Number 1031 - 28th March 2020


The Virtual Mentalism Convention - this weekend! Luca Volpe and a team of friends and artists are ready to present a wonderful mentalism marathon this weekend. 22 hours of international stars for the very first Virtual Mentalism Convention! If you are a magician, illusionist or mentalist, join the Facebook group: Click Here (also see Saturday 28th March at 1pm CET, 12 noon GMT, 8am ET, and Sunday 29th March at 1pm CET, 12 noon GMT, 8am ET. 28.3.20


Online Meetings Every Tuesday at The Order of the Magi - and you're invited! Mike Sharples writes: On Tuesday 24th March myself and several other members took part in the Order of The Magi's very first online/social distancing meeting (what a way to end our 110th year of magic in Manchester). This was set up by Stuart Cassel and our thanks go out to him for all his efforts. This was definitely a first for the society and we are trying to find out if this was a world first as well. Can anyone shed any light on this? We will be holding more meetings like this, take a look at the website for more details:


The information went out on Twitter and social media platforms. We have had a number of people that follow the society, Stuart, and myself, on Twitter asking if they can join in with the next one. We are planning this for Tuesday 31st March at 7.30pm GMT. The answer is of course, the more the merrier, all you need is a pc/ laptop/tablet with a camera and microphone and you can join in. Just remember it is going out live, so make sure you are dressed in more than your pyjamas, I have a very fragile mind. Please note this wasn’t a lecture, it was just a bunch of magicians having a chat and bringing their own drinks. Best wishes and stay safe from Mike Sharples and everyone at The Order of the Magi. 28.3.20


Free: Merlins of Wakefield Magic Academy Live. Merlins write: Do you have a 10 to 16 year old at home? Are they looking for something different? Then why not get them interested in watching some Magic Tricks they can learn and perform? We are running a Magic Academy, online on Facebook Live, starting on Saturday 28th March at 1pm and it's free! For the first session all you will need is a regular pack of playing cards! Just go to the Merlins of Wakefield Facebook page to watch. Also see


Plus, for all magicians: A Daily Dem at 1pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with daily deals a Virus Daily Deal: Click Here. Plus, Mystery Stay at Home Packs - offer now extended whilst stocks last! Click Here28.3.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Dominic Wood and wife to be Sandi, on 'Children in Need' from 16th November 2001. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 28.3.20


United Kingdom Escape Artists 2020. The 18th Annual General meeting of the United Kingdom Escape Artists (UKEA) took place on Saturday, 14th March, in Northampton with a strong turnout of both professional and amateur escape artists. The meeting featured a number of lectures and presentations and also saw the 5th annual Mick Hanzlik Award competition and the 3rd David De-Val Award.

This year, the Mick Hanzlik Award was won by Andy Robertson from Scotland. Andy presented a full view escape from a pillory. His escape was indeed very different as often you see this type of escape either behind a curtain or other such barrier. Andy, however, did this not only in full view, but also with added restraints. The added restraints were a large hasp and locks, as well as handcuffs on extended chains. The Award is named after Houdini Historian and Master Locksmith Mick Hanzlik. 


Kevin Quantum Launches Free Daily Magic Lessons. MagicFest write: MagicFest Artistic Director Kevin Quantum is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Quantum Magic Lab’! With all the craziness in the world right now Kevin is going to use his powers for good for the next few months by creating daily magic tuition videos that he’ll be putting out on his YouTube channel! This is for geeks, kids stuck at home, or anyone who’s ever been intrigued by magic.

Magic is an amazing educational tool and we want to teach magician skills – performing, sleight of hand, we want to get you thinking, creating, making stuff. Of course Kevin is a magician-scientist so he’ll be putting a science spin on it all; not just how it works but the deeper secrets of why it works! Like a weird fusion of Hogwarts and CERN. The whole thing will be designed so you should have everything you need in your stationary drawer and your dry recycling bin. All you’ll need for the first lesson is an elastic band (or hair bobble) your hands and a table to sit at. Here it is: YouTube


Free Online Mentalism Show & Training. Comedy Mind Reader Jonathan Royle has released the videos of his entire evening theatre show "ESP: Egg, Sausage, Peas, A bizarre comedy psychic style show" just for magicians and mentalists, together with free access to over 6 hours of training videos that teach how the original routines were achieved. Click Here for more info. 28.3.20


Master Peek Envelope - Read My Mind. The Only Peek Envelope you'll ever need! Read My Mind Ltd are proud to present our 'Master Peek' envelopes! A custom made utility prop that allows you an easy, yet ultra deceptive peek of anything written onto the back of a business card. The Master Peek envelopes are not simply existing envelopes that have been modified. These envelopes have been designed and engineered from the ground up to be the absolute best in the business. The Master Peeks were designed and made for one thing... Peeking! Each Master Peek envelope is expertly manufactured from the highest grade Kraft Stock material to match existing envelopes already on the market. The increased thickness of the envelopes adds to their durability, creating another high quality professional mentalism product that you have come to expect from Read My Mind Ltd.


