Number 1037 - 9th May 2020


Britain's Got Talent Unseen. Last week's auditions that didn't go out on the main show, but can now be seen on the ITV Hub, or on YouTube. DT.

Mark Shortland. "Trickster Mark Shortland plays magical chairs with the BGT Judges! Fancy a spot of musical, we mean magical, chairs with the BGT Judges?! Magician Mark Shortland has you covered! Watch as his fellow Judges finally get to sit in Simon's hot seat and are wowed by some seriously impressive trickery. How does he do that?!" YouTube.

Jez Bond and Bondini. "Risky Business! magical father and son duo Jez Bond and Bondini bring the Danger! As a well-prepared magician, when your glamorous assistant lets you down, there's only one thing to do... Rope in your dad! It's a (very risky) family affair for Jez Bond and Bondini, as they mix magic with danger and a fair amount of rocket power!" YouTube9.5.20


Luis de Matos Drive-In - a new kind of magic show! From the promoters: Strongly interactive, specially designed to take place in a "Drive In" format, in the Estúdio33 car park in Ansião, Portugal. Where the road ends the magic begins, in absolute safety from the comfort of your car, spectators will enjoy a unique live, special, unforgettable show. With a duration of 70 minutes, the experience was designed with the utmost respect for physical distance. Even with the gradual lifting of the confinement measures, the public will take some time to feel tranquility and pleasure in watching shows in traditional venues again. "Luis de Matos Drive-In" is the creative, original and safe answer, in an exceptional time that forces everyone to think differently. A show for the whole family. For more information visit: Click Here9.5.20


Edward Hilsum's one-to-one Skype sessions: Edward Hilsum is now offering one-to-one Skype sessions, giving advice to anyone who wants to improve their magic. Whether you have a new idea you’d like to make a reality, or a piece you’d like to work on, Edward can help at any stage of your journey. Edward’s goal is simple: to bring out the best in you. "He transformed me from a close-up magician with zero stage experience into a comfortable, confident stage performer." Harry De Cruz. "Edward brought my idea to life. His knowledge will elevate your magic to another level." Tom Elderfield.


As an experienced performer, writer and director, Edward has worked on a wide range of projects. He's collaborated with some of the biggest names in magic, and has valuable experience developing material and performing in a range of environments, from creating for the camera and intimate close-up performances, to huge production stage shows for 2,500 people. Find out more and book your session here:


MayDay: Covid-19 Charity Auction. Bid on a virtual magic performance and conversation with David Blaine. Be ready to have a full interactive experience, and you might even learn some tricks! This experience can be enjoyed by one household (with preferably participants over the age of 11) for a duration of 1 hour. The winning bidder must have a pack of cards. Find out more: www.sothebys.com9.5.20


The Good Magic Awards - Winners announced: The first Good Magic Awards received many impressive applications. After careful consideration, the judging panel selected two winners to receive the £1,000 awards: Megan Swann and Breathe Magic. Here is some information about each of the winners and their projects:

Megan Swann became interested in magic at a very young age and is now the Vice President of The Magic Circle. Building on her degree in wildlife conservation, she has devised a magic show to promote environmental issues, and performed at schools, youth groups and for many organisations (including the Marine Conservation Society, International Institute for Environment and Development and English National Parks). The Good Magic Award will allow Megan Swann to further promote and develop this show, and with a special focus on reaching younger audiences.

Breathe Arts Health Research is a not-for-profit social enterprise that delivers evidence based creative programmes within healthcare and community settings. The Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme (Breathe Magic) supports children with hemiplegia by helping them to learn specially selected magic tricks that improve their motor and bimanual skills, enhance independence, and boost confidence. Each year, Breathe Magic runs several Breathe Magic Camps, and The Good Magic Award will help to promote awareness of this activity, and purchase much needed specialist equipment, apparatus and materials for costumes.

Congratulations to our worthy winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted an application.


Mark Leveridge's May E-Video Newsletter. Currently, anyone who has signed up for Mark's free E-Club Lite will be able to link through from it to the latest E-Video Newsletter. The 35 minute online video presentation for May features the following six sections. The Teach In – Mark offers you a version of the classic three card monte close up effect. Pro Peeks – a brand new offering in which you are provided with content extracted from the E-Club Pro pages, and this month you can learn a card move taken from the Tool Box section. The Strolling Magician Unplugged – part 28 deals with the challenges of working close up on pleasure boat trips. Web Offers – info about a multi-phase coin box routine and a card magic E-Book, both of which are on offer this month. 60 Seconds To Success – advice on how to get children sitting where you need them at your show. The Review Corner – a stand up production routine from Twister Magic called Food To Go 2.0 is reviewed. To sign up for E-Club Lite and thus receive the latest email newsletter with the free link to the May video, go to and click on the Login button. Signing up will take literally just a few seconds, and once completed we will then email you the latest newsletter. 9.5.20


