Number 1055 - 12th September 2020


The Session Goes Global. The Session 2021 will take place July 2nd-4th 2021. From the organisers: A lot of effort and consideration has gone into the decision to hold The Session, and we’re making some key changes to the format, working under UK government guidance and regulations. There’s no question that COVID-19 has created obstacles for any convention, but we also view it as an opportunity to create a more intimate, meaningful, social gathering than we’ve ever done before. Whether you choose to attend online, or in person, were confident that this will be a convention to remember! For full details visit: 12.9.20


S.A.M International Stars of Magic Show - free - online - and you're invited! Anthony Darkstone Brook writes: As the Producer/Director/Host of this Show I am delighted to inform you that we have a truly magnificent Gala Show ready to Rock on Sunday. The show open to all and is suitable for all ages. There is no charge. Sunday September 13th at 4pm (Eastern Time, US and Canada) / 9pm (UK). Please check Google for your local time. Join the Zoom Meeting (note: a download will start if clicked): Click Here. Meeting ID: 837 8607 1337. Passcode: 991529. 12.9.20


The PropDog team have added two great interviews to the popular PropDog Lounge. The first is with Peter Groning, author of Resigned to Miracles, a book which has set heads spinning as it tips how to get a duplicate of a spectators signed card. Peter kept this secret to himself for 40 years! In the second interview, they turn the tables on Richard Young who is more accustomed to being the interviewer. Richard talks about his Changing Cards, his friendship with Bob Swadling and the Magicians' Podcast. Both interviews can be found here: 12.9.20


Piff the Magic Dragon Attempts David Copperfield's Legendary Feat! - America's Got Talent 2020 YouTube. 12.9.20


Penn & Teller and Michael Carbonaro in Two-Headed Dreams. Starring some of the best magicians in the world, Two-Headed Dreams is a live-streamed magic extravaganza. Magician and host Zabrecky brings together shining lights from the world of magic including Penn & Teller, Michael Carbonaro & Peter Stickles performing Blood Bros, Mike Pisciotta, Liberty Larsen, and Puddles Pity Party. Together they have created a magic show that makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Watch closely when two time Close-Up Magician of the Year Mike Pisciotta creates some true magic between his fingers. Fall under the spell of Liberty Larsen and let her lure you into the enchanting version of her Two-Headed Dreams or enjoy being serenaded by the voice of 'Caesars Palaces' own Puddles Pity Party.

Two-Headed Dreams will go live on September 12th (USA: 8.30pm ET and again at 8.30pm PT) that's Sunday morning at 1.30am British Summer Time. Tickets are available for $24.99. Most importantly, a portion of the ticket proceeds will support the Dai Vernon Foundation - a non-profit that helps struggling magicians. Find out more. Visit


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Geoffrey Durham as The Great Soprendo with his own presentation of the classic Rice Bowls on The Krankies Elektronik Komik, from 36 years ago. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 12.9.20


Places by Looch - Astound your audiences with a fresh and unique product, specifically designed for the professional mentalist's toolkit. Places is a custom-designed utility product which is brand new to the market. From the creative mind of award-winning mind reader and mentalist, Looch, these postcards will enable you to perform demonstrations that are guaranteed to blow minds and confound audiences across the globe.

Comprising a special set of postcards from various well-known destinations around the world, these postcards introduce a brand new marking system to the community. Designed to be as clear as possible to the performer, they are psychologically invisible to your audience.

In addition to this incredible and original marked set, you will also receive a custom set of forcing postcards that allow you to perform a 3-phase routine that Looch has been performing for years to audiences across the UK. Places consists of: A set of special marked postcards depicting various well known destinations from around the world. A special set of forcing postcards that allows you to force up to 3 different destinations. Quite possibly the coolest looking packaging ever in a mentalism product. 45 Minute Online Video Instructions. For more info visit


The MagicWeek Video Archive. Midweek Magic! On Wednesday I added this little gem to The MagicWeek Video Archive. I wasn't sure what it was called, but thanks to members of The Magic Circle found out that it was created many years ago by Magic Ian as 'A Little Slice of Hand' and was also marketed as 'Hands Off'. It's one of those rare pieces of magic that has an inbuilt playfulness about it: YouTube. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here12.9.200


The Magic Circle new benefits for members - exclusive discounts from some top magic dealers. TMC Member Perks sees members enjoy discounts from 5% to 33% on magic products this month. Ozz Symons, who came up with the idea, said: "We are launching what will be an ongoing initiative. Each month there will be offers and discounts unique to The Magic Circle Members. The aim is to have offers and discounts from a wide range of suppliers, from magic dealers to suppliers of interest (i.e. printers, online services, accountancy, food chains, theatre shows etc.)." For information about joining The Magic Circle see 12.9.20