The Master Peek envelopes are reusable, and with care will last for years. At the time of writing this, Looch has been using the same set for nearly 18 months and it's still going strong! Each pack contains one gimmicked 'Master Peek' envelope and one un-gimmicked envelope. The envelopes are supplied blank ready for your customisation. Full instructions are provided via a password protected online video. For more info and to order visit


3 Card Joe by Joe Monti and PropDog - PropDog. Two sizes: Large or Small. Back by popular demand and this time, created by PropDog! These cards (Large "11 x 17") have been expertly engineered and beautifully screen printed on a special hard wearing plastic, with a coating that allows the cards to spread perfectly. So, why should I buy this set when there are others on the market? Here's why: This is not a small close-up card trick. The cards are big. It is a rare effect that plays as big and grand as an Illusion yet can be done up close as well as on stage! This will be the one routine you'll keep in your act because it's designed to bring the house down. It's like Three Card Monarch and Chase the Ace on Steroids! This is a professional effect for professionals! Three powerful segments of the routine validate your expertise as a skilled serious or comedy magician. You can play it either way. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, private shows, fund raisers, comedy clubs, cruise ships, children's shows, close-up, stage, and TV because the cards are held in front of you and above your waist for a bigger audience to view! Joe Monti takes you through the easy to learn method and demonstrates every move and nuance in detail on the enclosed DVDs. Theory included. This personal instruction alone is worth the price of the kit! Close-up Magicians become Stage Performers and Stage Performers will have a fresh new routine that can replace a big bulky illusion! If properly treated these cards will last for many years to come. Each set comes with a Joe Monti signed Certificate of Authenticity. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit (small) (large). 28.3.20


Have your mind read via email. Adam Hudson writes: As many of us continue to self-isolate, I am a specialist in Radio and Long Distance Mentalism and would like to offer any person currently self-isolating the opportunity to have their mind read via e-mail. The service is free of charge and comes with completely no strings attached. Just send me an e-mail introducing yourself to and we'll take it from there. Stay safe. 28.3.20


Dominic Twose Lecture DVD - International Magic. In this DVD, Dominic Twose presents some of his favourite card tricks from his book 'Impromptu Secrets', along with others that were not included in the book. This is more than just a display of excellent card tricks though. Here Dominic goes into great detail with the explanations, includes tips on moves, and finishes the lecture with his previously unpublished 'Cups & Balls' routine.

What's more - after the lecture was recorded, Dominic returned to London for an interview about his teacher and mentor, Fred Robinson. Dominic gives a great insight into Fred's character, describing how by chance he first met him. Then how Fred amazed him, baffled and impressed him. He then proceeds to demonstrate some of Fred's thinking on both moves and misdirection. Here we have a rare opportunity for an insight into the mind of one of Magic's Greatest Thinkers, Fred Robinson. See for full contents, more info, and to order. 


Impromptu Secrets, Dominic Twose - International Magic. 2nd Print Now Available. This book is aimed at magicians who want to perform card magic without any preparation. Magicians who want to pick up a pack of cards, anywhere, anytime and present miracles. It is not a book for beginners, likewise - it does not require expert skills, but it is a must have book for the card magician who knows the basic counts, moves etc.

With 34 impromptu card routines (plus 8 impromptu routines without cards), 10 moves, 4 previously unpublished Vernon variations and an essay on the Malini Colour Change, you can see why it caused such a stir on its publication. For those who are not already aware of Dominic Twose his magic knowledge is immense, he was a pupil of the legendary close-up magic expert Fred Robinson, he has studied classic material from the greats of magic for 40 years and is currently completing a book on Bruce Cervon. Here, in his first major release to the magic world is a book you'll treasure and keep referring to it again and again. See for reviews, more info, and to order. 


Dynamo Beyond Belief, Thursday 9th April, Sky One. "Series 1, Episode 1. Documentary following the magician on tour around the globe as well as charting his road to recovery from a career-threatening illness brought on by Crohn's disease." See TV Magic for details. 28.3.20


A Simple Guide to Creativity - Audio Book. Mark Leveridge Magic. Demystify the creative process and open up your mind to simple yet effective ways to improve your magic. Over the years, there have been a number of books which have sought to create some sort of ‘system’ to explain and to formalise the process of magical creation. The problem is that in seeking to explain and elucidate the process so much jargon and complex theorising takes place that the average reader is left with little that is understandable to work on at the finish.

