Number 422 - 26th July 2008


Guy Hollingworth, Geoffrey Durham, Jeff Hobson, Kalin & Jinger, Juan Tamariz, Nicholas Einhorn, Bill Herz, Oscar Munoz, Gene Anderson, Levent, Bob Kohler, Mike Bent, Michael Finney, Michael Weber, Derek DelGaudio and Jason England have one thing in common... They'll all be lecturing in Eastbourne in September at the 72nd IBM British Ring Convention. Bob Hayden's latest mammoth convention update details more of what to expect at this year's convention: Click Here. If you haven't booked yet then hurry - single day registrations are available, as well as the full registration package. Book online: 26.7.08


He's coming to London! Magician Andrew Goldenhersh's skill and style have mesmerized and intrigued international audiences in venues ranging from corporate events to the stages of Hollywood's Magic Castle to national television specials. His dramatic flair, imaginative presentation, and sense of humour are as irresistible as his breathtaking original magic. A favourite at Hollywood's world-famous Magic Castle, he has been nominated eight years in a row as both Close-Up Magician of the Year and Parlour Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts. Andrew amazes audiences with his magic, charms them with his warm personality, and delights them with his unique balance of humour, suspense and energy. His devotion to magic as a true art form creates an unforgettable experience. Andrew will be performing and lecturing at this years International Magic Convention (Shaw Theatre, London November 28th-30th). He'll be just one of a whole line-up of performers and acts that will be making their UK Convention debuts. Visit for details and to book. 26.7.08


Kidology 2008 isn't far away, and registrations are already up on this time last year. This is the only UK convention specifically geared towards the children's entertainer and takes place in Wolverhampton on Tuesday, September 9th. One of this year's lecturers is Tony Griffith. Tony is a professional magician and a member of The Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star. His lecture is entitled 'The Magic of Science - an alternative way to get into schools'. The Magic of Science show (scientific principles to achieve magical effects) takes advantage of Tony's 17 years teaching experience - including the Headship of a primary school. In the lecture, Tony will be illustrating parts of his show, as well as offering practical hints and tips for how to get into school work and what to do when you get there! Kidology 2008: 4 lectures, 12 dealers, lunch included. Full details: 26.7.08


International News - 2008 DRAGON Award: Michael and Hannah Ammar were presented with the 2008 DRAGON Award by The J. Marberger Stuart Foundation, Inc. at the DRAGON Dinner at the Kentucky The Galt Hotel on Tuesday July 22nd at the joint International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Society of American Magicians Convention. The DRAGON Award is presented in recognition of outstanding teamwork in the art of magic. The award consists of four parts: DRAGON Award medals, the Order of the DRAGON pins, a plaque and a thousand dollar cash prize. The Stuart Foundation presented the award to the Ammars and in keeping with the custom of the DRAGON Awards, the last winners, Norm and Lupe Nielsen, welcomed the new winners into the Order of the DRAGON by presenting the medals to Michael and Hannah Ammar. The DRAGON Award name is taken from the criteria for winning. Recipients must demonstrate outstanding talent in the categories of Drama, Romance, Artistry, Glamour, Originality and Necromancy (magic). 26.7.08


Repro Magic stock acquired by Mike Danata's Magic Studio. Geoff Maltby (Repro Magic) emails: "Following several recent health issues, I would like to thank all of those who have contacted me with messages of support. Thank You. I am pleased to say that, now I am approaching retirement, my friend, Mike Danata, proprietor of Mike Danata's Magic Studio in Boscombe, Bournemouth has acquired from me all existing stock of Repro Magic, along with all rights and copyrights to books, magazines and tricks until recently held by me. I wish him all the best for the future, and hope that you will support him." Mike Danata emails: "Due to the tremendous stocks recently acquired (alongside 1000's of items we already have!) I would like to offer the Terry Seabrooke "Note In Wallet" complete with the updated Terry Seabrooke routine and Wayne Dobson's routine, plus the beautiful leather wallet, with metal zip, for just £22.00 post free! This offer will expire after two weeks." Visit 26.7.08


