Number 1035 - 25th April 2020


Norm Nielsen. February 17th 1934 – April 21st 2020. Norm Nielsen's silent manipulation act was quite simply one of the finest magic acts in the world, ever. I loved watching it growing up and was lucky enough to have seen him both live and on television. I only met Norm Nielsen on a couple of occasions, but always felt a real warmth from him. I have a recording of a UK television appearance from 1984 that I've uploaded to the MagicWeek Video Archive this week. Norm Nielsen is survived by his wife, Lupe Nielsen, and his two daughters, Jenna and Alexandra Nielsen. Lupe has written a brief biography on Sending love, Duncan Trillo. 25.4.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, Norm Nielsen, in a guest appearance on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 1st September 1984. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see the full MagicWeek Video Archive to date Click Here25.4.20


Mr. Swallow: Houdini - Soho Theatre On Demand. Nick Mohammed, The Pleasance, Soho Theatre and United Agents to release Mr. Swallow: Houdini on Soho Theatre On Demand. Proceeds to go to NHS Charities Together and arts charities supporting those in need.

Nick Mohammed, The Pleasance, Soho Theatre and United Agents are delighted to announce the digital release of Mr. Swallow: Houdini – freeing from the shackles of 2017 the Mr. Swallow-anointed, first-ever entirely true auto-biopic of legendary magician Harry Houdini. Mr. Swallow: Houdini will premiere on Soho Theatre On Demand via a live screening at 7pm on Wednesday 29th April and will be available to stream until 20th May, for a minimum donation of £4.

In these worrying times of global pandemics and lockdowns, who better to lift your spirits than the eccentric tour de force that is Mr. Swallow, a man willing to pay the ultimate homage to Houdini himself by recreating the master’s legendary underwater escape (and you thought your lockdown was bad??) Mr. Swallow is once again joined by his trusty assistants Mr. Goldsworth (David Elms) and Jonathan (Kieran Hodgson) as he charts his own inimitable interpretation of Houdini’s life, fusing daredevil magic (his words), hilarious comedy (also his words) and a series of musical numbers that are, frankly, to die for (…yep).

Mr. Swallow said: “After a lot of back and forth with the powers that be on how I might be able to contribute to the pandemic, I figured, ‘what better way to relax than to watch me try and escape from a locked tank of water... all from the comfort and safety of your own home’.”

All proceeds raised via the Soho Theatre On Demand release will go to charity, with 70% going to NHS Charities Together to support frontline workers leading the response to the Covid-19 emergency, with the remaining 30% put into a trust for comics most affected by the pandemic and the resulting financial instability.


Mr Swallow Houdini - to ‘Split-your-sides hilarious’ ★★★★★ Evening Standard
‘Pure escapism’ ★★★★★ Metro
‘One of the most incontrovertibly hilarious hours in town.’ ★★★★★ Guardian
‘A spellbinding feat of comic perfection.’ ★★★★★ Stage
"Mr Swallow - Houdini, comedy review: Enjoy the thrill of this escapist jollity"

"Mr Swallow: Houdini five-star review – a giddy feat of comedic derring-do"


Step One: Simply register (no charge) to create your 'Soho Theatre On Demand' account to stream the best in new independent comedy: (Mr. Swallow: Houdini will be listed shortly). 25.4.20


The Dodo magazine for March 2020 is a Roy Walton memorial issue containing rare Walton material and variations not from his books. This is available in limited numbers from Jerry Sadowitz. For details and prices, email jerrysadowitz@hotmail.com25.4.20


The Breather Deck. David Diamond of ‘Hand Cut-Stripper Decks’ is pleased to announce, that with kind permission of Eoin O’Hare, he is now producing ‘Breather Decks.’ An underground handmade gimmicked deck, that allows a chosen card, or cards, to be instantly located, from a genuine shuffled deck, and the shuffling can be done by a spectator! The work is almost invisible to the human eye. The secret has baffled leading magicians and laymen alike. Extremely easy to use. Look like a card expert in minutes rather than years. Learn more at


