Number 706 - 4th January 2014


The Session is next weekend! The UK's only dedicated close-up convention will feature Guy Hollingworth, John Guastaferro, Bebel, John Carey, Larry Wilmore ('The Office' USA), Ben Train, Joe Barry, Jon Allen and a host of other guests. Just announced: Los Angeles' native Zach Mueller (photo), a young magician specialising in visual, knacky, sleight of hand magic. He's been working the Close-up Gallery at The Magic Castle since the age of 14 and in the past few years has grown an online fanbase for his Fontaine Playing Cards, original effects on The Wire and weekly theory11 webshow 'Exposé'. The Session sells out every year... just a few tickets remain. 4.1.14


The final line up of artistes for the Blackpool Magicians' Convention, 21st, 22nd & 23rd February, 2014 is: Jeff McBride, Dan Garrett, Hayashi, Woody Aragon, Rick Merrill, Henry Evans, Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Mel Mellers, Tabary, Jordan Gomez, Daryl, Oscar Munoz, Shoot Ogawa (photo), Paul Gertner, Mathieu Bich, Jay Sankey, Rocco, Clive Webb & Danny, Valerie, Attraction, Supertells, Claudius Spect, Graham Jolley, John Martin, Wayne Dobson, Michael J. Fitch, David Ginn, Ian Rowland, Anson Lee, Colonel Custard, Patrick Redford, Men In Coats, Paul Derek, Erwan Bodiou, Jupiter, Oliver Tabor, Boris Wild, Obie O'Brien and Joan Caesar. The competitors in the British Children's Entertainer's National Championships on the Saturday morning are: Silly Scott, Magic George, Mr Merlin & Okey Dokey The Dragon, David Tomkins, Brian Daley and Colonel Custard; compered by Oscar Munoz. The convention will feature three Gala Shows with a total of 26 artistes, plus 20 Lectures, 16 Close-Up Performers, 8 Magic Speed Daters and 6 Master Class presentations, plus over 100 Magic Dealers from all over the world. Howzat! Visit to download a Registration Form or contact the Registration Officer Arthur Casson 4.1.14


Variety @ UCL returns on Thursday 30th January! From the organisers: After 5 successful shows, we are very excited to be changing the format of the evening to welcome the incredible Luke Jermay, who will be performing his full evening show. "Luke puts the rest of us to shame." - Derren Brown. "Jermay is a genius." - Dynamo. "Astonishing." - Uri Geller. ‘Luke Jermay’s - Sixth Sense’ has gained critical acclaim with 5 Star reviews from Edinburgh to London’s West End. You’ll be amazed at Jermay’s incredible powers; he knows your past, present and future, sometimes better than you do. From your favourite schoolteacher, childhood pet or even the colour of your underwear, Jermay impossibly knows all, sees all and tells (almost) all, in an expert display of telepathy developed to an amazing razor-sharp accuracy. Venue: Mully’s Basement Bar, 136 Gower Street, London WC1E 6BP (Map). Tickets and full details: 4.1.14


Dee Riley East Coast Magic Collective lecture. East Coast Magic Collective, the new group recently formed that meet at the Avenues Public House in Beatty Road, Great Yarmouth, are thrilled to announce we have alternative magician Dee Riley lecturing for our first meeting of 2014 on January 8th. The lecture starts just after 7pm and the beginners session for any magicians starting out starts at 6pm with the focus on 'card forces'. Open to one and all - for non premium members there is the small charge of £7.50. This looks like it will be a fun and invigorating start to the year, and we hope more and more magicians will come along to what is a young but friendly group with big plans for 2014! Search 'East Coast Magic Collective' on Facebook for more details. Paul Henri. 4.1.14


Dynamo: Magician Impossible, on the BBC. As reported a few weeks ago, three episodes of Dynamo: Magician Impossible taken from the original four-part series first seen on Watch in 2011, will be shown for the first time by the BBC, starting next Saturday at 5.30pm on BBC 1. "Series featuring one of the most exciting street magicians in the country. Dynamo has worked with celebrities like Will Smith, Diddy, Jay Z and Russell Brand. In this first episode he performs his spectacular matrix-style levitation, physically moves a girl's tan line and performs magic with rock legend Ian Brown." See TV Magic. 4.1.14


