Number 398 - 9th February 2008


The brilliant Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes comes to DVD on April 21st. As a live performer Derren's shows have played to sold-out theatres across the UK and in 2006, Something Wicked This Way Comes won the Olivier Award in the Best Entertainment category. At the end of its second and final year of touring around the UK, this one-man stage show was re-staged at The Old Vic in London. This DVD features that special performance and captures Derren at his hilarious, dramatic and spellbinding best. Derren takes the live theatre audience on a journey of psychological persuasion, lie-detection, skepticism, subliminal imagery and Victorian-style pain control. The finale of the show is a tour-de-force of prediction, influence and showmanship that leaves the audience begging for more. The DVD 'Extras' feature deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage. Pre-order via and save 25% Click Here. 9.2.08


Feed The Children Variety Performance 2008. Ali Bongo comperes the 'Feed The Children Variety Performance 2008' at the Bearwood College Theatre, Sindlesham, Wokingham RG41 5BG (Map) at 7pm on Saturday 8th March. Starring: Hans Davis (Shadow master from Belgium), Duncan Trillo, Mark Shortland, Michael Vincent, Jonathan Shotton, Brian Miller and Audrey, Performers Dance Company (Principal Brian Rogers), and Katie Shepherd, with close-up magic from Michael Alderman, David Ball, Michael Carr, Rob Page and Kerry Scorah. Tickets: Adults £15, Under 16s £10, Family ticket of 4 £45, Group (10 adults) £140, Group (10 children) £90. To purchase tickets telephone: 0118 932 0095 or email or visit the website: All proceeds to 'Feed The Children' projects. 9.2.08


Daniel Hunt & Annette Claire - Amethyst, are back in Blackpool this week, performing yet another stunt as part of the 'Showzam' festival of magic. It's another escape challenge, entitled 'Get the Point'. Danny will be bound by his hands, waist and ankles to a solid wooden bed, he will then have just two minutes to escape before the timer releases a large rack of spikes which will plunge into Danny if he's not wriggled out of his restraints in time! Watch it live on Tuesday 12th February at Madame Tussauds, Promenade, Blackpool at 11am. Will it be third time lucky? See What's On for complete Showzam listings and links. 9.2.08 " presents a select range of in-depth-tuition e-Books. These beautifully designed 3-dimensional page turning books packed with large photos and video will give you expert instruction. Concentrating on techniques and quality routines this range will grow, expanding your knowledge, skills and digital bookshelf; check out for details of the current collection and opening offers." 9.2.08


King's Reel. present the King's Reel "A special gimmick that will allow you to perform effects which are closer than anything else to real magic! Let a silk fly into your hands! Let the pages of a book turn by themselves! Let a selected card from a deck of cards shoot into the air! Cause a pen to fall from the edge of a glass by the force of your thoughts alone! And much more! Visit for details and to order. 9.2.08


International News: Bill Malone headlines at the Magiske Timer magic convention in Oslo, Norway (April 25th - 27th) - he'll be performing and lecturing. Other artists include: Malin Nilsson, Christoph Borer, Helge Thun, Jay Niemi, Martin Brock, Nestor Hato, Timo Wopp and MagicWeek favourite the brilliant Finn Jon. There are direct flights to Oslo from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Bristol, Dublin and Manchester. Convention Organiser Helge Fredheim assures you of a warm welcome. Visit: for details. 9.2.08


Mark Lee's Clone Coin. Merlin's announce the release of a brand new DVD, Mark Lee's Clone Coin. Merlin's launched the Clone Coin at last year's Blackpool Convention, where it was a complete sell-out. Since then it has been very popular and demand has been high for Mark to produce an instructional DVD to accompany it. The Clone Coin is available in many different coins - visit Merlin's website for details. "Merlin's would like to express their appreciation for all the nice comments regarding the Clone Coin. Thanks for supporting the original - beware of expensive imitations!". 9.2.08