Steve Valentine's Magic on the Go. Billy Kidd writes: "If you are tired of sifting through endless rubbish magic teaching sites well... Actor and award-winning magician Steve Valentine has reached over 500 magic videos teaching all aspects of magic on his site Magic on the Go. Magic on the Go is a streaming site, like a Netflix for magicians, and has been running for the past three years. Steve Valentine is behind the mega 7 disc Cards to Pocket DVD, Cloth, and Booked which has been performed by many magicians on talent television shows to date. Steve is a two time lecturer and Close-up Magician of the Year and won Stage Magician of the Year at the Academy of Magical Arts and has appeared in numerous television shows and films such a Crossing Jordan, The Walk and NCIS: LA. Magic on the Go is a monthly updated streaming site that not only teaches tricks, but instead dives deep into the history behind the creators, magicians, and methods. It's only $10 a month for a yearly subscription. Or for a limited time only you can download 1 month for $19.99 to try it out. But honestly the yearly subscription is worth more than we deserve." Find out more, visit 12.9.20


CTG Red by Peter Eggink - Magicbox: Dynamo called it the best effect of Blackpool 2019. Peter' 'hands off' approach to the 'Coin Through Can' sold out in literally hours upon its worldwide release in 2019. Through the year, Peter has taken this concept and developed it even further, only to come back better and stronger. A re-design of this fantastic concept now implemented in the classic 'Coin Thru Glass' effect. A classy, sophisticated version which will blow your spectator's minds.


This is the ultimate 'in the hands' experience that will create some long lasting memories. After your favorite card magic, you borrow a coin from your spectator. Both you and your spectator initialize the coin. Next, the spectator is given the card box to hold. To isolate the surface of the box, a glass is placed on top of it.

From a distance, you aim and 'flick' the coin towards the glass. With a loud 'clang' the coin magically and visually penetrates the glass! This a truly shocking magical experience for your spectator: they feel, see and hear the magic happen right in their own hands! To find out, watch a video and order, visit .


50 Secrets To Successful Magic - new from Magicseen Publications. From the publishers: Just released, this is a wonderful 322 page soft backed book that is packed with brilliant advice from some of magic's most knowledgeable performers. We have selected 50 of the very best and most informative articles originally published in Magicseen Magazine, and presented them to you in a collection that is rich in variety and replete with great advice and information. The 70+ contributors cover subjects related to commercial close up, mentalism, stand up and stage performance, cruise work, ventriloquism, kid show work, character creation, bizarre magic, self promotion and more. We probably all have more tricks than we know what to do with, but solid, practical advice on all the other aspects of entertainment is harder to come by. This new book provides you with a one-stop shop to everything you need to know all in one nicely produced tome that you will refer to again and again. Selling at the bargain price of just £20.00 + p&p, you can get your copy right now from 12.9.20


Seance: Ghosts of Enfield. A Livestream Experience. Saturday 31st of October at 9pm. Peter Antoniou writes: I grew up in Enfield, home of one of the most famous hauntings in the UK. I never knew much about it though until COVID-19 happened, and I ended up quarantined for 7 months in my childhood home. I've spent all my time learning about it, which led to me discover something else: it might not have been the only one. This Halloween, join me in one of the most ambitious things I've ever attempted: a seance livestreamed on the internet, with participants from all over the world including you. Tune in, watch, and take part in a unprecedented experience.

When you buy a ticket, you'll get an email with details of how to access the livestream on Halloween. If you can't join us at the exact time, it'll be online for 7 days after, so you can still have your spooky fix! Seance: Ghosts of Enfield will stream into your home on Saturday 31st of September at 9pm GMT, 5pm ET, 2PST Tickets available from


Jay Sankey - Zoom Lecture at the Zodiac Magical Society, Ealing, West London. The Zodiac Magical Society write: We are delighted to be hosting a Zoom lecture by the one and only Jay Sankey on Wednesday the 16th of September at 8pm. Jay is still at the forefront of innovation and will be sharing and teaching a wide variety of material from his prolific repertoire! We can offer a limited number of 'seats' to non-members, for just £10 a seat. If you would like to book a place, or would like further information then please email 12.9.20


Auction - Lyon & Turnbull, 30th September. Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps & Photographs - Including the Trevor Dawson Magic Collection. For over forty years, Trevor Dawson was a member of The Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. A very keen and diversified collector of books, he assembled an impressive library related to Magic, Conjuring, Card Tricks, Deception, Mesmerism and associated fields. Wednesday, 30th September from 10am. Live online from Edinburgh. Sale includes a copy of 'Magic of Robert Harbin' (lot 270). See: 12.9.20


Bride of Dracula - For Halloween! Mr E Enterprises: Welcome to Dracula’s Castle where the Prince of Darkness has decided to take a new bride. Your spectator is to help in making his chilling choice! From Dracula’s Castle you remove four pictures of the beautiful brides that Count Dracula has kidnapped. One of these is to be freely chosen by your spectator as the Count's new spouse in the living death of a Vampire, and the other three rejected brides are to be dispatched by the traditional stake through their hearts.

