Number 937 - 9th June 2018


Mac King will headline The Session 2019! Now based at the Park Inn, Heathrow, The Session will see Mac King both lecture and perform a full one-man show. This is a rare opportunity to see Mac away from his own theatre on the Las Vegas Strip, where he performs two sell-out shows a day. He will join Lason Ladanye (USA), Kyle Littleton (USA), Jared Kopf (USA) and many more to be announced. Visit Here's Mac, performing on British television back in 1989, from The MagicWeek Video Archive: YouTube (in fact Mac's was the first video to appear on The MagicWeek Video Archive when I launched it just over two years ago, as it's so good! DT). 9.6.18


2018 Drama Desk Awards. Derren Brown: Secret Nominated for 'The Chase Award for Unique Theatrical Experience' in the 2018 Drama Desk Awards. See


Meanwhile, Derren Brown: Underground is currently about half way through its UK and Ireland tour. "Underground was originally written for audiences in other countries who hadn’t seen me before. It meant finessing and revisiting past pieces and seeing them with fresh eyes. I sat down with my two co-writers and directors and we thought 'What would make the best possible Derren Brown show?' None of us were sure what the UK would make of it, but the resulting show felt so good, and met with such a great response when warming it up in London, that we decided to tour it. The reviews have been astonishing, and people who’ve seen all the shows have said they love being surprised by them again, and those who don’t know me so well are getting to see the best material for the first time. It’s a huge, huge joy to perform." Derren Brown.


This is the second leg of the Underground tour, direct from the West End production at the Playhouse Theatre, which ran for thirty-five packed out performances in September and October 2017. Derren Brown: Underground is presented by Michael Vine, Andrew O’Connor, Derren Brown and Paul Sandler for Vaudeville Productions Ltd. and David Binder. It is directed by Andrew O’Connor and Andy Nyman, and written by Andy Nyman, Andrew O’Connor and Derren Brown.

June 9, Theatre Royal, Glasgow
June 11, 12,13, Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth
June 15, 16, Orchard Theatre, Dartford
June 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, Theatre Royal, Norwich
June 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

July 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend

See for more info and to book. 9.6.18


The David Berglas Digital Scrapbooks. Since featuring news of The David Berglas Scrapbooks just a few weeks ago the first four videos are now live:
Episode 1. David talks about a 1952 British Ring Convention in Hastings and how a chance meeting with a writer for the popular magazine Picture Post, led to the most impossible challenge – which David accepted.

Episode 2 and he explains, with photos and video clips, the details of the challenge and how it achieved the most incredible publicity. This certainly helped to launch his 60 year career.

Episode 3, this week he recalls a life-changing event that happened on a ship to South Africa.
Episode 4, David talks about the first few months in Cape Town and how he had to 'persuade' an editor to allow him to place an ad for a demonstration of hypnotism!

Visit YouTube to catch up with this fascinating peek into David Berglas's Digital Scrapbooks. 9.6.18


PropDog's Magic Shop is now open weekends! PropDog write: We’ll be fully open to walk-in customers from 10am to 5pm on both Saturdays and Sundays. So if you fancy a day out, then come visit the shop on the outskirts of Twickenham. Our extensive range of over 4000 products in the shop caters for the hobbyist magician, part-time magician and the full-time professional. We also have a large selection of tricks and books and DVDs, suitable for the absolute beginner looking to get into magic. Please note that it will only be the shop side that is open, we will not be dealing with online order enquiries or other general enquires by phone or email. For more information on the shop’s address and location, please visit:, we look forward to seeing you! 9.6.18


Kilmarnock Magic Circle 80th Birthday Celebration. Kenny Kerr writes: Kilmarnock Magic Circle are proud to have reached our 80th Birthday and we are inviting you to our birthday party celebrations. We are holding a dinner cabaret on Saturday 23rd June at 7pm at the Foxbar Hotel, 62 London Road, Kilmarnock KA3 7DD (Map). Cabaret performers are Fraser Stokes (winner of the 2018 SAMS Stage Competition), Michael McMillan (Runner-up in the 2018 SAMS Stage Competition) and FISM award winner / international star, Paul Nardini. Tickets are priced at £25 per head and include a delicious three course meal. To book, please contact our secretary, Elizabeth McNamara on 01563 821241 or email Looking forward to seeing you there. 9.6.18