The Dave Campbell Legacy. Written by Peter Duffie with illustrations by R Paul Wilson. With recommendations by Roy Walton, Gordon Bruce, Andrew Galloway and Jerry Sadowitz among other great magicians, the quality of close-up magic contained within the pages of this book, is second to none. The routines are mainly card based and assume the reader already knows basic card handling skills, but that is all - if you can handle a pack of cards - this book will teach you some of the most powerful routines you'll ever come across and they'll go straight into your performance. For more info and to order visit www.internationalmagic.com25.4.20


The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 4. The fourth and final volume of the Card Magic set featuring the varied card magic of Mark Leveridge. The final volume of the Collected Card Magic series builds on the previous three volumes and finishes strongly with 10 excellent varied effects for close-up, stand-up and mentalism. For the full contents listing and to order visit


The Pass Project – Three additional handlings of The Pass (Download). In this download, Eddie teaches three elegant passes, giving you an arsenal of methods at your disposal. Having more sleights in your back pocket enables you to use the right one for the moment. The pass is a very powerful sleight and typically one that most magicians avoid for many different reasons. In this download, Eddie teaches three handlings that with practice will give you flexibility and confidence in using the move. These passes are not beginner level moves. Still, with regular practice and handling of the cards, you will soon be executing any of them with ease. Eddie also includes some of his insights into the pacing of your magic to make things even more deceptive. The discussion covers how to develop/establish moves so that they are less jarring when used within a sleight, what to think about when executing a pass deceptively, and looking at the softness of touch. See


Jay Fortune is offering a free mini-print of his latest Houdini portrait. Jay writes: Houdini’s name is legendary. He embodied the spirit of man overcoming obstacles. His struggle to escape from chains symbolises our daily struggle, reminding us that we too will escape from our current reality. With almost supernatural power, Houdini would conquer any challenge and emerge triumphant. At this time of struggle in our own lives, there is no better spirit to embody than that of Houdini. During this lockdown, as a feel-good gesture, I am gifting prints of my latest Houdini portrait free to magicians worldwide. To receive your mini-print for free, visit my store and enter the coupon code ‘STRENGTH’ at checkout. All you will then have to pay is p&p and the print is yours. Visit for details and T&Cs. 25.4.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 2. Mark is currently offering all customers a completely free product if they place any order this week, and the latest gift awaiting you is The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine. This downloadble TricKlip Video gives a live performance and full explanation of a commercial routine that Mark has been using for decades, both in his children's shows as well as when table hopping or strolling. The routine is fun, gets quickly to the point, and finishes on a strong note. Provided you already have (or can get hold of) three sponge balls you are all set to learn a routine that your lay audiences are going to love. You can watch a dem right now by going to and if you place any order before midnight on Friday 1st May, you will be sent a link to download your free gift. 25.4.20


Tonight at the London Palladium. (Repeat) Bradley Walsh returns to the famous London Palladium stage for an new series of the variety show. Featuring music from multiple BRIT Award-winner Emeli Sande, the amazing skills of the Chinese State Circus, a beautiful performance from Phantom of the Opera, magic from Pete Firman, and the very first TV performance of the brand new single from Steps. Saturday 2nd May on Virgin Media Three. See TV Magic for details. 25.4.20


The Good Magic Awards deadline is the 30th April, so there is still time to send in an application. The awards celebrate and support performers using magic to improve the lives of others, including work with disadvantaged groups, charities, hospital patients, schools, community groups, and those facing physical and psychological challenges. The scheme is being run by Richard Wiseman and The Good Thinking Society, and two awards of £1000 each are available. Visit for details. 25.4.20


Britain's Got Talent, more magic, tonight at 8pm. Ant and Dec host the 14th series of nationwide talent search, which sees a wide variety of acts, from comedians to contortionists, singers to spoon players, compete for the chance to win £250,000 and a coveted slot at the Royal Variety Performance. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams are once again on hand to judge this week's applicants, and each of them has the chance to put their favourite contestant straight through to the live semi-finals by awarding them the Golden Buzzer. See TV Magic for details. 25.4.20


