Number 547 - 18th December 2010


David Berglas to appear at The Session. MagicWeek can exclusively reveal that the surprise guest for The Session in January 2011 will be International Man of Mystery David Berglas. "David retired from performing when we were both quite young so magicians of our generation have never had the opportunity to see this amazing performer," organisers Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay say, "He's one of magic's greatest legends and we've finally persuaded him to talk about his magic, exclusively at The Session. This is an event not to be missed. It'll never be repeated and is an incredibly rare opportunity to meet the man behind the mystery. It's going to be an amazing event with plenty of surprises. We're not sure how we'll ever top this!" With a month to go, tickets are already extremely limited, so secure your place today. The Session, Gloucester, 15th, 16th January 2011. 18.12.10


Bernard Bilis (France), David Ginn (USA), Hank Moorehouse (USA), Andrei & Ruslan Fomenko (Russia), and Michael Rubinstein (USA), Richard Sanders (Canada - photo), Scott Penrose (UK), and David Tomkins (UK) join the already impressive list of artistes announced last week for the Blackpool Convention in February 2011. In addition, 71 acts will compete in the FISM  European Magical Championships which will take place throughout the convention, and there'll also be 125 magic dealers from all over the world exhibiting and demonstrating the very latest magic! Wow - this is going to be a biggie, and all for the bargain price of just £85.00. Visit to register or email Acts previously announced: Michael Finney (USA), James Dimmare (USA), Jupiter (Hungary), Richard Osterlind (USA), Jay Sankey (Canada), Clive Webb and Danny Adams (UK), Craig Dickson (USA), George King (UK), Victor Michaels (UK), Dolphin Dancers (UK), Jimmy Tamley (UK), Rosemary Quaye (UK), Milan (UK), Michel (Argentina), Xavier Tapias (Spain), Andy Eastwood (UK) and Jan Rouven (Germany). 18.12.10


‘Hocus Pocus’ - QI special festive edition. The BBC brings magic to our screens this Christmas Eve with a special ‘Hocus Pocus’ festive edition of QI. Daniel Radcliffe is the special guest contestant alongside comedians Graham Norton, Lee Mack and Alan Davies, and special contributions come from Vice President of The Magic Circle Scott Penrose.

The Magic Circle worked closely with the production team to research and construct questions for the show. Two of the QI’s ‘Question Wranglers’ toured The Magic Circle HQ, meeting with key representatives including Museum Curator Lionel Russell, Archivist David Hibberd and Librarian Peter Lane. They were looking for history, characters and quirks for the show in which host Stephen Fry awards points for being interesting rather than necessarily being correct. Having worked out a format, Vice President Scott Penrose met with the producers to recreate one of the tricks discussed by the contestants and also to provide special illusions for the show’s finale.

Says Nick Fitzherbert, PRO of The Magic Circle: “I can’t reveal too much because Stephen Fry swore us all to secrecy and, of course, they always film much more than ends up in the edited version. However, the Question Wranglers with whom we worked were truly thrilled in the green room afterwards, saying they believe it is probably the best edition of QI they have ever made and one that everyone will be talking about for a long time afterwards. What I can report is that Daniel Radcliffe held his own among the comedians, certainly knew his magic and charmed everyone over drinks afterwards.” ‘Hocus Pocus’, QI’s Christmas special, 9.30pm on BBC1 on Christmas Eve, with an extended edition on Wednesday 29th, see TV Magic.


The Northern Magic Circle Convention. As in previous years a free prize draw will take place at the convention (April 16th & 17th 2011), where 10 lucky registrants will win an exclusive workshop with one of the star magic performers. To qualify for the draw you will need to register for the convention by February 28th 2011. Previous workshops were held by Gregory Wilson and Kostya Kimlat. The convention will feature a host of lectures, workshops, dealers, competitions and gala show and acts booked to date include FISM Parlour Magic World Champion Marc Oberon (photo), Will Houstoun with two lectures and Jay Scott-Berry. Visit for competition entry forms and to register. 18.12.10


Introducing Founded in October 2008, Alakazapps brings over a decade of magic expertise to the iPhone and iPod touch platform. With a unique collection of magic trick apps for any age or skill level, Alakazapps present cutting-edge digital conjuring. In 2005, at the age of 17, owner Matt Leatherbarrow had his first commercial magic trick published via JB Magic. Since then he has developed a large number of magic tricks and written for popular magic magazines. Visit today! 18.12.10


Blackpool Magician buys Blackpool Hotel! It's not too late to book your accommodation for the Blackpool Convention - at a very unusual hotel. Popular Blackpool entertainer and collector of Punch & Judy ephemera, Martin Scott Price has added an extra string to his bow - he is now the proud owner of Pelham Lodge, General Street, Blackpool - just a two minute walk from the Winter Gardens complex! Not content with just owning the hotel, Martin already has plans for the hotel to house his planned Punch & Judy museum. Visiting magicians will be given an extra special welcome. To book your accommodation phone Martin on 01253 826318 or email 18.12.10


