Number 1033 - 11th April 2020


Britain’s Got Talent returns this evening at 8pm on ITV. Judges, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams are back on their thrones for the audition stages, which were recorded a number of months ago. Once again magic has done well. We can look forward to lots of magicians over the coming weeks, starting this evening with James and Dylan. Production has for now shut down of course, so we will have to wait for part two being the live semi-finals and final. DT.

"What happened when we went behind the scenes at Britain’s Got Talent"
"Amanda Holden hopes Britain’s Got Talent return will be ‘medicine for fans’ amid Coronavirus crisis"
"The most watched Britain’s Got Talent auditions of all time"
Russ Stevens is the man behind a lot of the magic that we see on BGT and was one of Jamie Allan's iMagician Live guests on Friday: Here's Russ back in 1983 (complete with gothic make-over), this time in front of the camera, in Snowy White's 'Bird of Paradise' pop video:


The Magic Aces Present T'interweb Magic Live! Our full Q&A line up is now announced. We will be talking all things magic with the magic aces and sharing a few memories with you. We will also be joined by the organiser of the Hope for Justice Midlands Magic Convention, Rob Harper, to talk about what to expect from this highly anticipated convention once rescheduled. We will then be rounding things off with a chit chat with Josephine Lee to talk Illusions, international travel and Britain's Got Talent. Join in the chat and ask your questions Live on Wednesday 15th April from 7pm, here: www.facebook.com11.4.20


The Magicseen Lockdown Offer - Extended. A couple of weeks ago Magicseen announced a special offer on its entire range of PDF book downloads in which customers could benefit from a 50% reduction simply by typing the word lockdown into the coupon box on the shopping cart page and then clicking the 'apply coupon' button. This proved very popular as it made already competitively priced e-books even more stunning value. In response to the demand, Magicseen has decided to extend the offer right through to the end of April, so now is the perfect time to complete your set of Magicseen's e-book range. So whether you want to get your hands on some of the older titles such as Best of British, or whether you want to enjoy the recently added Life's a Beach Vols 1 and 2 from Gary Jones, now is definitely the time to do it before the offer closes in a couple of weeks time. For more information and to order go to www.magicseen.com11.4.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week John Lenahan on 'The Big Stage' from 17th December 1999. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here11.4.20


Treecave is a supplier of original eBooks for the modern magician, featuring contributions from up and coming magicians, as well as established creators and performers. They are always looking for new ideas and effects, so if you have an original routine or idea that you would like to see in print, get in touch to make it happen and share your ideas. With full graphic design and publishing facilities, Treecave can take your idea and turn it into a professional eBook at no cost!


Jamie Allan's iMagician Live - Every Friday at 7pm. Jamie and his team broadcast a live show on Facebook every Friday at 7pm. The show has received rave reviews for its content and production. It's a mixture of fun, star interviews and magic. Visit Jamie's public Facebook page to find out more, watch the next show on Friday, or catch up with previous episodes here:


Marvelous Poker Pro Chip All-In (gimmicks and online instructions) by Matthew Wright - from Merlins. Part of the Marvelous Poker Pro Chip Range, 'All In - Series One' is all three of the Poker Pro Series One releases in one bargain package deal. Series One includes: Ante Gravity, The stunning floating 3 Fly effect RRP £50 Plus Straight Thru (Sharpie Thru), The modern Sharpie pen thru chip effect RRP £30 Plus The Hold'Em Chip, a 4-in-1 magnetic locking chip gimmick RRP £50. All three of these effects use matching chips and can be combined to create a multitude of different routines. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


TLeNaMoRF by Clint Barron. LeNaMoRF is an introduction to two person verbal and visual coding techniques, developed and used by The Vox Brothers; featuring simple to use, easy to remember powerful, effective methods, to transmit information from one person to another undetected. For more info and to order visit


L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index) - Stainless Steel Version. The only Billet Index you will ever need! Back in 2007, Looch set the Mentalism world on fire by introducing the L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index). This instantly sold out and was considered by the pro’s as one of the best billet indexes ever made. Over the years one of the most frequent requests from other mentalists, was for the L.P.I to be released again. A new generation of mentalists were desperate for this professional utility device to be made available, so they could learn more about it. Well, I am delighted to be able to announce that after years of research and development, this incredible product is finally back and better than ever!

