Number 1036 - 2nd May 2020


Britain's Got Talent Unseen. Last week's auditions that didn't go out on the main show, but can now be seen on the ITV Hub, or on YouTube. DT.

Sean Heydon. "Magic man Sean Heydon wows with time travelling trick! Ever fancied going back in time? Magician Sean Heydon has just the trick... Taking card tricks to a whole new dimension (and time zone!), watch as he leaves everyone wondering how did he do that?!" YouTube.

René 'Mazing. "Like your magic with a side of laughs? You'll love René 'Mazing! If you like a side of giggles with your magic acts, you've come to the right place. Watch as René 'Mazing ropes David in as his glamorous assistant and wows us all!" YouTube.

Bill Cheung. "Bill Cheung works his magic! We challenge you to try and guess how the unbelievable Bill Cheung works his magic... Watch as he takes card tricks to a whole new level and ropes in Amanda as his glamorous assistant!" YouTube2.5.20


"Nick Mohammed interview: 'I was chomping at the bit to do something hair-raising'"

Watch the full theatre show online via www.sohotheatreondemand.com2.5.20


For my next trick: Dynamo's mission to bring back magic. "In a world of deep fakes and augmented reality has magic lost its power to thrill? The performer Dynamo says we need it now more than ever..." To read Sam Wolfson's full article in The Guardian Click Here2.5.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, David Blaine: Above the Below Live. From 8th September 2003. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see the full MagicWeek Video Archive to date Click Here2.5.20


James More talks developing new magic skills during the pandemic. "World-renowned British magician James More chatted with Digital Journal while quarantined in Portugal during the COVID-19 pandemic. He underscored that this is a good time to hone new skills in his craft..." To read the full story by Markos Papadatos in Digital Journal see www.digitaljournal.com2.5.20


Cards in a Bottle by Chris Harding. Chris Harding writes: The Cards in a Bottle is a version of what are widely referred to as "Impossible Bottles" - a bottle (usually glass) that contains fully functional everyday objects inside that are far too big to have conceivably passed through the neck of the bottle. The master and pioneer of the concept was the great Harry Eng and it is to him that myself and fellow "bottle makers" around the world owe a huge debt of gratitude for the concept and inspiration. "Eng's Bottles" as they are known, are now highly collectible items and are still, in my opinion, the finest pieces of impossible craftsmanship of the genre. My own "Cards in a Bottle" work is a bug that bit me in my early teens after reading about Harry Eng in a chapter of a magic book, in the late 90's. Each bottle I make takes many hours of patience and care, however I have come to find it extremely therapeutic work; almost a sense of escapism from the often high-energy lifestyle of performing, not to mention taking care of a wife, two children, three dogs and a cat! For more information and to see the range on offer visit


Diverting Card Magic by Andrew Galloway - International Magic. This book is a 'must read' for any performer intent on improving their performance in close-up magic, particularly card magic. In the pages of this hardback book, Andrew Galloway goes into great detail on where, when and how to use misdirection in your routines.

He begins by explaining how Misdirection should be applied in some of the necessary card sleights; 'The Glide', 'The Double Lift', 'The Pass' and 'The Top Change'. He then proceeds with some excellent routines, including the application of Misdirection at the appropriate moments, with comments at the end of each routine concerning where and why the Misdirection is used. Routines explained are: A Trick For Jack Avis, The Bluff Force, The Bluff Colour Changing Pack, The Horowitz Variation, One Two Three, Four Aces, Do As Al Baker Did, Rosini's Legacy, Flying Solo, The Fib Finder, A Regular Brainwave, The Undercover Cards and Just A Drop.

This is more than just a card trick book though, the intention is that you study and understand why Misdirection works, and that you, the reader, continue to use this same thinking in other routines you may be performing. For more information and to order visit (First published in 1980. Don't miss out this time around)


Punch & Judy in the Nude. Quentin Reynolds writes: Eighteen months ago Tim Bromage, a friend from Cardiff was visiting. He had never seen a Punch & Judy show. With just my hands I performed a short scene for him. He later mentioned it to a gallery director who asked if I would make a video of the show with no puppets and no booth. What I call, "Punch & Judy in the nude." Last August I went down to South Wales and at 7.30pm, on Penarth pier, with me facing the sun, recorded the show, with the odd person passing by. It was to be used as part of a gallery arts exhibition, the video of me gesticulating playing mute on a screen looked odd, but when you pressed a button you got the sound and all became clear. I had forgotten about it until yesterday when Tim sent me a link to Vincent Gambini's blog, where he talks about it and it has a link to the full performance. See: Watch the video: www.vimeo.com2.5.20


New Release from Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge is pleased to announce the publication of volume 5 in the Professional Worker Series of advice e-books. Entitled Keeping Control, this 35 page digital publication is packed with pertinent advice about how, by keeping proper control of both the whole show process and also of the spectators themselves, you can improve the quality and consistency of your performances. Mark gives advice taken from his many years as a full time pro on how to control everything from performance nerves, to the show environments, right through to managing effectively the attention of the spectators. He looks at situations for both adult and children's show workers, and offers many tips and practical ruses to ensure that you stay in control of your show rather than the show controlling you. This fascinating e-book is designed for those who want to improve their performances, no matter how experienced they may be already. For more information and to order go to


