Number 755 - 13th December 2014


Innovention Convention 2015 and Liverpool Festival of Magic & Variety 2015. From the organisers: The previous two Innovention Conventions, held in 2010 and 2012 in Las Vegas, were completely unique with world class talent, unrivalled production values and VIP treatment for all registrants, spending time with all of the performers and lecturers. The Magic of Liverpool starts with the headquarters hotel, the Hard Day's Night Hotel, a unique Beatles themed hotel, just around the corner from the world renowned Cavern Club where the Beatles began their legendary careers. This is where most of the sessions, workshops, and interviews will take place. The aim of the Innovention Convention has always been to provide a forum for all working performers, whether full time pro's, semi pro's or part time performers, to learn from the very best and most successful magicians and speciality entertainers in the business.

Unlike other Conventions, at the Innovention we feature a few professionals, all of whom have performed thousands of shows at the very highest level. Instead of following the usual Convention schedules the Innovention Convention will focus on the many performing opportunities available to a working performer, including stage, cabaret, corporate, private parties, close-up and charity events. Just a few of the topics we will be covering include how to structure an act, how to create your own USP, how to choose the right tricks to suit your style, how to write comedy patter and deliver it, the importance of production, lighting, sound and music, microphone technique, working with audience volunteers, and how to maximise audience reaction and build your applause. We have some of the most commercial and experienced performers coming to Liverpool:

Jeff Hobson - International Comedy Star of the hugely successful Illusionists touring show, currently appearing on Broadway. Jeff has over 10,000 shows to his name in Las Vegas alone. This will be Jeff's only Magic Convention appearance in 2015.

Michael Goudeau - Guest Star for over 20 years, with thousands of nightly appearances in the record breaking Lance Burton Show at the Hacienda and Monte Carlo Casinos in Las Vegas. Michael is also an award winning comedy writer and was responsible for writing much of comedy material for 5 years for Penn & Teller's 'BS' TV Shows. This will be Michael's first ever British Convention appearance.

Scott Alexander - A very busy working pro from the USA with a very original approach. Scott has invented and routined many commercial magic effects. This will also be Scott's debut at a British Magic Convention.

Bob Kohler - Although better known in recent years as a creator of commercial magic for performing magicians, Bob is also a very experienced and successful Close-up and Cabaret performer with an impressive list of corporate clients to his name.

John Fealey - From Liverpool, John has been a featured comedy performer in the world renowned Palazzo Shows across Europe for nearly 20 years. John has a wealth of experience and knowledge of stagecraft and magic. He is undoubtedly one of magic's best kept secrets.

Graham P Jolley - Graham has been one of the UK's top magicians for many years primarily making his mark in the corporate world. Although you will probably have seen his hilarious cabaret act at other Conventions, at the Innovention you will get to hear about the secrets behind his success and longevity.

Paul Stone - Paul will act as Host and Emcee for the Convention. A Magic and Variety Show Producer for over 35 years both in UK and Las Vegas and with a string of successful shows at the London Palladium including 'A Tribute to Siegfried & Roy at the London Palladium' and 'Palladium Magic' Celebrating 100 years of Magic at the London Palladium.

Our aim is to make the Innovention a unique and valuable opportunity for working performers. So, to make this event the best experience possible for those attending, we are limiting the number of registrations to just 100 people. Already from word of mouth alone, we have thirty registrations, so there are now only seventy places left, and we expect these to fill up very quickly. We will not be extending these numbers, because they work perfectly for the venue that we have chosen. The Innovention Convention takes place from 14th-16th July 2015 and then there are public Stage and Close-up, and Street Magic Shows on 17th and 18th July. To be a part of this very special event, send an email soon to for registration details.


Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality, Saturday 27th December on ITV. From the makers: "After wowing the judges in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, making it all the way to the final, illusionist Darcy Oake is back on screen with his very own one-hour magic special, Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality. Hosted by Christine Bleakley, this magical extravaganza takes place at the historic Blackpool Opera House and promises to be an evening of breath-taking, logic-bending illusions in the grand old tradition of stage magic fused with Darcy’s modern twist. On Edge of Reality, Darcy said: 'I've spent every waking moment putting together what I promise will be an unforgettable experience. Also in the programme, Darcy will be taking to the streets of Blackpool to wow the locals with his talents, and the show’s spectacular grand finale will feature an illusion not performed in public for over 100 years. Darcy said: 'I am going to attempt to pass my body through a solid brick wall. The preparation for it has been a massive undertaking and the wall is so huge that it has had to be built in the car park outside the venue. Harry Houdini did his version of it on Broadway a hundred years ago and it became like this phenomenon. Though it's such an impractical illusion, and extremely difficult to pull off, I figured what better way than to just go for it. I've never done it before and we can't really rehearse it because the wall is currently out in the car park. It's a bit like 'Fingers crossed, I hope this works!'" Saturday 27th December, 9.50pm, on ITV. See TV Magic. 'Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality' will tour the UK in September 2015, see What's On for venues and to book. 13.12.14


David Williamson recently took a few days out of his clearly busy schedule to put together this unique 'teaser' campaign for the upcoming FISM convention in Italy in 2015 Click Here! And visit for more the latest FISM convention info. 13.12.14


Urban Voodoo Club - Leeds. "Fed up with Xmas tunes and mulled wine? Then step into our voodoo festive bonanza, and enjoy twisted magic that will would make a reindeer run a mile. A night of wonder, amazing magic and daredevil feats. Treat yourself to a slice of awe from the most incredible magicians, mind readers and more. Always harboured a sneaking suspicion that the magic you see on TV is faked? Then watch incredible performers right in front of your eye at Leeds' only regular night of magic. Don't forget to pick your jaw up off the floor. December's line-up features the mental prowess of Chris Rawlins, stunning sleight of hand from Tom Crosbie (photo), trickery and profanity from Lawrence Turner, and cool and crafty conjuring from Chris Clarke. Go on, stick a pin in that Santa voodoo doll..." Sunday, December 14th at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 in advance from or £12 on the door. Venue: 51% Bourbon, 11-15 Hirst's Yard, Leeds LS1 6NJ (Map). 13.12.14


Magic Night Christmas Special at Madame JoJo's - London, this Friday, December 19th: "We’ll be taking you to the realms of fantasy in this show with BBC 3 Killer Magic star Ben Hart and his tricky yet compulsive stories as he weaves clever illusions with narrative. Pete Antoniou will reach into your head (in the funniest way possible) and tell you exactly what you think of him. Card Ninja will make an ordinary deck of cards slice and fly through the air in Ninja like feats that would make a crouching tiger and hidden dragon stand and applaud and the lanky, tall wizard, Pete Heat is with us playing with bread, reading your minds, invading you dreams and restoring objects to their original state in impossible tricks that will make you gasp (we kid you not). All expertly compered by Christian Lee." Magic Night at Madame JoJo's. Doors open 6.00pm. Show starts at 7.45pm. Reserved seating £14 including entry to Good Foot. Show ticket plus seated dinner and club: £46. Madame JoJo's, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SE (Map). Tickets and more info: 13.12.14


Advertisement Feature

The Georgian Hollies Hotel, Blackpool: We have 105 bedrooms all with ensuite facilities. All of our rooms are equipped with complimentary tea and coffee and newly installed LCD digital TV’s. All rooms are serviced daily and comprise of singles, doubles, twins and family rooms. Our fabulous Premium Rooms are a must for those looking for a little something special. Extra space, LCD digital TV and furnished to the highest quality. Visit for more information and to book. We are in Albert Road, just around the corner from the Magic Convention at the Winter Gardens. 13.12.14


RSVPMagic have just released a brand new version of their popular after-show sales DVD: "Be A Magician is the ultimate after sales tool for every working magician. Imagine having your own DVD custom designed by us at RSVPMagic, shot in high definition, with top quality graphics and music. We’ll design a unique DVD where your name and contact details are on the actual footage itself. Yes, that’s right. On the actual DVD! Each of the DVD pages will also feature your name and you’ll also be sent a custom designed DVD case and label. Featuring 16 easy to do tricks, seemingly performed by you, 'Be A Magician' is a product that makes money and sells you long after your show is over. Best of all, you’ll own the copyright to your own unique DVD that we create for you, so that you can duplicate and sell as many as you like. Costing you pennies. Imagine the profit! You'll receive: 1 Unique Custom designed DVD featuring your name on the opening titles and contact details at the end of the footage; Custom designed DVD cover artwork; Custom designed DVD Label; Custom Designed DVD pages featuring your name." For more information and to order visit 13.12.14


