Number 1038 - 16th May 2020


Roy Horn. Last Saturday, 9th May, the news that Roy Horn had died from Covid-19 greatly saddened magicians worldwide. Noel Britten, President of The Magic Circle, wrote such a fitting piece on The Magic Circle's Facebook group that I asked if I could reproduce it here. Siegfried & Roy really were Superstars of Magic. DT.


This is incredibly sad news. Siegfried & Roy together were both incredible showmen but also true pioneers in the world of magic. Without a doubt they were the reason that Las Vegas became a mecca for magicians as they led the way in showing that magic could be considered a production in itself rather than just a speciality act within a bigger show.

Although they started their Las Vegas life with just their original dove act and the Sub Trunk finish they, through undoubted determination, but also an eye for the spectacular and a never before seen level of dynamism in their magic act, grew from an 8 minute speciality act at MGM to a closing 30 minute act at The Stardust [poster], then their own show with guest acts at The Frontier, and finally to the ground breaking show at The Mirage and undoubtedly the most spectacular magic show I have ever seen - a true extravaganza. It set a new bar in show design, scale and technology which led the way for EFX and all the following Cirque shows.

Along the way Siegfried & Roy pioneered steering production shows away from being topless so that whole families could attend, and the idea of a showroom being specifically designed for a show allowing magical moments that you literally would never see anywhere else on earth.

The term 'Superstar' of magic is bandied around too casually when people like Roy have striven so hard to earn it rightly. They say we stand on the shoulders of giants - I don't think there is an illusionist alive today who shouldn't realise how much they owe to Siegfried & Roy for making their careers not only better and more highly regarded, but maybe even possible.

Sincerest condolences to Siegfried, Lynette and all the team.


Noel Britten, 9th May 2020.


"Roy Horn of Las Vegas's famous Siegfried and Roy act dies from Covid-19"

"Legendary magician Roy Horn dies from Covid-19 complications" YouTube

"How Siegfried & Roy changed Las Vegas forever" YouTube16.5.20


The David Williamson Online Experience / Workshop - this Thursday, 21st May. Reserve your space for The Online David Williamson Experience! In this exclusive live online workshop David will share his comedy, magic, techniques, sleights, stories, philosophies, and his passion for the performance of magic. David has a plan for what will happen during the session, but be ready to ask questions because he rarely sticks to the plan! The Workshop will be recorded and each attendee will have access to the video after the event. "The usual accolades don’t do justice to the talents of David Williamson. He's an award-winning magician and one of the world's best and most versatile sleight of hand artists. A terrific teacher of magic. A great comedian and an exceptional stage performer. But for me David Williamson is more than that. He's a magician who changed the way we do magic." David Britland. Find out more and book your place now: [Here's a video clip taken from The MagicWeek Video Archive featuring David Williamson and Rocky Raccoon from 11th September 1991: YouTube]. 16.5.20


News from The Magic Circle. Almost 50 people have become Apprentices of The Magic Circle in the past few months, despite the lockdown caused by coronovirus. President Noel Britten said this week: "It is very encouraging that magicians recognise the benefits of being in The Magic Circle even when our London HQ is closed and our live lecture programme is postponed. Members benefit in many other ways - for instance with The Magic Circular, our monthly magazine, still being published, the success of our recently introduced TMC TV programme which is put out on our private Facebook platform every Monday evening - and members’ ability to watch a fantastic back catalogue of lectures. Facebook is also where our members offer each other advice on any subject - even, sometimes, magic tricks!"


The Magic Circle, which has reduced subs during the present crisis, is also offering help to members who may be struggling with mental health issues, through Flourish, its mental well-being initiative. While stressing that the society is not an organisation of counsellors, therapists or doctors, the organisation can provide some resources and point members in the direction of others. Welfare support is being offered through its welfare team and the society’s network of regional and international reps - providing a listening ear.

Flourish points members towards the Equity website which has a page of advice,, regarding Covid-19 issues which is open to non-members, and moodgym, a self-help website for preventing and managing symptoms of depression and anxiety. For details of how to join The Magic Circle see


The Biggest Magic Event Ever? Following 52 consecutive online events featuring some of the biggest and best names in magic, Studio52 embarked on the ultimate finale – a 24-hour nonstop broadcast. With nothing else but a mobile phone, an internet connection and the app ‘Instagram’, over the past several weeks every night Studio2 spent each night chatting to different magicians around the world. Hosted by UK magician Ben Earl, they chatted with everyone from David Copperfield to Steve Forte, Bill Malone to David Blaine and David Williamson to Piff the Magic Dragon. With no stone left unturned many diverse conversations were had.