The Illusionists by Rosie Thomas. "London 1870. A terrifying place for a young, beautiful woman of limited means. But Eliza is modern before her time. Not for her the stifling if respectable conventionality of marriage, children, domestic drudgery. She longs for more. Through her work as an artist’s model, she meets the magnetic and irascible Devil – a born showman whose dream is to run his own theatre company. Devil’s right-hand man is the improbably-named Carlo Bonomi, an ill-tempered dwarf with an enormous talent for all things magic and illusion. Carlo and Devil clash at every opportunity and it constantly falls upon Eliza to broker an uneasy peace between them. And then there is Jasper Button. Mild-mannered, and a family man at heart, it is his gift as an artist which makes him the unlikely final member of the motley crew. Thrown together by a twist of fate, their lives are inextricably linked: the fortune of one depends on the fortune of the other. And as Eliza gets sucked into the seductive and dangerous world her strange companions inhabit, she risks not only her heart, but also her life..." This title will be released on February 27th and can be pre-ordered via Click Here. 4.1.14


The Card Collection Sale! Starts 12 noon Friday 10th January, ends 12 noon Tuesday 14th January. 10% discount on goods ordered over £25.00, 15% on goods over £45.00 and 20% on goods over £75.00. Don't be late - don't miss out! 2.11.13


Magicseen Issue 54 and Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection. From the editor: The January issue of Magicseen, sponsored by Merlins of Wakefield, is out now, featuring the hilarious David Williamson on the cover with a detailed interview inside. He is joined in the celebrity 'enclosure' by comedy performer Nathan Kranzo, hypnotist/mentalist/stuntman Matt Sterling and cruise ship entertainer Scott Pepper. We have a major article giving advice on how to avoid accidentally entertaining the same table or group at a busy close up gig, we chew over the pros and cons of displaying kid show props, and we take a retrospective view of our personal favourite new product releases from 2013. There's humour with The Christmas Show, the Masterclass has contributions from Andy Nyman and Ian Adair, while Club Land features The Magic Circle. All this plus product reviews, news, letters and more make up a great issue to start your new year off with. Plus... Magicseen is the publisher of Wayne Dobson's soon-to-be-released limited edition hard backed book called Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection, and you can pre-order your copy directly through Magicseen right now and receive special offers and of course, all Magicseen subscribers get a 20% reduction on all book purchases in any case. So go right now to 4.1.14


Congratulations to Chris Garside (Krisgar), winner of the Watford Association of Magicians Children's Entertainer of the Year Competition which took place on Friday 27th December. Andy Clockwise reports: Paul Megram (Colonel Custard) was hot on his heels as runner up. Lee Bell (Mr Belldini) and Martin Scarborough (Magic Martin) also competed in this hotly fought annual competition; rounded off with a visit from Father Christmas himself! Huge thanks go to Paul Megram for organising the competition, to Julie Carpenter for organising the ticket sales and food, to Dave LeFevre our doorman, to Dave Allen (Magic Dave) for doing a superb job of compering the competition wearing various Christmas jumpers and to the 'real' Father Christmas and everyone else who helped out behind the scenes to make the afternoon such a success. "Kempston magician named children's entertainer of the year after Gangnam Style ventriloquist routine" Click Here. 4.1.14


As Technical Advisor or Performer, John Styles MBE contributed to the following films and TV programmes shown over the Christmas holiday: 'The Polar Express', 'Dinner Ladies', 'Barbara', 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'A Christmas Carol', 'The Muppet Christmas Carol', 'Restoration' and '102 Dalmations'. In his Magic Club talk, John tells the stories behind these experiences. 4.1.14


The first series of Tricked is currently being repeated on ITV2. "Magician Ben Hanlin conjures up mischief as unsuspecting celebrities and members of the public are taken in by his unique brand of hidden camera magic. The rising star's tricks and illusions leave his victims speechless every time." See TV Magic for details. 4.1.14


Tim Shoesmith, current Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year, will lecture at The Northamptonshire Magicians' Club, at 8pm on Tuesday 7th January, where he will share some of his pet effects. All magicians welcome. Non-members £8. Venue: The Yeoman of England, High Street, Wootton, Northants NN4 6LP (Map) David Miller. 4.1.14


Andrew Melia. After moving to Holland ten years ago, Andrew Melia's TV career has been building nicely, culminating with his success on Dutch talent show The New Uri Geller. Following many other European appearances, last month he was seen on Chinese television and was proud to have worked alongside Blackpool's FISM winner Guy Barrett (3rd, for Stage Illusions), UK stars 'Men in Coats', and the incredible Jerome Murat. For more information about Andrew and his shows of the weird and wonderful visit, Andrew is in black in this photo. 4.1.14


