Number 1051 - 15th August 2020


David Blaine Ascension. A YouTube Original - Live. Monday 31st August. From the promoters: David Blaine will redefine magic once again for an unprecedented live event at a time when the world could use a positive distraction. He will bring wonder, hope and untethered possibility as he tackles his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet. Magician David Blaine attempts his first live stunt in nearly a decade live on YouTube. David Blaine's multi-hour livestream event, weather permitting, will be on Monday, August 31st on David Blaine's YouTube Channel Click Here. Coming to you high above the New York City. Trailer: YouTube. (David Blaine: Beyond Magic is being repeated on Channel 4 following Derren's back to back shows on Sunday evening. See TV Magic for details. 15.8.20


Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control - Live. Tomorrow, Sunday 16th August on Channel 4. The illusionist performs his latest psychological masterpiece live, and also revisits some of the most memorable moments of his 20 years of making programmes for Channel 4. He reveals how he has used hypnosis and the power of suggestion to baffle the British public, before opening up about his most controversial, headline-grabbing moments, including playing Russian Roulette, 'sticking' viewers to their sofas, and the zombie-fuelled Apocalypse illusion. Sunday 16th August at 9pm on Channel 4. Followed by Derren Brown's Greatest Stunt at 11.10pm. See TV Magic for details. 15.8.20


"Derren Brown reveals long-term plans for 'gradual disappearance' from showbiz. The illusionist has announced he is looking to take a step back from television roles." To read the full story by Kimberley Bond in The Standard Click Here. 15.8.20


Talking Shtick with Mark James. "Romany Diva of Magic. Today my guest is Romany, Diva of Magic! If you're looking for a sparkling, funny and theatrical magic act packed with sass and style, you've come to the right place!" Every Friday via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 15.8.20


Loosley Speaking with Dave Loosley. "Join Dave Loosley as he speaks with the incredible Richard Essien (Magical Bones) about his unique style of magic and his experience performing on various TV shows including his BGT audition and his time touring with the show 'Impossible'." Via your favourite listening platform including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 15.8.20


Magicians Advice Podcast with Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. "Magic, Comedy and a ukulele... it's John Archer. John has a huge magical CV: TV shows, BGT, Penn & Teller, and a solo touring stage show. In this episode John shares his advice on finding your material and creating a full set." Podbean. 15.8.20


Mike Caveney on Ye Olde Magic Mag Live Stream on Thursday 20th August. Marco Pusterla writes: Mike Caveney will be the guest of the 9th episode of the free "Ye Olde Magic Mag Live Stream" on Thursday 20th August, at 8pm UK time. Mike will give viewers exclusive access to his Egyptian Hall Museum, one of the largest magic collections in the world, and the oldest private magic museum in America. The Stream will be live on Facebook The previous episodes are still online and accessible for free: see the "Videos" section on the Facebook page. Ye Olde Magic Mag is a quarterly magazine on the history of magic and on magic collecting, published by Marco Pusterla AIMC. Since the start of the Covid lockdown it has been broadcasting bi-weekly episodes where talks about bygone magic are supplemented with visits to the homes of renowned collectors and historians who show some of their favourite objects. Previous guests were: Prof. Edwin A. Dawes, Peter Lane, Ken Trombly, Christian Chelman, John Davenport, James Smith, Pietro Micheli and Michael Sondermeyer. 15.8.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! Today, with Derren's new show just hours away, here he is in his third guest appearance on 'Richard & Judy' from 18th May 2004. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here15.8.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. During the week I added more to The MagicWeek Video Archive. Here's Derren's first guest spot on 'Richard & Judy', from 13th December 2001. See YouTube. 15.8.20


"Amazon donates $6m to help support theatres, TV and film industry in Europe" Click Here. [Another shameful donation from a FAANG giant. I can't do the maths because no calculator has enough decimal places to go that small, but this is the equivalent of giving a grain of rice to someone starving. It's right up there with Netflix, reported just a few weeks ago, below. DT]. 15.8.20


"Netflix donates £500K to Sam Mendes's Theatre Artists Fund" Click Here. [Netflix is conservatively worth 150 billion pounds (£150,000,000,000). I've just calculated that their £500,000 donation is about 0.00033% of the company's worth, or to put things in perspective, that's the equivalent of someone with £10,000 in the bank writing out a cheque for 3p. DT]. 11.7.20


