Number 335 - 25th November 2006


Derren Brown - all new theatre show for 2007. Master mind manipulator Derren Brown goes on tour in 2007 (April/May/June) with an all new production and this Christmas his Olivier award-winning "Something Wicked This Way Comes" stage show, in a special performance filmed in front of a live audience at London’s Old Vic, will be screened by Channel 4. 25.11.06


South Tyneside Magic Convention - 16th, 17th and 18th March 2007. Booked to both lecture and perform: Lennart Green, Max Maven, Daniel Garcia, Peter Loughran, Trixie Bond and John Lenahan, and booked just to perform: Ray Alan, Pete Firman (photo), Alex Lodge and Romany. Registration is already open. Contact Karri Prinn, Events and Marketing Cultural Services Division, South Tyneside Council, Central Library, Prince Georg Square, South Shields, Tyne and Wear NE33 2PE. Telephone: 0191 424 7986 Email: This convention attracts a loyal following every year - book early! 25.11.06


The Magic Circle Awards Banquet 2006. On Saturday, November 18th, at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London, The Magic Circle staged their annual Awards Banquet, with President Alan Shaxon, and Secretary Christopher Pratt, making the following presentations:


A special presentation to Derrick Speight following his retirement from Council, having served for an unprecedented forty six years.

The Cecil Lyle Award to the author of the best trick or illusion published in The Magic Circular during the year was awarded to Tom Gagnon.

The JN Maskelyne Award for Literature for a major contribution to art or literature in magic was awarded to Duncan Trillo, for MagicWeek.

The Silver Wand for services to the Society was awarded to three people this year. To Diane O’Brien, for outstanding work as Business Manager in organising and overseeing bookings for "Meet The Magic Circle" evenings. To Peter Lane, for his tireless work in the role of Magic Circle Executive Librarian, and to American member David Baldwin, for his tremendous support over the years. Alan Shaxon, President of The Magic Circle, said "without David's outstanding generosity through The David and Barbara Baldwin Foundation, it is very doubtful whether The Magic Circle would now have the wonderful HQ we now call home." In thanking The Magic Circle for The Sliver Wand, David presented the Society with magnificent example of a Robert Houdin 'two handed' puzzle clock, built by the master himself. A rare and beautiful object which will shortly go on display in the superb Magic Circle headquarters.

The Maskelyne, awarded for services to British magic, was awarded to Alan Alan. Alan achieved worldwide fame and respect for his sensational escapes more than 50 years ago, making headline news when a daring 'buried alive' stunt for Pathe News went terribly wrong resulting in Alan coming within inches of death. On many occasions he was suspended upside down in the air, strapped in a straight jacket, attached to a rope by his ankles whilst the rope was set alight. In later years he ran Alan Alan's Magic Spot in Southampton Row, London. The Magic Circle benefited greatly from his generosity when they opened their new HQ in 1998. Alan gave a moving speech and was a most deserved recipient.


The David Devant, awarded to those who have made a significant contribution in advancing the art of magic or who have given outstanding service to magic, was awarded to John Fisher. In his role as television producer John was the major force behind British televised magic for some 30 years producing The Parkinson Magic Special, the long running Paul Daniels Magic Show, Cooper - Just Like That, Disney's Night of Magic, The Magic Comedy Strip, The Best of Magic, Heroes of Magic, and many more magic related shows. As a writer he has written a number of excellent magic titles including the recently published, in-depth, 470 page biography Tommy Cooper - Always Leave Them Laughing. John was the Executive Producer of last year's Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations bringing together a wealth of magical talent from all over the world. Having already been Curator of The Magic Circle Museum and A Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle, also a recipient of The Maskelyne Award and an Award of Merit from the Academy of Magic Arts, John Fisher is now a very worthy recipient of The David Devant Award. 25.11.06


Watch Dynamo's street magic writes John Burt in The Sun. "We gasped as he guessed 20 people's cards in one go, damn near fainted when he made a pound coin jump upwards from one hand to the other, and chuckled knowingly as he entertained crowds of onlookers in central London..." To read the full story, and watch exclusive live video 'Sun' footage Click Here. To order Dynamo's Concrete Playground DVD from Click Here, released on Monday 20th November, the title charted at number 12 in the HMV general interest chart. Dynamo stars in a series of adverts for Adidas and is the face of their new ZX range. For more information visit and 25.11.06


New York: Blaine completes two-day spinning 'gyroscope' stunt. "Magician David Blaine completed his latest stunt, escaping from shackles after spending two days in a spinning gyroscope dangling 40 feet above New York's Times Square. The American illusionist took about 15 minutes to free himself from the padlocks around his waist and feet before leaping from his perch and smashing through the wooden stage beneath him. Hundreds of members of the public braved chilly temperatures and heavy rain to cheer on the 33-year-old on Thanksgiving Day..." To read the full story from the London Evening Standard Click Here. To watch a video clip Click Here. 25.11.06 - the online home of British television magic - are the only official supplier of Derren Brown tour souvenirs. Just in time for Christmas they have announced some very special offers on all their Derren Brown merchandise... stocks are very limited so don't delay! In the "Magicians Only" area on their site they have re-released their entire range of exclusive ebooks, by authors such as Anthony Owen, Marc Paul and Ian Thomson, all in Adobe PDF format. Adobe PDF is the industry standard for ebooks, being quick and simple to use. Visit today! 25.11.06


