Number 333 - 11th November 2006


Dynamo's Concrete Playground will be released on DVD on November 20th by Warner Vision International. Dynamo takes to the road visiting London, Birmingham and his hometown Bradford on this 90 minute disc. "Much more than just a smoke and mirrors showman, Dynamo's in-your-face brand of street magic is more akin to the David Blaine school of daylight trickery. Fusing impromptu magic tricks, jaw-dropping stunts, and urban street culture into one engrossing documentary, Concrete Playground is guaranteed to leave a trail of stunned viewers in its wake." Visit for video clips. To pre-order from Click Here. 11.11.06


Ten magicians found themselves on a magic carpet ride on Sunday, November 5th, at the star spangled premiere of The Prestige in London's Leicester Square. JJ, Scott Penrose, Martyn Rowland, Duncan Trillo, Tim Bran, Chris Power, Alexis Conran, Guy Hollingworth, James Freedman and Peter Wardell entertained the crowds, as movie stars Sir Michael Caine, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson made their way along the red carpet. Top magical entertainment specialist Dynamic FX supplied the magicians. The Prestige opened nationwide yesterday, November 10th. "Magic At The Prestige Premiere" Click Here. Mark Adams reviews The Prestige Click Here. The Prestige - Now That's Magic: ITV Movie Special midday at 12.30pm and again at 8.05pm today (Saturday 11th November), see TV Magic. 11.11.06


Vigil Studios Network launches. Jay Scott Berry has been busy with his new production company, Vigil Studios, which this month launches VSN - Vigil Studios Network. VSN is a state-of-the-art Internet TV station dedicated to magic, music and wonder. The initial lineup features a number of Jay's performance clips and in the coming weeks they will be adding new features, including exclusive footage from The Palace of Magic Festival, as well as clips from Jay's recent TV specials. Jay would also like to hear from readers who have magic footage (on tape or DVD) that they own the copyright to, that they think are broadcast worthy. Contact Jay via the website. VSN will be adding content regularly so do bookmark the page: 11.11.06


Gary Jones's recent lecture for the Plymouth Magic Circle is reviewed by Chris Williams this week: "All I can do is say well done to Gary for a sensational lecture, and definitely a lecture not to be missed. If he is in your area, or even if he isn’t, make sure you see it!" To read the full review Click Here. 11.11.06


Scottish Conjurers' Association's annual Cabaret Competition. Brendan Kirk reports: The competition (Wednesday 8th) was won by Sean McQueen. A surprised Sean had not reckoned on being placed, as the recent arrival of son, Brody McQueen had somewhat curtailed his practice sessions. Scott C. (Scott Cuthberstson) was a close second and David Lees was placed third. John Rossi's unique take on the Torn and Restored newspaper will be remembered by all those present. . 11.11.06


Birthday Card (with DVD) by Wayne Dobson... Available November 16th, pre-order now. "If you love 'Card at Any Number' then look no further. Many have said that this is the most commercial version they have ever seen using any deck and anyone's Birthday. The spectator really does count down to any number in any deck to arrive at the only card with the words Happy Birthday printed across the back. What's more a previously shown mini calendar is flipped over and printed on the other side is the exact same playing card! Any Birthday, any deck, no memory work, no outs, no switches, easy to do, works every time. Visit for more information and to order. 11.11.06


Mag Card DVD "From the creative brainboxes who brought you the Wizard PK ring comes yet another magnetic marvel - the Mag Card. In this simple to follow DVD, you'll learn how to create, step-by-step, your own magnetic cards. And then, once you're running your own little Mag-Card production line, we'll also show you some of the amazing things you can do with them - including 3 super effects!" Visit: 11.11.06


Conjuring Up Comedy... "When you think of accountants, you think of great showmanship, rapid-fire wit and a rare talent for mystery. Or at least you would if you based your opinion on Ian Keable, a former professional accountant who gave it all up to become a full-time entertainer. As he explains in his new show, he still isn't sure what kind of an entertainer he is: a skilled comedian who does magic, or a magician with a rare gift for comedy? Either way, it's a winning formula." Ian Rowland reviews Ian Keable's 'Conjuring Up Comedy' this week, Click Here. (Photo: Mandy Davis). 11.11.06


Stephen Barry has just filmed an episode of "Prank Patrol" for Children's BBC. Prank Patrol is part of BBC's Saturday morning programme TMI, presented by Barney Harwood, and sets out to play pranks on members of the public. In Stephen's episode he helps Jazmin fool a friend into thinking she has real magical powers... with amazing results! Due to air around Christmas time. 11.11.06


Perth Magic Circle Annual Table Sale. Free admission, £5 for sellers. The sale will be held between 1pm and 5pm on Sunday 19th November at the Perth Magic Circle Headquarters, Perth and District Ex-servicemen's Club, 8-10 Brown Street, Perth. Contact Michael McMillan club secretary to book a table on 0141 776 8853 (mobile: 07818034396). Tea, coffee and refreshments at the bar. 11.11.06


Children's magic show Tricky TV and presenter Stephen Mulhern have both been nominated for BAFTAs. The awards take place on 26th November 2006 11.11.06