David Blaine: Beautiful Struggle is being repeated late night Saturday 20th December on Watch. "...revealing the inspiration behind David Blaine's infamous stunts. Including footage from Blaine's historic meetings with fellow daredevils such as Evel Knievel." See TV Magic. 13.12.14


Limitless by Peter Nardi, Alakazam: Peter Nardi writes: For years I have been playing with ways to psychologically implant a card in my spectators mind. I now believe I have created the perfect method. Your spectator will believe they had a totally free choice. Limitless gives you the power to perform routines with a mentally selected card that appear absolutely impossible. I designed limitless to be my secret weapon. The routines I have developed cover every aspect of my performances from close-up magic and mentalism to stage. With Limitless your spectator is asked to think of a card as you riffle through the deck, that thought of card can now instantly: vanish from the deck and appear in your wallet, a bottle, behind a window, have a different colour back. The possibilities are truly Limitless! Limitless has been custom design and printed by the USPCC (and printed on premium Phoenix card stock) to ensure the quality, feel and handling of the deck is second to none. "Control their thoughts and blow their minds. Peter Nardi has done it again…When does this man sleep?!?” Luke Dancy. Find out more, visit 13.12.14


Magicseen's White Weekend. Mark Leveridge writes: Never mind Black Friday with people fighting over half broken TVs that they've dropped in their frenzy to get to the checkout, here at Magicseen we like to take things a little more calmly, and so we would like to announce that this weekend is Magicseen's White Weekend. As a special pre-Christmas treat, we invite you to purchase a copy of Wayne Dobson's fabulous Definitive Collection, a book comprising of well over 400 large size hard backed pages of fabulous magic, stories and helpful advice, and in return not only will we get the book to you before Christmas, but we will also offer you free a one year Magicseen sub, or if you are already a subscriber, a one year sub extension. That's it. No fighting, no hassle, no queues, just a fantastic book and a brilliant free year's worth of Magicseen mags. Magicseen's White Weekend finishes at midnight on Sunday 14th December 2014, so act right now and make this a Christmas that goes on giving all year. Go directly to Magicseen's book order page at 13.12.14


It's back, MagicTao Christmas Offer! MagicTao write: As a 'Thank You' to our customers for your support in 2014 you can purchase five of our MagicTao range of products for only £50. This includes free, worldwide delivery. All you have to do is choose one trick from each of the price range boxes on the website. The total money you could save varies between £19.99 - £54.98. In addition, we will throw in a free trick, worth a minimum of £10 with your order! We will also add a trick that has not been released yet, worth £15.99! This has to be one of the best Christmas offers in Magic. 13.12.14


Chris Rawlins Recalled - University of Huddersfield. Chris Rawlins demonstrates his super-human memory live on stage. This act is like nothing you have ever seen before. Chris demonstrates razor sharp accuracy and concentration, showcasing the true power of the human brain. Chris will not only demonstrate the true power of his well sculpted memory and its super-human capacity, he will also make you laugh and gasp. He will even teach you a unique skill that will never be forgotten. An experience not to be missed! Tuesday 16th December at 7.30pm at Milton Theatre, Studio 1, The University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH (Map). All tickets £5.00. For further details and to book email the Box Office: 13.12.14


Lex Schoppi Quick Change Bow Tie unauthorised Chinese copies. Lex writes: Due to massive piracy from the Chinese market, whose appalling quality and incorrect instructions deceived many magicians worldwide, we have decided to cease production of this product. In order not to harm my reputation, this product is no longer officially available. For the past two years many of the remaining copies on the market bear my cover, and my face, but are in fact Chinese fakes. Rather than litigate, I have taken the product off the market. Something that no longer exists, can no longer be copied (or at least new goods based on this trick can no longer be disguised as being mine). Magically yours, Lex Schoppi. For Special-FX costumes for operas, theatres, TV, magicians and artists see For original tricks by the inventor, see 13.12.14


Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. The Twins FX have been working as part of the creative team on Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds for the last three world tours, supplying some of the special visual effects seen in the production, and write: "The arena Tour finishes this year but there are big plans afoot for the show and The Twins FX are part of these plans." See and 13.12.14


The Great Alprendo's Final "20 Years of Magic" Show. Alan Taylor (aka The Great Alprendo) writes: "I'm giving the final performance of my show, celebrating my 20 years of magic, at Indigo, 16 Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1NZ (Map) on Sunday 21st December. Tickets are £5, available on door, or in advance by calling 07917 285133. After two epic performances at Half Moon Magic this year, it is time to do my show '20 years of Magic' for one final time. 13.12.14


Magic at the London International Horse Show 2014. "If you are looking for something a little different in the run up to Christmas then The London International Horse Show have added a little magic, in the guise of newly weds Michael and Tamsyn Jordan, to this year's Christmas Spectacular. Olympia 2014 is bigger and better than ever before. For those who haven't been treated to a pantomime outing, the show combines the splendour of the horse show with our very own celebration of the magical world of pantomime with a wealth of variety entertainment from aerialists to award-winning magic and illusion, combined with spectacular equestrian displays. A truly unmissable show! The show runs from the Tuesday 16th December to Monday 22nd December." 13.12.14


The Order of the Magi Christmas Party. Geoffrey Newton PR writes: The Order of the Magi Christmas Party, held last Tuesday, attracted over 70 members and guests enjoying a night of fun, food and fabulous entertainment which included comedy, music, vocals, and of course magic! The raffle made a handsome profit which will be ploughed back into the society towards future activities. Our picture shows party revellers Shelley and Bella sharing an off-stage moment with comedian Bill Wolland. Our next social event is the dinner on 21st March 2015 and details are on The ‘Panorama’ room at the Manchester Irish World Heritage has a comfortable capacity of 80 and 24 tickets have already gone. Don’t delay, at £25 per head this is a real bargain. The cabaret stars Andrew Van Buren and Karl Seth. 13.12.14


Dynamo Magician Impossible: The Complete Collection. 9 DVD box set, including extras shows. From the makers: "Dynamo - Magician Impossible: Series 1-4 [DVD] The first four series of the TV documentary show featuring Bradford-born street magician Stephen Frayne aka Dynamo. Using an array of sleight-of-hand trickery, Dynamo takes to the streets, performing to the public and celebrity fans including Rio Ferdinand, Ian Brown, Samuel L. Jackson, Noel Fielding, Mathew Horne, Travis Barker, Natalie Imbruglia, Damon Albarn, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Jessica Ennis, Bollywood star Irrfan Khan, Chris Martin, Jamie Oliver, Sam Smith and Foxes." Available from Click Here. 13.12.14


PJ's Magic Shop opens in Birkenhead. Neil Collett writes: I'm a customer and friend of PJ (Paul Johnstone) who owns the shop. PJ (winner of 'Beat The Wand' at last year's Blackpool Magicians' Convention) has operated from a market stall in Birkenhead for many years. He's quite well known in the North West and his stall was always stuffed with (too many!) effects. As such it was something of a clutter, as even PJ would admit. He has now relocated just around the corner to a large roomy shop and it now resembles Mark Mason's old Blackpool shop, in terms of size etc. PJ has taken quite a big gamble as bricks and mortar shops don't necessarily fare well these days with the internet market being what it is. Those who prefer to be able to visit an actual shop will enjoy the warm friendly reception at the shop and can pick up all sorts of bits such as Qualatex balloons, playing cards, gaffed coins, DVDs, packet effects, etc. On occasion, he even has illusions in for sale. There's almost always something available at reduced prices. It's easy to get to, being right next to Birkenhead Bus Station and just across the road from Conway Park Train Station. A large pay and display car park is also over the road. There are plenty of eateries just around the corner, from McDonalds to Pubs with food. A seat is available on the customers side for those (like me) with weak legs. Hopefully magicians in the UK will support this venture and enjoy a pleasant visit to the shop and perhaps the adjacent market or The Pyramids Shopping Centre nearby. If you have any enquiries for PJ, feel free to call him on 07884 172086, or call in at the shop at 18 Princess Pavement, Birkenhead. 13.12.14


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