The jewel in the crown was the final 24-hour stream, in aid of the charity MIND – Raising money for those who will be struggling most with our new isolated conditions. Ben was joined by over 30 guests including Uri Gellar, Chris Kenner, Chris Power, Dynamo, Tom Binns, Magic Singh, Ekaterina and many more. During the 24-hour stream they managed to raise over £3,500 for MIND. They will continue to collect money for MIND for the next week leading up to one final stream on the 22nd of May 8pm. See


Britain's Got Talent Unseen. Last week's auditions that didn't go out on the main show, but can now be seen on the ITV Hub, or on YouTube. DT.

Marco Tempest. "Be starstruck by Marco Tempest’s magical drones! Get ready for some seriously mind-blowing magic... We’ve seen some pretty incredible magic on the BGT stage, but Marco Tempest’s magical flying drones are totally unique and have left us totally spellbound." YouTube

Roger Fabulous. "Marvellous Magician Roger Fabulous is Fabulously Funny! Roger Fabulous’ magic is hilarious! Watch as he ropes Dec in as his glamorous assistant... But will our Judges be spellbound by his wonderful wizardry as well as his jokes?!" YouTube16.5.20


Loosley Speaking - a magic podcast by Dave Loosley. Join Magician Dave Loosley as he speaks with some of the world's best magicians. In this laid-back and fun podcast you'll get a real insight into the minds of professional magicians from around the world. Join Dave on Episode 1 as he speaks with Marc Spelmann about his career in magic so far, and the incredible first audition for BGT. Listen on your favourite platform including Apple and Spotify16.5.20


The Twins FX receive Innovation award. The Twins FX were awarded the 'Innovation' award at 'The Great British Pantomime Awards' a couple of weeks ago. This year the event was held online, YouTube. This award celebrates innovation, creativity and excellence in Pantomime, across the UK. Now in its fourth year, The Great British Pantomime Awards are held in the highest regard throughout the Pantomime industry. The Twins FX make the impossible possible for theatre productions, film and television worldwide. Their portfolio includes soaring airborne flying dragons, a mighty seven metre tall gorilla, slithering sea monsters, a hovering helicopter, monster sharks, a flying full-size London bus and more! www.thetwinsfx.com16.5.20


The X Files with Ricky Jay. The Amazing Maleeni. "On the Santa Monica pier a magician amazes the crowd with his superior ancient magic tricks. However Mulder and Scully are soon brought in when the headless corpse of the magician is found in his car leaving only his twin brother, Albert and his rival, LaBonge as suspects. After some strange scenarios we are left with the question, who murdered the Amazing Maleeni, or is it all another amazing trick?" Repeat. Late night on Thursday 21st May, see TV Magic for details. 16.5.20


ZOOMentalism - New Release! Mark Elsdon is pleased to announce the release of a brand new eBook of tricks designed to be performed over Zoom or indeed any video streaming service. Whether you are a working professional looking for material for your new ZOOM show or a hobbyist looking for new tricks to fool family and friends, this eBook has just what you need. For more info and purchasing details visit elsdon.blogspot.com16.5.20


The Magic of Steven Hamilton - International Magic. Steven was one of the U.K.'s top close-up and corporate workers. A very busy performer who knew what was required for good commercial magic. He was also a deep thinker and earned much respect from his fellow magicians. It's these friends that got together on the project of writing up all of Steven's material, culminating in the publication of this book. Beautifully printed and with detailed diagrams, there are more than 170 pages of magic aimed mainly at the established card magician, but containing something for all close-up and corporate workers as well. See www.internationalmagic.com16.5.20


Forever Flapping Plus - Mark Leveridge Magic. First, there was 'In a Flap' – a ground breaking book detailing 6 individual gimmicked envelopes with many routines using them. This was followed by the publication of 'Still Flapping' – a further 3 individual fake envelopes with routines both for these plus extra ideas for the envelopes revealed in the first book. Then came 'Forever Flapping' which combined both the above books and included some extra envelope magic in a Bonus Section. Now I am pleased to announce the publication of 'Forever Flapping Plus', an E-Book which provides a further 8 envelope routines on top of those originally published in the previous edition. Find out more, see


