Number 370 - 28th July 2007


Mind Control With Derren Brown. The Sci Fi Channel in the States broadcast the first of Derren's new six one-hour shows on Thursday. Here's what some of the critics made of our very own Jedi Master: "The stunts (or whatever they're called) Brown performs, especially on tough, cynical New Yorkers, are hilarious and astounding." Click Here "It's not so hard to understand the appeal of Derren Brown, the star of Sci Fi's new six-part series about psychological trickery. If I met him on the street, handsome and British and debonair as he is, I'd probably let him take my wallet, too." Click Here "I think that Mr. Brown has bought into something real: our childlike joy in being fooled. It’s almost as if he is playing peekaboo with his adult audience, turning jaded viewers into temporary innocents, and doing so with the kindly detachment of an especially amusing uncle." Click Here. "...there's something decidedly refreshing about British import Derren Brown, whose mentalist routine is part magic act, part Jedi mind trick." Click Here "Also refreshing is Brown himself, who doesn't gussy himself up like some kind of evil magician or waste a lot of time with melodrama. He looks and acts just like everyone else and lets his demonstrations speak for themselves." Click Here. Derren's live 2007 show will tour again in the first quarter of 2008, in different cities and venues, and plans are underway for another West End season. 28.7.07


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians are once again staging a Magic & Laughter Show at the Bonington Theatre, Arnold Leisure Centre, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EE, on Sunday 23rd September. "This time we are delighted to have with us probably the world's greatest ventriloquist Ray Allen (with Lord Charles!), International Illusionists Amethyst, The Crazy Stunts of Kevin Burke & Company, Graham Harper, Clive Moore and Jeanie and, provisionally booked, Scott Penrose. Show time 7.30pm - 10.00pm, (Doors open 7pm) Tickets are £12.50 each. Amethyst (Danny Hunt and Annette), Kevin Burke and Scott Penrose (contract permitting) will also be lecturing during the afternoon from 2pm - 5.30pm (Doors open 1.45pm). Tickets for this are £5.00 each" Tickets for both events are available from Freddie Wilkinson on 0115 9614551 28.7.07


Mark Bennett is opening a new Magic Bar! The Cheltenham venue planned for last year fell through at the last minute but Mark is delighted with the new site he's found in Clifton, Bristol, and plans to open in September. The new bar will feature a baby grand piano, a small stage for stage/cabaret magic and, of course, a bar. Mark will be holding open auditions for magicians and musicians (email mobile: 07974 005280), and also welcomes visits from anyone who'd simply like to pop in for a quick to look to see how the transformation is coming along. 2 Byron Place, South Triangle, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JT 28.7.07


Ian Kendall returns to the Edinburgh Fringe for the sixteenth year, with the catchily titled 'Ian Kendall's Magic Show'. Carrying on his penchant for ambiguous show names, Ian will be performing his show at The Zoo venue at 8.50pm from August 3rd - 18th. You can read more about Ian Here and read a review of a Ian's 2005 show Here. 28.7.07


Merlins of Wakefield have just released their latest 16 page Preview catalogue. If you'd like a free copy, which contains over 70 items, email your postal address to and they'll pop one in the post! Merlins are running a series of one day Sensational Summer Magic Schools for 10 to 16 year olds who are just getting into magic. If you know anyone who would be interested in the day course, or are interested yourself, then email them or call 01924 339933 for details and an application form. Do hurry, as places are limited to 10 per day, and they're going fast! 28.7.07


The C.A.N.N.A.B.I.S Effect. Lee Hathaway and Daniel Young have just released The C.A.N.N.A.B.I.S Effect (Card At Named Number Amongst Blanks is Selected). "If you could simply imagine a card routine and have it become real, the Cannabis Effect would be it." To watch a preview video visit 28.7.07


The Real Hustle returns with a new series - Monday, 8.30pm on BBC 3 "A team of hustlers - Alexis Conran, Paul Wilson and Jessica Clement - try out some notorious scams on members of the public, filmed with hidden cameras and intercut with interviews from fraud protection experts, police and scam victims. Jess reveals how looking good doesn't have to cost you anything at all. The team get people to sell their cars by accident, ransack a five-star hotel room in under five minutes and hit Ibiza for a spot of sun, sea and scamming." See TV Magic for listings. 28.7.07


One-week only sale! Paul Gordon is offering five new items: "Corner of Piccadilly", "The Second 16th Card Books volumes 1 and 2", "16th Card Book DVD" and his new 205-page 50-trick book "Cardistry" (that's a packet trick, three books and a DVD) in a one-week only sale at £30.00 off the normal retail price - visit for details and to order. 28.7.07


Kennedy lectures for the Ipswich Magical Society on Monday, August 6th. "Kennedy is one of the UK’s top working mentalists. It promises to be a fascinating evening." Guests are welcome; please contact the secretary first: 28.7.07