The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Ratso Sloman. Just published. Synopsis: "Using exclusive access to newly uncovered archives, Kalush and Sloman reveal the clandestine agreements in which the British and Americans recruited Houdini to be an active secret agent. In exchange for his cooperation, the governments of these two countries facilitated his rise to the top of the world stage. The authors give thrilling accounts of his assignments, such as his participation in early aerial surveillance and his use of his own magic magazine to communicate espionage-related information. After the war, Houdini embarked upon what became his most dangerous mission when he took on the Spiritualist movement. Convinced that Spiritualist mediums were frauds, he became obsessed with exposing them. But the Spiritualists were a powerful adversary. An organized network of fanatics, led by Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle, worked relentlessly to orchestrate a campaign that would silence Houdini forever. Grounded in solid research, but as exciting and dramatic as a good thriller, The Secret Life of Houdini traces the magician's long and circuitous route from struggling vaudevillian to worldwide legend. Hardcover, 624 pages. Order from Click Here. 11.11.06


The Young Magician of the Year 2007 - Up-date. Application forms have been received from young magicians interested in taking part in next year's Young Magician of the Year Competition, the heats of which take place in April 2007, with the final in July 2007. The winner will receive the Derrick Speight Trophy and the title "The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year 2007." They will also, on reaching 18, receive full membership of The Magic Circle with the entrance fee and the first four years subscription paid. The first, second and third prize winners will also receive prizes of magic books. If you are over 14 and under 18 years old, it's still not too late to take part but hurry as the completed application forms have to be returned by January 31st 2007. Application forms are available from Dr Michael Colley MIMC, The Magic Circle Competition Secretary, The Hollies, Oak Street, Lechlade, Glos. GL7 3AX, telephone 01367 252482, email 11.11.06


Patrick Milne is seen here with Magic Circle president Alan Shaxon, being awarded first place for his performance in the close-up competition at the J-Day last month. Visit for a report of the day. (Photo: Mandy Davis). 11.11.06


TEAR-able Sessions. Everybody at The Merchant of Magic is very excited about the latest release from Ben Williams - The TEAR-able Sessions. The book teaches three of Ben's favourite effects all centered around the plot of a signed card with a corner torn off. They are running a promotion in which the first 500 purchasers will receive a signed copy, plus one lucky winner will receive a personal visit from Ben, to teach the three effects in person. These routines are direct, powerful and extremely easy to do. Perfect for any environment. Visit for full details. 11.11.06


War of the (corporate) Wizards! There was a real battle of magic in Coventry last week at the "Installer Live" exhibition held in the Richo Arena. Alan Innes and Sean Carpenter had been booked by different companies to work at the show for 4 days and, as if by magic, the stands were opposite each other. "It was an interesting but good natured four days", said Alan. "Sean and I entertained clients and helped attract attention into our stands where we managed to build big crowds by almost doing a double act. The companies were not competitors, so there were no problems with cross-referring clients." 11.11.06


Marvin's Magic are seeking young energetic performers (knowledge of magic an advantage) for stores in Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Swansea and Bristol. The position is for full time demonstration work, from now until Christmas. Applicants should email Paul Andrews (ASAP) in the first instance: (many excellent magicians started their careers as magic demonstrators). 11.11.06


Lee Alex's Color Change Waistcoat's are now available, and in stock in all sizes, from Mike Danata's Magic Studio in Bournemouth "I personally think they are brilliant" emails Mike. Visit: (see "Just In"). 11.11.06


Frankie Holmes Retires. After years of making people laugh Frankie Holmes has decided to retire at a youthful 84. Frankie studied music as a schoolboy and at the age of 14 was a church organist. He practised magic for a number of years. He came to the notice of Clarkson Rose who engaged him to appear in the summer revue "Twinkle" where Frankie stayed for three years. The Magic Circle were also pleased to feature Frankie in a season at The Collegiate Theatre in London. Sandy Powell gave Frankie his first chance to be a bill topper in a summer show at Eastbourne. Whilst there he was seen by a TV producer who booked him for a series of "Little Big Time" - other TV appearances soon followed. Frankie was hoping to pass his skills on to a comedy pro who would carry on his work so he placed an ad in Abracadabra and along came Mel Harvey! Frankie had seen Mel work on a cruise ship and said that he was pleased that someone with good comic timing was going to carry on where he left off. Frankie's stock in trade for a number of years was a very funny routine with a spectator and some live mice - so look out for mice appearing and disappearing near you, courtesy of Mel Harvey and Frankie! 11.11.06


Chester Guild of Magicians 50th Anniversary. Peter Everett reports: On Friday 3rd November the Chester Guild of Magicians celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Dinner, Dance and Cabaret at the Ramada Hotel, Chester. The evening, compered by Secretary Stephen Cooil, opened with our only remaining founder member Graham Leech cutting the anniversary cake that Stephen had provided. Then it was time for dinner and, after that, the cabaret. David Jones was first with a very nicely routined comedy act and then Safire treated us to their smooth illusion act which ended with their very fast see-through Substitution Trunk. After the cabaret it was on with the dancing to music provided by Guild member Phil Breen. So ended a very successful evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the members and their guests. 11.11.06


Table Top Magic Sale, Nottingham. The Nottingham Guild of Magicians are holding a sale on Thursday 16th November at Pond Hills Lane Community Centre, Pond Hills Lane, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8DR (Map). 7.15pm - 9.30pm, Free admission plus tea, coffee and biscuits! There will be a dozen tables on show, all selling unwanted, unloved dealer items at bargain prices, plus two dealers (Macrow Magic and Hocus Pocus) trying to sell you even more! All of the tables are now taken, but for more information contact Freddie Wilkinson on 0115 9614551. 11.11.06


David Stone has just added some dates to his UK lecture tour (Sunday 12th, Glasgow and Wednesday 15th, Kent) - see What's On • "Teen Pleads Guilty To Trying To Rob Copperfield" Click Here • That's it! Your UK magic news is always welcomed (Friday 12 noon deadline for Saturday), see you next week, Duncan. 11.11.06