Number 339 - 23rd December 2006


Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes. "On to December 29: I recommend the stupendous Derren Brown's live show on Channel 4" writes Chris Tryhorn in The Guardian in his Christmas TV: What's your verdict round up, and so do we. Tune in at 10pm on Friday 29th to see a specially televised version of Derren Brown's award-winning live show, Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes, that fuses magic, suggestion, psychology and more. Filmed in front of a packed audience at the Old Vic, London. 23.12.06


Quest for Magic... From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas theatres, seeing is disbelieving as Richard Quest goes on a Quest for Magic. He mixes it up with conjurers, tricksters and illusionists - skilled magicians who can alter our perception and seemingly shift the laws of nature before our very eyes. Topping the bill is David Copperfield, one of the best-known illusionists of our time. During the past decade, his shows have grossed more than $1 billion and his television performances have won him 21 Emmy Awards. Richard gets a guided tour of Copperfield's private collection, which contains 80,000 objects of magic memorabilia, dating back to the 16th century. From the grandest of stages, Richard then heads to the intimate surroundings of the dinner table where Fay Presto plies her trade on the London restaurant scene, entertaining customers between courses. Then it is back to Vegas, to uncover what motivates the master magician. On stage at the Monte Carlo Hotel, Lance Burton creates a world in which gloves turn to doves and women levitate across the stage. He tells Richard about his deep connection to magicians of the past, his philosophy of performance and why some tricks are timeless. Richard then takes to the stage at London's prestigious Magic Circle in a show featuring Scott Penrose, James Freedman, Duncan Trillo, Alan Shaxon and Graham Jolley, and performs a few tricks of his own! CNN, Sky Channel 506, on Saturday 23rd December at 7am, 3pm and 8pm and on Sunday 24th December at 7am and 8pm. 23.12.06


Britain's Got Talent! "Do you think you can dance rings around Justin Timberlake, give David Copperfield a run for his money or belt out a tune better than Whitney? Does your animal act leave people speechless? Is your mime work mesmerising or maybe your child dreams of stardom? Whatever it is you do then we want to hear from you! Britain's Got Talent is ITV1's newest talent show where there are absolutely no rules - any talent, any age - simple as that! So what are you waiting for, apply now!" 23.12.06


All Star Charity Variety Night. Magician Craig Kidd is organising a charity variety show on Saturday 10th February 2007, starring Billy Pearce, Jane Tracie, The Bird Man, Berni Flint and Craig himself. Tickets are 22.00 each. Doors open at 6.30pm, show stars at 7.30pm at The Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford. To book call 07710 293031 or visit for more information. 23.12.06


The Story of Light Entertainment - Variety is being repeated at 11.55pm on Friday 29th December on BBC 2. Stephen Fry narrates. This edition explores variety shows - singers and comedians may have topped bills but it was the allied acts such as magicians, ventriloquists, tumblers, jugglers, acrobats, paper-tearers and dance groups, that often made the shows so memorable. 23.12.06


Magicseen Issue 12 (January 2007) is now out and is full of interviews, articles, facts, fiction and fun! They have in-depth interviews with cover star Dynamo, top Argentinean inventor Eduardo Kozuch, Magic Circle Close-up Magician winner Andrew Murray, international magical traveller Wolfgang Riebe and author Mark Townsend. Children's entertainers are well served with a six page spread entitled 'So You Want To Be A Children's Entertainer', there are three routines to learn in the Masterclass section, and lots more! Treat yourself in 2007 - subscribe online at 23.12.06


Where's Tommy? The Order of the Magi are once again running a Christmas competition, and this year two signed copies of John Fisher's Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing can be won. Visit for details and to enter online. 23.12.06


Night At The Museum. Neil Bonner emails: "Some magicians will be horrified to learn that the secret of that handy little device, the thumb-tip, is exposed in a new Hollywood blockbuster. Ben Stiller uses one in a scene in Night At The Museum in cinemas nationwide from Boxing Day. He plays a security guard at New York's Natural History Museum, where, at night, all the exhibits come to life. In one scene, he tries to calm an angry Attila The Hun by performing some magic. But he gets over-confident while trying to vanish a couple of coloured silks and leaves the ends of the hankies protruding from the tip!" Trailer: Click Here. 23.12.06


Robert Fox was personally asked to perform at the X Factor wrap party last week. The final show, which once again achieved incredible viewing figures, concluded on Saturday. The party was attended by crew, contestants and judges. The photo shows Robert entertaining judge Sharon Osbourne. 23.12.06


Look out for Stuart Watkins performing on "Phillip Schofield's Night Before Christmas" on ITV1 at 5.30pm on December 24th. 23.12.06


International Comedy Stage Hypnotist Dave Rawson presents his act at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hong Kong (a first) on January 14th and 15th. Then he's off to Goa, India in February through to the end of April before embarking on his tenth Summer Season in Ibiza. 23.12.06


Exposed! David Berglas called earlier in the week with news of an upcoming Saturday morning television show for children that plans to take the form of a Wizardry School (Harry Potter style) featuring a master magician, together with three or four teachers... all well and good except that there seems to be little regard for the secrets of the tricks to remain a secret, with "Card in Wallet" coming up as a suitable trick for the children to learn and reveal! The producers are currently looking for magicians. Don't prostitute your art for the sake of 5 minutes of television glory and a TV fee. 23.12.06


The Theatre Museum in Covent Garden will close to the public forever on 7th January. Alan Stockwell emails "Magic is a form of theatre and many magicians will be alarmed to hear that the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden will close to the public forever on 7th January unless WE do something to stop it. Please help save it by doing three simple things: 1. Log on to 2. Fill in your name on the petition and tick a couple of boxes. 3. Passing these details on to all your friends." 23.12.06


10% back on all orders! World Magic Shop are offering all customers "10% back" from now until January 3rd - visit for full details. 23.12.06


Mike Danata's Magic Studio in Bournemouth will be open all day today (Saturday 23rd 8am - 8pm) for those last minute Christmas presents (for yourself!). They'll then take a proper break, reopening on January 1st 23.12.06


"60 Seconds: William Kalush" Click Here "Uri Geller bends self into Israel 'reality TV' stardom" Click Here "Our Christmas dinner was cracking" Click Here "Robber tricked by David Copperfield pleads guilty" Click Here "Bullying bullies with magic" Click Here "Magicians and entertainers are on hand, but they have a hard job lifting the spirits of fog-bound passengers at Heathrow Airport after three days of delays." Click Here "Kids Say He's Magic, Man" Click Here Card man R Paul Wilson was the consultant on Smokin' Aces , due for release on January 12th. 23.12.06


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers, all over the world, from the MagicWeek team... Duncan, Keiko, Amelia and Louis. You should have seen the trouble I went to, to try and get this photo. I ended up telling the children that if they didn't smile not only wouldn't they get any Christmas presents, but that I'd eat all the chocolates from the tree as well. It was only then that Louis pointed out that someone had already eaten all the chocolates... Have a great Christmas, see you next week, Duncan. 23.12.06