Number 1044 - 27th June 2020


The Art of Being Commercial - the Mel Mellers Zoom Lecture. Globe trotting Mel Mellers offers his unique take on making magic commercial. The lecture includes original effects, outlandish methods, and idea generating concepts. A reluctant lecturer, Mel has embraced the format to make the experience entertaining and informative. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy a lecture from one of the UK's busiest entertainers. Now is your chance to get Mellorized by this one of a kind performer via Zoom. Societies contact Mel Mellers directly: 27.6.20


Loosley Speaking with Dave Loosley - this week: Jamie Daws. Join magician Dave Loosley as he chats with some of the world's best magicians. Always laid-back and fun. Available every Friday via your favourite listening platform including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 27.6.20


Magic at the Barn - online, 18th & 19th July. Live award-winning magic, illusion, interactive impossibilities, comedy and entertainment broadcasted direct from the stage of a 17th century barn theatre suitable for the whole family. Featuring the conjuring feats of Oliver Tabor, magic and comedy from Wayne Trice with variety acts from across the UK, plus interactive magic through your screen! A wonder-filled way of witnessing wizardry over the web. Tickets £10 per household. £15 virtual front row. Saturday 18th July 7pm, Sunday 19th July 3pm. See Also see YouTube. 27.6.20


Heist. David Britland and Alex Conran (The Real Hustle) wrote the pitch for, and consulted on, an Audible podcast series called Heist which has been produced by Somethin' Else Productions in London, and is hosted by Michael Caine. "Sir Michael Caine to Host True Crime Podcast About ‘Utterly Astounding’ Heists" "Michael Caine launches podcast about history’s ‘utterly astounding’ heists" "Michael Caine to host new Audible podcast about infamous heists" 27.6.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show added every week! This week we go back 44 years for Doug Henning's World of Magic 1976. This is the full show with magic guest Ricky Jay and was the second show from Doug Henning to go out live in the US. This recording is from a UK transmission which went out on ITV in 1987. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see the full MagicWeek Video Archive to date Click Here27.6.20


10% off the Send-A-Way Magic Set! A perfect set for beginners looking to get into magic, the Send-A-Way Magic set features 5 incredible tricks (Coin Thru Rubber, Jumping Dots, Floating Match, Anti-Gravity Bottle, and Two Card Monte), all fully credited to their original inventors, as well as full video instructions. All the packaging materials are from recycled sources, making this the most eco friendly magic set available. It's also Large Letter sized, so it can be delivered quickly and easily, direct to your door. It's a perfect gift for beginners, or an ideal addition for any collectors, and we're delighted to offer MagicWeek readers 10% off the Send-A-Way Magic Set (and Folderol!) at using the code SPOOKYPAL. 27.6.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive - Two for Tuesday! Occasionally a video is added to The MagicWeek Video Archive midweek. On Tuesday I added two more, David Blaine's incredible Vertigo from 2002 and Gary Cotter's British attempt, from 2003. David Blaine's Vertigo: YouTube20.6.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive - Two for Tuesday! Gary Cotter's "Vertigo" from 2003: YouTube27.6.20


Gogglebox. The nation's favourite armchair critics share their opinions on what they watched in December 2016, including Strictly Come Dancing, Planet Earth II, First Dates, Rillington Place, David Blaine: Beyond Magic, The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve, When Phillip Met Prince Philip and White Christmas. Repeat. Saturday 27th June on E4. See TV Magic27.6.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 11. Take advantage of Mark Leveridge's great offer this week and you will receive a link to download a free copy of The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Vol.3. This e-book features a dozen of Mark's highly practical card effects for close up and stand up, including Co-inci-mental, Excalibur, Spot The Difference, Hide And Seek, Unavoidable Destiny Reloaded, Aces Under Control and more. Every effect is well within the skill set of all but the very beginner, and these are performable routines rather than minor variations on moves and techniques. To download your free copy, simply place any order with MLM before midnight on Friday 3rd July 2020 and an email with the link to the e-book will be forwarded to you. For more information go to 27.6.20


The July 2020 edition of Magicseen is ready! From the publishers: We are delighted to announce the release of issue 93 of Magicseen, the UK's only independent magic magazine. Although due to difficulties caused by COVID-19 this issue is only available as a digital download, all printed copy subscribers have had their subscriptions extended by a further issue and have received the digital July copy for free. Our cover star is Matthew Wright, and he explains how he has remained positive and motivated despite the pandemic seriously affecting his performance venue on the Costa del Sol. Current British Ring Close Up Champion Nikola Arkane joins us too for the first time and describes her huge enthusiasm for magic despite one or two set backs. In terms of advice articles, Ian Brennan continues his mini series A Little Bit Of Business, plus we take a detailed look at the things you need to know to successfully perform close up outside. The Masterclass has contributions from cover star Matthew and Jeramy Neugin, there are plenty of product reviews to keep you informed, plus the issue has comedy, letters and more. You can get your copy now as part of a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year subscription, or as an individual copy, from 27.6.20