Nathan Kranzo's Moving Tan-line DVD. "Magicians often claim there are no new effects in magic. Nathan Kranzo proves that's a lie. His tan line trick is funny, startling, and completely original" Teller. Here's the effect described by Nathan Kranzo: "You take off your watch, and show everyone your embarrassing tan-line. Announcing that you would like to make it move, you grab your tan-line with your other hand, and slowly move it up your arm traveling toward your shoulder! I am not kidding. You really move your tan-line up your arm so that it's hidden by your shirt sleeve. The spectators can feel it, see it and agree - your tan-line is less noticeable beneath your shirt." Visit to see a video demonstration. This effect has caught the attention of magicians all over the world from David Copperfield to Penn and Teller, who filmed it for their NBC special Off The Deep End. 25.11.06 have added yet another free online service for magicians to their website. Ever wanted to have your own blog? Now you can! Post your daily ramblings on their new "Blog-Roll". Simply log in to your account, visit the forums section, and locate the Blog-Roll forum. Start your own blog and off you go!'s Jay Fortune has recently posted his own blog on the site. If you're not yet a member, then sign-up today - with over 500 members having signed-up during the past six months, is growing fast! 25.11.06


Crack Magic 10pm on Thursday 7th December on Men & Motors. "Twisted, dark, comedy magic from underground Scottish magicians Barry Jones and Stuart Macleod. In this first of three programmes, a high street fundraiser waylays shoppers and produces a small child out of thin air." See TV Magic. 25.11.06


The Magnificent Seven! London's Earls Court played host to the two day Mortgage Business Expo trade show last week. Representing some of the biggest names in the mortgage industry were seven of the country's leading corporate magicians, seen here during a short break before returning to a hectic schedule (l to r) David Diamond, Marc Paul, Magic Matt, Harry Robson, Kay Dyson, Etienne Pradier and Frederic Sharp. Business was very good for all the magicians' clients, proving what an effective marketing tool magic can be. The biggest deal of the show went to David Diamond of Corporate Illusion, who attracted a client to his company's stand resulting in a £28 million finance deal being signed and sealed! 25.11.06


Drummond Money-Coutts returns from Barbados after a week's stay at the internationally acclaimed Sandy Lane Hotel, booked for a private wedding of 360 guests at the behest of one of the Sunday Times 'Top-10 billionaires in the UK'. Drummond's return to the UK also marks the launch of "Formal Fantasies; An Intimate Evening of Artifice and Elusion", a two-man show produced by himself and master escapologist, Tom Lyon. See 25.11.06


Michael Gee has just finished filming some street magic for a new six-part Channel 4 series called 'Home Made' - which highlights peoples' various talents. The series will air in January 2007 - actual dates when we have them. 25.11.06


Tony Griffith will present his Creative Magic lecture for the Blackpool Magicians' Club at the Savoy Hotel, Blackpool on Thursday 30th November. For further details contact Harry Robson on 01706 216619. For more details about Tony's lectures visit . 25.11.06


The Albion Magic Studio is now trading at The Beechmen Circus Warehouse, 43 Union Street, West Bromwich B70 6BP, site of the twice yearly Magic Car Boot Sale. Open by appointment only at present - call Alec Powell on 07831 115448 or 0121 532 4509 to arrange a visit. (Evenings are possible too). 25.11.06


News from Ian Kendal: "Just a wee note to say that I have a new VideoCD out. It's called Mucking Hard Moves made Easy, and it's a one hour lesson on card mucking, or switching cards during a card game. It's aimed for magicians, not cheaters, however, and goes into the customary detail with minimum production values. Unlike other videos that expose the moves, this CD shows exactly how to learn the mucks, and provides a structured, step by step learning system. More info can be gleaned, and a trailer watched, at" 25.11.06


News from Jonathan Royle: "Dr. Jonathan Royle has instructed his manager to have a massive Special Xmas Sale! Until the next issue all Ten Disc DVD training sets advertised on can be yours for £47 for any set, any two sets for £77 and any three for just £97. Simply call Peter Hill on +44 (0)1484 861522 to order over the phone." 25.11.06


News from John van der Put: "Our theatre company, standnotamazed, are performing 'Magic to Cry for' at the Pleasance theatre in London from Tuesday 28th - Saturday 2nd at 7.45pm and Sunday 3rd at 5.15pm. We are the second half of My Brother's Keeper. The company is run by myself and Lucy Cullingford, a movement director, and fuses magic and theatre to create a unique brand of performance." 25.11.06


Striking a Chord - Magicians and Musicians - Lee Alex raises some interesting points for the magician in his article "Striking a Chord" this week, Click Here • "There's More To Magic Than Meets The Eye" Click Here • "Christmas fun off to a magical start" Click Here • "Penn has host magic?" Click Here • That's it for another week. You're UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 25.11.06