Magic on the Fringe - Edinburgh. The official Edinburgh Fringe programme contains 75 magic and magic-related shows. Once again card man Peter McLanachan ( has kindly pieced together the magic listings for MagicWeek readers (many thanks once again Pete!) Click Here. 9.6.18


How to join The Magic Circle. If you’ve always wanted to be a part of The Magic Circle, the world’s premier magical society, then this link will give you all the information you need. If you’re ready to join straight away you can find out how the process works, what you need to do and what you can expect. Also, if you’re interested in the Apprentice Scheme or The Young Magicians Club you’ll be able to find out how they work as well. 9.6.18


Aaron Calvert: Declassified - Edinburgh Fringe, 1st - 26th August 2018. Aaron Calvert's Declassified is playing the Ed Fringe in August, with a preview in Manchester on June 12th. Aaron unlocks the potential of the human mind, demonstrating inexplicable hypnotic feats, live on stage. Trained as a doctor, Aaron combines his medical background with his mastery of suggestion and showmanship to push the boundaries of what people can, and will do - making this show a truly unforgettable experience. 'Hello Stranger' starring Aaron, went out on Channel 4 last week, and can now be seen on All 4: "A couple have all memory of their relationship temporarily erased by hypnosis. They start dating again, including with each other. Will they fall in love second time around?" See (and see What's On for show dates). 9.6.18


John Breeds announces his new second book for Children's Entertainers... Lotz of Magic for Kidz. John Breeds brings his 35 years experience as a professional children’s entertainer to his second book to lay bare the routines, props and bits of business that gave him such a successful career. It follows on the heels of his first magic book, the best-selling, How To Create Kids’ Magic. Now, continuing in a similar style, John Breeds brings you dozens of routines from his working repertoire. A former professional author and publisher, his full explanations, attention to the smallest detail and his crystal clear illustrations show you how someone with unparalleled performing experience brings his material to life. Nothing is omitted: nothing is left to chance: this is solid gold material you can rely upon. As well as more than 30 highly commercial performance pieces, this new book brings professional children’s entertainers and magicians a treasure chest of original methods, apparatus and comedy bits. Lotz of Magic for Kidz by John Breeds, £38, author publication, UK, 2018, 214 pp, b+w illustrations. Available from the author/publisher from 16th July 2018. See: 9.6.18


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, Hans Klok & Sittah on 'Talking Telephone Numbers' from 1st December 1997. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 9.6.18


Matt Berry Interviews... Uri Geller. "Matt Berry presents a series of interviews with the greats of the stage, screen and music world. This week Matt Berry brings you his interview with Uri Geller, recorded at Geller's home in 1974 just as the self-proclaimed psychic's star was on the rise. Geller wasn't keen at first, but eventually agreed and was very welcoming. He was becoming quite a global star back in the early 70s and there was much fascination, not to mention the odd sideways glance, at the very mention of his name. Berry actually met him first on the dance floor of Tramp's night club a year earlier but Geller said he had no memory of it. Not wanting to let such a snub deter Berry, he soldiered on and within this interview managed to get a real sense, of the real Uri Geller." Written, performed and edited by Matt Berry. (Should be fun!) Wednesday 13th June, Radio 4. See TV Magic for details. 9.6.18


Ben Earl Masterclass, Manchester, Monday 18th June... Last few places left. Martin Allcock writes: On Monday the 18th June the hugely talented Ben Earl is coming to Manchester to present an evening of Masterclasses. Ben's sleight of hand is world-class and during the evening he will teach you the tools to allow you to take your card magic to a higher level.


