Number 1041 - 6th June 2020


Talking Shtick - the brand new podcast hosted by Mark James. Episode One with Ben Hart is available now! Mark writes: In this show I talk to the world’s greatest magicians about what’s in their shows. We discuss the routines while taking them apart creatively, finding out the motivation and decision making process behind each piece. You can subscribe now on Apple, Spotify, Pocket Casts and other popular podcast platforms. Each episode will be released on Friday and future guests include Jamie Raven, Ken Dyne, Arthur Trace, Matt Marcy, Tom Crosbie, Billy Reid, Michael Finney, Taylor Hughes, Danny Buckler, Mike Caveney, Thom Peterson, Harrison Greenbaum and many more amazing names in magic. 6.6.20


Damien O’Brien - mid standing ovation! "Magic by Numbers! Damien O’Brien’s unbelievable act adds up to awesome! How does he do that?! This act just doesn’t add up... Watch as Damien O’Brien has everyone’s jaws hitting the floor with his mesmerising magic!" YouTube. "Britain’s Got Talent judges left stunned after unbelievable magician turns phone to metal with David Walliam's credit card" www.radiotimes.com6.6.20


KFC5... now in its 5th great year! The Karl Fulves Convention, organised by Allan Brown, is set up to honour the greatest unsung genius and giant of card and close-up magic, Karl Fulves. This highly informal event is completely free and will take place this year at 3pm, on 11th July. This year it will be in the form of a Zoom online meeting due to virus restrictions. Everyone is welcome, but all attendees must be prepared to do at least one trick for the others from any Fulves publication; one that they can demonstrate online of course. If you would like a link to the Zoom meeting, email Allan at In addition to Thomas Ellis, Paul Ridgley and Jerry Mensfield there will be one or two surprise guests from America to celebrate the magic of Karl Fulves! ("Self-working Card Tricks: 72 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician" see 6.6.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week 'The Magic of David Copperfield IV: The Vanishing Airplane'. A bit like 'Star Wars: A New Hope', all of David Copperfield's Specials it seems have had their titles tweaked over the years. In this case 'The Magic of David Copperfield IV' is now commonly referred to as 'The Magic of David Copperfield IV: The Vanishing Airplane'. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see the full MagicWeek Video Archive to date Click Here6.6.20


The John Carey Virtual World Tour Lecture - Saturday 27th June. John Carey writes: I’m delighted to tell you that I will be presenting a live lecture on the internet with the Magicians Forum on June 27th. The lecture will be hosted by my friend Rudy Tinoco via the Zoom video conferencing platform which is free to download:

The lecture gets underway at 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time, 10pm UK time, 11pm European time. But don’t worry if you can’t make the live screening as every ticket holder will receive a free recording of the lecture with my compliments! The cost of a ticket is only $5.99/£5.00 pounds. Book your ticket with PayPal to: As soon as your booking comes through (during waking hours) I will email you a special link for the event.

I will be performing and teaching about 15 items, 7 of which are brand new and unpublished:

1. Rock n Roll Ladies: A super strong and very easy production of the Queens from the deck.
2. Twisting 2020 style. John’s hyper visual approach to Vernon’s Twisting the Aces.
3. A Lady in your Thoughts. A beautiful revelation of a genuinely thought of card.
4. Slow Motion Dr Daley. Carey’s slow motion approach to the classic Last Trick of Dr Daley. So visual!
5. Invisible Palm Carey Style. You will love this streamlined version of the classic Open Traveller’s that uses no extra cards.
6. Impromptu Wild Card. A myriad of magical transformations with 4 normal cards.
7. You! Make your spectator the star as they find your thought of card over the internet!

Plus material from Reflections: 8. The Perception False shuffle. 9. The Spread Drop False Cut. 10. Semi Auto All Backs. 11. Carey on the Cross Cut Force. 12. One Thought and One Card. 13. Destiny 14. Cinematica 15. Yours and Mine! These last three are my new packet effects only available at my live events! It’s going to be such a fun evening. I sincerely hope to see you there! 


