Number 387 - 24th November 2007


Blackpool Magicians Convention is experiencing record business - over 80% of all Gala Shows seats have now been sold! More than 2,500 magicians have already registered! All VIP tickets have been sold! However, some Gold Card registrations are still available. Artistes booked to date: Shimada, Topas, Geoffrey Durham, Wayne Dobson, Fukai, Rafael, Jon Archer, Scott Penrose, Danny Hunt, Valerie, Antje Pode, David Sousa, David Solomon, J.J. Sanvert, Helder Guimaraes, J.C. Wagner, David Stone, Kostya Kimlat, Martin Sanderson, Shoot Ogawa, Chris Priest and Steve Evans - with many more still being contracted. Over 108 Magic Dealers from all over the world have already registered and several new dealers will be exhibiting for the first time including Elmwood Magic from the USA and Alpha Magic from Israel. A number of dealers have indicated that they have some sensational new items which will be premiered at the convention. A Convention Brochure will be mailed out to previous registrants in 14 days time, but Registration Officer Arthur Casson urges everyone to book now as he expects to be sold out by mid-January. Everyone registering before 31st December will receive, free of charge, a new limited edition book worth £25.00 entitled "Down A Magical Memory Lane" by Derek Lever. A Registration Form can be downloaded from or telephone Arthur Casson on 01253 393688. Blackpool Magicians Convention: 22nd, 23rd, 24th February, 2008. 24.11.07


This year's Magic Cavern Christmas Show will run from Wednesday 12th December - Sunday 6th January 2008 and because of public demand there will be four shows a day, with afternoon performances being presented by Richard Leigh, and evening performances by David Major. After the Christmas season The Magic Cavern will continue to run every Sunday at 3pm (now booking to April 27th). For more information and to book visit: Producer Richard Leigh is currently working with cabaret act 'Soft Cabaret' (a comedy act with magic) and a new illusion act called 'Urban Myth'. Both will open in March 2008 and are currently on tour in the South West. The 8th season of 'Late Night Magic' at The Jermyn Street Theatre in London's West End is also scheduled to start in March 2008 and the current season of 'Late Night Magic' featuring Magick and Mayhem by Jay Fortune is every Friday until the 7th December - see What's On. Plans to take The Magic Cavern on tour are also underway for 2008. The Sideshow - a magic and illusion show themed on magic seen in Fairgrounds and the Circus also returns for a second season at the Jermyn Street Theatre in early May 2008. Showreels are available for the current London productions via (for showreels of all the productions created by Richard Leigh to date Click Here). Richard Leigh presented over 250 shows in London in 2007, and says he hopes that 2008 will be even busier! 24.11.07


World renowned sleight of hand expert Aaron Fisher joins Chad Long, Tom Stone and Matthew J Dowden at The Session 2008. Aaron will be holding special Half Pass workshops for small groups on Saturday 26th January. This one-off event has been arranged specifically for weekend registrants of The Session 2008 and is a must for any keen card magician. The Session is in Gloucester on 26th and 27th January 2008, and tickets are now 75% sold out. 24.11.07


Looking for a strong mentalism routine that fits in your pocket and plays to hundreds of people? Then see Nathan Kranzo's new comedy mentalism effect Mental Frisbee: 24.11.07


The Magic Circle Awards Banquet 2007. On Saturday, November 17th, at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London, The Magic Circle staged their annual Awards Banquet. The following presentations were made:

The Cecil Lyle Award to the author of the best trick or illusion published in The Magic Circular during the year was awarded to Mike O'Brien.

The Carlton Award for Comedy was awarded to Mandy Muden.

The JN Maskelyne Award for Literature for a major contribution to art or literature in magic was awarded to Matt Field.

The Silver Wand for services to The Magic Circle to David Ball and Bob Hamilton.

The Maskelyne, awarded for services to British magic, to Mark Raffles.

