Number 390 - 15th December 2007


Blackpool Magicians Convention, 22nd, 23rd, 24th February 2008 - more names just announced! Close-up artistes and lecturers: David Solomon - USA, J.J. Sanvert - France, Helder Guimaraes - Portugal, J.C. Wagner - USA, Kostya Kimlat - USA, David Stone - France, Martin Sanderson - UK, Shoot Ogawa - USA, Chris Priest - UK, Shawn Farquhar - USA, Michael Close - USA, Lennart Green - Sweden, Peter Wardell - UK (with more to come). The Saturday Gala Show 'United Kingdom v The Rest of the World' stars: Fukai - Japan, Rafael - Belgium, Roxanne - Germany, Shimada - Japan, Topas - Germany (photo), Bob Wooding - UK, Scott Penrose - UK, Jon Archer - UK, Danny Hunt & Annette - UK. The Sunday Gala Show (only 300 seats remain), stars: Mahka Tendo - Japan, Rafael - Belgium, Valerie - France, Antje Pode - Germany, David Sousa - Portugal, Topas - Germany, Shimada - Japan, Ken Dodd - UK. A very special hour has been booked for 'An Audience with Wayne Dobson and Geoffrey Durham' - interviewed side by side by Terry Seabrooke. The 'After Gala' Show on Sunday starts Jupiter, Tim Cockerill, Dirk Losander and The Counterfeit BeeGees as registrants enjoy a Lancashire Hot Pot. You'll need to book a Gold Card Registration before 31st December, 2007 to receive Derek Lever's new book (price £25.00) free of charge. Due to enormous demand with registrations at record levels it is predicted that Gold Cards will have sold out by early January. To book contact Arthur Casson or ring 01253 393688 or visit 15.12.07


Keith Barry: the Escape - Live. The Irish illusionist baffles celebrities including Denise Van Outen and Eamonn Holmes, in this special show that culminates in him being bound to a chair with 100' of rope - bundled inside a shed packed with explosives... linked to a live fuse! On Saturday 29th December at 9pm on ITV1. See TV Magic. 15.12.07


Will Houstoun and Michael Vincent (photo) join Chad Long, Tom Stone, Matthew J. Dowden and Aaron Fisher at The Session 2008 on January 26th and 27th in Gloucester. Now established as the UK's only dedicated close-up magic convention, whether you are an enthusiastic newcomer or an experienced professional, The Session is an unmissable event if you are passionate about close-up magic and card magic. 15.12.07


Joe Pasquale: Return of the Love Monkey. Joe Pasquale returns to our screens with a brand new hour of comedy. Witness a feat of escapology that even David Blaine wouldn't dare attempt. 11.35pm on Thursday 27th December on ITV1. See TV Magic. 15.12.07


Comedy Gold. Comedy and magic maestro Pete Firman is headlining at Comedy Gold, 159 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London N8 on Thursday 20th December. (Tube: Finsbury Park/Highgate) Plus: Joe Wilkinson, Holly Walsh, Jimmy McGhie, ‘Brian Blessed impersonator’ Matt Earley and MC Tiffany Stevenson. £6.50 on the door, doors from 7.30pm, show at 8.15pm. 15.12.07


An evening with Roger Crosthwaite. Nicky Moon emails: "Sussex's friendliest magic society the ACES in Lewes are delighted to have Roger join us for a lecture showing his numerous and plentiful card effects and close-up skills. Roger is a fantastic performer and well regarded and we welcome visiting magicians at £5. Members from the Southdowns Magicians will also be joining us as part of our bi-annual friendly get-together. Full details from President Martin Lewis or Secretary Nicky Moon on 01903 532413 or email We always welcome new members and look forward to seeing you there!" 9th January 2008 8pm-10pm. Venue: Thomas A Beckett Church Hall, Cliff High Street, Lewes. Ticket info: £5 for visiting magicians. Members and Southdowns Magicians free. 15.12.07


A Card Merely Thought Of… is a collection of notes in PDF format, describing the history and methodologies behind one of Mentalism’s strongest plots – The divination of a spectator's thought-of playing card. "The focus of this work is the use of a normal, non-stacked, non-gaffed pack of cards to determine cards merely thought of by the participants. Imagine it… a card not touched, removed, or cut-to... The card is merely thought of and remembered. To the audience, this is real mind-reading. Included in these notes are a thorough analysis of the Erdnase variations of 'Think of a Card', with further examination of the published thoughts of others who have worked with the concepts, such as Vernon, Dingle, Berglas, and Bowyer. The author's own discoveries and work on the ‘Think of a Card' theme are clearly described with photographs and illustrations. As well as the history and theory behind the techniques, several full presentations and effects are explained." Author Thomas Baxter kindly sent through a copy of A Card Merely Thought Of and I was very impressed. Card workers will really enjoy, learn from, and use material from this well-produced ebook that actually offers much more than a card merely thought of. Highly recommended. For more information and to order Click Here. 15.12.07


