Number 625 - 16th June 2012


Five more Essential Magicians! From the organisers of The Essential Magic Conference: Dani DaOrtiz. Dani DaOrtiz created a sensation when he appeared at our very first conference. Since then he has gone on to baffle magicians all over the world with his astonishingly brilliant magic. Luis Piedrahita: Movie buffs will recognize Luis as the writer and director of Fermat’s Room, a Spanish thriller. He’s also one of the most exciting magicians in Spain. Max Maven. Max is a real legend in the world of magic. A creator, writer and showman of the first order. Michel Clavello. Michel Clavello is one of the co-owners of Vernet Magic, the pioneering makers of thumbtips and other indispensible gimmicks and accessories. Michel is an authority on the secrets of the holdout. Richard Wiseman. Richard Wiseman is a Professor of Psychology at the University at Hertfordshire. He’s an accomplished magician and an expert on deception. He appears frequently on the media, has written over 60 academic articles and several books, including The Luck Factor, Quirkology, 59 Seconds and Paranormality. Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy. The Essential Magic Conference is the world’s first digital conference for magic and magicians. 33 magicians, 3 days of magic. Watch live via the Internet. View on your computer, your iPad or even your iPhone. Receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. EMC3. The circle is now complete. 16.6.12


Portsmouth & District Magic Circle - Sunday 4th November 2012: "This year will be the 49th Annual Portsmouth Jumbo Day! We'll have all the regular features including The Sale with up to 100 New and Used magic sellers, Merv Cole's Auction and Bob Hamilton's Magic Films. This year we will also have a presentation by Walt Lees titled 'Pitching The Sven', a mini-lecture by Paul Gordon called 'All New Killer Card Magic' and a Workshop by Rikki Mark called 'Rubber Band Magic for Beginners'. The Close Up Sessions will feature Dave Forrest, Paul Gordon, Walt Lees and Joe Tooley. At the end of the day, Ian Keable, Richard Pinner, Chris Rawlins, Rob Roy Collins and Sean Lobban will perform in The Gala Show. The Star Lecturer will be announced in July. It is a very big name! The great news is that we have held 2011's prices for 2012. This means you can buy a Fast Track ticket for the day for only £17.00 (£8.50 for under 16's). Fast Track registration is available until Tuesday 16th October. See full details. Venue: Buckland Community Centre, Malins Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO2 7BL (Map). 16.6.12


Beat the Wand @ FISM 2012! If you would like to be part of the ultimate magical, variety, talent showcase... "Beat the Wand is a variety talent show starring convention attendees. A show for the people by the people. Over the years non-magical acts have proved to the most popular with the audience so we would love to continue the variety aspect of the show. Juggling, Escapology, Contortian, Geek Magic, Bizarre, Occult, Mind Reading, Ventriloquism, World record attempts... Of course magic is welcome too but remember the audience is 99.9% magicians so whatever the act, it will need a novel twist or presentation to capture the audience's interest. There have been some fantastic spoof magic acts in the past which always go down very well. The winner of the last Beat the Wand was Richard Whymark, a comedy impressionist with a magical flavour so get your thinking caps on! If you are interested in performing email Andy at for entry details. 16.6.12


Psychic Magic - Magician Marc Spelmann: "Alternative Magician & Paranormalist Marc Spelmann demonstrating what appears to be psychic magic and paranormal abilities. With over 20 years of performing, creating and designing the impossible, Spelmann is a true master of his craft. Some may believe that what Spelmann achieves is real psychic power or paranormal ability whilst others will think it is a simple magic trick or a hoax. This video is purely for entertainment purposes and is uploaded here for artistic reasons only..." Watch the video: Click Here. 16.6.12


News from Victor Voitko and Stevens Magic Emporium: "Product Name Contest! We Need Your Help! Win a $50.00 SME Gift Certificate! Take a few minutes and send us what you think would be the 'best name' for this revolutionary device (see video below). Remember, there is so much more that you can do with this effect - not just with balloons but also including snowstorm and even PK magic! We will send a $50 SME Gift Certificate to the person who provides us with that name. Watch the video here: and here: Submit your idea's to Mark Stevens personally at:" 16.6.12