Mission Control: Mission Control is a fundamentally new way to approach the subject of card control. Attendees will learn a new system for controlling a card (via insertion, replacement or peek) in order to make it completely invisible under any performing conditions, this approach is a radical departure from traditional (both technically and philosophically). Mission Control is a very practical system which is extremely deceptive while remaining simple and flexible.

Changes: Ben will be teaching brand new ways to approach two of the simplest, but most important moves in all of card magic: the Double Lift and Top Change. Ben's approach to these techniques is not only deeply fooling but simple and practical. Be prepared to rethink what you thought you knew about these fundamental techniques and develop a new way.


Palming: Palming is one of the most powerful, secret techniques in all of card magic. Very few do it well - even fewer do it invisibly. Ben will be teaching how to make it invisible (from the top and bottom of the deck) so that you can perform miracles. Ben will also show you new ways to practice so that your palming development is rapid.


The evening will start at 6pm and the cost is £125 per person. Due to the intimate and in-depth nature of the teaching, places will be strictly limited to a maximum of 8 people. Each section will last around an hour with a short break between for refreshments. Don't miss this opportunity to take your sleight of hand with cards to the next level by learning from one of the very best there is. Due to the nature of the material being taught the masterclass is only suitable for those at an intermediate level and above, i.e. you ideally already need to be able to do the moves to a reasonable standard. Please contact me by email to book. 9.6.18


The Mark Leveridge Magic June E-Video Newsletter. Every month Mark Leveridge releases a special 30 minute video presentation which includes magic to learn, advice to provide help and some entertainment too! For the June edition: The Teach In - learn a very clean colour changing sponge ball effect. It Could Only Happen Live - a new story from Mark's world of being a pro close up worker. The Strolling Magician Unplugged - part 5 on how to maintain the attention of spectators. Web Offers - dems and info on a simple coin and banknote effect and a classic E-Book which are on offer this month. 60 Seconds To Success - targeted advice on how to keep the bookers happy. The Review Corner - a close look at a unique book called The Memory Arts. There are three ways to get access to this online video content. 1. You can take out a 1 year sub and receive every issue as soon as it is released on the 1st of each month. 2. You can purchase a single copy. For either of these options go to 3. Or you can join E-Club Pro, Mark's online club and information resource, and receive every E-Video Newsletter at no extra charge as part of your membership. For this go to 9.6.18


Paul Vigil Lecture & Workshop, Saturday 23rd June, International Magic, London. From the organisers: Paul has been practicing the art of magic since the age of 5, and 10 years later Paul under took the challenge of becoming a professional performer in his native Salt Lake City. In 2002 Paul moved to Las Vegas to join the ranks of the world's finest magicians. Paul’s creative contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers. We are delighted to have Paul for both a lecture and one-off workshop on Saturday 23rd June. Paul's lecture will be covering material from both of his sought after books: Classic Fantastic and The Doors of Deception. This material includes magic and mentalism for use in close-up and parlour. His workshop will cover more advanced material with a deeper focus on detail. Workshop £75 per person. Start Time 1pm. Lecture £15 per person. Start 5pm (finish approx 7pm). Venue: 2nd Floor, Casa Italiana, 136 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DL (Map). Advanced booking essential - please email 9.6.18


Liam Montier Merlin Magical Society lecture, Hertfordshire. John Clayton, Secretary of the Merlin Magical Society writes: On Thursday the 14th June Liam Montier will be presenting his lecture entitled Shenanigans at the Merlin Magical Society. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Admission for non-members is £10. We meet at Little Heath Parish Hall, Thornton Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1JJ (Map) 9.6.18


Jamy Ian Swiss lectures at The Surrey Society of Magicians on Thursday 14th June. Adam Mosle writes: The new lecture by Jamy Ian Swiss will cover the gamut of close-up sleight of hand magic. This lecture is absolutely full of amazing card magic, from original 'card in impossible location' plots, to apparent displays of extraordinary skill that don't demand as much work as they appear to; and a simple but mystifying and commercial memorised deck routine. Not all is cards though, he will also teach practical mentalism routines, coins and the Cups & Balls. Internationally renowned for his skills as a close-up magician, Swiss has also performed his stage show of mind-reading and mentalism, 'Heavy Mental', for audiences of thousands across the United States. As a speaker, Swiss has addressed subjects including creativity, risk management, information design, user experience and other aspects of corporate and creative concern to firms. His knowledge is vast and his theories are something not to be missed. Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm. For full details please contact Adam Mosley 9.6.18