Clone Coin by Mark Lee. "This is a super clean 'Special' coin that can be shown clearly as a regular coin: Effect one, is a simple coins across in your hands effect. You start off by displaying two coins openly, there is obviously nothing else in your hands. You place the two coins, one at a time, and very cleanly, from your right hand to the left. You now pick the two coins up with your right hand, and display them. They are then thrown one at a time into your left hand (you can even hear them clinking), and you grip them, making a fist with both hands. You make a magical gesture, and although your hands never come anywhere near each other, you can now show that you have one coin in each hand! Effect two, is a coin matrix effect. Using four coins, which are shown and counted, and two regular playing cards, borrowed if you wish. The coins are spread out in to a square formation. Two of the coins are now covered by the playing cards. When one is lifted, a coin has gone, and when the other card is lifted there are now two coins under it. This is repeated, until all the coins are now under one card! You can now show you have only two cards and four coins!" Sold by Merlins since 2006, available in the 10p version as standard, but you can order it in any coin required. Standard 10p coin plus instructions £25.00 + £2.95 UK postage or £4.95 overseas. Order from: 15.12.07


"The magical entrances of the ghosts, who come to haunt Scrooge, are cunningly devised by illusionist Paul Kieve and had the audience shrieking, gasping and applauding as well as debating, during the interval, how they were achieved." Scrooge is currently playing the Manchester Palace theatre and then continuing on tour till February – starring Shane Richie this year. To read the full review in the Manchester Evening News Click Here. To book tickets: Click Here (Paul's recently published Hocus Pocus has just been chosen as one of three recommended books, by the Blue Peter Book Club, for December Click Here). 15.12.07


Moonlight & Magnolias starring Andy Nyman has been nominated for Best Comedy in the "What's on Stage Theatregoers' Choice Awards". To vote online visit (scroll down to Best Comedy and click Moonlight & Magnolias!). The play looks like it will be going into the West End in 2008. Nyman mid look: Click Here. "Andy Nyman gives a superb performance in the role, preposterous, ferociously demanding but also strangely loveable..." wrote the Telegraph ("preposterous, ferociously demanding but also strangely loveable" ... sounds like the Andy we know off-stage as well!). 15.12.07


Past Midnight - in stock at Alakazam. "Alakazam are proud to release debut material by one of the best underground card magicians in the world: Benjamin Earl. For years, Ben has been one of Europe's top professional performers and innovative creators. Like many of these quiet achievers, he has previously avoided magicians, conventions and all attempts to get him to share his original material, until now..." 15.12.07


Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee help chefs Nick Nairn and Gino D'Acampo prepare a meal as if by magic in just twenty minutes on Ready, Steady, Cook on Thursday 27th December at 4.45pm on BBC 2. Presented by Ainsley Harriott. 15.12.07


The A, B, C of Magic. "100 coin, card and classic tricks for everyone to learn. With a little practice you'll be astonishing friends and family with your sleight of hand. They'll be wondering what else you've got up your sleeve." Two 50-trick magic specials, Part One in the Guardian on Saturday and Part Two in The Observer on Sunday. 15.12.07


Second Auction of Jay Marshall Collection announced. A public auction of ephemera and memorabilia from the legendary magic collection of entertainer Jay Marshall (1919-2005) will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday, July 27th, 2008 – the day following the conclusion of the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention. The auction will be held at the Galt House Hotel & Suites, Louisville, Kentucky. Jay Marshall accumulated one of the world’s finest collections of magic-related material in the world and a selection of choice artifacts from his collection will be available for sale at this public auction. “After the first auction of Jay’s collection, in May, 2007, we discovered a staggering amount of magic books, posters, and other rarities remained,” said Gabe Fajuri, President of Potter & Potter Auctions, organizer of the upcoming sale. “Louisville was the logical choice for a follow-up auction, since a ready-made international market of interested magicians and collectors would already be assembled there. The auction will be open to the public.” On or before June 15th, 2008, an illustrated catalogue will be available from: Potter & Potter Auctions, Inc., 1719 W. Leland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640, USA 15.12.07


Private Passions: Derren Brown. "Michael Berkeley meets Derren Brown, who over the last seven years has enthralled audiences with his famous experiments in 'Mind Control', a potent blend of psychology, illusion and showmanship. A passionate music-lover, Derren listens every day to Bach, especially the Goldberg Variations and Cello Suites, and many of his choices have a spiritual nature, including Tallis's 40-part motet Spem in alium and Elgar's oratorio The Dream of Gerontius. He also reveals that he used the slow movement of Beethoven's 'Emperor' Piano Concerto in a live stage show to accompany the slow and painful process of hammering a nail into his nose!" 12 noon on Sunday 23rd December on BBC Radio Three. 15.12.07


Debbie McGee, wife of magician and entertainer-extraordinaire Paul Daniels swaps places with outspoken radio presenter Vanessa Feltz. Debbie spends two weeks in Vanessa's London home living with her musician fiancé Ben Offoedu, while Vanessa moves in with world famous TV magician Paul Daniels. Celebrity Wife Swap: 9pm on Wednesday 19th December on E4 (repeat). 15.12.07


Magicassette, MagiCD acquired by Martin Breese has sold all rights and stock of his magic audio recordings (Magicassette, MagiCD) to who will make the recordings available as MP3 files (as well as CDs) for download at reasonable cost. (Note that none of Martin Breese's range of CDROMs, Digital Magazines, or DVDs have been sold - only the audio material has been moved over to 15.12.07


"Blaine fears new stunt will damage brain" Click Here • Brian Miller reviews Mel Harvey in Dick Whittington this week, Click Here and Freddie Wilkinson reviews Safire in Aladdin Click Here • "Magic Stephen does Japanese appearing trick" Click Here • "Review of the year - TV" Click Here • Magician Criss Angel is 40 on Wednesday • "Pamela Anderson Cozies Up with Criss Angel" Click Here • That's it! See you next week, Duncan. 15.12.07