Number 653 - 29th December 2012


Not just card tricks! "The Session isn't just a place for card magic nerds. We're the UK's only close-up convention and we cover every aspect of the art from performance, sleight of hand to marketing. We attract the world's best close-up magicians to perform and teach their magic. You'll learn the very best close-up magic from the very best close-up magicians..." Treat yourself. 12th & 13th January, 2013: 29.12.12


The Card Shark, Mayfair Hotel, London. "When it comes to the magical manipulation of cards, the American Ricky Jay is the past master. Although our own Steve Truglia is not yet in that league, this entertaining one-hour show reveals he has a good deal in common with the formidable Jay: a burly build, great sleight of hand, and a fascination with the history of cards..." To read Michael Billington's full review in The Guardian Click Here. Also see 29.12.12


More Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson. Now available for Pre-Order: Release date 23rd January 2013. "10 more incredible hands-off routines (11 if you count the bonus trick) using Banknotes, Business Cards, Pens, Coins and of course Cards. There are also contributions from guest magicians which are both absolute gems!" Free with every Pre-Order: Six Masterpieces by Wayne Dobson (Value £12). Visit for more info and to order. 29.12.12


The Watford Association of Magicians is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Children’s Entertainer of the Year Award is Paul Albert, aka Mr Banana Head. With his zany puppet Mango, he had the audience in fits of laughter. Second and third places went to Dov Citron and Chris Garside. This annual event attracts an audience of over 100 people and the winner is chosen by the children. Julie Carpenter. 29.12.12


International News: Masters of Magic 'The Legendary Convention' returns from 11th-14th April 2013. "We have waited until now to make the announcement to be sure that the Convention could come back home to the Grand Hotel Billia, now fully restored and even more beautiful and welcoming. As soon as we have received the assurance, we started organizing a convention that promises already to be legendary with: Luis De Matos, Marko Karvo, Luke Jermay, Woody Aaragon, Jason England, Topas, Paul Wilson and many more artists that you will soon discover....And with a major change from the previous edition..." Find out more! Visit For registration details email 29.12.12


Death Defying Acts is being shown at 9pm on Monday 31st December on BBC HD. The year is 1926, and Houdini is a household name. Isolated by fame and drowning in regret over having not been present to hear his mother's last words, Houdini announces that he will pay $10,000 to anyone who can prove spiritual contact with his deceased mother. But in his determination to prove that there is life after death, he becomes the target of countless charlatans, scam artists, and self-proclaimed spiritualists. Starring Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta-Jones and the brilliant Timothy Spall. See TV Magic for a full round-up of what's on. 29.12.12


Illusions Magic Bar New Year's Eve Fancy Dress 'Magician & Magician's Assistant' Party. "Let's make 2013 a magic year! To get you started Illusions is giving you the chance to be the magician or magician's assistant for the night! Doors open at 8pm and Live Magic will be on throughout the evening together with Live Music with Steve Williams singing us into the New Year, with the Disco Party continuing until 4am." Illusions Magic Bar, 2 Byron Place, Bristol BS8 1JT (Map). For more info and to book Click Here. 29.12.12


Kid's Effects & Routines Using Standard Props is the title of yet another book on children's magic by Ian Adair: "Kid's Effects and Routines using standard props, as the title suggests, deals with tried and tested routines without the aid of custom-made props. Ian offers readers some twenty-nine audience tested effects using standard props such as Linking Rings, Dove Pan, Die Box, Evaporated Milk Jug, Sand Frame and Cups & Balls (incorporating sponge bunnies - hopping from 'bunker' to the other, finishing with the production of the babies)... This, his latest book, contains an abundance of illustrations and suggested patter presentations are provided. This will be Ian's tenth book on Kids' magic in the series. Editor, Mark Leveridge has reviewed the entire series in his magazine 'Magicseen' stating that Ian's latest book provides the most amount of potential benefit for children's entertainers and is a 'must buy' for those seeking new plots for their repertoires. The publication date is December 30th and the book will be available from" 29.12.12


Dynamo: Magician Impossible - Series 1-2 DVD set. "The first and second series of the TV documentary show featuring Bradford-born street magician Stephen Frayne, aka Dynamo. Using an array of sleight-of-hand trickery, Dynamo takes to the streets, performing to the public and celebrity fans including Rio Ferdinand, Ian Brown, Noel Fielding, Mathew Horne, Travis Barker, Natalie Imbruglia, Damon Albarn, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield." To order from Click Here (MagicWeek receives a small commission on all sales generated via a MagicWeek link). 29.12.12


Barbara Styles, wife of John, sadly passed away on Thursday 27th December. She had been suffering from extensive inoperable cancer. In her early years she had assisted John in his stage magic act. She was a familiar figure at Magic Circle and IBM events, particularly as First Lady during John's year as President. They first met at a street party where John was performing at the Queen's Coronation celebrations in 1953. 29.12.12


For Sale and Wanted reminder: Ads for solo DVDs are not permitted. However, instructional DVDs that accompany a magic prop, as the prop's main instructions, are fine. Please fully read the Terms & Conditions, and Fraud Warnings before placing a For Sale or Wanted ad. DT. 29.12.12


"Burt Wonderstone Posters Turn Steve Carrell And Jim Carrey Into Cards" Click Here • "Superstar magician Dynamo entertains crowds as Bradford City's cup tickets go on sale" Click Here • "Dynamo adds to the magic of Capital One Cup, as Bradford fans line up for tickets" Click Here • "Watch magician pull chestnuts out of an iPad and make it snow" Click Here • "Paul Daniels questions whether all Savile accusers 'are for real'" Click Here • "Magic festival pulls Paul Daniels out of hat" Click Here • "Magic tricks performed at national festival" Click Here • "Dynamo: I'm not like my alter ego" Click Here • That's it for another week and indeed another year... very best wishes for 2013, Duncan. 29.12.12