Ring Vanish Box - Zane's Magic Shop. Awesome Close-up or Parlor Trick! The magician borrows a ring from a spectator, says the magic words, the ring vanishes into thin air and reappears inside the locked box! Find out more: www.zanesmagicshop.com16.5.20


Magic Makes You Laugh Out Loud. Compilation of internet videos of magic tricks that went spectacularly wrong. Featuring contributions from Ellie Taylor, Bobby Mair and Dave Spikey, as well as magicians whose acts have been popular online, including a record-breaking skydiving illusionist and a performer who worked a marriage proposal into his routine. Tuesday 26th May on 5 Star (repeat). See TV Magic for details. 16.5.20


The Mark Leveridge May 2020 Podcast. Every month Mark Leveridge releases a free audio podcast in which for half an hour he chats about matters magical. Here are the topics covered in the latest edition: Magic steps up and produces a number of projects to keep magicians in lockdown interested. Taking away the ‘parachute’ helps to raise levels of perseverance for pro magicians. Formulating a sort of magic risk assessment can help in dealing with performance glitches. Learning how to control all aspects of your performance life can pay big dividends. Richard Young’s Magicians’ Podcasts and Dynamo’s Beyond Belief provide some welcome magical distraction. Creativity is better when it is driven by plot more than method. Mark's podcasts are always an interesting blend of opinion and advice, so if you have 30 minutes to spare you can listen online or download the May issue from either, or from where you can also sign up to be a follower and thus receive every new edition as soon as it is published at the start of each month. 16.5.20


Mel Harvey's VE Celebrations. Mel Harvey writes: "Sadly all my VE bookings were cancelled but we had a great time in Wellesbourne with the local residents, all social-distancing. Even Mr Punch had his mask on! We couldn't get a fly-past so we had to make do with a drive past on my scooter! There was magic (without volunteers), music from the 40s, self-distancing plate spinning and the residents brought their own food and drink. We had the added advantage of my 96 year old neighbour Helena who regailed us with war stories and her memories of the first VE Day in 1945, and I have had a request to do it all again when we celebrate getting out of lockdown." 16.5.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 5. This week Mark Leveridge is offering a fabulous close up/parlour routine called Perfect Intuition as the free gift if you place any order before midnight on Friday 22nd May. All you need in order to perform this reputation making effect are a few pay envelopes, some business cards or double blank playing cards and a Sharpie pen and you will be able to create a strong routine in which a spectator appears to exhibit an infallible intuition! Playing big enough for a small cabaret or parlour show, yet also suitable for a table of 7 or more people, Perfect Intuition is clever, easy to do, and fooling! This is a Premier E-Routine which is supplied free as a set of downloadable PDF instructions which include a link to online additional video directions. You can watch a dem right now by going to and if you place your order before midnight on Friday 22nd May, you will be sent a link to download Perfect Intuition at no extra charge. 16.5.20


Magician Allin Kempthorne, seen on Britain's Got Talent 2 years ago as "Professor Strange", represents the UK as he performs Too Many Bottles in this global lock down video project featuring over 100 magicians, jugglers and circus performers from all around the world. The video is in support of an Australian Mental Health charity, See YouTube16.5.20


Get Your Act Together. Steps singer Claire Richards is mentored by fire-eating act the Black Fire Girls, former politician Ann Widdecombe joins circus ringmaster Norman Barrett, one-time Coronation Street star Oliver Mellor (Dr Matt Carter) is coached by musical quintet the Bottle Boys, TOWIE's Elliott Wright teams up with Cyr wheel performer Billy George, and TV personality Nancy Dell'Olio collaborates with illusionist Hans Klok. Host Stephen Mulhern follows the rehearsals leading up to the contestants' big performances as they compete for a place in the final in a fortnight alongside Ray Quinn, Chip and last week's winning act, James Bolam. Repeat. Saturday 23rd May, see TV Magic for details. 16.5.20


News Submissions. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news (major and minor), but please remember the news deadline: Thursday if possible. Final deadline: 12 noon Friday. Many thanks, DT. 16.5.20


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