Woo the Wizard wows at Waterstone's! Last Saturday Terry Herbert, in his alter ego Mr Woo the Wizard, entertained crowds at Waterstone's, Lakeside, for the launch of the latest Harry Potter title Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. On August 14th Terry has been invited to lecture and perform at Kidabra International in Tennessee. This the world's top children's performers conference and will feature some of the very best in the business of entertaining children. 28.7.07


Marc Salem's Mind Games Extra - final shows this weekend! World-renowned mentalist Marc Salem takes his audience on a captivating excursion into the possibilities of the human mind through a series of hilarious, astounding and mystifying Mind Games. Following sell-out seasons in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Marc Salem returns to the Tricycle Theatre. Using psychological techniques, a sharp eye, and a quick wit, he engages audiences in a series of mesmerizing and mystifying Mind Games. A thoroughly engaging performer, Marc's interactive demonstrations delight and amaze audiences of all ages - this year the show features extra Sunday performances at 3pm and 6pm for family audiences. "Tantalisingly insoluble. A fascinating evening's theatre." The Guardian. Visit for details and to book. "A pick'n'mix of stunning mind tricks" Click Here. 28.7.07


Magicians Cave Productions present a lecture and dealer dem on Thursday 16th August at 8pm (doors open 7.30pm) at the Darlington Magic Circle. Paul Stephenson (Magicians Cave) is a manufacturer and importer of magic props and visiting magicians will benefit from a 10% discount on any purchases made on the night. The lecture will cover the practicalities of being a working magician in today's market, discussing lighting and sound together with tips on dealing with agents and getting holiday camp work. In Paul's own words "Our dealer dems aren't, and never will be, some clever dick bragging about how good his props are or a run of the mill, boring dealer dem. I would rather like to think of myself as the Che Guevara of the dealers, not afraid to say if a prop is rubbish or if a prop is over priced. I think it's important to warn anyone easily offended: stay away as I do have a tendency to swear. The Chubby Brown of the dealer dem." For more information visit 28.7.07


There's lots on at The Magic Cavern in London from now right through to the end of the year - see What's On for details. Producer Richard Leigh also presents magic and illusion shows in the West End at The Jermyn Street Theatre for eight months of the year, with Late Night shows and now a new Saturday Morning show called 'The Sideshow' - A family magic and illusion show set in the fairgrounds of yesteryear. See What's On. 'Late Night Magic' returns in October featuring Jay Fortune presenting his full stage show 'Magick and Mayhem'. In 2008 four of Richard Leigh's most successful shows from London will be available for Magic Convention Gala Shows worldwide. 'The Magic Cavern Show', 'The Sideshow', 'The Twilight Ballrooms' and the intimate card show set in a miniature theatre called 'Card Symphony' - enquiries to Richard Leigh:  28.7.07


Houdini the Musical - update. Jamie Allan emails: "Just to let you know the Houdini tour is not cancelled just suspended. We found it was too big for the venues we where going into, in most cases the illusions won't even fit though the stage wings. The show has gathered some excellent reviews and we have had a lot of interest from the 'Big Boys' and we are currently in talks to move it into a much larger venue with a much higher profile. We are also currently ironing out a couple of points with the show and having more sets and another major illusion constructed." 28.7.07 email: Production of the Snow Leopard Vest is now coming to a close and all pre-orders to date will be sent out on 1st August. People have the chance to benefit the 10% off pre-order price until Friday, 3rd August. After this date the Snow leopard Vest will return to its normal price. 28.7.07


An Evening with Barry Miller - The Pentacle Club, Tuesday 31st July, visiting magicians welcome. "Barry has a wealth of performing experience, including producing and performing in his own full evening show, and was for many years the stage manager for the British Ring Convention. Visiting magicians are welcome to join us for an evening of magic, chat and experience (small charge for non-members)" Click Here. 28.7.07


"NBC also looking for a successor to Uri Geller" Click Here • Here's a video link to a Central TV story on James Milner, after he'd taken part in The Young Magician of the Year finals last week Click Here • 'An Audience with Dynamo' the stage show - coming soon, keep an eye on MagicWeek! • "'Mind-blowing' magician only 13" Click Here • "The secret of success" Click Here • "Interview: Magic, Inc. and Jay Collen - A Slice of Everyday Enchantment" Click Here • "Princess Tenko hurt as stunt goes wrong" Click Here • "Worlds merge like magic" Click Here • "Over 10,000 queue for final Potter book" Click Here • "Magic moments - The great Newdini and his lovely assistant relish in the glory days of their traveling magician past" Click Here • "The amazing skeptic" Click Here • That's it for another week. Your magic news is always welcomed - see you next week, Duncan. 28.7.07