Can You Save The World? Can You Save The World? is a collaborative project between Prof. Richard Wiseman and developer Martin Jacob. It is a family-friendly educational game to help face the Coronavirus pandemic. Players of all ages can become better at social distancing through playing! Click Here9.5.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 4. The coin matrix is a classic of close-up magic, and there have been many versions devised. Magnetic Attraction is a simple method that allows you to create the illusion of coins vanishing when covered by two credit cards and collecting in one corner without any sleight of hand or special coin gimmicks! The credit cards are both borrowed and in fact you could even take coins from spectators too if they had the right change on them. This really is a practical and simple to perform matrix and it comes to you as a TricKlip Video download for free if you place any order this week. You can watch a dem right now by going to and if you place your order before midnight on Friday 15th May, you will be sent a link to download Magnetic Attraction at no extra charge. 9.5.20


Mental Blank Deck - Zane's Magic Shop. A new gimmicked deck! Your audience will have a 'Mental Blank' after witnessing this amazing and baffling routine of mind control using this specially gimmicked and unique deck by Zane! www.zanesmagicshop.com9.5.20


Diverting Coin Magic Book by Andrew Galloway - International Magic. Diverting Coin Magic is a book by Andrew Galloway that was originally written and released in 2006. Since the original print sold out, the book has been much sought after. We are pleased to announce that it's been reprinted and is now available. This beautiful hardbound book contains 117 pages in which you are treated to an in-depth study on misdirection as used in Coin Magic. Andrew begins the book with an essay on misdirection as applied to coin magic, he then proceeds with an explanation of sleights required in performance and continues with routines. At the conclusion of each routine there's a summary with comments on misdirection. Here Andrew dissects how the misdirection, that was planned and used during the routine, works.

This book is intended to teach you more than just moves and routines for coin magic. Its purpose is to make you think deeply about your routines, to construct them in a way that baffles your audience - so that everything looks natural. Then your performance will take a step up, and the magic will happen seamlessly. For a full contents listing, more information, and to order visit


Jamie Allan's iMagician - online every Friday at 7pm. Jamie and his team broadcast a show on Facebook every Friday at 7pm. The show has received rave reviews for its content and production. The show is a mixture of fun, star interviews and magic. Visit Jamie's public Facebook page to find out more, watch the next show on Friday, or catch up with previous episodes:


Imagination - Mark Leveridge Magic. Originally only available to members of E-Club Pro, or those who have seen it in the E-Club Pro Live lecture, this terrific commercial routine is now being generally released. A spectator is handed an invisible deck and is asked to spread the cards and note that all the red cards are bunched together and all the black cards are assembled together. Splitting the deck so that he holds all the invisible red cards in one hand and all the blacks in the other, he hands over one half which is placed by a second spectator into the invisible cards box. Now the cards are spread again and the spectator is asked to note that all the court cards are together, and all the spot cards are together. Splitting them into their two groups he is invited to hand either section over to be replaced into the box. From the remaining cards he selects any one and names out loud which one he has chosen. The invisible selection is dropped momentarily into an empty envelope. Moments later a real card is tipped from the same envelope and it turns out to be the one selected by the spectator!

Designed specifically for commercial walkabout performance, Imagination is simple to do and packs a strong magical punch. Instantly repeatable, this takes up virtually no room and so is practical for the strolling magician. No gimmicks or sleight of hand required, this can be performed surrounded. This Premier E-Routine Download comes as downloadable PDF text instructions along with a link to also watch and/or download video instructions.


Special Offers from Merlins of Wakefield! See


Tonight at the London Palladium. Bradley Walsh hosts the fun-packed variety show, recorded live at London's famous Palladium. This week's bill includes music from multi-platinum-selling singer James Blunt, X Factor 2015 champion Louisa Johnson and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. The programme also features a performance from the cast of hit musical Half a Sixpence, the hair-raising sword skills of Samurai Hayashi and British street dance champions Notorious (repeat). Saturday 9th May, see TV Magic for details. 9.5.20


New President - The Order of The Magi. Mike Sharples, Life Member Order of The Magi writes: Do you know this Magician? Well you soon will. His name is Darren Lee and he is the new President of The Order of The Magi. Darren has taken over this role, from David Owen. Being the responsible society that we are, Darren and David have not been able to meet up in order to hand over the chain of office. This will happen as soon as possible and all the council wish Darren all the best in the forthcoming year. Although a relative newcomer to the society compared to some of our members, Darren is an established children’s entertainer, has already won 2 competitions at the Magi and we look forward to working with him throughout the forthcoming year. For the foreseeable future, we are still holding our meetings online. For more details on these meetings and if you are possibly thinking of becoming a member of The Order of The Magi please contact Mike Sharples on 0161 287 7865/0774 8833666 or go to


Magic For The NHS. Michael Maxted writes: I have set up a Facebook page called Magic For The NHS, it's for magicians to entertain the NHS staff, and our way of saying 'thank you' to them. www.facebook.com9.5.20


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