Each L.P.I has been expertly manufactured in Stainless Steel and will last a lifetime of performance use. Load up your L.P.I with billets, folded business cards, or even currency and it will always be ready to assist you in producing mind blowing mental miracles for your audiences! Each Stainless Steel L.P.I comes with its own custom printed velvet bag and access to an eBook with detailed instructions. You will also be granted access to the Facebook owners group to share ideas and routines with each other. (Facebook account required). Find out more, visit


Brain Box - International Magic. A most unusual card trick - the card case is covered with images of playing cards. A pack of cards is inside the case and it's all simply handed to a spectator to choose any card on the case. It is then handed to another spectator who also chooses a card. The magician then proceeds to reveal both cards, by two totally different methods! For the first card - the magician proceeds to read the mind of the spectator, not only naming their card, but also proves it to be missing from the deck and actually in the magician's pocket. The second card is in the deck, but it's removed and turned over and has a Red Back while the entire remainder of the deck are blue. Two great tricks in one, that can be performed individually or together in a single performance. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit www.internationalmagic.com11.4.20


Pure Cards Across - Mark Leveridge Magic. Two sets of 10 cards are counted out fairly and openly onto a spectator’s hand before being dropped into two glass tumblers where they can be clearly seen. One at a time three cards are invisibly moved from one glass to the other, and when the piles are counted back onto the spectator’s hand again, the first glass only contains 7 cards and the other 13!

This is the classic cards across effect using a method that is completely move and sleight free. Everything happens at fingertips and there is no palming required, nor any special counts. Designed for a close-up or intimate parlour show, this routine is so open and fair looking that it seems impossible that three cards could migrate from one pile to the other. And yet they do! This comes as a Premier E-Routine which is a downloadable PDF text file featuring detailed written instructions and which has a link in it to take you to additional online performance and explanation footage. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


Mega Book Bundle - Neo Magic. For a limited time only, we are offering both of our best selling books Sky's The Limit and Beyond Limits for only £39.99. That is a massive saving of £10.00 with free delivery worldwide! Remember that the books can be signed (if required), please mention in the notes section at cart. Find out more - visit


The Cold Deck Cut Project - Download. This download covers Eddie’s work on Dai Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut. Eddie teaches the Cold Deck Cut (an excerpt from his 2019 lecture notes DVD) and then provides two of his own variations on the move: A one-handed variation - Eddie has modified the handling of the move so that he cuts with just one hand each time before executing a final cut to finish the sequence. A to the table variation - By combining the Mel Stover “Winnipeg Cut” with Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut, Eddie has developed a to the table handling so you can keep the deck in complete control in the process of cutting the cards to the table from dealers grip. As well as teaching these three cuts, Eddie also covers Mel Stover’s Winnipeg Cut, touching on a few details that make this well known cut worth your time. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


The Mark Leveridge April Podcast. If you have already watched the E-Video Newsletter mentioned a couple of weeks ago for free, now is the time to catch up with the latest free magic podcast from Mark Leveridge. The 30 minute audio file covers the following topics: What the coronavirus means to us magicians. Do table hopping magicians always have the right to interrupt people and insist that they watch some magic? Tony Middleton suggests how you can get a hotel residency, and Mark wonders whether this is good practice for all entertainers. We need to lead bookers to the right type of booking conditions, not just accept what they think that they want. Mark announces a new E-Book release featuring coins and purses. There is no substitute for the live performance as a means to refine new magic. You can get access to this podcast as well as many of the back issues either from or  from where you can also sign up to be a follower. 11.4.20


The Davenport Collection website - a growing resource on magic and entertainment history. The Davenports have been accumulating magic, puzzles, jokes, novelties and related ephemera ever since Lewis Davenport founded Davenports magic business in 1898. But it was not until the summer of 2016 that this website was started. Four years on, there are hundreds of items available with more being added. In addition to items from the Davenport Collection, many magic historians have agreed for their conference talks to be added to the website in downloadable PDF format, see: Anyone with an interest in the world of magic and entertainment will find something to interest them. In addition, if you wish to receive an e-newsletter about updates four times a year, simply contact the Curator via and ask to be added to the circulation. 11.4.20


Zane's PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0. You will enjoy unbelievable reactions using Zane’s very practical and easy to use PK Magnet Accessory Kit in conjunction with a PK item such as a PK coin or PSY-KEY. As used by top professional close-up magician Zane in the UK and many other magicians worldwide, including Dynamo! Thousands of magicians use Zane's 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit' - find out what it's all about. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit www.zanesmagicshop.com11.4.20


Friday Night Dinner. Dad's Birthday. Dad seems terribly miserable on his birthday, and no one seems to know the reason why. Mum, Adam and Jonny are dumbstruck when he finally reveals the reason is that he's realised he'll never go into space because he has used a website to calculate the date he's going to die. Jim conjures up some special "tricks" for the occasion and Grandma Goodma - aka Horrible Grandma - turns up uninvited, thus making a terrible birthday the worst yet. [A little trivia, Jim, played by Mark Heap, is actually a skilled juggler and was half of 'The Two Marks' a double act that won the Covent Garden Time Out Street Entertainer of the Year competition in 1987. DT]. See TV Magic for details. 11.4.20


Leamington and Warwick Magic Society Day of Magic - update. John Needham writes: The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society Day of Magic on 24th June 2020 has been cancelled this year due to the virus. See The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society website and Facebook page for information.


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