Deluxe Wooden Pool Ball Vase - Merlins of Wakefield. This classic of magic is beautifully made from choice hardwoods and uses a genuine 2" pool ball. This really is one of the best hand-crafted Ball Vases available on the market today. This model is finely crafted by our own craftsman using the finest materials available and will enhance anyone's magic collection. Classic Ball Vases sell for many hundreds of pounds when they can be found. You can perform all the moves associated with this classic effect - amazing vanishes, appearances and transformations that generate huge applause! This is made by our own local craftsman here in the UK out of a single piece of hardwood. The pool ball numbers will vary, picture is for illustration purposes only. For more info and to order visit


Magicseen Issue 92 May 2020. Magicseen is pleased to announce that the very latest edition of the UK's only independent magic magazine has just been published. As previously stated, this issue will unfortunately only be available as a download, but if you take out a printed copy sub (6 month, 1 year and 2 year periods are available) before the July edition is published, you will receive the May digital copy free and your sub will start with the July issue. Issue 92 has star of Magic For Humans, Justin Willman, on the cover, and we learn from him exactly what it takes to break through with magic on TV. We also have interesting 'food for thought' articles from Steve Cook, who gives you some sage advice on performance, and Ian Brennan, who offers a round up of ways to promote your magic services. Martin Haderer returns with the concluding part of the Magic Of Austria in which he chats to several of that country's leading entertainers (and just note how much their plans for 2020 will have undoubtedly had to change since the article was written!), and Lucca Lucien explains how you can develop an amazing memory for both magic and general life purposes. All this plus the Masterclass, In The Phonebox, loads of Product Reviews, news, letters and more make issue 92 your ideal digital companion! To order go to www.magicseen.com25.4.20


"Unplugged Live" Russ Stevens, Guy Barrett and Russ Brown talking to Luke Dancy: YouTube25.4.20


Paul Gordon Interviews Harry Lorayne, April 2020. This two-hour interview, which focuses on Harry's books, includes some rare clips of Harry performing card magic live on TV, his memory act on The Johnny Carson Show, his Lightning Calculation act and two exciting impromptu card magic performances. See YouTube25.4.20


The World's  Biggest Online Group Show. James James writes: As a magician and busker I’ve been using To get tipped online when working on pitch. Latterly, I’ve been using it on any content I post online. It has shown a modicum of success. As the creator and founder of we see where we need to be and help. To that end, we’re producing an online 'group show' - The World's Biggest Online Group Show. Each artist creates a 3 minute video. We host it, do the editing where required, create materials that you can use to promote the show, and when tipped by a spectator, pay out the artists on a regular basis. It’s all better explained here: Follow the path it lays out, experience what your spectator will, register, create your content and join our growing Facebook group. 25.4.20


A Day of Magic with David Copperfield. "Ever wondered the secrets to some of the classic magic tricks that still stun audience members? Here's your chance to get some insider info from one of the all-time greats. Magician David Copperfield is offering the ultimate experience for a lucky magic fan, and you'll be joined by fascinating extremist and performer David Blaine. You'll start the day in—get this—a secret museum. This mysterious museum showcases items used by great magicians throughout history like Houdini, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston and more. After your museum tour, Copperfield will demonstrate famous tricks like levitation and "cutting off" your head. If you're an aspiring performer or a fan of magic, this ALL IN experience is not to be missed! 100% of the money raised through this Game/Auction will go directly to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry." See www.fanatics.com25.4.20


B'Wave Deluxe (Gimmicks and Online Video Instructions) by Max Maven - Zane's Magic Shop. B'Wave Deluxe now includes a full instructional video from Max Maven himself, teaching for the first time ever all his latest handling, scripting, and theories. The kit comes complete with multiple sets of gimmicks, so you can perform with Queens, Kings, or Jacks. Plus, you'll get blank cards as well as Jokers in case you want to use 'normal' cards only. "The best packet trick of the 20th century." - Eugene Burger. Find out more and watch a video demo at  www.zanesmagicshop.com25.4.20


Article on the history and changing attitudes to animal acts. Philip M. Bond ('Bondini')writes: Calling all animal acts. I am researching for an article on the history and changing attitudes to animal acts in the UK and abroad with reference to magic acts and variety, as opposed to circus. I shall be pleased to hear from anyone who currently uses any animal or bird in their work, or who has done so in the past. Also anyone thinking of doing so, or who has had their plans thwarted by public opinion or officialdom. Please email and I’ll contact you for a discussion. Thank you. 25.4.20


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