Prism... "You start by displaying three very attractive black dominoes. Each domino has a different coloured spot on it. You remove one domino and it is placed face down in front of you. The spectator thinks of any one of the three colours (no force). You immediately turn over the domino that is in front of you - it's their chosen colour! 100% Self working. Instant reset. Very nice props." Visit for details and to order, and don't forget to ask for a demonstration at the Blackpool Convention. 9.2.08


All new at Five of Hearts Magic! Five of Hearts Magic have just launched a brand new website featuring their vast range of fine quality magic, including their 'Collections' series. The New Products section presents the very latest exclusive products as they emerge from the Five of Hearts Workshop (currently featuring 20+ products since October 2007). Other new areas on the site offer: Gift Vouchers, Magic Tuition, News, Convention Diary, and a sign-up section for their new mailing list. "Colin and Sharron extend a warm welcome to everyone at their new online Magic Shop..... Enjoy!" Visit today! 9.2.08


Etienne Pradier launches a new 2 disc DVD set, featuring material taken from the past 20 years of performing, at the Blackpool Convention later this month. Watch the teaser on YouTube: Click Here. 9.2.08


Magic Cave of Covent Garden and JL2 Magic recently hosted an after-Christmas party for the magicians of London to celebrate the success of The Cannabis Effect and JL2's new range of magic wallets. A great time was had by all who attended and the star cabaret featured a surprise performance from TV comedian Paul Foot. more photos, Click Here. (Photo, l to r: Lee Thompson, Neil Henry, Paul Foot and Lee Hathaway) 9.2.08


Paul Stockman - back from the USA. Paul has just completed another successful tour of his stage show in America and has over a hundred shows already booked for the year ahead. Paul can be seen at Warners 5 star hotels and resorts around the country from May to October and his brand new theatre show will have its debut on April 12th at The Exeter Corn Exchange. Look out for his one-off Sky Television special later in the year. 9.2.08


Mark Townsend's second book The Wizard's Gift has just been published. "In The Wizard's Gift a young man has all but lost the will to live, for his life has become meaningless. However, though depressed, one place he always finds can lift his spirits is the forest, which he frequently visits. On one of these occasions he meets and chats with an old man who oozes a genuine wisdom and spiritual depth. The old man becomes his mentor and, over time a beautiful relationship develops. Gradually the depressive re-discovers the wonder and magic of life, and he begins to think of his mentor as The Wizard. The Wizard gives him many gifts - tangible and symbolic items that bring profound spiritual insights and self-knowledge. Each of these gifts will be relevant and will speak directly to the readers of the book, and they too will begin to experience a sense of inner magic and spiritual transformation." For more information, and to order from, Click Here. 9.2.08


Special Care & Share Day with Ralph Dewey. Graham Lee has booked Ralph Dewey, one of America’s top balloon twisters, to lecture in the UK on Wednesday 19th March at a Special Care & Share Day in Watford. Ralph has over 30 year’s experience. The day will be a 'hands on' lecture/workshop event and will run from 10am - 6pm, with Ralph presenting two sessions at 10.30am and 2pm. For more details email 9.2.08


90 feet Under! Mike and Julie Evans have recently returned to the UK after successfully performing shows and close-up magic at hotels across Jamaica. For something a little different, for the scuba divers, Julie was often seen performing her magic 90 feet under water! Some of it was captured, Click Here. 9.2.08


Vizage (Sam and Vicki Lane) and Alan and Anne Shaxon were made honorary members of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians from last Sunday, at their recent magic day which featured three lectures and an evening show. To read a review by Graham Harper Click Here. (Photo, l to r: Sam, Vicki, and Freddie Wilkinson). 9.2.08