Leamington & Warwick Magic Society Day of Magic. John Needham writes: The Leamington Day of Magic this year is on Wednesday 13th June at the Cubbington Sports & Social Club, Windmill Hill, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7LN (Map). The main lectures include: Kieron Johnson, Mark Shortland, Etienne Pradier and Steve Dimmer. The day officially starts on the Tuesday evening (12th June) at 7pm, opening with a dealer dem from Saturn Magic at 8pm for local magicians or those that travel up the day before. Tickets are priced at £25 pre-paid or £30 on the door, which includes breakfast for early arrivals, lunch and weather permitting an evening BBQ. In the evening Mark Shortland will perform on stage and we also have the Midlands Champion of Champions Close-up Competition. Full details and up to date information can be found on the club website 9.6.18


Manchester Circle Jumbo Auction. From the organisers: Magical Bargains Galore on Monday 18th June at Salford Masonic Hall, 41 The Crescent, Salford, Near Manchester M5 4PE (Map). Organised by Manchester Circle of Magicians. Free for members, £3.00 door charge for non-members. Doors open at 5.30pm and viewing commences at 6pm. Auction commences at 6.30pm. Star Auctioneers are Quentin Reynolds and Derek Lever. Hundreds of items being sold many without reserve, such as DVDs, books, close-up, kids tricks, mentalism, etc. 8 Lots already entered, including part of Bob Austin's Estate. See you there. 9.6.18


Magicians wanted by Young Magicians Ltd, to join their growing team of tutors around Surrey and Hampshire, and write: Young Magicians Ltd have served schools for the last 7 years with their engaging and entertaining magic clubs. This is a great opportunity for a professional or semi-professional magician looking to supplement their income with regular weekday work. If you're interested in applying email also see 9.6.18


Blackpool Magicians' Club Table Top Sale. From the organisers: Blackpool Magicians Club are holding a table top sale on Tuesday 10th July from 7pm at the club's HQ: Blackpool Magicians' Club, 56-60 Caunce Street, Blackpool FY1 3NE (Map). There is no door charge and visiting magicians and societies are most welcome to come along and enjoy our hospitality and facilities. Bar refreshments and catering will be available throughout the evening and of course you may just find a few new tricks and props. We will have a limited number of tables available to visiting magicians at £10 each. If of interest please contact Alan Horne on for availability. 9.6.18


Lenny Dragon two-part lecture Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers. Danny Jurmann writes: Lenny Dragon presents a two-part lecture: The Misers Dream followed by Balloon Modelling on Monday 11th June at 8pm for Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers (FAME), St. Mark's Church Hall, Farnborough, Guildford Road East, Farnborough GU14 6TU (Map). Visiting magicians welcome, free admission. 9.6.18


Manchester (Warrington) Balloon Day, Monday 25th June. From the organisers: There will be a couple of balloon workshops of varying levels to cater for all who attend during the day, plus a basic session first thing, if required. There is usually a fun competition to enter if you would like to, plus all the usual fun and laughter of a 'Care & Share' Balloon Day. Graham will be going through some of his latest designs and there are a couple of early-bird specials still available. 10am till 5pm on Monday 25th June. Booking details: Click Here. 9.6.18


"PC Sorcar: India's 'maharajah of magic' who terrified the UK" Click Here • "This young Irish magician's amazing hotel room magic is sure to leave you mind-boggled" Click Here • "Magician Jen Kramer keeps things audience-friendly" Click Here • "How illusionist Vitaly Beckman prepares to wow audiences" Click Here • "Sunday brunch seasoned with abracadabra" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 9.6.18