A Simple Guide To Creativity Audio Book sets out to cut through the complexity and to present a guide that is totally understandable and above all will leave the listener with practical ideas to act upon. Creativity is not just about coming up with brand new tricks and ideas. In fact, in many ways this is the least likely form in which creativity will manifest itself. Creativity for most performers comes through the ways that we adapt and change the magic that we do in order to improve it or to make it more suitable for our skill level and ways of working.

This Audio Book will help you in practical ways to make those important improvements. In easy to follow stages, creativity is broken down and analysed and then concrete examples and strategies are explained to enable you to immediately go to work. Anyone who has the desire will be able to take the information imparted here and use it to make a difference. The Audio Book runs for 1 hour 26 minutes and the Chapters are: What Is Creativity?, Building Blocks For Creativity, What Does A Trick Consist Of?, The Core Effects and Creating A New Trick. Whether your aim is to come up with completely new effects or whether you simply want to effectively tweak what you already do, this Audio Book will give you a huge amount of information and support. See for more info and to order. 


Plum House, Wednesday 8th April, BBC Radio 4. "The curator Peter Knight finds unlikely TV fame when he is featured on an ancestry show helping Derren Brown trace his roots to the museum. Starring Simon Callow, Jane Horrocks, Miles Jupp, Pearce Quigley, Tom Bell and Louise Ford. See TV Magic for details. 28.3.20


Magic & Tech! Ebuyer, one of the UK’s leading online tech retailers is publishing a regular magic blog in conjunction with Magicseen magazine. The blogs will feature how tech is used in magic to create unusual and stunning effects. If any performers would like to write a blog relating to using tech in performance, please send it to Ebuyer supplies tech to many performers and venues, and is keen to feature magicians using tech. The Ebuyer blog gets over 40,000 hits per month and blog links are also sent out to many thousands of Ebuyer customers. If magicians are featured in any blogs, we’ll link back to their own personal websites. We also feature the blogs on Twitter and Facebook which has over 100K followers. Here are two magic blogs: Can Uri Geller fix a laptop with his mind? and Magic & Tech featuring the brilliant Keylan Leyser and Tony Chapek. 28.3.20


Special Measures From Magicseen Magazine. Magicseen write: In recognition of the extraordinary circumstances that we all find ourselves in, we at Magicseen have been discussing how we can best help our readers to survive and perhaps even thrive despite everything. Firstly, with more time at home for most of us, maybe the thought of having a magic magazine to read is attractive. So, for the next few weeks, while the crisis is on, we are offering special 6 month (3 issue) subscriptions, making a download sub just £12.00. You can also have the same deal on printed copy subs, although you should be aware that the next issue, #92 May 2020, will only be produced in digital format as we will be unable to print physical copies. We hope to return to normal for the July issue, but will need to take a decision nearer the time. At the same time as making these 6 month subs available, we are also selling all of our E-Books at 50% off, so there's no reason not to get some instant magical gratification while you are in this enforced period of idleness. Plus, we have just launched E-Book versions of Life's A Beach Volumes 1 and 2 by Gary Jones, which means that with the current offer you can download even these titles for half price! For more information and to order the mini 6 month subs or E-Books at 50% off please go to


Zane's Mind Reading Express Deck - Zane's Magic Shop. This brand new deck of cards created by Zane will enable the wonder worker to perform quick-fire mind reading magic! A deck of cards is mixed and spread face up to show the cards are in no particular order. Three spectators are asked to choose three cards at random from different parts of the deck by merely glimpsing at cards in quick succession and committing them to memory, all the while the wonder worker’s head is turned well away. The wonder worker then looks into each of the spectators’ eyes in turn and quickly and correctly names the thought of cards in an instant! For the last card, a prediction, which was written on a ‘Post-it Note’, and stuck to the card case before the card was even chosen and kept in full view is read out and proves to be correct! Commercial, quick, mind-blowing mentalism and so easy to do thanks to this special deck of cards! (This is completely different in method to the 'Tossed Out Deck' trick). For more info and to order visit www.zanesmagicshop.com28.3.20


