Number 909 - 25th November 2017


The Magic Circle Christmas Show. 19th – 29th December, London. A festive family treat that includes a chance to see inside the headquarters of the famous Magic Circle itself. Watch incredible close-up magic and enjoy the spectacular stage show.

Tuesday 19 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Wednesday 20 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Thursday 21 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Friday 22 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Saturday 23 December 7pm (no 2.30pm performance)

Wednesday 27 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Thursday 28 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Friday 29 December 2.30pm and 7pm

Venue: The Magic Circle, 12 Stephenson Way, Euston, London NW1 2HD (Map). For further details and to book visit 25.11.17


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, the brilliant Wayne Dobson appearing on ITV's 'Wednesday at 8' nearly 30 years ago. If you're going to open with 'The Six Card Repeat' (or in this case, 'Five'), then this is how to do it. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 25.11.17


Conjuring at the Court, 30th November, London. From the producers: Another wonderful night with Polish magic star Michael Vadini, the Edwardian conjuring of Alexander Wells, balletic magic by Megan Knowles-Bacon, and pattered prestidigitation from AJ Green. Fronted by comedian Tim Fitzhigham, whose eccentric and hilarious stunts are the basis of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Gambler’ series. Tickets for the show are still only £11 from ...last two months were packed so do book early! The show starts at 8pm and runs to 10pm with an interval. It’s in the lovely function room of the Drayton Court, 2 The Avenue, West Ealing, London W13 8PH (Map). Come early to enjoy a meal before the show! Parking is free from 6.30pm. 25.11.17


Tony Middleton's two shows, 'The Magic Hour' and 'Sleight of Hand on the Strand' continue, with new dates for the year ahead. In The Magic Hour' you will witness the impossible as objects vanish, time stands still, and spirits write messages from 'the other side'. In 'Sleight of Hand on the Strand' Tony is joined by Dominick Zwolinski for an hour of classic magic, mind-reading and illusion. See What's On for dates. 25.11.17


Winter Magic Auction, December 16th, 2017. Potter Auctions write: Our December sale will feature magic collectibles in a wide range of categories. From uncommon Chung Ling Soo posters to early broadsides, a selection of rare and unusual Taytelbaum-made tricks, choice ephemera, collectible apparatus, and antiquarian books, the auction will feature "something for everyone," beginning and advanced collectors alike. A selection of escape artist-related items, including handcuffs, locks, keys, and memorabilia, will be a auctioned, along with a selection of marionettes, Punch & Judy puppets, and ventriloquist's figures. 25.11.17


Stephen Tucker's Aces From The Fore presented by Liam Montier. Liam writes: "This is one of my most favourite card tricks ever! Invented by Stephen Tucker, I bought the rights to it a few years ago, and have been happily ripping Aces out of other cards ever since! However, earlier this year, Big Blind Media professional Owen Packard saw me do this, and suggested we release it with specially printed cards - I jumped at the chance!" For details and to watch a demonstration visit . 25.11.17


American Chopper: Steve Wyrick and Icee Bikes. "It's time for some magic when an illusionist wants a bike, but Jr pulls a disappearing act. Plus, a new painter shows off and the effects are dazzling." American Chopper, Thursday 30th November, on DMAX (repeat). See TV Magic. 25.11.17


The Mark Leveridge November Podcast. If you haven't listened to the latest Podcast yet (out since November 1st), then perhaps you can catch up right now. Here's a rundown of the latest topics that Mark chats about: 1. Mark reflects on the mini explosion of magic online learning opportunities. 2. Have you noticed whether your regularly used props have become tatty? 3. Mark reveals his favourite way to create new magic. 4. We all have to deal with the pressures of audience scrutiny every time that we perform. 5. Comedy is as much about consistently selecting appropriate lines to suit our performing personality as it is about the lines themselves. 6. Safety Catch is back as a Premier E-Routine download. 7. Most magicians ignore one of the best ways to get corporate work. The 30 minute Podcast is free to listen to or to download for playback on any MP3 player from either or 25.11.17


Jim Krenz Lecture Tour - final November dates. Magic Lectures UK write: We are proud to present Jim Krenz with his first UK lecture tour. Spending fifteen years working for Jay and Francis Marshall at Magic Inc and being a regular performer at Schulien’s Restaurant in Chicago his experience has led him to win the Most Valuable Participant award at the FFFF convention. Jim has studied with Ed Marlo, Jim Ryan, Tony Andruzzi, Don Alan, Eugene Burger, Slydini, Tommy Wonder and Juan Tamariz. “When I was a child I was fascinated with the magical emotion that I felt upon watching magicians. I could not comprehend anything, what I would see was impossible; now I love to feel this emotion. It does not occur very often. Normally, I can see behind the curtain, I see the 'hidden' secrets and the mechanics. But from time to time a magician performs a trick, or several tricks, that seem impossible and the magical emotion returns. This happens to me with Jim Krenz.” Juan Tamariz.
26th November, High Peak Magic Club.

