Number 362 - 2nd June 2007


Quentin Reynolds presents his one-man show The Psychic Game Show at The Comedy Store, Deansgate Locks, Manchester on Tuesday 5th June at 8pm. Tickets 8 Booking via Presented in game show format, Quentin and his audience will explore the psychic and the paranormal, using intuition, hunches, psychometry and telepathy. The show promises to leave audiences both laughing and amazed, and there's the chance to win prizes too! Reviewing Quentin's show in The Irish Independent Nick Kelly wrote: "If you're the kind of person who thinks that people like Uri Geller should be beaten with a sharp spoon, Quentin Reynolds show will have you reaching for the cutlery only so that you can eat humble pie." 2.6.07


Smoke and Mirrors. BBC Radio Four's Afternoon Play on Monday 11th June is Smoke and Mirrors. "The Great Kalanag, Adolf Hitler's favourite conjuror, is touring the US during the 50s when he is confronted by his dubious past in Nazi Germany. Has he used the skills of a magician, in particular the techniques of misdirection, to create an illusion of his entire career?" Paul B Davies's black comedy is based on real events. With Geoffrey Durham. 2.6.07


Mel Mellers - Tickling the Mind. This week release an exciting new comedy/stand up/cabaret DVD twin-set starring magician Mel Mellers. Said producer Russ Stevens, "This is without a doubt one of the largest projects that we've ever undertaken. Following Mel around the country, we shot his show in front of various audiences to give the viewer an idea of just how great Mel, and his material, really is. These are real shows in front of real people and I can honestly say that Mel has put everything onto these DVDs. His entire show, complete with all the gags and bits of business are here for other magicians to use, with his full blessing." Wayne Dobson, who has seen a preview copy, said: "It is one of the finest DVD sets for the comedy magician that I've seen. This set is jam packed with material that you will use. Mel is one of magic's best kept secrets." With a combined running time of nearly four hours, and judging from the online clip at, this twin-set looks set to rocket up the MagicWeek DVD chart (I know, we haven't got a DVD chart, but if we had...). MagicWeek will be reviewing both discs shortly. 2.6.07


Pat Page lectures for International Magic on Wednesday 13th June at their usual venue, the second floor of 'Casa Italiana', 136 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DL. Starts at 7.15 pm, finishes at approximately 9pm. Entry is 10 per person, contact Martin MacMillan on 020 7405 7324 email 2.6.07


Bish Bash Bosh! Five of Hearts Magic celebrate their 10th anniversary this year and Colin Rose will shortly be adding a number of brand new collections to his unique and original catalogue of fine quality hand crafted magic. Coming soon: The Cameroon Collection, The Bergeron Collection and new additions to The Harlequin Collection (including a stunning Art Deco Ball Vase). Brand new, and available right now, Bish Bash Bosh is a comedy version of Wayne Dobson's Smash & Stab using an egg cup and a real egg - all the drama and fun but without the danger! Ideal for children's entertainers as well as close-up performers of course. Visit the shop and scroll down to "Five of Hearts Magic Productions" (on the left) for details. Coming soon: PayPal ordering and more.  2.6.07


London Mentalism Meeting. An informal gathering of Mentalists and Mystery Entertainers will be taking place on 07.07.07 at Treadwell's Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London. Strictly limited to 30 registrations. For more information Click Here. Contact Todd Landman for registration details. 2.6.07


Mark Mason's all new JB Magic website 'JBTV' launches today! The new look site is fully interactive featuring lots of brand new video clips, plus information about the full and exclusive JB Magic product range! Visit today: 2.6.07


Alexis Conran, from BBC's The Real Hustle joins host Matthew Wright and panelists Carol Thatcher and Steve Furst to dissect the issues raised by the very latest news on The Wright Stuff at 11am on Tuesday 12th June on Five Life. See TV Magic for listings. 2.6.07


Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Raquel Welch and Faye Dunaway were all at Prince Azim of Brunei's 25th Birthday Party at Stapleford Park last week. Top British magician David Redfearn entertained guests with his always stylish magic "all the guests where a delight to perform to, especially Michael, who absolutely loves magic" said David. 2.6.07


Clock this! Andy Clockwise has released a DVD featuring one of his family magic shows, professionally recorded at a recent sold-out theatre show. Routines include those featuring a Guillotine, Dagger Chest, Card Sword Umbrella, Bandana (with a nice twist), Straight Jacket Escape, Chair Suspension and lots more, plus two puppet routines! The DVD runs for 68 minutes and is only available directly from Andy, priced at just 10.00 including postage. Email: to order. To see a short promo Click Here. 2.6.07


Reflections join The Chaos Brothers UK theatre tour presenting a 30 minute illusion show within the show, in association with Child Line. From Saturday June 2nd, see What's On for dates. 2.6.07


Michael Gee performed close-up magic at last week's British Soap Awards, and appeared on ITV2 during the after-show party. He's seen here with Dot Cotton (June Brown). 2.6.07


Clive Hyams emails: "You are a pro or semi pro magician and want more work as a magician then get your free copy of the 'Advertising for Magicians DVD' 30 secrets you need to know to out advertise your competitors. Call 01737 350586 or email with your name and address and then yours will be in the post very soon. It is free of charge and without obligation. Do it now, as we only have a limited number to give away." 2.6.07


"A neat trick: Magicians try to break a songwriter" Click Here "$1bn Harry Potter theme park planned" Click Here Congratulations to Sean Heydon and partner Amy on the birth of beautiful baby daughter, Ebony Jayne. Sean can be seen every Wednesday evening at La Casa Loco in Rugby, and on YouTube Click Here "Magical day for Mr Punch and Judy" Click Here Magic Amit was on BBC Radio Leicester last week Click Here That's about it for this week, your news always welcomed (especially upcoming events), see you next week, Duncan. 2.6.07