The Comedy Years. In 1984, as the miners' strike took over the news, political figures were on the receiving end of the most irreverent comedy series ever seen on TV at the time - Spitting Image. Plus, cult hits like The Young Ones and Alas Smith and Jones battled it out in the TV schedules with mainstream shows like Russ Abbott's Madhouse. We also lost two comedy greats with the passing of Eric Morecambe and Tommy Cooper. Repeat. Sunday 5th July on ITV. See TV Magic27.6.20


Elementary by Mark Lee - Merlins of Wakefield. The magician recreates the legend of Sherlock Holmes utilising cards depicting Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and a police inspector, along with a selection of mugshots of unsavory Victorians! The police inspector fails in his quest to apprehend the guilty party. Needless to say, Sherlock and Watson always get their man! (or woman). This is a great effect with really interesting specially printed cards all wrapped in the fascinating legend of Sherlock Holmes. Very easy to do, it almost works itself. You will love this one: 27.6.20


The Borrowed Ring on Pencil - Mark Leveridge Magic. The Ring on Wand has for years been an effect that I have wanted to do, but I have never come across a method which I felt looked magical enough. The traditional idea of secretly threading the ring onto the wand and then holding it covered by the hand while a spectator takes both ends has always left me feeling dissatisfied as I felt there must be a better way of achieving the effect.

The plot is one I have returned to repeatedly over the years and now I have devised a handling which I feel gets over many of the weak points found in other routines. The breakthrough for me came when I decided to add the use of a handkerchief and to combine one or two moves not normally associated with the handling of finger rings, and the result is the routine offered here.

Although not particularly difficult, this will require practice to get it smooth. Done correctly the illusion of the ring penetrating on to the pencil is, I believe, very magical and surprising and worth the effort required to get the handling up to a good standard. This great routine is available either as a TricKlip Video Download if you learn best from video, or if you prefer written directions, then please select the Master E-Routine Download order button which will deliver the instructions via a PDF text file. See


The Magic Collection of Jim Rawlins IV. This will be the fourth and concluding sale of the vast magic collection of Jim Rawlins. Fine selections of magic apparatus, posters, props and memorabilia, and ephemera have been reserved for the final sale. Complementing these items will be a host of rare Houdini memorabilia - including Houdini-owned relics removed from the master magician's historic New York residence. 25th July. See 27.6.20


Animatronic Puppet Raffle. Martin Duffy writes: Top UK ventriloquist Steve Hewlett saw my puppets at the Blackpool Magic Convention in February and loved them. He's just bought 2 tickets for my Animatronic Puppet Raffle - he's not the only person to have bought more than one. Not surprising I suppose. I buy 3 lines each week for the National Lottery! At the moment there are 99 tickets sold so you stand a 1 in 99 chance to win the £1500 main prize. Second prize is double your money back. I have been advised that most tickets are sold in the final 3 or 4 days of a raffle so please don't leave it too late and find all the tickets have gone... The raffle will end in less than 2 weeks on Tuesday 7th July at 7pm. If you want to buy a ticket (or two!) then I would suggest you do that today: The picture on the raffle page is a video link but it’s not obvious so here’s a direct link There’s also one here of other puppets available on my website: Although the £5 raffle is for a £1500 stand complete with bird puppet, you could upgrade to a dragon or any custom made puppet to your design. 27.6.20


The Magic Hour – Online Interactive Magic Show for Charity. Amigo’s Magic and Olympicubs are hosting 'The Magic Hour' an interactive online Family Magic Show to support the Mayor of Croydon's five charities. From 3pm to 4pm on July 5th, it will be a Zoom interactive show, suitable for the whole family, young and old alike. Magic will take place before your very eyes including the world famous Head Expanding & Shrinking Illusion. Get to see award-winning Magicians and a Member of the Magic Circle. 60 Minutes of Comedy, Magic and Mayhem. Loads of audience participation, some which will be taking place in your hands and in your mind! In order to participate please make a donation (100% which will go to the Mayors five charities) and once purchased you will be sent a Zoom link, one hour before the show, which will allow you to participate on the day. For tickets and more info Click Here. 27.6.20


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