Number 400 - 23rd February 2008


Northern Magic Circle 'Spring Parade' Convention. The Northern Magic Circle are staging their annual convention on Saturday 5th April and Sunday 6th April, featuring a gala show, a late show, close-up and stage competitions, three workshops, three lectures, a talk entitled the History of Mystery, and magic dealers. The Gala Show stars: Andrew Green (photo), High Jinx, Su Jayne, Ricky McLeod, Max Marshall and the Stepping Out Girls. Magic dealers: Kaymar Magic, Black Cat Magic, Magic Books by Post, High Jinx Juggling supplies and Burning Card Magic. Venue: the YMCA Theatre and St Nicholas Hotel, Scarborough. For information and registration details contact Bill Peckitt 01904 762910 or Cynthia Neptune 01912 529151 or Allan Clarke 01772 685073 23.2.08


Quentin Reynolds lecture - Liverpool. "How to double the reaction to the show you already do without having to add any extra tricks. Using examples from his own shows, Quentin Reynolds will show you how to take the tricks you currently perform and dramatically increase your audience response. Quentin has lectured at FISM, the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas as well as at dozens of clubs and conventions throughout the UK and Ireland. The points covered in the lecture include all aspects of magical performance, close-up magic, children's work and stage shows." 8pm on April 3rd at The Liverpool Magic Circle, The Alder Sports Club, Alder Road, Liverpool L12 2BA. Tickets: Members £3.00, non Members £6.00. Contact Alan Singleton, President, for details: telephone 07982 253583 23.2.08


Paul Dabek's one-man show sold out last weekend for two performances at the Forum Studio Theatre in Chester. The two-hour show featured many new pieces that Paul has been working on over the last year and was a massive hit. Jeremy Le Poidevin went along and reviewed the show, Click Here. 23.2.08


Adam Bloom's Twisting Fate. A couple of weeks ago we featured a YouTube link to Adam Bloom's Twisting Fate (Click Here) - despite it being a rather convoluted routine I liked aspects of it a lot. We have now been sent the full kit which is amazing and includes a special deck of cards, a comprehensive instructional DVD and lots and lots of other stuff (you could rival W H Smith with the contents of this outfit). Twisting Fate isn't a trick that you'll pop into your pocket for an evening's close-up around the tables, but it is a routine that you will save for special occasions when you want to try out something a little different. The instructional DVD includes the full version and a simplified handling version, but really there is so much going on here that you may soon find yourself coming up with your own twists. For more information and to order visit 23.2.08


British Balloon Modelling Convention. This year the British Juggling Convention is hosting the 2nd British Balloon Modelling Convention (BBMC2) featuring workshops, a 'jam' room, skill swaps and competitions with free balloons and equipment provided. BBMC2 will be held in the Doncaster Dome alongside the main BJC. The Jam room will open on Wednesday 26th March from 5pm for all convention goers. The workshops will be on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March and are for all skill levels. They will be run by Colin Myles, David Croft, Mr Balloonatic, Russell (from Pick n Mix Circus), Twistina and Graham Lee. Venue: The Doncaster Dome Tickets £25.00 per 24 hour day, on the door only, or free if you're already attending the British Juggling Convention. Contact Cindy Studer for more information: Website: 23.2.08


The Omega Mutation. Big Blind Media's latest release The Omega Mutation is a lavishly produced 3 DVD set in a gatefold sleeve crammed full of close-up magic from Cameron Francis. Visit for video clips and ordering details. 23.2.08


Rubik Seminars. Mark Elsdon's recent lectures in Scandinavia were a resounding success - so much so that he has been booked for another five in September. Mark is also now taking bookings for his Rubik's Seminars with the following locations booked: London, Newcastle, Manchester, Stockholm and Louisville (USA). The UK seminars all take place in March and places are being snapped up (Mark expects to sell-out over the Blackpool weekend). Call 07796 401970 or email to be sure of a place. 23.2.08


VDP... "Very occasionally, someone develops a brand-new methodology which allows for effects which were previously considered impossible. Imagine a signed playing card transforming quarter-by-quarter into a completely different card with the signature still intact! Ah, but is it the spectator's signature? Of course! But can the card be given away without a switch? Absolutely!" Visit for more, or watch the YouTube clip: Click Here. 23.2.08


An Evening of Bizarre Magic. "Michael Diamond has been in the business for over 20 years. He is one of the most innovative and creative performers in the world of magic. Mike is also the author of 'The Book of Shadows' and recently lectured at The Magic Circle in London." 8pm on March 6th at The Alder Sports Club, Alder Road, Liverpool L12 2BA. Tickets: £6 non members, £3.00 members. For more information contact Alan Singleton telephone 07982 253583 or visit 23.2.08