Magicians Drop the Deck. A group of magicians from across the world have fun with their own drop the brush (deck) challenge. YouTube6.6.20


James Veitch's Contractual Obligation. Mind Reading. Series 3, episode 2. The comedian tries to learn to read minds, exploring the science of brain-mapping and speaking to illusionist and spoonbender Uri Geller. Starring James Veitch. Saturday 13th June on BBC Radio 4. See TV Magic for details. 6.6.20


New from Mark Leveridge Magic - The Tube of Wonder. Introducing an effect for parlour or a close-up show that is totally clean in both plot and method. A simple cardboard tube stands on the table and is lifted to reveal an inverted wineglass that has a red ball balanced on its base. The performer's hands are genuinely both empty and the tube is also empty and unprepared and can be examined if required. The glass and ball are displayed freely and the glass is then slid upside down into the tube and the ball is dropped also inside back onto the base. A snap of the fingers and with two empty hands the tube is lifted off to reveal the ball has gone from its perch on the base and is now trapped under the bowl of the wineglass! The tube is genuinely empty and everything may be examined again if you wish. This simple effect looks like real magic. This comes as a TricKlip Xtra Video Download, provide your own simple ungimmicked props. To watch a dem and to order go to


Magicseen's Summer Subscription Offer. From the publishers: Summer's here and lockdown is gradually easing, so we wanted to celebrate by offering you a special deal on our range of subscriptions. Take out any 1 or 2 year sub (can be a new subscription or an extension to a current one, either download or printed copy) and you can add a printed copy of either Life's A Beach Vol. 1 or Vol.2 by Gary Jones for just £15.00, thus saving £10.00. Gary's books are full of great commercial close-up routines and this is a great chance to secure one of the volumes for a great price. Plus, you will receive every issue of the UK's only independent magic magazine for the 12 or 24 months. A win win situation! To take advantage of this special offer, which will expire on the 30th June 2020, go to (Please note the above offer does not apply to 6 month subscription periods). 6.6.20


Red Lorry Yellow Lolly by Tony Gardner - Merlins of Wakefield. The magician fans out four cards, the faces of each card is shown, each card is printed with the image of a bright red lorry. The cards are given a shake and are shown again. The cards all now have bright yellow lorries on them! Two cards are given to the spectator to hold. The magician shows his cards, one has a red lorry, the other has a yellow lorry. He asks the spectator to try to recite the well known tongue twister, red lorry, yellow lorry etc. It sound like they are saying lolly instead of lorry. Imagine their surprise when the magician shows that his cards do now indeed depict one red lolly and one yellow lolly! But wait, what about the spectators cards? They are seen to be lollies too! For more info and to order visit


The latest on magic history and old apparatus. Do take a look at the latest 200 additions to the Davenport Collection website if you are interested in magic history and old magic apparatus. Among these additions are photographs and a description of Cecil Lyle’s Chocolate Box Illusion and a most unusual novelty featuring Carlton, the comedy magician who was popular in the early 20th century as The Human Hairpin. Also told by Brian Lead is the story of Roberta, an American teenager who had quite an impact on the British magic scene in 1931. Add to that ephemera, novelties and jokes and there is something for everyone. If you’d like to receive the quarterly e-new letters contact John Davenport via


Ray Grismer Lecture DVD - International Magic. An opportunity to see, listen to, and learn from an old school magician like Ray Grismer is a rarity these days. This DVD offers such an opportunity. The magic effects are strong, they're original and they're varied! There are routines with cards, finger rings, impromptu magic, coin tricks and mentalism, all performed and fully explained with a gentle charm that'll have you watching again and again. All this along with anecdotes and tips. After all, Ray was a pupil of Dai Vernon's for 30 years, the anecdotes and stories are intriguing and delightful, and in those years of performing among the greats of magic, Ray picked up many tips; practical things like how to combat dry hands or how to display a chosen card, he happily passes them on to us here. Along the way, Ray has anecdotes of his times with Vernon. How he met him, persuading Vernon to teach him, and the people they met during the early days of The Magic Castle. Stories involving the likes of Charlie Miller, John Scarne, Larry Jennings and many other Magic Greats. For this alone it's a pleasure to watch, add that to the creative magic that Ray introduces us to, and you have a DVD worth its value and much, much more. For a full contents listing and more info visit www.internationalmagic.com6.6.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 8. We may all be currently unable to do shows, but eventually events will be allowed to take place again and there will potentially be a built up demand for entertainers. To get your publicity out in the public domain effectively and economically you need to have a marketing strategy. Mark Leveridge's advice e-book called Marketing Yourself sets out in a logical and clear fashion the many avenues that are open to you and provides a wonderful overview of the advertising opportunities that you may wish to consider. Place any order with MLM this week and you will be sent an email that allows you to download Marketing Yourself completely free, thus saving you £10.00. This exclusive Free-Buy offer expires at midnight on Friday 12th June 2020. For more information go to


Tonight at the London Palladium with Paul Zerdin. Bradley Walsh hosts the fun-packed variety show, with a duet from Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson, music from Imelda May and a performance from rock royalty Blondie. Also featuring the cast of Bat Out of Hell: The Musical, and comedy from ventriloquist Paul Zerdin and stand-up Adam Hess.  Saturday 6th June on Virgin Media Three (repeat). See TV Magic for details. 6.6.20


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