Number 386 - 17th November 2007


The stage awaits... Mahka Tendo, Guy Hollingworth, Voronin, Dana Daniels, Juan Ordex, Jade, Francis Menotti, Svetlana, Mr Daba, Dynamo, Anthony Owen, Just Alan, Al Schneider, Darwin Ortiz, James long, Noel Britten, and, just added, from Israel, corporate and trade show mentalist Lior Manor. The 36th International Magic Convention, London, Friday (evening), all day Saturday and all day Sunday, 23rd, 24th and 25th November. To book visit (Note: A Sunday daytime "only visit the dealers" ticket is also available at £10, payable on the door. The dealers will be in the Novotel, Euston, from 10.30am to 6pm). The convention starts when Guy Hollingworth presents his one-man show "The Expert at the Card Table" on the Friday evening, followed by lectures from Dynamo and Anthony Owen... it's going to be an excellent three days (see you there!). For more information and to book visit 17.11.07


Magic Moments Day 2008. Magic Moments Day is a revolutionary concept. Magicians across the UK will be able to bring a moment of magic into the lives of others, on a specified day of the year. The next Magic Moments Day is Saturday 2nd February 2008. By downloading a sponsorship form from the Magic Moments website, and then raising money for your nominated charity by performing to an audience of your choosing, you'll be part of a nationwide event that is setting out to help charitable causes through the performance of magic. To take part in Magic Moments 2008 visit Perhaps you are a children’s magician and would like to perform at a local children’s hospital to raise funds for new equipment? Maybe you are a silent magic act and a home for the elderly would welcome your skills? Or a close-up magician who could perform at a local restaurant raising money for a favourite charity? No matter whether you are a novice or a full-time professional, Magic Moments 2008 needs you! Full details, advice, hints, tips and sponsorship forms can be found on the website Magic Moments 08 is sponsored by Marvin's Magic. 17.11.07


The Magic Circle Christmas Show 2007. This year's Christmas show stars Pat Page, Jeton, Brian Miller and Audrey, Shen Juan, Gene Anderson and Norbert Ferre (photo). From 27th-30th December at The Magic Circle, London. For box office enquiries telephone 020 7387 2222 from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. 17.11.07


Saturday Live Again! Pete Firman joins Jimmy Carr, Mitchell and Webb, Jocelyn Jee Esien, Ben Elton, Bon Jovi, Hard-Fi, and host Marcus Brigstocke for a celebration of the now classic Channel 4 show (that became Friday Night Live). Live on Saturday 1st December on ITV1. 17.11.07


Three of David Blaine's magic specials, Street Magic, Frozen in Time and Magic Man, will be shown back to back at 3pm on Sunday 25th November on ITV4. Look out for a new TV special in 2008. 17.11.07


James Piper is seen here entertaining top athletes last Sunday at the 'Welsh Athletic Awards' in Cardiff. Guests included Colin Jackson, Jamie Baulch, Dame Tanny Grey-Thompson and Nigel Walker (who was very impressed and kept wanting to see more!). Earlier on in the day James had the pleasure of performing at the Cardiff International Arena alongside Paul Daniels at the Cardiff Day of Magic. 17.11.07


Crack Magick is being repeated on Men & Motors on Monday evenings from November 19th. Twisted, dark, comedy magic from underground Scottish magicians Barry Jones and Stuart Macleod. In this first of three programmes, a high street fundraiser waylays shoppers and produces a small child out of thin air. See TV Magic. Barry and Stuart can be seen live on stage tonight at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul's Road, London N1 2NA (Map). Doors 8pm show 9.30pm. Admission: £7.00 Bookings: 020 7704 2001 “Burn the sorcerous blasphemers!” The Guardian. 17.11.07


"Master of Illusion set to make magical appearance on DS The Nintendo game that deceives its players. A release date has been confirmed in the US for intriguing Nintendo-published title, Master of Illusion. The game, which has you playing as a magician's assistant, comes complete with a deck of marked cards and is launching on the other side of the Atlantic on November 26th." To read the full story by Kath Brice in Click Here. 17.11.07


Christmas is just a few short weeks away! Mr "E" Enterprises have just released a new version of Rabbit Twist the popular children's effect previously marketed by Ray Silver of the SilRay Magic Co (all rights to this company's effects were purchased by Eddie Burke in the 1970's). Other recent releases include Santa Surprise, Haunted House, Clowning Fun and Cindy's Shoes which are all low cost, easy to do and ready to perform routines. You will find these and many more new releases by visiting, which has weekly updates, and clicking on 'Children's Magic'. Eddie and Kerrensa would like to remind all their many customers and friends to please shop early for Christmas and avoid that last minute rush for that special prop or routine! 17.11.07


Alakazam Magic Quick Learn DVDs! "Routines such as Trick Cyclist, Runaway Joker, Entrapment Gold II, The Grail, Eliminator, Zenner Tech, The Riser Deck, Ascension and Phuzion all now come with an in-depth instructional DVD as standard. But what if you already have one of these effects, before the DVD was included? Well, fear not, dry away those tears and follow the link to buy the corresponding DVD at the tiny cost of just £2.99" Click Here. 17.11.07


The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of physical and psychological secrets that use the body, to fool the mind. He shows in detail how the eyes, hands, voice, feet and body can be marshaled to create entertaining and seemingly impossible happenings. In The Five Points in Magic, Juan Tamariz teaches magicians that it is not the hands alone that deceive. "It is only through a full understanding of all five of these tools of nature and communication that the conjurer can spin a complete web of illusion that traps and then transports his audiences into the astonishing realm he has prepared for them." The text and design of this new edition have been revised to provide added clarity. Hardcover, 94 pages, available from: 17.11.07


Bolton Magician's Club are currently putting together next year's lecture dates and would like to hear from magic lecturers, "in particular would like to hear from any female magician who lectures or anything unusual." Contact Steve Owen with your details. 17.11.07


"I don’t believe in magic anymore. When a masked Val Valentino broke the magician’s code on Fox in 1997, my childhood ended. I was 12 years old, and up until that point I wanted to be a famous magician and had attempted every low-budget magic trick in the books. But after I saw the Masked Magician show millions of people how it was done, I just wasn’t that impressed anymore..." To read the full article in TigerWeekly by I Stephen Phillips Click Here. 17.11.07


Richard Stupple. Very sad to report that Richard Stupple died of cancer on Sunday, November 11th. Richard played a very active part in The Magic Circle, serving on its Council for some 30 years, and more recently devoted much time to the launch and running of The Young Magicians Club. 17.11.07


10 Pack: Magic and Mystery, available from Click Here • "Magician casts his spell at school" Click Here • "Local magician discovered love of magic at young age" Click Here • "Attitudes toward magic ‘changing’" Click Here • "Attention-grabbers through time" Click Here • "'Hans Klok' Offers 2 Closing-Night Ticket Auctions" Click Here • "I see and hear dead people" Click Here • "Harry Potter school gets magic results" Click Here • I look forward to seeing you at Ron's Day next weekend, that's it for this week, your UK news is always welcomed. Duncan. 17.11.07