Number 703 - 14th December 2013


Magic Night at Madame JoJo's, London. Magic Night at Madame JoJo's on December 20th stars Pete Antoniou, Oliver Meech, Delores Deluxe, Card Ninja and MC Christian Lee: "Oliver Meech will be using some pretty nifty science magic to conduct a mass trick on you all and Pete Antoniou can look into a room without using his eyes and will make you wonder if you are as free-thinking as you supposed you were. Delores Deluxe will show off her tricks with bananas and shoes and the Ninja is back with his slicing cutting cards! Oh yes, you can run but you can’t hide from the Ninja! All proceedings will be expertly compered by Christian Lee. Who will attempt not to stab his hands in the best hand stab trick this side of a sharpened spike." Magic Night at Madame JoJo's. Doors open 7pm. Show starts at 7.45pm. Show ticket plus dinner: £44. Seated Show £14. Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SE (Map). Tickets and more info: 14.12.13


The Magic Circle Christmas Show, London - more dates added. "The Magic Circle Christmas Show is one of our entertainment highlights of the year. It’s your chance to tour our fantastic Headquarters, visit The Magic Circle Museum, see Close-up magic performed by some of our best magicians and then see an entertainment line-up of some of the best conjurors and illusionists that the world’s most exclusive club has to offer!" 28th December - 3rd January. 14.12.13


The Card Shark Show Christmas Special, London. "Steve Truglia amazes London's West End audiences with classic card tricks, cheats and scams in this unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images, music and live camera action, to bring close-up magic to every audience member. Having passed the notoriously rigorous performance exam for The Magic Circle, Steve sought out long ago hidden secrets within The Magic Circle's incredible library, to further study these dark arts. In earlier life Steve's time with UK Special Forces taught him the use of psychological operations to defeat an adversary; skills which are also used by gambling cheats and con artists to this day. Steve has now been awarded the highest degree within the Magic Circle, attainable by examination, that of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, (AIMC); he is one of only 300 people in the world to hold this distinction." "If you want to see a specialist skill elevated to the highest level, buy a ticket to the Card Shark Show." - GQ. Christmas Special Intimate Shows, Up Close and Personal. Throughout December we’ll be holding small intimate shows in the Royal Institution's Conversation Room, styled as a library. Strictly limited to 100 people and including a Q&A session. December 20th. All seats £50. 7.30pm (running time 1 hour 10minutes). Book online via: Venue: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4BS (Map). 14.12.13


Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery. Missed yesterday's first showing? It's being repeated this evening at 9pm on 4Seven. "Master illusionist and showman Derren Brown plans to pull off the perfect crime. He's made a bet with renowned art collector Ivan Massow that he can steal a painting from right under his nose. In true Derren style, he tells Ivan which painting he plans to target - a work by Turner-nominated brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman - as well as telling him when the theft will happen, and gives him a photograph of the person who is going to take it. In order to pull off the theft, Derren recruits a crew. But he's not using career criminals or skilled cat burglars. He's using members of society that tend to slip by unnoticed: pensioners." See TV Magic. 14.12.13


Paul Gordon's Card Capers Day of Magic: "Paul Gordon's ever-popular magic and fun-packed day is back! The 14th Card Capers is booked for 6th April 2014. It's a full day of killer tricks, tuition, workshopping, fun, friends, food and beer! See for more info and booking. If you've been before, you know we have a lot of fun and a lot of killer magic. Advance booking only. Note: There will be great offers on DVDs and Tricks on the day and a buffet is included in the price! Only £50. Book early as each one has sold out way in advance. Sunday 6th April 2014 9am to 4pm. Venue: The Vintner's Parrot (function room), Warwick Street, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3DL (Map)." 14.12.13


Clap and Cheer Cups and Balls DVD. Mario Morris, the founder of The School of Busking UK, is pleased to announce the release of his new ‘Clap and Cheer Cups and Balls’ DVD (also featuring the table cloth pull). Mario is an international street performer, comedy magician, teacher and lecturer and has being entertaining audiences across the world for over 20 years. Mario is part of the faculty of the School of Magic and Mystery in Las Vegas. In this DVD learn about becoming unique and putting your own stamp on classic routines. Featuring real live performances and step by step instructions. Pre-order before the December 20th and receive 10% discount and free worldwide shipping (normal retail £30). Running time 120 minutes. For more information and a full contents listing visit 14.12.13


Three exclusive new releases for Christmas from MagicBox! Memoria by Fraser Parker, Zodiacus by Michael Murray and Mad World by David Cushing. Memoria is the brain child of Fraser Parker and details the complete work on his most powerful close-up mentalism creation to date. Zodiacus is a purpose designed set of 'Numerology Cards' housed in a beautiful draw-string velvet bag that hide a series of devastating secrets and Mad World is a totally hands-off version of the classic 'Out of this World' effect. Find out more and pre-order at special prices via 14.12.13


