Number 1034 - 18th April 2020


Potter & Potter's May, 2020 Sale to Present Almost 600 Lots of Visually Stunning Posters, Apparatus, Ephemera, Archives, and Other Provenanced Magicana. This auction features a remarkable assortment of Houdiniana, including postcards, photographs, letters, and other memorabilia with direct ties to the legendary magician and escape artist. Potter & Potter Auctions is excited to announce its upcoming Magic Auction to be held on Saturday, May 2nd starting at 10am, CDT. Given the current public health situation, this sale will be streamed live from Potter & Potter's gallery and held on Bids can be placed on the company's website. Phone and absentee bidding are available as well. All lots are available for preview now on Potter & Potter's website. [I've picked out just one item here which a lot of you will recognise with fondness. This auction really does have some wonderful lots. DT]. 18.4.20


Record-breaking number of magicians tune in to Vanishing Inc.’s ShareMagic: Live. More than 30,000 magicians attended this free, international online magic convention, making it the biggest event in magic history. On Sunday, April 5th, Vanishing Inc. hosted ShareMagic: Live, the first-ever international online magic convention. With more than 30,000 magicians tuning in from around the globe and over a dozen performers, this exclusive free session was the biggest magic event in history. "When we were first planning ShareMagic: Live, we anticipated that maybe a few hundred magicians might join," said Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Andi Gladwin. "Even in our wildest dreams, we could have never imagined the impact ShareMagic: Live would have and are so grateful to everyone that helped us create something truly special at a time we could all use it most."

ShareMagic: Live was a more than 5-hour extravaganza featuring a world-class lineup of professional magicians. Viewers were treated to a variety of special lecturers covering topics ranging from magic tricks to magic theory and improving your social media presence. The event also featured an interview with Justin Willman, who offered an in-depth look at the creative process behind his Netflix show Magic For Humans and his touring stage show. To the delight of everyone in attendance, Dynamo also joined the broadcast as a surprise guest to share a positive update on his health and discuss his latest television special Beyond Belief.


During ShareMagic: Live, Vanishing Inc. also announced their new ShareMagic video series. Billed as "TED Talks for Magic," these special videos feature "exceptional magicians telling exceptional stories" designed to inspire magicians to think critically about their magic. Videos from a variety of professional magicians will be posted regularly to view for free at www.sharemagic.org18.4.20


School of Hard Tricks - BBC Three. Six strangers, battling personal challenges of their own, have just three weeks to join forces to master the art of magic for a performance in a sold out theatre. Can it be done? Now on iPlayer: Click Here. "Bradford strangers learn magic in just three weeks on BBC School Of Hard Tricks"


The Young Magicians and the 24 Hour Telepathy Plot by Nick Mohammed. The Young Magicians are back in the second instalment of this fabulously funny, trick-filled adventure from comedian and actor, Nick Mohammed. Follow Alex, Jonny, Zack and Sophie as they use their incredible real magic skills to get to the bottom of an impossible crime. The gang are away at a magic convention when they discover something unspeakable - someone is trying to poison the president of the Magic Circle! The secret society is stumped - but can these intrepid illusionists get to the bottom of who's trying to do in President Pickle?

Nick Mohammed has been a member of Bradford Magic Circle for 18 years and in 2012 was made an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. He is also a rising star in the comedy world, and increasingly in demand as an actor, writer and comedian. He appeared as Casper in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, as Tim Grimes in The Martian and as Ariyaratna in Bridget Jones’s Baby. He has just written and starred in Sky One’s comedy series, Intelligence, alongside David Schwimmer. This title will be released on May 7th. To pre-order via Click Here


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week the second 'Tribute to Tommy Cooper' produced by ITV from 16th September 1986. With tributes from: Russ Abbott, Eamon Andrews, Ronnie Barker, Max Bygraves, Cannon & Ball, Jim Davidson, Benny Hill, Eric Sykes and Mike Yarwood. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here18.4.20


Receive the May issue of Magicseen for free! From the publishers: For a number of reasons related to the current pandemic, the May issue of Magicseen, which is about to be published, will only be available in a digital download format. This means that anyone who has a printed copy subscription will receive their copy of issue 92 as a download only. We regret the necessity for this but unfortunately circumstances beyond our control makes this unavoidable. However, all printed copy subscribers will have their subscription lengths extended by one issue so that they will still eventually receive the correct number of printed copies that they have paid for. Technically this means that printed copy customers will be receiving the May issue at no cost. This situation will apply to anyone else who signs up for a printed copy subscription at this time too. So, if you are not a current reader of Magicseen, why not take out a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year subscription right now and ensure that you receive a free digital copy of the May issue? It's something for nothing, so take advantage by subscribing now at www.magicseen.com18.4.20


Introducing Free-Buys from Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge Magic write: Things are tough for many people at the moment and in recognition that we all could do with a bit of cheering up, Mark Leveridge is setting up Free-Buys. Each week, starting on a Saturday for the foreseeable future, one of Mark's products from his range of download magic will be made available completely free to anyone who places an order of any size in that week. The Free-Buy might be an e-book, or a Premier E-Routine, or a TricKlip Video effect, and it will be available for one week before being replaced by a different product. To receive your Free-Buy all you have to do is place an order at some point during the week with Mark Leveridge Magic and on receipt of the order we will send you an email with a link to download the Free-Buy gift. This week the Free-Buy is a TricKlip Video product called ATM. This is a funny close up routine in which a card box acts like a portable cash dispenser which accidentally makes a spectator's credit card disappear! To see a dem of this routine go to, and remember, you will receive the link to get this effect free when you place any order with MLM before midnight on Friday 24th April. 18.4.20