Colonel Custard launches "The King of Custard" DVD at the Blackpool Convention this weekend. The disc will feature many of the Colonel's favourite routines together with invaluable hints and tips to make your shows more memorable. Produced and directed by Russ Stevens ( and available to order from the shop page on 23.2.08


Michael and Siobhan Jordan were recently commissioned to write, produce and compere a 20 minute show for the Sellers International Youth Band at the 'Youth in Brass Entertainment Festival of Great Britain' held at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Using a pantomime theme they produced players from a giant story book, telling the story in rhyme. The band retained the "Most Entertaining Item" award, were awarded 'Runner-up' in the entertainment category and came third overall in the contest. 23.2.08


The World Junior Magicians Championships took place on Tuesday 19th February, as part of Blackpool's Showzam Festival. Here are the results:
Junior World Champion of Comedy Magic - Darren McDonald.
Junior World Champion of Manipulation - Joe Ray.
Junior World Champion of Illusion - The Yamagami Brothers.
Junior World Champion of General Magic - Stephen Williams.
Junior World Champion of Close-Up Magic - Craig Maddox.
Junior World Champion of Card Magic - Marcus Taylor.
Junior World Grand Prix Champion of Stage Magic - The Yamagami Brothers.
Junior World Grand Prix Champion of Close-Up Magic - Craig Maddox.
"Young magicians given tricky task" Click Here "Stephen says winning is just magic" Click Here.


Magic Flea Market in Leeds: The Leeds the Magical Association are holding a Magic Flea Market on Tuesday 26th February, offering a chance for everyone to buy and sell unwanted magic props and books at bargain prices. There is no charge and all are welcome. The evening starts at 7.30pm and they meet at the Quaker Meeting House (opposite the Electronic Engineering Dept of the Leeds University), 188 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9DX. For further details telephone 0113 2677190. Directions can be found on their website 23.2.08


Escapologist Danny Hunt attracted so much attention with his three recent death defying stunts at Blackpool's Showzam Festival, that they invited him back to the Sea life Centre on Tuesday, along with local TV and Press, to perform one final escape. Sea Life Centre Manager Martin said "Danny and Annette have been amazing our customers all week - it's been fantastic!" 23.2.08


"The Liverpool Magic Circle would like to congratulate their youngest member Steve Williams on winning The World Junior Magicians Championships for General Magic at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Steve performed his classical act, levitating the Losander table, dove production, candle production/vanish and more... He brought the house down with Kevin James's Snow routine, filling the Winter Gardens appropriately with snow! Well Done Steve!" Alan Singleton (President). 23.2.08


Kernow Magic have a dealer's stand at this year's Blackpool Convention. If you are thinking of signing-up for the McBride Mystery School event in Cornwall this is a great chance to secure your place. Even if you don't want to sign-up to the classes it's still worth popping by and seeing them as they have a few Jeff McBride exclusives, together with a brand new release from Kenny Roberts called Loaded. They will be on the ballroom balcony. 23.2.08


Worldwide Magic Club listings. Darrel Mileson emails: "I am trying to put a list together of world wide clubs and societies. These include independent clubs, through to as many Rings of the IBM, SAM and such. I am also looking for information on Nationally based societies throughout the world. There are many sites that do lists, though not as comprehensive. With the information that I am asking for, I hope it will be a more friendly list than just names and contact details to click on." For more information, and to add your club details, contact Darrel Mileson: 23.2.08


Steve Beam's lecture tour - May 2009. Tony Griffith emails that Steve Beam's lecture tour (originally planned for October 2008) will now definitely take place in May 2009. Since Tony moved house a few weeks ago he has lost details of those who were interested in the original tour and asks those club secretaries who are interested in taking the lecture to contact him by phone 01275 835463 or email to reestablish their interest in the lecture. 23.2.08


David J Barnes. Andrew Van Buren emails: "It is with great sadness that I write about the loss of David J Barnes, who leaves behind his wife Janet, daughter Debra and many friends. David was very well known in the magic, circus, clown and fairground worlds, also as a performer in children’s entertaining circles, as Barney the Clown. With close ties to the Showman’s Guild, magic and circus, David truly was known by many and will be greatly missed by us all. 23.2.08


MagicWeek is 400 editions old this week (when we get to 500 I'll do a special edition!) • "Magician taking his tricks to Flamingo" Click Here • "A showman's mythology unshackled" Click Here • "Paul's visit simply magic" Click Here • "Nasty news: Magic or tragic!" Click Here • "Escape artist Danny is a bit tied up!" Click Here • "Curse of Daniels" Click Here • "Silent salute to master of magic" Click Here • Blackpool bloggers' Matt Parro, Stuart Harley and Geoff Hunt promise to keep you up to date via • International Festival of Magic in San Marino, March 15th + 16th: • Teller is currently answering questions on The Magic Woods: • That's it! See you next week, Duncan. 23.2.08