Secretly Dracula has a favourite and if your spectator fails to choose correctly, he also will suffer a fate worse than death. Your spectator makes his choice, there is no force used! The unfortunate rejected Brides are dispatched as promised – but now what of your spectator's fate if he has failed to please his diabolical Master? All is well at the end, for when the spectator's wedding invitation is opened and read out he has indeed chosen wisely – the very Bride named in his wedding invitation. However there is a twist in the tale, no one is safe from the Master of Horror!

This is a splendid effect that plays well for all age groups and is ideal for close-up, table-hopping, parlour magic or even cabaret. Dracula is an infamous character that has stood the test of time. Comes complete with small-jumbo (approx A6 size – 105mm x 148mm) laminated Bride picture cards, Dracula Castle folder, Wedding Invitation and instructions. Only £9.99 from


Britain's Got Talent - more magic this evening! Ant and Dec host the semi-finals of this year's talent contest. Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo are on the judging desk, as the acts that impressed them the most return, including the golden buzzer acts. Eight acts perform in each semi-final, with two finalists being selected by the judges and viewers' votes. 8pm this evening on ITV. See TV Magic for details. 12.9.20


Merlins of Wakefield will be launch their New 'Merlins Mail' in October. Merlins write: This will replace our 'Preview' which we have sent out for the past 25 years. It will be a similar format, but will be quarterly and contain articles, tips, tricks and a lot more. Anyone who received the 'Preview' will automatically get the new 'Merlins Mail'. If you would like to reserve a free copy, just email 12.9.20


Astro-Scope by Mark Lee - Merlins. A set of zodiac cards are introduced and a spectator is enlisted to take part in a mental experiment. The twelve zodiac cards are handed to the spectator to examine and shuffle. You now show the cards one at a time and the spectator is asked to think of any one of the signs. Without any questions or fishing you are able to divine the thought of sign, with 100% accuracy. There is no forcing, only the twelve zodiac cards are used, no marked cards or gimmicks of any kind, no sleight of hand, no set up. The cards are produced on plastic stock so are ideal to carry in your wallet for an impromptu miracle. Find out more and watch a demonstration at 12.9.20


Magicseen Download Subscription Offer. From the publishers: Customers who have a download subscription to Magicseen really do get the best of all worlds. Not only do they receive their copy of each issue in advance of the printed copies arriving, they also get the chance, whenever a new edition is published, to request any two back issues of their choice completely free! There are many readers who are gradually building up a complete set of all the Magicseens published since 2005! Plus, download subscribers can also purchase any Magicseen Publications book or e-book at 20% off. So why aren't you a download subscriber yet? A 1 year sub (6 issues) costs just £24, and 2 years (12 issues) comes in at only £40, which when you factor in the free back issues you can request, means you make a huge profit compared to buying the download mags at the normal rate. But as if that was not enough, if you take out a new 1 or 2 year download sub before the 30th September, we will email you a link to download a free copy of the Best of British e-book (worth £12). You'd be mad not to, wouldn't you? Get your sub now from 12.9.20


The Tube of Wonder! - Mark Leveridge Magic: This is a disarmingly simple yet baffling effect suitable for a close-up or parlour show. A simple cardboard tube is placed on the table and lifted to reveal that inside it is an inverted wine glass with a large red ball on top of it. The tube is freely displayed and can be examined by a spectator. The performer's hands are otherwise empty. The tube is placed on the table and the inverted wine glass dropped down inside. Finally the ball is dropped into the tube so that it rests again on the base of the glass. A snap of the fingers and the tube is immediately lifted off again to reveal that the ball is now impossibly trapped under the glass! The tube is genuinely empty and both the performer’s hands are still empty. This quick effect requires no gimmicks and has an incredibly clean handling. It is supplied as a TricKlipXtra Video Download. See for more info and to watch a demonstration. 12.9.20


The Mark Leveridge September Podcast. Mark Leveridge's monthly 30 minute audio podcast is different from most of the other magic podcasts out there. Instead of featuring interviews with magic names, Mark simply sits down and chats about subjects magical. He gives opinion on current topics, offers advice on magic technique and reveals some of the background to what it is like being a full time performance pro and dealer. It's relaxed, it's very popular, and most people have got a spare half hour once a month to enjoy some thought provoking comment and chatter. Mark's podcast has been published at the start of every month for several years and has received many thousands of downloads, so isn't it about time you caught up with the September issue? And why not dip into some of the back issues too? You can listen online or download the September issue from either, or from where you can also sign up to be a follower and thus receive every new edition as soon as it is published. 12.9.20


Charlie's Angels - Magic Fire. An ageing illusionist hires the team to clear him of carrying out a series of arson attacks on fashion centres. Seventies detective series, starring Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Thursday 24th September on Sony Channel. See TV Magic for details. 12.9.20


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