MagicTao Christmas Offer. Any four MagicTao products for just £40! "As a 'thank you' to all our customers for your support in 2013 we're making some space at the Tao for new products lined up for 2014. You can purchase four of our MagicTao range of products for only £40, including free worldwide delivery. All you have to do is choose one trick from each of the price range boxes. The total money saved varies between £18.98 - £47.98. The money you save will depend on the products that you choose to add to your bundle. For example, if you choose the cheapest product you'll automatically get a £18.98 saving. If you choose the most expensive product you'll have a £47.98 saving! In addition we will throw in a free trick, worth a minimum of £10." Visit to make your selection. 14.12.13


Flashback by Dani DaOrtiz. UK Exclusive: This item is currently only available in the UK from Dude That's Cool Magic! "Imagination is the strongest force in the universe, and Dani DaOrtiz has created a stunning demonstration of its raw power. Using just a deck of cards you explain that imagination is more powerful than reality. If a card appears to be red, one can simply imagine it to be black. If it appears black, one can simply imagine it red. As your audience decides, you deal each card face-up, into one of two piles. A 'red' pile and a 'black' pile (the reality is, both piles are a mixture of red and black cards, but we are only interested in our imagination!). The miracle ending shocks everyone. When you spread the piles out again, imagination has become reality. The two piles are perfectly separated by color. Flashback is easy to do, yet looks impossible. With very little practice, you'll be demonstrating the awesome power of imagination. Comes with everything that you need to amaze!" Visit for more info and to order. 14.12.13


Quick Change titles back in stock. "Quick Change 1 - rapid costume changes for men and Quick Change 2 - the making of a quick change act are both back in print and available at a specially priced deal from Lex Schoppi Magic: "Both books are high quality hard covered editions, that together form a great encyclopedia on the art of Quick Change transformation." For ordering details visit 14.12.13


Champions of Magic goes on tour again in 2014: 7th February Hall For Cornwall, Truro, featuring David Penn, Fay Presto, Alex McAleer and Edward Hilsum 01872 262466; 14th February Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate, featuring Young & Strange, Fay Presto, Ben Hart and Edward Hilsum 01423 502116; 21st February Artrix, Bromsgrove, featuring Young & Strange, Fay Presto, Alex McAleer and Edward Hilsum 01527 577330; 1st March Mercury Theatre, Colchester, featuring David Penn, Pete Firman, Fay Presto and Edward Hilsum 01206 573948; 12th April White Rock Theatre, Hastings, featuring Luke Jermay and Edward Hilsum (two further performers TBC) 01424 462288; 17th April Swan Theatre, Wycombe, featuring Pete Firman, Fay Presto and Edward Hilsum (one further performer TBC) 01494 512000; 25th April Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, featuring David Penn, Pete Firman, Fay Presto and Edward Hilsum 01245 606505. 14.12.13


Merlins of Wakefield have just released their latest 16 page ‘Preview’ magazine. If you'd like a free copy the PDF version can be downloaded Click Here, or, if you would prefer a hard copy, just email your address to The 2014 Tenyo  offer is on until the end of January, and new supplies are in stock now. Merlins write: "Tenyo's 'Set of 4 for 2014' has been really popular, so if you are interested, get in touch soon, there is still plenty of time to get them for Christmas! We would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and prosperous New Year. Mark Lee and Phil Peters." 14.12.13


Axel Hecklau's Cola-Cap. Axel's mind blowing multi-phase cap in bottle routine, that can be done with any bottle - not just a Coke bottle! Open up a factory sealed bottle. Empty the contents into a glass. Slam the cap through the bottom of the bottle and give the bottle out for immediate examination! Then take back the bottle and free the cap with a single shake! Find out more and watch the video at 14.12.13


E-Club Pro Elite. For the last three years Mark Leveridge Magic has offered an online club and information resource called E-Club Pro, which offers monthly updated help, advice and new magic to its members. Within the current membership there is a wide range of experience and knowledge, and in order to provide relevant resources for those looking to delve a little bit deeper into matters magical, a new membership level is being introduced in January called E-Club Pro Elite. Elite members will receive access to all the 10 monthly updated website sections available to standard members, but in addition they will receive five further benefits, namely: The Marketing Suite - detailed information on show marketing; Mark's Monthly Message - Bonus Edition - a specially extended, in-depth monthly video message of advice and opinion; Heart To Heart With Mark - the chance to discuss with Mark over the telephone special magic projects or ideas; Elite Buyers Club - 20% off all online orders for regular priced items; Elite Books - monthly downloadable PDFs offering large sections extracted from Mark's books. Elite member numbers will be limited to ensure they receive the time and attention necessary, and applications are welcome now ready for the launch in January 2014. E-Club Pro Elite is for those who want to get more from their magic. Further information and sign up can be found at 14.12.13


Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami. UK Exclusive: This item is currently only available in the UK from Dude That's Cool Magic! "The pros at Mindvention 2013 were calling Cosmos Duo the best Out-of-this-world they've ever seen: "The odds against you are astronomical yet you're about to pull off one of the greatest miracles ever seen with a deck of cards... A deck is shuffled by your spectator, and shown to be thoroughly mixed. 1. You instruct your spectator to randomly deal the cards into two piles, one-at-a-time until the entire deck has been dealt on to the table. 2. Now you reveal the miracle: Without consciously knowing how, she has dealt all the red cards into one pile, and all the black into the other. A perfect separation. The mysteries of the Cosmos are truly amazing." Visit for more info and to order. 14.12.13


Chris Dugdale made a guest appearance on NBC's prime time US TV series Dracula last week. the show was seen by over 9 million people with Chris playing the role of a close-up magician at the Savoy. He was also the magic consultant for the episode which saw Dracula perform a 3 card effect! Chris has a 6 part mini series coming out shortly and will also be shooting a new pilot in 2014. . 14.12.13


Diversity Limitless Tour with illusionist James More: final dates. Spurred on by the group’s motto "Dream, Believe, Achieve", Diversity are a remarkable example of what can be accomplished with hard work, dedication and belief. With Special Guest James More. Final tour dates: 14th December: Cardiff Motorpoint Arena; 15th December: Brighton Centre; 16th December The O2 London. 14.12.13


Ali Cook: Principles and Deceptions. Ali takes his latest critically acclaimed magic show ‘Principles and Deceptions’ on tour, for the first time, taking in dates between his acting commitments. His irreverent style and acclaimed sleight-of-hand have made him one of the pioneers of the alternative magic scene. As a result, he has an array of famous fans and has performed at private parties for Damien Hirst, JK Rowling, Minnie Driver and Basement Jaxx, as well as premiere parties for movies including the ‘Harry Potter’ series amongst others. The West End Centre Aldershot, 14th December The Legion, Swanage, 21st December 14.12.13


The Order of The Magi Christmas Party. Past President Barrie Horridge reports: "At The Order of The Magi (Manchester) last Tuesday 70 people were welcomed by President Max Townsend to their Christmas Party. After an hour of competitions and games supper was served. It was then on with a cabaret featuring Vocals, Comedy and Magic all in the very capable hands of Karl Seth, Dominic Woodward and Brian Sefton respectively. The event was produced jointly by Secretary Mike Sharples and PRO Geoffrey Newton who received many favourable comments from the members and visitors who said that this had been a great night out and an excellent start to the Festive Season." 14.12.13


Maths and Magic. Amateur magician Jolyon Jenkins sets himself the challenge of learning a maths-based trick that can not only fool working mathematicians, but seems genuinely magical. Maths and magic go back a long way – the oldest written card trick was by a friend of Leonardo da Vinci, and appears in a treatise which also contains the first account of double entry bookkeeping. Many tricks in the working magician's repertoire rely on maths. But this is surprising. Maths is about logic, magic is about illusion. How can it be possible to fool someone with logic? What does it tell about the way people’s minds work? Can things seem magical just because they’re not understood? Jenkins investigates the link between these two apparently disparate worlds. He learns of the simple algebra-based trick that repeatedly fooled Albert Einstein and in front of a group of magicians at the MathsJam festival, listeners will hear whether he pulls off his challenge. 11am on Friday 20th December (30 minutes) on BBC Radio 4. See TV Magic. 14.12.13


Amazing machine made with retro toys. From magician Stu Turner's production company. Ten days to research and test, filmed in one take (take 16) over a very long night... Click Here • "Ta-dah! Now You See Me has the magic touch" Click Here • "Magician Dynamo: I was bullied when I was younger; now Ian Brown from The Stone Roses is a fan of my magic" Click Here • "From Russian Roulette to Apocalypse: Derren Brown’s most mind-blowing moments" Click Here • "The Derren Brown affair: Illusionist forced to deny planning heist of Damien Hirst artworks after tweet gaffe" Click Here • "The great Derren Brown art heist" Click Here • Thanks to David Blaine, a Reality Show About Magic Is Coming Your Way" Click Here • "Magician Paul Daniels escapes driving ban after admitting speeding" Click Here • "Criss Angel reveals new Luxor show to run during rehab for shoulder surgery" Click Here • That's it for another week - your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 14.12.13