Number 939 - 23rd June 2018


Join the world's top mentalists at The Event 2019. From the organisers: Held in conjunction with The Session, The Event is a day of mentalism held at the Park Inn, Heathrow. This year our Guest of Honour at The Event is the incomparable Ross Johnson. Mr Johnson dedicated his life and career to the performance of mentalism, and he forged a polished, professional style through thousands of public and corporate performances. Mr Johnson’s classic approach to mentalism has earned him accolades from the public, the media, and the thought-leaders in our field. He rarely attends conventions, and almost never headlines. This is a rare treat to see a true mindreading legend. Friday, January 11th, 2019: 23.6.18


The IBM British Ring 82nd Annual Convention, 6th-9th September, Southport. From the organisers: With events starting at 10am on Thursday 6th September and finishing at 5pm on Sunday 9th September delegates will once again be able to enjoy four whole days packed full of magic and fun! The convention will take place at Southport Convention Centre in the wonderful Floral Hall, Theatre and Waterfront Suite. There is plenty of room in the Dealers’ Hall and with just a few spaces left if any dealers wish to discuss booking their place they can contact the convention team at

Acts appearing at the convention include High Jinx, Anthony Owen, Alexander Wells, Dion, Aaron Calvert, Andi Gladwin, Darren Mac, Fifth Dimension, John Marshall, Quentin Reynolds and Safire. The optional Welcome Party is on Wednesday 5th September at 7.30pm at an additional cost of just £15, so you don’t need to wait until the start of the Convention on the Thursday to begin the fun. If you would like a digital copy of the registration form or have any questions please email the Registration Officer, Carol Tynan: The full registration price for members and their partners is £150, it is £170 for non-members and £75 for juniors - other rates for weekend and day tickets are available as well. See for more info.


An Evening with David Ben, Dublin, Ireland. From the organisers: A golden opportunity for anyone with a serious interest in magic. David Ben was the sole protégé of Ross Bertram, one of the contributors to the original Stars of Magic series. Ben rarely lectures. He is not on a lecture tour and this is a one-off opportunity to learn from a master of his craft, whether your interest be sleight of hand, card work, or general magic from close-up to stage. Ben was the co-writer, performer and producer of three critically acclaimed shows: The Conjuror, The Conjuror’s Suite, and Tricks. He’s also the author of The Experts at the Card Table (Ben and Erdnase), Erdnase Unmasked, Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic, Tricks and Dai Vernon - A Biography. While he will prepare what he wants to cover, he is happy to take the evening in any direction as circumstances or questions dictate. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with one of the world’s leading magicians who is an expert on both stage, parlour and close-up magic. Admission will be around 20 Euros. Venue to be announced (7.30pm on Tuesday 21st August, in Dublin). Enquiries: Quentin Reynolds 23.6.18


Exonian Convention 2018. From the organisers: The line up for the Exonian Convention 2018 will feature: Chris Wood 'Magic with Charm', Kimmo 'World Champion Children's Entertainer', Lee Hathaway 'Fooled Penn & Teller', Sean Carpenter 'British Close-up Champion', Simon Lovell 'Card Sharp & Comedian'. We have taken the brave decision to hold this on a Friday, to give professionals a chance to come along without losing work over the weekend. Lee Hathaway will also be doing a Q&A with Simon Lovell. All of this plus: dealers, a close-up session, and a three-course meal and cabaret show, all for a bargain price of £45.00. Date: October 5th. Venue: The Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton EX17 6DF (Map). Hotel prices: £40 per person (convention rate), limited to 80 people, so book early. See for registration details. 23.6.18


MagicFest at EdFringe. From the organisers: MagicFest is now over, but we are delighted to bring back some programme favourites and other new shows, for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August! This is our first time presenting work at the Fringe. See for full details. 23.6.18


Dreamer: Sam Fitton - EdFringe Show. Combining magic, theatre and special effects, Sam is shaking up the traditional magic show. Sleight of hand mastery, witty showmanship and inexplicable feats combine as Sam spins stories through a series of phantasmagorical scenes. Step inside the mind of a professional dreamer and let your imagination run wild. ★★★★ The Wee Review. 4th-25th August at 3.25pm. Tickets (free) Click Here. Venue: Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street, EH2 2AA (also see What's On for July 17th Manchester preview). 23.6.18


Lotz of Magic for Kidz by John Breeds. John Breeds brings his 35 years experience as a professional children’s entertainer to his second book to lay bare the routines, props and bits of business that gave him such a successful career. It follows on the heels of his first magic book, the best-selling, How To Create Kids’ Magic. Now, continuing in a similar style, John Breeds brings you dozens of routines from his working repertoire. A former professional author and publisher, his full explanations, attention to the smallest detail and his crystal clear illustrations show you how someone with unparalleled performing experience brings his material to life. Nothing is omitted: nothing is left to chance: this is solid gold material you can rely upon. As well as more than 30 highly commercial performance pieces, this new book brings professional children’s entertainers and magicians a treasure chest of original methods, apparatus and comedy bits. Lotz of Magic for Kidz is reviewed by Peter Randini this week, Click Here. 23.6.18


