Number 549 - 1st January 2011


Derren Brown Night on Channel 4, Saturday 8th January, 9pm - 12.50am. Channel 4's Derren Brown Night dedicates the evening's schedule to the extraordinary Derren Brown as he celebrates 10 years on C4 with an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary and the best ever Derren Brown episode as chosen by his fans online. Behind the Mischief (9pm Saturday 8th January) is a celebration of the man and his amazing Channel 4 television series, specials and events. Unprecedented access is given for the first time ever as Derren allows TV cameras behind the scenes and into his private life to meet his family, friends and closest collaborators. Celebrity fans, including Stephen Merchant, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, Bill Bailey, Simon Callow and Jo Whiley give their insights, and some of the participants featured in Derren's best-known television feats share their thoughts about him. At 10pm, as part of Derren Brown Night, the fans favourite show will be repeated (to be announced) and then at 11.10pm Enigma, the recording of his latest sell-out live theatre tour, will be broadcast. It's a jaw-dropping, show-stopping theatrical event that leaves the live audience and viewers in awe of Derren's incredible ability to control minds, manipulate thoughts and tickle the funny bone. Filmed live in front of a capacity crowd at the New Wimbledon Theatre, Derren Brown selects random members of the audience to participate in a wide range of experiments and demonstrations, including the Victorian phenomena of somnambulism and the spooky Spirit Cabinet. 1.1.11


The Magicians - first in the series tonight! "Incredible illusions, mind-bending magic and classic tricks with contemporary twists, performed by some of the world's best magicians. Performers include illusionist of the decade, Luis De Matos; winners of Best Comedy Illusionists at the World Magic Awards, the dark and twisted Barry and Stuart; and the King of Close-Up Magic, Chris Korn. Each week they will be joined by three different celebrities, and together they will compete to win the studio audience vote and escape the dreaded forfeit trick - an extreme feat of courage, mind over matter and a test of trust. In this episode, the magicians are joined by Ashley Banjo, Bruno Tonioli and Sian Williams." See TV Magic for details. 1.1.11


New Magic app for the iPhone - Magic SMS. "This is such a strong and effective use of magic on the iPhone. Finally!" David Blaine. "The best magic trick app that I've seen; beautifully thought through." Derren Brown. "Magic SMS is the coolest effect I've seen in years! Trust me you'll be texting everyone about this... Amazing!" Dynamo. The Effect: You tell your friend that you know someone called Simon who is psychic and that you want to put him to the test. You ask your friend to freely think of any colour and then to make it even more difficult to think of any playing card as well. You send a text message to Simon asking him to guess what your friend is thinking of. You then turn off your phone and put it aside never touching your iPhone again. While you are waiting for the reply, out of curiosity you ask your friend what he has thought of. You have just about finished your chat when all of a sudden, your iPhone alerts signaling a new text message. Psychic Simon has replied. You instruct your friend to pick up the phone as you don't want to touch it. A preview of the reply is shown on the lock screen. When the full reply is read, your friend sees that Simon has correctly guessed both the freely thought of colour and playing card. 1.1.11


Absurdia - Comedy Cabaret, Brighton. Brighton's newest monthly comedy night launches at the Quadrant on February 18th. Absurdia pitches itself as a cabaret night rather than a stand-up club, and features an eclectic mix of magic, music and more. The resident host is mindreader, Peter Campbell-Wells. Included on the bill for February's launch show are comedy magician Wayne The Weird, and Card Ninja, Jav Jarquin. Absurdia is held every third Friday of the month. Doors open at 8.30pm, and the show begins at 9pm. Venue: The Quadrant, 12 North Street Quadrant, Brighton 1.1.11


Magic Night at Madame JoJo's, London. Morgan and West (photo), Card Ninja (Javier Jarquin), Phil 'Knoxville' Hasted, Scottee and Annabel, James Pritchard, Christian Lee and Neil Henry present time travel, tricks with needles, quick change acts, sawings in half, mind tricks and a house of flying cards on Friday 21st January at 7pm. "Morgan and West are back to the future with some of their very best parlour magic… with biscuits! James Pritchard plays with needles, Scottee and Annabel do the fastest quick change act this side of the west, and Phil ‘Knoxville’ Hasted performs magic on his body..." Friday 21st January. Doors open 7pm, Show starts at 7.45pm. Tickets £12 including after show club. Show ticket plus dinner £22. Tickets via or call 08444 77 1000. Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SP (Map). Tube: Piccadilly Circus. 020 7734 3040 - More info: 1.1.11