Wide Open School, Southbank, London. Wide Open School, is an unusual experiment in learning, with courses devised and led by over 100 artists from 40 different countries. The School is open to everyone and runs until July 11th. Of special interest to magicians are the workshops run by Jochen Dehn 'Inventions and Illusions (What Makes A Failure A Good Failure)' Click Here and 'Abstract objects and the ship of Theseus' Click Here. 16.6.12


New website and exciting new quick change products! Lee Alex introduced the "Colour Change Waistcoat" to the magic market back in 2006. It has been performed by all kinds of entertainers worldwide, and like all good things, it has been copied and, to coin a cliché, never equaled. The "Colour Change Waistcoat" is now made with all new fabrics and a new, longer fit. In conjunction with Swiss-born quick change artist Valerie, Lee Alex introduces items by "Valerie Productions", including for the first time quick change dresses for the female performer. The "Little Black Dress" as Lee has christened the "' 2 in 1" dress is a self-contained single change which is very fast, and requires the minimum of cover. Due to the fabric used in the production of the dress, one sizes fits most. Lee is also working on more new items in conjunction with several well-known magicians which will be added in the future. To celebrate the launch of the new website, Lee is offering a 10% discount on selected items from now until midnight his time (+2 GMT) on Sunday 17th June. In order to take advantage of the discount simple enter the code "NEW WEB" when you check out. 16.6.12


Introducing TricKlips Xtra from Mark Leveridge Magic. For several years customers have been able to purchase TricKlips, which are Windows Media Player video files featuring individual effects extracted from Mark's range of DVDs. Now the TricKlips range is set to be expanded with the introduction of TricKlips Xtra, which will make available routines not previously released on DVD. Each effect requires little or no specialist apparatus and comes either on a CD or can be purchased as an instant download. The first New Release in the TricKlips Xtra range is ready and is called Breakout. This very easy to do routine comes directly from Mark's current working repertoire and requires just a regular deck and a handkerchief. A dem of the trick can be found on the Mark Leveridge Magic website 16.6.12


Wizards of Waverly Place... 8.10am on Saturday 23rd June, on Disney. "Harper is transported into a Cinderella-like world after reading a wizard story book and must rely on fairy godmother Alex to turn things back to normal. Guest star David Copperfield." See TV Magic. (The TV Magic page is very light at the moment, but fear not, there's a lot going on behind the scenes TV-magic-wise here in the UK right now...) 16.6.12


A Double Bill of Deception... Two Magic Shows and a Glimpse Inside The Magic Circle. Expect the unexpected when an English 'magic boffin' and an Aussie 'storytelling wizard' team up at the headquarters of The Magic Circle, on Friday 13th July! An intriguing double bill will feature England's Oliver Meech - finalist in The Magic Circle's Close-up Magician of the Year Competition; and Australia's Bruce Glen - who attracted rave reviews at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. Oliver Meech blends magic and mind-reading to take you on a journey inside some extraordinary minds. In 'Live Brain Surgery', audiences will experience strange surgery, bizarre neurological phenomena, and freaky tricks of the mind. "Could rival superstar Derren Brown" Theatre Wales. Bruce Glen, The Gentleman Magician, presents a unique combination of theatre, magic and storytelling, on 'The Fringe of Reality' - a place not unlike the Twilight Zone - where the impossible is rendered possible. A legendary London con-man will be exposed, lost manuscripts from Wonderland will be uncovered and Houdini's feats will be recreated. "Skillfully blurs the lines of fantasy and magic...and takes us into a world of wonder and amazement" The Skinny. See two hit Edinburgh Fringe shows, back to back, for the price of one - and seize a rare opportunity to see inside 'The House of 10,000 Secrets', headquarters of The Magic Circle. Doors open 7pm shows start 7.30pm. Book Online at Telephone bookings: 0871 220 0260 (calls cost 10p per minute). 16.6.12