Parlour Tricks by Rhys Morgan and Robert West. Parlour Tricks by Morgan & West is a deep dive into the mechanics of putting together a parlor magic show. This acclaimed duo have performed all over the world and their personas are that of time-traveling Victorian magicians. They are among the most unique acts in the industry, and for the first time ever, they explain not only their full show, but also how they approach assembling a magic show.

In 356 full-color pages, you'll learn a dozen routines and host of new theories. They also provide their complete annotated scripts so that you can understand why they say what they say, and how the words mesh with the mechanics of a show. You'll learn about sequencing a show and how Morgan & West go about material selection.

You'll learn signature effects like "Ring on Ribbon," "Thought-of Cards Across," and a book test without a book, plus much more! While Morgan & West perform as a duo, All of this material is easily adapted for solo performers, and all of the advice and theory is applicable to solo magicians. Bonus: To help ensure the best learning experience, we're also including the full show performance by Morgan & West so that you can enjoy and appreciate the contents of the book live and in action. Hardbound. Full color. 356 pages. 206 photographs. Order from


A Matter of Taste - International Magic. What a great little packet card trick this is. A set of eight cards are shown, each has a picture of a popular drink beautifully printed onto its face. The cards are turned down and given a little mix, any chosen drink is revealed in a novel way - using one finger, the performer tastes the back of the card and names the drink. This can be repeated over and over, each time the correct drink is named. Pretending to hear a spectator say they must be marked, the performer, now has a drink selected and instantly placed under a beer mat (or similar), There's no way the performer can see the card, yet by tasting the vapors above the mat, the drink is named. All handed for thorough examination and as close as they want to look, there are no markings at all to be found. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit www.internationalmagic.com18.4.20


Ring and String Deluxe - Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge’s original Ring and String routine comprised of four moves – 1 ring on and 3 ring off handlings – and as No.6 in the Master Routine Series, it has proved hugely successful and popular for many years. This PDF download features the original four moves plus two further ones making it a comprehensive collection of great looking ring and string handlings.

There are two ‘ring on’ moves, including Mark’s famous Dip Down Move which is considered by many to be one of the best ring moves ever created, and four ‘ring off’ handlings, including Mark’s Squeeze Move which has fooled many magicians never mind lay people. The supplied PDF explains each of the moves clearly and succinctly, and the text is accompanied by some excellent colour photos which really help to make everything easy to understand. With no gimmicks required (you simply borrow a finger ring and use any length of cord or round shoelace), this is the ultimate selection of natural looking moves with which to amaze and entertain your audiences. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


The Classic Pass - Download. In this download, Eddie McColl covers his handling of the Classic Pass. Eddie has spent years combining several different techniques from Derek Dingle, Hoffman, Gordon Bruce and Roy Walton to create a pass that is very slow and silent. Everything you need in a classic pass. As well as detailing the Classic Pass, in this download, Eddie touches on a tip from Roy Walton regarding having a continuing action following a sleight. This idea takes a sleight from being a move to being part of something else, which acts to hide the work. See


The PK Magnet DVD by Zane. Learn the secrets of performing amazing PK stunts from PK expert Zane! Including an in-depth lesson on using Zane's best selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'. For the first time on DVD professional magician and psychokinesis expert Zane will teach you how to perform incredible PK stunts that will amaze your audience and help build your reputation! For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit www.zanesmagicshop.com18.4.20


Vinny Sagoo's Colourful Kings. A trick fit for Royalty! Here's the effect: You show a small wallet with a prediction, which you place face down on the table. You also show a packet of cards with blue backs, telling the spectator that they are the four Kings. Ask them to name either the red or the black Kings? Imagine that they select the black Kings. You say that you had predicted in advance that they would select the black Kings and proceed to fan the packet of cards to show that the two black Kings are face up. The spectator is then asked to name any one of the black Kings? The King of Clubs is selected and when it is turned over, it has a green back, different from the rest. However, when your prediction is turned over, it has the word green written on it. You then show the other black King to have a yellow back. For the finale, the spectator is probably wondering about the red Kings, well when you turn those over, they have the words different colours written on them! Find out more, visit:


Greg Frewin's 2nd International Stars of Magic Show in Support of the Niagara SPCA Humane Society: YouTube18.4.20


Tommy Cooper: In His Own Words. An affectionate look back at Tommy Cooper's life and career. Sir Michael Parkinson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Chris Tarrant and others reflect on what made Tommy Cooper one of the greatest ever entertainers. Colleagues talk about working with him, and his daughter Vicky reveals her feelings about her father. Sunday 26th April. See TV Magic for details. 18.4.20


News Submissions. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news (major and minor), but please remember the news deadline: Thursday if possible; final deadline 12 noon Friday. Many thanks, DT. 18.4.20


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