MagicBox have a theory... They now stock the entire range of magic from Theory 11 for purchase via phone orders only. The range can be viewed on their site: 26.7.08


Last Sunday Mark Traversoni was a guest on Coventry and Warwickshire Radio and was interviewed by Wincey Willis. Mark talked about passion for performing magic for both adults and children and performed Andrew Murray's Anywhere Deck, making Wincey choose the only blue backed card in the deck! The conversation also lead on to a discussion about ventriloquism and thanks to Dave Allen's teaching Mark performed some, live on air! For more information on Mark and his magic visit 26.7.08


Paul Stockman Psychological Entertainer has just completed another successful tour of shows in the USA. Although most of Paul's performances were corporate shows, which took in venues from New York to Las Vegas, Paul also performed his cabaret set for audiences across the country. Paul has become well known for is stage mentalist show "Mind Illusion" which regularly plays to large audiences, and he has now completed filming on his one-off special for Sky Television which will be shown later in the year. Look out for details on the website: 26.7.08


Josh Miller - Youngest ever President! At The Peterborough Society of Magicians recent AGM Josh Miller became President at the age of just 17. Josh has been involved in magic for 6 years, and joined the society five years ago. Also a member of The Young Magicians' Club Josh was awarded 'Member of the Year' in 2006. Popular with both young and old members of The Peterborough Society of Magicians the club is delighted to have him as president for the year 2008/9. 26.7.08


Jack Delvin's presents his 'Jack's Magic' lecture for the York Society of Magicians on Wednesday 13th August at The Four Alls, Malton Road, York YO32 9TW (Map) starting at 7.30pm. Visiting Magicians £5.00. Contact: Rex Stott 01937 589727 or email for details. 26.7.08


Are you putting on a show at this year's Edinburgh Festival? If so, you may want an extra link from a magic related website to help sell tickets. Don Moses will again be covering the comedy and magic at this year's festival in his syndicated blog. If you'd like Don to link to your show details, he'd be more than happy to do so. Contact Don on or read his blog at and on 26.7.08


BJ's Magic Club on the Isle of Wight held their club competition on July 12th. Andie Penn from the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle was the guest judge. The evening was a great success. 1st place Joseph Alan aged 7, 2nd Andrew Mabey aged 11 and 3rd Rosie Wilson aged 9. "These young people are our magic future good luck to them all." 26.7.08


Way Ward Ways Variety Show. "Way Ward Ways Variety Show is a journey thru the strange world of Magic, Burlesque and Comedy. Step up, walk this way, the show is about to begin... An evening of mystery, wonder and intrigue will take place in the extraordinary Mitre Inn, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1TS (Map) on the 1st of every month. The dream will become a reality on the 1st August but only with your support. Doors open for cocktails and poison from 8pm and the show begins at 8.30pm till late. Entrance for this wonderful experience will cost £4 or £3 with a Zorro / bandits mask." More Information: 26.7.08


Peter Baffles recently entertained celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Brian Turner at the Angel restaurant in Heytsbury, Wiltshire. Peter can be seen later this year in Babbacombe Theatre's Christmas show, which will run from September 28th to January 1st. 26.7.08


"We asked her not to do it - but she did it any way!" Ayeshah Smith, 20, of Sandy Park Road, Brislington, has had the logo of Bristol's Illusions Magic Bar tattooed across the centre of her back, just days before moving to Edinburgh. Ayeshah has only been going to the bar on the Clifton Triangle for six months, but soon became very fond of the owners, staff, and the bar itself. "I got the tattoo because the bar is like my home and family. Everyone I love is at the bar and it will give me something to take away. ...there will be two things I will miss from Bristol, my mum and this bar." Said Ayeshah. The bar’s co-owner Mark Bennett first saw the tattoo as a picture message on his mobile phone, "We were expecting a little tattoo but this is big. When I saw it, I was speechless, but I think it is great!" said Mark. Co-owner Sylvie Dagallier said: "The week Ayeshah goes it will be like something is missing. She will be missed." Illusions Magic Bar opened last year and is believed to be the venue in Britain where magicians perform every night of the year. 26.7.08