Carl-Einar Häckner: Big in Sweden. Delightfully shambolic comedy, magic, music and illusion. A mega-star in the land of the midnight sun, Carl-Einar Häckner is living proof that Swedes can offer more to showbiz than bell-bottomed jumpsuits and 70s pop anthems. Apparently clueless, yet full of brilliantly executed routines, this masterful fool - a star of La Clique at the Roundhouse last year - has wowed audiences worldwide with his unique brand of comedy, magic, music and illusion. "This blonde-locked buffoon is a brilliantly silly Ikea Tommy Cooper, pulling endless magic shop tricks out of his tatty bag." Evening Standard. To 22nd December at 8pm (no shows Sundays). Tickets: £12.50, £10 concessions and groups 8+ (groups by phone/in person only). Venue: Roundhouse Studio Theatre, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH (Map). Book online via Review: Carl-Einar Hackner, Click Here. 18.12.10


Bob Kohler's Lightning Box. "German magician Bruno Hennig invented the 'Signed Card To Box'. This powerhouse effect has seen countless improvements and modifications over the decades since it's creation. The effect has been used by thousands of magicians and has fooled countless spectators. The effect is so powerful that many magicians close their shows with it. But every magician that has used this classic has always had a single thought in the back of their mind..." Carry on reading, and watch the demo video at (on the Close-up and Stand-up page). 18.12.10


Paul Voodini - Reader of Minds. Paul Voodini's Reader of Minds website is offering some very special deals on his ebooks from Saturday 18th December until Saturday 1st January. For details visit 18.12.10


Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story is showing for the first time at 10.45pm on BBC2 this evening. Mind reader and cold-reading expert Ian Rowland is interviewed in the documentary and talks about his early days with Eddie, the two having performed together at University and at the Edinburgh Fringe under the banner "Sheffield University Fringe" (SUF). Duncan Trillo's video footage of Eddie performing his street act in Covent Garden in the eighties, along with other footage of street performers that Duncan shot in Covent Garden back in the day can also be seen. 18.12.10


Robert Fox was personally invited to perform at The X Factor Wrap party, earlier this week, for the 5th consecutive year. The event held in central London was for all the judges, contestants and production team. Pictured is Robert with the winner Matt Cardle. 18.12.10


The Order of The Magi. The President, Council and Members of The Order of The Magi (Manchester) send Season’s Greetings to Magicians everywhere and also wish them all a happy and peaceful New Year. The society held their Christmas Party on Tuesday 14th December where nearly 100 people had a fun and festive evening complete with hotpot supper and entertainment afterwards featuring Nick Barnes, Cooper (vocalist) and Max Blake and Tony King. All under the careful wing of compere Peter Moran. The photo shows President Alan “Snaggers” Russell with a Christmas balloon wreath he had taught the members how to make at a recent meeting. The Magi dinner is on 19th March 2011 and details are now on Geoffrey Newton PRO. 18.12.10


Dare to Be Remarkable by Andrew Murray. Andrew Murray emails: "Dare to Be Remarkable is a new 32 page eBook featuring six professional card routines including FTW (a very clean signed cards to pocket); Thought of Card to Wallet; Twice as Nice (two spectator, two-card transposition); Three (a triple thought of card coincidence effect); Propulsion (signed card in balloon); Reset Redone (a four card transposition combined with a repeat cards to pocket) plus Andrew's 4 card Visual Instant Production (VIP). 'These effects have been designed for the stroll-around performer. A very interesting collection, particularly the Thought of Card to Wallet and Card In Balloon' - Justin Higham. 'Andrew releases very rarely but when he does the material is tried and tested. He thinks, creates and it's great material. His thought of card to wallet is direct and something that will work for both mind readers and magicians alike.' - Marc Spelmann." All purchases during December will receive Andrew's manuscript 'Two For You' in e-format as a special free bonus. This features 'Shockwave' his non-gimmicked approach to B'Wave and his three-phase 'Following Oil & Water' routine. Price £10/$15. Email for ordering details. 18.12.10


Midsomer Murders 3pm on Wednesday 22nd December on ITV1. Ghosts of Christmas Past. "It is Christmas and the troubled Villiers family gets together nine years after the death of eldest son Ferdy, a magician. A riddle in a cracker predicts that two people will die before midnight on Boxing Day, then the frail Lydia Villiers is hospitalised after a fall. As Barnaby abandons his Christmas lunch with the in-laws to investigate, it seems as though ghosts from the past and cunning sleight-of-hand are haunting the household." See TV Magic. 18.12.10


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors worldwide - thank you for making it a very good year. And Merry Christmas also to our advertisers (the finest magic dealers on the web!) from the MagicWeek team, Duncan, Keiko, Amelia and Louis. Please note: The deadline for news submissions next week (December 25th) is 12 noon Wednesday. 18.12.10