The David Devant, awarded to those who have made a significant contribution in advancing the art of magic or who have given outstanding service to magic, was awarded to Paul Daniels. 24.11.07


You don't want to know... Look out for an upcoming magic-themed episode of House: "Kutner and Cole are in the audience of a magic show in a night club in Atlantic City. Finn, the magician on stage, is replicating Houdini's famous water chamber escape challenge. Cole is called up to the stage. Wrapped in chains Finn is dropped in to the tank but looses consciousness as soon as he enters the water." 24.11.07


Hey presto it's 60 up. "Hey presto! - magicians from across the generations gathered in the Black Country to celebrate 60 years of pulling rabbits out of hats, coins from behind ears and doves from bundles of scarves. About 80 members of Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians attended last night’s anniversary meal at The Holly Bush pub, Penn, where card whiz Steve Dela (photo), current International Brotherhood of Magicians’ close-up magic champion, performed a spectacular mind-reading cabaret for fellow diners..." To read the full story in Click Here. 24.11.07


Darwin's in town. Michael Vincent organised a special session for a few of his close friends last week, and emails: "David Eager, Matthew Duggan, and Glen Neckles joined me for a supper session with international Sleight of Hand Expert Darwin Ortiz. This magical get together took place at The Paddington Hilton hotel and then at the local Garfunkles for evening dinner. Everyone performed one of Darwin's classic routines to which Darwin was delighted. Darwin was bang on form with some of his latest creations and wonderful stories from his past, growing up in the New York area during the early 1970s. All of us came away from this session highly inspired and can't wait to see Darwin in action this weekend when he appears at The International Magic Convention. 24.11.07


Darwin Ortiz presents his new lecture ‘Designing Miracles’ at 8pm on Thursday 29th November at the Bristol Society of Magic. "Darwin Ortiz is widely recognized as one of the world's leading sleight-of-hand performers with cards. He is also the author of some of the most popular and important magic books in recent years. To introduce his newest book Designing Miracles, he has created a brand-new lecture. It is a blend of powerful magic and groundbreaking theory. Strong, commercial magic effects are used to illustrate the principles in the book. Few people understand how to create and structure strong magic effects like Darwin Ortiz. In this new lecture, he shares his insights with you. You'll learn powerful new effects and, in the process, learn how to make your own magic more powerful." Visiting Magicians £10.00. Contact: Stuart Bowie 0117 9421735 24.11.07


A magical gourmet experience at Browns. A magical evening is being staged for a select audience on Wednesday 28th November at Browns Bar & Brasserie, St Martins Lane Courtrooms, London. Guests to the exclusive Magic & Wine night will indulge in a three-course meal with specially selected wines to match each course, introduced by an experienced sommelier. In addition, one of London’s finest Contemporary Magicians, John van der Put, will provide fantastic close-up entertainment throughout the evening, with jaw-dropping miracles performed before your very eyes. The night will kick off with a welcome glass of fizz at 7pm, after which guests will be seated for dinner. The menu includes specialties such as Pillows of Smoked Salmon & Smoked Trout Mousse, Braised Corn Fed Chicken with red wine & cepe mushrooms jus, served with potatoes & seasonal vegetables, as well as few vegetarian options, all finished off with a delicious Trio of Chocolate, coffee and mints. “This evening will give guests an ideal opportunity to enjoy great food, educate themselves about wine and be entertained by a great magic show, all in the heart of the West End.” Tickets cost £35 and can be purchased from any member of staff at Browns Bar & Brasserie St Martins Lane, 82 - 84 St Martins Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4AA. To find out further information about this exclusive event call 020 7395 6091. 24.11.07


Romany - Diva of Magic is in news again, together with Lexi Watterson, Marisa Carnesky and Joanie Spina, in an interesting article in The Guardian about women's changing role in the world of magic: "Breaking into the magic circle. No longer content with posing as the 'lovely assistant' and being sawn in half, women magicians are taking on the world of illusion..." To read the full story by Fanny Johnstone in The Guardian Click Here. 24.11.07


Scottish Conjurers’ Association Annual Stand Up Competition. The SCA held its stage magic competition on Wednesday, November 14th. At the end of a very entertaining and well attended night, Paul MacAtear emerged as a worthy winner. Paul has been with the club a relatively short time, and was obviously delighted with his achievement. David Lees was placed second, with Jim Kelly in third place. Paul is pictured with Competition Organiser, Harry Gallacher 24.11.07


Stephen Williams, will be performing at the Southport Theatre tonight, in Ken Dodd's 'Happiness Show'. Stephen, who has recently come back from performing in Japan, said "This will be a fantastic opportunity, it will also be amazing to work with the legendry Ken Dodd!" 24.11.07


