyalty discount of £5.00 if they book before the end of 2006. So far, in two years, Kidology has showcased the talents of Gerry Luff, Ian Adair, Marc Dominic, Ali Cardabra, Dave Allen, Ricky McLeod and Pat Page. Take a look at this year and you’ll see that we have a terrific line-up of Scott Penrose, Andy Clockwise, Ian Thom and Quentin Reynolds. 2007 looks like being another cracking event with Poz and Ali Bongo, both already booked and presenting brand new lectures, and, all the way from Croatia, one of children’s magic’s rising stars... Jozo Bozo (photo). If you are a children's entertainer, there's only one place to be on September 5th – that's Kidology UK 2006. 4 lectures! Ideas session on original magic and Christmas magic! Lunch included! 12 specialist dealers! Balloon surgery! Great venue! All for just £30.00!" To book or for more information visit or phone Practical Magic on 01691 690789. 19.8.06


Flash Magic is owned by professional magician Stephen Ward. He began the business with just a few private sales and today offers a comprehensive range of flash products, in either large or small quantities. Stephen tells us that all of the flash products are made with the best materials and are very fast. A selection of magic is also stocked; with new products being added on a regular basis. Visit today! 19.8.06


Look out for Paul Zenon all next week on Channel Four's Countdown and Dynamo in Dynamo's Estate of Mind on Channel 4. See TV Magic. 19.8.06


Andrew Murray entertained the Conservative Party onboard their private boat last week. Party leader David Cameron is pictured here with Andrew. Last month, Andrew was awarded membership of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. 19.8.06


Jon Allen was called in to provide the technical moves, and advice, for the filming of the new Sky Sports Rugby season promotional video. Filmed as a poker game with stars Mike Tindell and Lawrence Dallaglio, Jon's flourishes with cards and poker chips made one of the players look really good! 19.8.06


Paul Nardini presents his 50 minute show in week 3 of Magic@CafeRoyal - Ian Kendall & friends from Sunday 20th August to Sunday 27th August at 5.20pm. Café Royal Fringe Theatre, Café Royal Circle Bar, 7 West Register Street, Edinburgh. Tickets are £7 and are available from the venue or book online, Click Here. 19.8.06


The North Western Society of Magicians, in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, has broken a record, selling all 160 tickets for their ever popular annual dinner and cabaret in just four days! A further 20 seats had to be 'conjured up' to accommodate the members and guests who were last to return their dinner forms. The cabaret features Tony Rix, Brian Sefton and Wayne Dobson and will be held on 4th November 2006. The society has recently revamped their website, adding a blog, a 'Classifieds' section and a 'Magicians for Hire' page. 19.8.06


Do you like to talk about the old days ...? If so, John Braime would like to hear from you. He’s researching how magic has changed over the last four decades, both for an article for MagicWeek, and as part of his MA dissertation at Birkbeck, University of London. If you’ve been active in magic since the sixties or seventies and would like to share your reminiscences and opinions, John is keen to hear from you – simply drop him a line at to find out more. 19.8.06


"Burton Keeps Magic Real For 10 Years" Click Here • Catch up with Chris Cox at the Fringe Click Here and scroll down to "The Edinburgh Fringe 2006 Show #09 - Guitars and Mind Reading" to listen to the pod cast • "David Copperfield (Poof!) Appeared In Our In-Box" Click Here • "Magician to perform Indian rope trick today" Click Here • "A Magician's Quest for the Perfect Card Cheat" Click Here • "Metal Magic Loud rock music, sleight of hand, and life in a trailer. What a combo!" Click Here • "Hard work disappears. What a trick: 'Abracadabra' magician makes comedy look simple" Click Here was featured in the Guardian on Saturday 5th August in a piece entitled "The Money Guide to Children's Parties" • Your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 19.8.06