Ben Train lectures at The Surrey Society of Magicians on 9th January: "Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from his critically acclaimed book, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well! There’s something in this lecture for everyone, from material you’ll need to practice to tricks so easy you’ll be able to do them before you leave your seat. You’ll learn magic that happens in your audience’s hands, read three people’s minds… instantly and with no sleight of hand, and discover new principles that will give you the tools to create your own powerful routines. Equally important, Ben will be talking about the theories behind the magic. Not only will you learn how to better connect with people, and create interesting, meaningful routines, but you’ll learn how proper structure can make your magic better and your job easier. So grab your cards, your seat, and get ready- we’re about to go live!" Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in Bookham, Surrey at 8pm." For full details contact Adam Mosley 4.1.14


Ben Train Lecture - Manchester Circle of Magicians. The Annual General Meeting at Manchester Circle of Magicians on Monday 13th January begins at the earlier time of 7.30pm as Star Lecturer Ben Train will be entertaining the members immediately after the AGM ends. Usually a Dealer Demonstration forms part of this evening but this has been cancelled and will be included in the programme later in the year instead. Derek Lever. 4.1.14


The Magic and Illusion Channel: "The Magic and Illusion Channel will be marketed to 54 million people over the next 24 months and every month will see the spotlight on an individual magician. If you wish to be considered for the Spotlight section please email Richard Osterfield at or write to him at: Richard Osterfield, Skatta, Skatta Studios, BBC White City, Lighthouse, London W12 7TQ. Chris Dugdale’s Mini Series “Chris Dugdale’s Magical Mystery Tour” launches this week on the channel worldwide. The first 2 parts are viewable now and every week a new episode will be released. There will be a total of 6 episodes. The show features Chris exploring London and entertaining celebrities along the way. Celebrities include Gary Rhodes, Penny Smith, John Barnes, Shaun Williamson, Ali Campbell, Matt Lorenzo and Vicki Michelle... Other shows now live on the channel included the 100 Greatest Magic Tricks of all time and the Top 10 Ever Magic Performances. These channels will soon be available on mobile devices. Go to now and get your 100% free subscription." 4.1.14


Scott Perry: No Camera Tricks. Lincoln Drill Hall, Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February. Scott writes: "Last summer, the day after performing for HRH Prince Charles, I had a meeting at the Royal Albert Hall. In short, they asked if I would like to write a magic show for their Elgar room. On 31st January and 1st February the show premieres at the Lincoln Drill Hall as the first step to potentially taking it to the Elgar room at Royal Albert Hall in London. The creative director said, 'in 10 years we’ve never had anything like this.'" 4.1.14


'What a Character Lecture' - Dov Citron. "Why not get the New Year off to a magical start by coming to the Cotswold Magical Society's first lecture of the year, from the UK's very own Dov Citron (aka Captain Calamity)? In this unique lecture Dov demonstrates how building a repertoire of entertaining and accessible children's characters for your parties and corporate shows can not only revitalise seldom used props and magic, but also allows you to reach a much more varied and profitable market. Entrance fee £5, including refreshments. Wednesday January 8th 7.30pm for 8pm. Venue: The Hucclecote Community Centre, Hucclecote Road, Gloucester GL3 3RT (Map). Barry Woods. 4.1.14


Joan Burford. Paul Scott writes: It is with great sadness that I report the shock passing on Boxing Day of Joan Burford. With her husband George they performed as the Burfords for many years. In latter years she retired to Falmouth in Cornwall and became a member of the Cornish Magical Society of which she was Treasurer up until last year. A great friend of Edwin's she helped out on the Supreme Days of Magic. Her knowledge of magic was second to none and her enthusiasm never ceased. Joan was one of the nicest, kindest people you could ever wish to meet and her passing is a great loss. RIP Joan. 4.1.14


Bob Hayden. Very sad to report the death of Robert Hayden MIMC. When I was about 15 I joined my nearest magic club, The Associated Wizards of the South, in Southampton. Bob Hayden was one of the main members that contributed so much to make the club such fun. Very much a larger than life character, Bob loved magic. I'll always remember his comedy stage act that included a great presentation of 'Clippo' a trick that became his own, and his big 'sock' finish (the production of a pair of socks!). Until just a few years ago Bob acted as public relations officer for the British Ring of the IBM and always did an excellent job in supplying MagicWeek with press releases and convention news. He will be greatly missed by his many friends in magic. Duncan Trillo. 4.1.14


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