27th November, Manchester Circle of Magicians. Visitors welcome with prior approval from the President and a charge of £5.00 on the night. For more information and details visit our website or email
28th November, Northamptonshire Magicians Club - Visiting magicians welcome, £10 door charge. 8pm at Brafield on the Green Working Men’s Club, 35 Bedford Road, Brafield on the Green, Northampton NN7 1BD (Map).
29th November, Shropshire Magical Society.
30th November, Bristol Magical Society.


Blackpool Magicians' Club Family Entertainer Competition. Alan Horne writes: The Blackpool Magicians' Club Family Entertainer competition finalists representing their areas are: Nick Barnes, Trevor Price, Magic Daz, Douglas Patterson, Nutty Noah and Carl & Dave. The compere is Brian Daly. Also of special interest to the children's entertainers will be 2 lectures each day from David Kaye, Gay Ljungberg, Brian Daly, Jimmy Carlo and Eric Leclerc. The dates are 16th, 17th and 18th February 2018. Visit for more info and to book. 25.11.17


New from Zane's Magic Shop: "Mental Blank Deck W/Gimmick Bicycle Deck by Zane. Your audience will have a 'Mental Blank' after witnessing this amazing and baffling routine of mind control, using this specially gimmicked and unique deck by Zane! The wonder worker slowly deals cards, one at a time, facedown into a pile on the table and a spectator is asked to call out 'stop' at anytime. The spectator is asked to draw the 'stopped at card' facedown towards themselves but not to turn it over just yet. The spectator is then asked to name his freely chosen card out loud. The magician reminds everyone, 'do you remember that I said I didn’t want to show you the faces of the cards until later... Well I can now reveal that in fact there was only ever one card in this deck, unbelievably the card that you choose, because the rest of the deck are unprinted – completely blank!' The cards are then spread and shown singly, one card after the other, to be blank. Once the deck is shown to be completely blank the magician says, 'but what would be even more incredible is if the very card you stopped at is your card'. The card is turned over by the spectator and it is the chosen card!" For more info and to order visit 25.11.17


Magic and Mayhem, Thursday 30th November, Exchange Bar, Leicester. From the organisers: Come join us for a night of amazing stunts, mind reading, stand-up comedy and magic that isn't sh*t! 'The Detective' Ben Cardall (Sherlockian) will reveal your inner thoughts and the contents of your pocket and 'The Comedian' Phil Knoxville is the stand-up magician with the twisted skills to pay the bills and a fully fledged licence to rock. With support from the amazing Twisted Tristan and special guest Liam Jones! 30th November at 8pm at The Exchange, 50 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RD (Map). Free Entry! See Facebook for more info. 25.11.17


The Surrey Society of Magicians Stage Competition 2017. Congratulations to Colin Peters on winning the Stage Competition last week. It was a very high standard. Well done to Craig Longhurst, Tommy Knight and Theo Theodoris for being placed second and joint third. The Bernard Weller comedy trophy, voted for by the members, went to Terry Lambert. A big "thank you" to all competitors and our two lay judges and special thanks to our guest magical judge Paul Martin. We would also like to thank Geoff Pescud as compère and Michael Pearce for time keeping. Thank you to all the members and guests that attended and made it such a fantastic night! Adam Mosley 25.11.17


Johnny Hart Video search. Magician and author Steve Short is writing the book about the life and career of Johnny Hart and is looking for videos or DVDs of two TV shows that Johnny appeared in: "‘For My Next Trick", that featured Paul Daniels, John Wade and Terry Seabrooke in 1976 and "Magic Circle" featuring Ray Alan and Ali Cat in 1977. Please contact Steve directly if you can help: 25.11.17


Banbury Magic Club Dealer Dem by Saturn Magic. 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th November. Members free, £7 for non-members payable on the door. Venue: Banbury Magic Club, Hanwell Fields Community Centre, Rotary Way, Banbury OX16 3WQ (Map). 25.11.17


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