Magic Moments 08. Magicians and variety acts across the UK took part in Magic Moments, the National Day of Magic, sponsored by Marvin’s Magic last Saturday. The inaugural event raised money for worthwhile causes and brought a moment of magic into many lives. Jay Fortune emails "We’ve yet to count up every last penny raised, but so far have raised over £11,000 for various charities. It took a lot of people, including all the performers, design and production teams, promoters, producers, distributors, sponsors, advertisers and tons of other good-spirited folk to make Magic Moments Day happen. We’ve got ambitious plans for next year’s event and urge magicians everywhere to take part.” Visit to keep up to date with next year's events. 9.2.08


Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians - new home. The Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians are moving their Headquarters and meeting place from the Novotel Wolverhampton to the Wolverhampton West End Working Mens Club, Merridale Street West, Wolverhampton WV3 0RW Tel: 01902 772465. The first meeting at the new location will be on Wednesday, 27th February at 7.30pm when they'll welcome Swedish card expert Lennart Green. Bona fide visiting magicians welcome (fee £10.00). Further details are available from Bryan Atherton on 01902 896593 or 07711 714974 9.2.08


Adam Bloom performs a card trick for his chums, and very good it is too! Coming soon from Street Magic Limited - watch the YouTube video, Click Here. 9.2.08


Paul Gordon's Card Capers takes place on Sunday May 11th (10am - 5pm). Registration £25.00 in advance only. Visit for details. 9.2.08


El Loco has a brand new website and has also just finished writing a new show “Loco’s Bar” which will be targeted at the cruise market. Two happy years with Blockbookers come to an end shortly. El Loco emailed that he'd really missed the day to day activity that goes with looking after his own show, The Dentist's Chair. 9.2.08


Iain Moran has just returned from Munich where he gave a lecture and workshop to an enthusiastic group of German magicians. In years past they have had visits from Bob Read, Lennart Green, Gaeton Bloom, Doc Eason, Pit Hartling, Alexander de Cova, and many more. Iain emails "Fortunately they enjoyed what I had to offer too and I hope to return later this year." 9.2.08


Walt Lees lecture. Award winning magician and editor of Abra and The Magician, Walt Lees, will be lecturing at The Pentacle Club in Cambridge on Tuesday 12th February at 8pm. Visiting magicians welcome - there will be a small fee for non-members. 9.2.08


Sale. There will be a sale of the late John Williams' (Jon Brett) magic and illusions on Sunday 24th February from 10am - 3pm at 13 Salisbury Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4EN (Map). All welcome. 9.2.08


Tony Griffith has a new address which he has asked us to pass on, as he has also been offline for the past three weeks: Tony and Judy Griffith, 13 Church Road, Norton Malreward, Bristol BS39 4EX, telephone 01275 835463. Tony's latest book Reflections is about to go into its second printing 9.2.08


Jack Stephens emails "Last weekend I was entertaining for Stuart Pearce at his own private party. As I was leaving I was chatting about the forthcoming game and as a bit of a joke, I took out a magic wand and tapped it twice on the table, saying that these 'magic taps' would ensure that England win the football on Wednesday night (England v Switzerland, Wembley, 6th February). It was all done very tongue-in-cheek and all the guests had a little giggle at my antics. But then what happens? Yes, England beat Switzerland by scoring two goals. Two goals. One for each of my taps. Of course I have not told the guests at the party it was just a fluke. I have said, 'I am a magician after all!'" Who needs David Beckham? 9.2.08


Look out for Alex Lodge on ‘Dancing on Ice Make Me a Star’ at 8.20pm on ITV 1 tonight • "Prince charming" Click Here • "Teller, Casting a Dark Spell" Click Here • Thursday's edition of The Stage features its annual Magic Supplement, which this year will include a feature on Alex Crow and an article from Ali Bongo • Dynamo on YouTube: Here, Here and Here • "Saudi Showman Wants to Make One of Giza Pyramids Vanish" Click Here • Mark Waddington, from Skipton, performs in a pilot show entitled "Magical Yorkshire" Click Here • "TV did the trick for magic firm Marvin's Magic" Click Here • Your news, reviews and articles are always welcomed - see you next week, Duncan. 9.2.08