Peter Scarlett lectures at The Merlin Magical Society, Little Heath Parish Hall, Thornton Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1JJ (Map) on Thursday 29th November. Doors open at 7.30pm, and the lecture will run from 8pm to 10pm. Peter will mainly be performing close-up magic and entry for non members is £5.00. Call John Clayton (Secretary of the Merlin Magical Society) if you'd like to attend on 07931 525399 or email 24.11.07


BigBlindMedia presents Dave Forrest in 4xFour: "Have you ever needed four of a kind? In the midst of rubber gloves, blowing bubbles, cross dressing, male pregnancy and erotic pictograms, Dave Forrest and Owen Packard will walk you through 8 varied methods to do just that in ways that will ensure your audience are gob-smacked! From ‘easy-peasy’ to ‘hard as nails’, 4xFOUR has something for everyone including two awesome new false cuts and the head- melting, eye-popping, ball-busting ‘F.M.O.B Colour Change’ - you’ll have to see it to believe it!" Watch the online video at 24.11.07


Magician and Illusionist Scott Pepper flew to Geneva last Saturday to teach magic workshops for children attending the 'Simply Theatre Academy'. The workshops focused on teaching different styles of magic performance and how to present tricks to an audience. The children also learnt some basic magic which they could take home with them. The day was a great success and Scott hopes to fly out some time next year to work with the Academy again. For more information on the 'Simply Theatre Academy' visit Pictures of the day will shortly be on Scott's website 24.11.07


Legerdemain Magic supports Children in Need. James Pritchard and Kane Sojka of Legerdemain Magic helped raise funds for Children in Need last Friday by performing for the volunteers at one of the charity’s call centres. They were joined by newcomer to Legerdemain Magic, Chris Sookun. It was a challenging environment, as tricks had to be performed quickly between the rapid stream of phone calls. But spirits were high, much money was raised and the trio decided to donate their fee to the worthy cause. The event followed James and Kane’s performances at last week’s highly successful Demon Magic Club show A Night of Magic. 24.11.07


Alex Lodge has had a very busy year cruising for Princess Cruises. Alex presents his own full evening show and also entertains with close-up magic in the numerous bars and night clubs on the ships. Alex will be in the Caribbean from December 8th - 21st aboard the beautiful Emerald Princess. 24.11.07


Gary Mac and Peter Baffles are seen here at the Bournemouth International Centre with Sally Rodgers, Marketing Director of GalilMedical Europe. Gary and Peter entertained over 500 people with their brand of close-up magic at one of the largest medical conventions in the South of England last week. 24.11.07


International News: If you are zipping over to New York in the next few weeks to take advantage of the tumbling dollar and to do a bit of Christmas shopping then be sure to see Sam Eaton's spectacle The Quantum Eye which moves to The Snapple Theater Center on Broadway 50th Street from November 24th. "Sam Eaton's spectacle The Quantum Eye is an amazing evening of intimate magic and mind-reading brought into the 21st century as he performs the impossible. Fresh off a sold-out run, The Quantum Eye has moved to its new home at Times Square's Snapple Theater Center, the only Off-Broadway theater right on Broadway." "Amazing feats of memory, mental agility and apparent mental telepathy... Dazzling! Undeniably impressive!" New York Post 24.11.07


Quentin Reynolds - Psychic Game Show. It's your last chance to catch Quentin's show this coming Monday, 26th November, at Bar XS, Fallowfield, Manchester. Starts at 8pm. "If you're the kind of person who thinks that people like Uri Geller should be beaten with a sharp spoon, Quentin Reynolds show will have you reaching for the cutlery only so that you can eat humble pie." 24.11.07


Dynamo - seen here presenting his first ever magic lecture, for International Magic last night. The Gala show is now sold out - but there are "visit the dealers only" tickets available on Sunday, on the door, priced at £10.00 each • "Magician pulls win out of the hat" Click Here • "Crowds come out for Christmas lights switch-on" Click Here • "That’s just magic – all cash raised" Click Here • Liam Walsh appeared live on Nuts TV a couple of weeks ago, for a YouTube clip Click Here • Jimmy Carlo’s new venture The Bilston Bear Show is reviewed by Stuart Loughland this week Click Here • "Paul Daniels switches on lights" Click Here • Some news items have had to be held over for next week, see you then, Duncan. 24.11.07