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee guest on 'The Lily Savage Show' from 14th December 1997. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 23.6.18


Zappit - The Barcode Prediction Trick! Brett Sirrell has just released his first magic product, a new magic trick App called 'Zappit'. "Zappit is a fun and amazing magic app based around the classic comedy bar-code routine. A hilarious comedy routine or a serious style prediction effect that will have your audience totally amazed. A mind reading revelation that totally takes your spectators by surprise and will blow their minds. Tell the spectator to choose a supermarket and choose an item and then a price. You then show them your earlier prediction, a barcode for 'that' item. Of course that could be any item, until you hand them your phone and it scans the barcode to reveal that it is the barcode at the chosen price from the chosen supermarket! No forces; you remain in complete control at all times. Simple to-do method. Can be combined with many other existing routines. Perfect for product placement effects. You can scan anything you want and it doesn’t have to be a barcode, it will always be reveal the right prediction." For more info see: 23.6.18


The David Berglas Digital Scrapbooks. Two more videos from The David Berglas Digital Scrapbooks this week: 1949, David Berglas' Lecture Demonstrations on Hypnotism and David Berglas Meets Two World Famous Painters! see YouTube. 23.6.18


Scott Creasey Lecture - Liverpool Magic Circle. Alan Singleton writes: Scott has informed me that along with other effects, he will be performing and explaining effects from his new book Minimalistic, Metaphysical, Mentalism. This will be will be the first time he has ever performed or explained them to other magicians! Thursday, July 5th, at 8pm. All are welcome. £10.00 on the door for non-members. Free for LMC Members. Liverpool Magic Circle, Longmoor Social Club, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool L9 9EN (Map). 23.6.18


Merlins of Wakefield are having an amazing DVD sale! Merlins write: Lots of DVDs reduced to just £10 each! If you buy 2, you can claim a 3rd free! Click Here for details. We also have our latest 20 page Preview now available, with over 70 great new items and offers! If you would like a PDF copy email If you would prefer a printed copy, email your postal address to us. We will be at the Ferrybridge Day of Magic on Sunday 1st July, so if you are going and would like anything taking, contact us by 1pm on Saturday 30th June. Finally, we have over 500 new and used books in stock, so if you would like a list of current stock, then please contact us. If you have any used books or magic to sell, get in touch, we will see what we can offer you. Telephone 01924 339933. 23.6.18


Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds. Documentary chronicling magician James Randi's debunkings of faith healers, fortune tellers and psychics. 'The Amazing' Randi has been wowing audiences with his illusions, escapes and sleight of hand for over 50 years. When he began seeing his cherished art form co-opted by all manner of con artists, he made it his mission to expose the simple tricks charlatans have borrowed from magicians to swindle the masses. The film documents his rivalry with famed spoon-bender Uri Geller, whom Randi eventually foiled on a high-profile television appearance. Another target was evangelist Peter Popoff, whose tent-show miracles and audience mind-reading were exposed as chicanery when Randi revealed a recording of Popoff's wife feeding him information through a radio-transmitter earpiece. In telling Randi's strange, funny and fascinating life story, the film shows how we are all vulnerable to deception - even, in a surprising twist, Randi himself. (Repeat) See TV Magic. 23.6.18


Lior Manor: The London Workshop, Sunday 24th June. "Lior Manor may not be well known in the magic world, but that’s because he’s too busy flying around the world (always in First Class) doing shows for major corporations. He is known, however, to the elite of the magic and mentalism world. I have been to several of his lectures and, often, most of the attendees are other leading professionals. They come because they know Lior shares workable, money-making ideas that have been proven in the real world. He teaches the way he performs – with passion and with great humor. He's not to be missed!" Ken Weber. See for details. 23.6.18


West End Magic presents a comedy magic double-bill featuring Wayne Trice and Oliver Meech (today, Saturday 23rd June) in a fun-filled family-friendly show. Wayne will be transporting objects and reading minds, while Oliver will be "colliding magic and food". Tickets available online or on the door. Venue: Museum of Comedy, The Undercroft, St George Church, Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SR (Map). Saturday 23rd June at 4pm. Tickets and more info: Click Here. 23.6.18


Paul Vigil Lecture & Workshop - International Magic, London, 23rd June. From the organisers: Paul has been practicing the art of magic since the age of 5, and 10 years later Paul under took the challenge of becoming a professional performer in his native Salt Lake City. In 2002 Paul moved to Las Vegas to join the ranks of the world's finest magicians. Paul’s creative contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers. We are delighted to have Paul for both a lecture and one-off workshop on Saturday 23rd June. Paul's lecture will be covering material from both of his sought after books: Classic Fantastic and The Doors of Deception. This material includes magic and mentalism for use in close-up and parlour. His workshop will cover more advanced material with a deeper focus on detail. Workshop £75 per person. Start Time 1pm. Lecture £15 per person. Start 5pm (finish approx 7pm). Venue: 2nd Floor, Casa Italiana, 136 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DL (Map). Advanced booking essential - please email 23.6.18


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