Channing Pollock in Judex - on DVD from August 25th. "The magical, rarely seen Judex, directed by the great Georges Franju, was largely unappreciated at the time of its release in 1963. This lyrical and dreamlike picture, a putative 'remake' of Louis Feuillade's own 1916 Judex, is as evocative of the silent master's own works as it is the later films of Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí. A French reviewer wrote in 1963: 'The whole of Judex reminds us that film is a privileged medium for the expression of poetic magic'. Starring the magician Channing Pollock, the divine Edith Scob, and the mesmerising Francine Bergé, Judex concerns a wicked banker, his helpless daughter, and a mysterious avenger. It plays like a fairy tale - one in which Franju creates a dazzling clash between good and evil, eschewing interest in the psychological aspects of his characters for unexplained twists and turns in the action. The beautifully controlled imagery, superbly rendered by Marcel Fradetal's black-against-white photography, animates a natural world and the spirits of animals all at war with a host of diabolical forces" Available to pre-order from, Click Here. 26.7.08


Kennedy emails: "I have been sending out a free mentalism focused newsletter every single month. This month I've changed it so that people can read past issues with ease by applying it to a blog. The newsletter and blog are totally free resources. Each month I talk about what's new in mentalism, new releases, I share a new routine in full every month and even talk about the business side of what we do. It's online right now and totally free to sign up to and access at if your readers are interested. 26.7.08


Age-old Magic Tricks Can Provide Clues For Modern Science. "Revealing the science behind age-old magic tricks will help us better understand how humans see, think, and act, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia and Durham University in the U.K. Their study in the current online issue of the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences concludes that elements of human cognition and perception not yet fully understood by scientists may be clarified by analysing tricks and techniques used by magicians over thousands of years..." Click Here to read the full story in Science Daily. And to see a "misdirection" video from the Live Science website (unfortunately, in reality this is a very poorly executed piece of misdirection) Click Here (wait for ad to play first). "Magic Tricks May Open The Mind" Click Here. The Telegraph also covered the same story (Click Here) - Adam Keisner was brought in the perform some proper magic: Click Here (wait for ad to play first). 26.7.08


Jonathan Chase - The DreamPilot Returns - Unclamped: "The World's only wickedly funny wheelie hypnotist in his comeback adult show, The Dreampilot Returns - Unclamped An all-new Adults Only show from 'The Gordon Ramsey of Hypnotists!' 'Britain's leading performing hypnotist', (Mail on Sunday) and best-selling hypnotic author invites you to join him at the RICC and to come on stage to experience your imagination unclamped. It's fast, it's fun and it's fascinating but you do have to be over 18 to be hypnotised on stage." 1st August 2008 8pm at the Riviera International Centre, Chestnut Avenue, Torquay, Devon TQ1 5LZ (Map). Tickets: £16.50. Box office: 01803 206333 26.7.08


Kids, Rabbits, Snot & Stuff! Is the title of a course being offered by magician Darren Wray: "A course of enlightenment for magicians who entertain children. Award winning magician Darren Wray, of Wonky Rabbit Magic, will be holding a one day course exclusively for children's entertainers/magicians on Thursday 23rd October 2008 in Birmingham. For further information Click Here. 26.7.08


"Derren Brown's YouTube clips are absolutely mental" Click HereDerren Brown The Specials - a 4 DVD set - pre-order now: Click Here • "Convention's crowd magically transforms city" Click Here • "Magic town - Sleight-of-hand artists descend on Louisville as groups conjure up combined convention" Click Here • "Remembering A Master Magician: Harold D. Russell" Click Here • "Paul is write guy for headlines" Click Here • "Magician back in variety line-up" Click Here • "British Variety: Paul Daniels and Frank Carson retire? You must be joking" Click Here • "Criss Angel's 'Believe': Cirque du Soleil for cheap" Click Here • Many thanks to everyone who's contributed to MagicWeek recently, see you next week, Duncan. 26.7.08