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 3. Brainstormer is one of Mark Leveridge's most popular card routines, and this week you can receive the Premier E-Routine instructions for the effect completely free if you place an order for something else from Mark's online catalogue. The plot of Brainstormer is fun and intriguing. The performer casually spreads a deck between his hands, to show that all the cards are blank both back and front. Splitting the deck, he explains that one half comprises of all the red cards, and the other half of all the black cards. The spectator is invited to name any red card and then from the red pile to touch the one he thinks might be his named card. The performer claims that the spectator has got exactly the right card! The magician then names any black card and removes one from the black half and claims he is right too. It all appears just to be a joke! However, the two cards are now placed on top of the opposite colour piles and then cut to the centre. Ribbon spreading the cards again the two freely named cards are suddenly seen to be the only two printed card faces in the entire deck! No rough and smooth, no deck or packet switches, this is dynamite! You can watch a dem right now by going to and if you place any order before midnight on Friday 8th May, you will be sent a link to download your free Brainstormer gift. 2.5.20


Jamie Allan's iMagician Live - online every Friday evening at 7pm. Jamie and his team broadcast a live show on Facebook every Friday at 7pm. The show has received rave reviews for its content and production. The show is a mixture of fun, star interviews and magic. Visit Jamie's public Facebook page to find out more, watch the next show on Friday, or catch up with previous episodes:


Introducing Scenesaver. "Scenesaver is, in effect, like Netflix but for performance. The site is completely free. Performers upload footage of a complete show and subscribers log on and make a donation to watch and 100% of this money then goes to the creatives. Scenesaver has performances of all genre including magic and so long as it is a full length performance it does not have to have been staged. If people want to get creative and record a new show from their home that is fine." See to find out more. "Coronavirus: 'Netflix for theatre' set up to showcase Off-West End productions"


Hoffmann's Jumping Card - Zane's Magic Shop: "A very old classic of magic - but still as effective today! This prop was described by Professor Hoffmann on page 130 of his Modern Magic, making it over a hundred and forty years old. But the title of the book is not a misnomer, and the item is as effective today as it was over a century ago. It has an element of surprise and audience participation that is bound to get a reaction, even from people bored with card tricks. Three cards are selected from a deck of cards. The cards are returned to the deck. The deck is shuffled and placed in an attractive wooden houlette. You pick up the houlette and walk into the audience. Within inches of the audience, you ask someone to blow on the box, apparently to make the selected cards rise, but it seems they blew too hard! Instantly the three chosen cards fly out of the box and flutter to the stage." For a full description and to order visit www.zanesmagicshop.com2.5.20


Get Your Act Together. Actor Nigel Havers is mentored by ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, 1980s pop star Sinitta teams up with pole fitness expert Bendy Kate, TV presenter Gaby Roslin is coached by extreme juggler Marcus Monroe, comedian Rufus Hound joins magician Jamie Allan, and rapper Chip (formerly Chipmunk) collaborates with the Shaolin Monks. Host Stephen Mulhern follows the rehearsals leading up to the contestants' big performances as they compete for a place in the final alongside last week's winning act, Ray Quinn. Saturday 9th May on Virgin Media Two (repeat). See TV Magic2.5.20


The Houdini Stunt by Phil Peters - Merlins of Wakefield: "Many people believed that Houdini could dematerialize and materialize elsewhere! You demonstrate Houdini’s incredible escaping ability with this easy to do card effect. Houdini escapes from a Jail cell only to appear inside a spectator’s pocket! Beautifully produced full colour cards depicting jail cells and the great Houdini himself." For a full description and to order visit


Beating The Odds - Mark Leveridge Magic: "A deck of cards becomes a stable of 52 horses. The horses are shuffled by a spectator and the deck is placed down. The performer then writes down the name of one of the horses on a pad and places it sight unseen in view on the table. This is a prediction of a horse that he believes will win an imaginary race in a few moments time. Spreading the deck, a spectator is invited to touch one at a time completely at random seven horses. These are removed and held in a pile. He then selects any number from one to seven. Using the chosen number, horses are eliminated in the pile one by one until there is just one left. Despite the random nature of all that has gone before, the horse is the one named on the magician’s prediction." For more info, a video demonstration and to order visit


Tanked. Love is an Illusion. "The guys are asked to build a Harry Houdini inspired tank for magicians in Los Angeles. Plus, Wayde King plans out how to celebrate his wedding anniversary to Heather." Wednesday 13th May (50 minutes) on DMax (repeat). See TV Magic2.5.20


News Deadline reminder. Please submit news by Thursday if possible - absolute deadline 12 noon Friday, no exceptions. Many thanks, DT. 2.5.20


Doris Derris. John Styles writes: Sad to report the death of John Derris' wife, Doris, who passed away on Friday, 24th April, 2020 aged 96. They had been married 66 years. Following a fall at home she had been confined to a Care Home. Doris was the sister of Jack Avis - the magical creative and technical genius who, in the 1950's and 60's along with Roy Walton and Alex Elmsley, were this country's leading pioneers in close-up magic. Condolences are extended to John and family. 2.5.20


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