"Young and old discover new powers with Marvin’s Magic tricks. Two world-class acts come together next month promising a brain-teasing bonanza when tricks and sets maker Marvin's Magic unveils its new collaboration with legendary 3-D puzzle Rubik's Cube." To read the full story by Maisha Frost in the Express Click Here. 15.8.20


The E-Club Pro and E-Club Elite Offer is still on! The E-Club is Mark Leveridge's amazing online magic resource featuring a huge volume of routines, advice and help relevant to magicians of all standards. It doesn't matter whether you are a casual magic enthusiast or a full time pro, the E-Club offers so many things that are relevant and of interest. Updated on the first of every month, the E-Club always has something new for you to explore, and everything is backed up by Mark's long professional experience and creativity. Joining takes a few minutes, just long enough for you sign up through PayPal for a monthly payment, one which can be stopped at any time as there is no set subscription period. If you join before the 31st August you will also receive a free magic gift on each of the first three months of membership, gifts that are worth a total of £37.00. For more info and to join go to 15.8.20


Important announcement regarding September's Magicseen. From the publishers: Covid-19 has played a certain amount of havoc with Magicseen's publishing, and as was the case with the May and July issues, unfortunately it will not be possible to produce printed copies of the next edition, #94 (Sept 2020). The magazine will be published therefore once again in digital format only, and all printed copy subscribers will not only be sent a link to download their copy, but will also have their subscription extended by one further issue, as it was also in May and again in July. This also means that anyone who chooses to take out a printed subscription now will receive a free download of #94 and their sub will start properly with the November edition, which will definitely be produced in printed format. We apologise for the inconvenience, but the measures have been necessary to ensure the survival of the magazine. The September issue will be published towards the end of August, and you can get further info about subscriptions from 15.8.20


Amaze: The Art of Creating Magical Experiences. Mariano Tomatis and Ferdinando Buscema. Foreword by Derren Brown. From the publishers: Amaze is a inspiring book that introduces a magical perspective into everyday life. Widely acclaimed by thought leaders in the worlds of magic, business, and experience design, Amaze is a manual about how to create "magical experiences" in daily life for friends, family, colleagues, clients, and even strangers. It is a book about "thinking like a magician" to unleash the power of wonder and surprise in everyday life. The authors move seamlessly between the realms of science, art, and magic, seeking wonder at every turn. They excel in inspiring us all to cultivate curiosity and find ways to create astonishment in our own lives and the lives of others. The book is an empowering grimoire for hacking reality and giving the gift of magical experiences to others. To order via Click Here. 15.8.20


Jasper Blakeley (aka 'Kockov') Zodiac Magical Society Zoom Lecture - 19th August. Simon Rudd writes: The Zodiac Magical Society are delighted to be hosting a Zoom lecture by the fantastic Jasper Blakeley, a master of comedy, mentalism and character magic, on Wednesday the 19th of August at 8pm. Non members are welcome at just £10 each. If you would like to book a place, or would like further information then please email 15.8.20


Magic Camp - Official Trailer. A group of misfit campers help a down-on-his-luck magician rediscover his love of magic in Disney's 'Magic Camp', a heartwarming comedy about finding joy and confidence in self-acceptance. Disney's Magic Camp is now available exclusively on Disney+. Trailer: YouTube. 15.8.20


Ger Copper. 27th July 1953 - 7th August 2020. From schoolboy magician to FISM 1979 Grand Prix Champion of Magic, the brilliant Ger Copper was another of Henk Vermeyden's pupils that went on to enjoy a wonderful career and will be greatly missed by his many friends in magic. Remembered here in this fitting video memoriam YouTube. Also see YouTube. 15.8.20


"Andy Nyman: Counting his blessings in biblical times" Click Here • "Chris Dugdale on American News" YouTube • "'A peacock amongst the pigeons': My time at university with the hypnotic Derren Brown" Click Here • "In Prison, Learning Magic by Mail" Click Here • "New 'Magic Camp' images & details released" Click Here • Thanks as always for your news - see you next week, Duncan. 15.8.20