Watch Mark Leveridge's April E-Video Newsletter For Free! On the 1st April the latest E-Video Newsletter will be released. Lasting 40 minutes it is a lively collection of ideas, magic and advice. Normally to access this video presentation you need either to be a member of E-Club Pro, Mark's online magic club, or you need to have a subscription to the newsletter itself, or even purchase individual access. Well, as a gesture of goodwill to all customers, Mark has decided that during the current crisis he will be making access to the E-Video Newsletter free to anyone! All you have to do is be signed up for Mark's free E-Club Lite membership. This means that you will receive, on the first of each month, an email newsletter full of interesting information and advice, and in that newsletter will be the link to the latest E-Video Newsletter. Access to each newsletter remains open for two months thus giving you plenty of time to enjoy the contents. This free access will continue for a few months or until such time as the coronavirus crisis has abated and we can all return to normal. To sign up for E-Club Lite go to and you will then receive the April newsletter with the link to the April E-Video Newsletter. 28.3.20


Zandman Book Tests back in stock - Workers Lounge. Illustrated: Sherlock Holmes by Josh Zandman & Theory 11. Instantly divine exactly which word the spectator is thinking of – with no forces of any kind. You riffle through the pages of a book and tell the spectator to say stop on any page – they can even change their mind. The spectator thinks of the first word on that page – it’s totally fair. Without asking any questions or having anything written down, you instantly know the exact word the spectator is thinking of. The best part? It’s remarkably easy. There’s nothing to memorise and the book is completely examinable. The Zandman Book Test gives you the freedom to perform a powerful mind reading miracle, anywhere at any time, without the need to memorise a single thing.

You can also hand out the book before, during, and after the performance – the spectator will find nothing. The method is practically undetectable, even under close examination. Two options are available – Gatsby and Sherlock. Each book can be used to accomplish the same effect on their own. However, by combining the two books, you will have access to a diabolical new method that will take your book test to even greater heights. Includes principles and subtleties by Larry Becker, Ted Karmilovich and Banachek, to bring your performance to another level. For over 10 years, the world’s most talented mentalists have included Zandman’s book test techniques in their shows and performances. Today, finally, it’s yours. The Zandman Book Test comes with one 4.25″ x 7″ paperback with over 200 pages and an HD streaming instructional video. Order from


10% Off Special - Zane's Magic Shop. Zane writes: I am happy to give 10% off all orders between now and May 2020! Customers would need to quote they are a 'MagicWeek reader'. Also, we have these in stock in the UK: Spider Pens £90.00, Tarantula £70.00, Deformer £95.00 and Oxbender £90.00. Phone for these products 01843 850036. www.zanesmagicshop.com28.3.20


Sunday Night at the London Palladium, Sunday 29th March on Talking Pictures. Jimmy Tarbuck hosts an episode of the variety show from 1965, featuring Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Charlie Drake and Henry McGee, Freddy Davis and Robert Harbin. See TV Magic for details. 28.3.20


David Budd MIMC. Remembered by John Davenport. I’m sad to report that David Budd MIMC of Leamington Spa died on Saturday 21 March. He was 90, had not been well for some time and died peacefully in a hospice. David’s name may not be well known to younger magicians but he was active on the cabaret circuit, particularly in the Midlands and London areas. David, with his wife Rita, had an act called Magic in Lavender. He often performed at The Magic Circle events and was great friends with John Salisse, who was for many years secretary of The Magic Circle.

David had a printing business which was often used by people in the worlds of magic and variety. Goodliffe, who was another good friend, was one such customer. David maintained his passion for magic and variety theatre in general and was well known at magic history events in the UK, continental Europe and the USA. He was particularly interested in exploring the history of his mentor Milton Woodward and was working on a book at the time of his death. David was terrific company and will be sorely missed by his family and friends. 


The Deckchair Dandies Visit Barry Island. A little light relief from MagicWeek favourites Jasper Blakeley and Frank E Haschka YouTube • "HONOR's new MagicBook 14 holds all the cards" Click Here • "Dynamo: Beyond Belief – Mesmerising trailer for return of TV magician" Click Here • "Magician Dynamo conjures up new show of tricks learnt on his road to recovery" Click Here • "Magician Steve Cohen on the Magic of Cocktail Making in Think-a-Drink" Click Here • "We wonder if this cat thinks that its hooman is a magician after this trick" Click Here • "St. Joseph magician remembers his colleague lost to Covid-19" Click Here • "Happy birthday Harry Houdini, a look at the magician’s glorious tricks" Click Here • "SXSW 2020 Interview: Alexis Manya Spraic on Preserving the Mystery of the Magic Castle in 'M for Magic'" Click Here • Finally, here's some useful information from HMRC for the self-employed: "Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme" • That's it for another week, many thanks to everyone who submitted news. Take lots of care. See you next week, Duncan. 28.3.20