Speaking with Magic. John Field of Surrey has developed a lecture on speaking with magic. As well as a showcase for his talents and a means of generating bookings, the talk has produced shows leading to a substantial income for his Society. This is not a “trick” lecture, but will show you the way to develop a talk, which John has been delivering for over 40 years, and will enable you to exploit this long neglected market. Contact John on 07759 609959 for more details. 16.6.12 - new website launches! Axel Hecklau has launched a new site showcasing his exceptional product range, and one of the stand-out effects is without doubt Newsflash 2.0. Tear up a newspaper and restore it - lightning fast and extremely visually, at chest height, full-sized and with totally natural movement. Get all the valuable experience, and benefit from eight years of long research and development. Easy overview with the quick tour; see the preparation an presentation phases in full-length step-by-step segments from the magicians point of view. Watch the demo video - you will be amazed! 16.6.12


Jumbo Magic Auction - Manchester. A Jumbo Magic Auction is being held on Monday 18th June by Manchester Circle of Magicians at Salford Masonic Hall, Hemsley House, 41 The crescent, Salford, Manchester M5 4PE (Map). Doors open at 5.30pm , viewing from 6pm, auction starts at 6.30pm. Free entry for members, non-members £3.00. Star Auctioneers, Michael Shepherd and Derek Lever. Hundreds of items for sale. 16.6.12


TV Magic Show Needs You! "Objective Productions, the company behind Derren Brown, The Real Hustle and The Cube are making the children’s magic show ‘Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic’. Are you a talented young magician (10-15), card flourisher or juggler? Perhaps you’re a 'pro' with a yo yo?! if you have another wonderful and exciting talent we want to hear from you!" To get involved apply through the official website: Click Here. 16.6.12


Look out for Welsh Magician Stuart Watkins on BBC1's Crimewatch Roadshow, not in a mugshot parade but live in the studio, this Friday 22nd June at 9am. 16.6.12


Paul Gordon's new lecture is now taking bookings from magic clubs up and down the country, Click Here for lecture details, and his Newcastle Card Capers (Sunday 16th September) is now taking registrations too: "From 10am to 12:30am Paul Gordon will present his Card Magic lecture. From 12.30am until 1.30pm, Lunch will be held at the venue (or find a local pub.) Pay your own way, so check with venue about food availability. The bar is open 12-2pm and we hope to 'session' then. From 1.30pm to 5pm, Paul Gordon will teach and discuss all the nitty-gritty stuff: Angles, moves, nuances, misdirection, sleights, tricks, routining, patter and more tricks! And, Paul will help teach registrants on areas they struggle with. And - tips on 'The Business' of magic too!'" 16.6.12


Funny Tricks ...a one man comedy magic show. "In Funny Tricks Ian Keable, a past recipient of the prestigious Magic Circle Comedy Award, illustrates the techniques he uses to mystify his audience. Is the hand quicker than the eye, is it all done with mirrors or does everything disappear up the sleeve? Ian performs a multitude of different tricks demonstrating these secrets, ranging from sleight of hand to reading minds - and all performed with laughs galore. Whether you want to learn some of the magician’s innermost secrets, or be thoroughly entertained by bewildering and hilarious magic, Funny Tricks is not to be missed. “...simply mind-boggling.” Islington Gazette “...a compendium of baffling, mesmerising tricks which left us all spellbound.” Halifax Courier. 7.30pm on Thursday, 21st June at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 4PF (Map) Tickets £13. To book call 01628 788 997 or email book online at 16.6.12


Zane's Magic Shop: "Zane's Magic Shop has just added a number of Brand New products to their website plus some products that are not new tricks/effects but 'classics' that we have not stocked before and also other products have been out of stock for a while. Customers will need to scroll around the website to find some of these Classic products new to ZMS. We have added quite a few and you won't find them in the 'New Tricks' category. Worth a look, as some are hard to find." 16.6.12


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