Ninja Duck Productions present... 'Stock(ed)well full of comedy. "Join us for the best of up and coming stand-up comics from across the country. Featuring: Glenn Roger Moore. In his relatively short time performing Glenn has made waves in the comedy scene making people from all corners of Britain laugh. Jo Maycock is a new force in comedy. Having started her career appearing in the Inbetweeners, she has gone from strength to strength, regularly performing as part of an improvised comedy troupe, and her own one-(wo)man stand-up. And with special guest headliner psychic comedian Peter Antoniou. He'll read your mind, make you laugh, and make you think he might just know your pin number! The night is free, but as ever with Ninja Duck events, a bucket for donations will be at the back of the room!" Venue: The Cavendish Arms, 128 Hartington Road, London SW8 2HJ (Map). Tuesday, 11th January, 7.30pm - 10.30pm. 1.1.11


The Amazing Morgan. Pint sized magician 7 year old 'The Amazing Morgan' will appear on ITVs national breakfast show 'Daybreak' on Wednesday 5th January 2011. Her performances raised over £12,000 for charities throughout 2010 and she is already in demand for the coming year. 1.1.11


Weighed In: The Story of the Mumper. Ali cook is about to start shooting for his first feature role in a movie; Weighed In: The story of the Mumper. Set against the turbulent mid 80's of money, privatization, unions and dramatic media evolution: A life-long group of friends find themselves at the bad end of a redundancy pay-out and invest their savings into a racehorse, hoping that one final race can turn their fortunes around. The film stars Bob Hoskins, Jenny Agutter and Phil Davis, Click Here. 1.1.11


The Order of the Magi (Manchester) is proud to announce that they have booked Chris Hare The Mind Boggler for Tuesday 11th January 2011. He will be presenting his lecture of powerful mental effects using every day items. These need the know how more than any sort of physical manipulation skill. He is the creator of Birthday Detector and author of Sensational Memory. He has two new effects “Where in the World” and “Where Next?” Chris has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years and presented his Hypnotic Show in the Canary Islands six nights a week for a year. On a cruise he memorised the birthdays of over 300 passengers and was able to recall all of them instantly. Door charge for non-members and directions are on Further details from Mike Sharples on 0161-287 7865 or Geoffrey Newton PRO. 1.1.11


Every little thing he does is magic... David Redfearn was invited, for a second consecutive year, to perform his amazing magic at Sting’s family party at Lake House over Christmas. 1.1.11


Watford's Got Talent - The Annual WAM Children's Entertainer of the Year competition had a "Britain's Got Talent" theme this time around. Over 70 children, plus parents, packed the club room to witness the fun filled magical mayhem. The ultimate winner was Paul Megram - AKA Colonel Custard. In total ten members took part and all helped to make the party very special indeed. 1.1.11


International News: Daniel Garcia, Banachek, Armando Lucero, Karl Koppertop and many more will be appearing at the Casino Saint-Vincent 9th Magic Convention in Aosta, Italy, from April 14th - 17th. Email for registration details. 1.1.11


Sean Heydon emails: "My 2011 date sheet is now available for magic clubs that want me to do cabaret at society dinners etc... You can email my agent via Readers can watch some video clips of me in action on my new YouTube channel: My 2011 tour dates will soon be added to my fanpage on" 1.1.11


"The BBC goes over to the dark side with magicians who mix a little blood with their new tricks" Click Here, and visit 'The Magicians' website, Click Here • "Magician set to perform for illusionists Penn and Teller in TV special" Click Here • "Overcoming the loss of his arm, 20-year-old street magician gives courage to others" Click Here • "Jason will show why he's magic" Click Here • "YouTube star Charlie McDonnell presents Channel 4 show!" Click Here • "Abwacadabwa Amewica!" Click Here • "Jonathan Ross to crack America with magicians Penn and Teller" Click Here • "The Illusionist: Better Than Toy Story 3?" Click Here • "Houdini’s inescapable influence" Click Here • Keep an eye on the TV Magic page over the coming weeks, there's lots lined up, starting this week with The Magicians tonight, then Enigma on Thursday and Penn & Teller: Fool Us on Friday. 2010 was a funny one for the Trillo's, from being stranded in Tokyo with no way home during the Icelandic eruptions, to meeting Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill a few months later at a Star Wars convention in Orlando! Two major magic highlights for 2011 here in the UK are the Blackpool Convention incorporating the first ever FISM European Championships of Magic in February, and the 40th International Magic Convention in November. Here's wishing everyone the very best for 2011, let's hope it's full of surprises along the way, Duncan. 1.1.11