Number 1058 - 3rd October 2020


A Little Happier: Notes for reassurance. Derren Brown. From the publishers: In A Little Happier, Derren Brown draws out the essential discoveries from his international bestseller Happy to help you lead your happiest life. A Little Happier's 17 inspiring and reassuring lessons will help you define and find your own happiness. Its lessons challenge us to think differently about the meaning of happiness and how we can over overcome anxiety in a difficult world.

None of this is real when each of us tells stories about our lives in too tidy narratives that are seldom true and rarely helpful. We should be wary of goal setting: long-term goals fixate us on a future that may not happen and we may not wish for when we get there. Our partner isn't right for us because no-one is. None of us is born for someone else. But perhaps those areas of frequent conflict are useful indicators of where we might ourselves be insufferable.

Life is hard, messy and complex. But if we can learn to separate what we can control - our thoughts and actions - from all else beyond our control, we can find a surer footing with which to greet the world and experience our own concept of happiness. Due for publication on 15th October. Pre-order via


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Wayne Dobson's brilliant ventriloquism with a card trick in a rare clip from 33 years ago on BBC 1's Seaside Special '87 (22nd August 1987). Introduced by Little & Large. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 3.10.20


Two more magic acts on BGT this evening, and the final is just around the corner. Ant and Dec host and Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo are on the judging desk. 8pm this evening on ITV. See TV Magic for details. 3.10.20


More magic clips added to The MagicWeek Video Archive during the week, starting with Harry Blackstone's classic, Floating Lightbulb from 'The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show' on 27th December 1986: YouTube. 3.10.20


High Jinx Magic & Illusion Family Show - 26th October, Leatherhead. From the promoters: Direct from the world famous Blackpool Tower Circus, the High Jinx show is returning to Leatherhead for another fast paced, jam-packed show, filled with amazing tricks, grand illusions and crazy circus thrills sure to knock your socks off and leave you wanting more. Voted best family show in Blackpool on Trip Advisor in 2019 and nominated for the Children’s Choice Awards at the Edinburgh Fringe. This show really is magic, pure and simple for all the family!

The Leatherhead Theatre has Covid-19 precautions in place with social distancing and cleaning of the venue in-between performances. The capacity of the venue has also been lowered to 153 giving everyone enough room to social distance and feel comfortable and safe. Monday 26th October at 12.30pm & 4pm. Adults £12.00, Children £10.00, Family £40.00. For more info and to book visit


The 2020 Olivier Awards will be held on 25th October 2020 at the London Palladium, hosted by Jason Manford on ITV. The event was originally scheduled to be held on 5th April 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall. Nominations include:
Best Actor in a Musical: Andy Nyman as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof – Playhouse Theatre.
Best Entertainment or Comedy Play: Magic Goes Wrong by Henry Lewis, Penn Jillette, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields and Teller – Vaudeville Theatre.


Duncan's Cube! Added to The MagicWeek Video Archive on Wednesday, a live recording of Duncan & Keiko Trillo and 'Duncan's Cube' on 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show', a part of The Magic Circle Centenary Celebrations that were held in London in July, 2005: YouTube. 3.10.20


Sean Heydon on Magicians Advice Podcast. "Sean Heydon joins Ian Brennan for this podcast, sharing lots of advice and tips for us all. In this episode you will find out about how Sean got into the stand-up circuit, how he markets himself to potential bookers and how he offers extra value to clients to ensure he is the one they turn to. Sean talks about his upcoming show which will be happening as soon as Covid restrictions ease and he talks about his journey on BGT. At the time of recording Sean was still in the BGT process but at the time of release the BGT journey has ended for Sean for the time being." Podbean. 3.10.20


'Merlins Mail' from Merlins of Wakefield has just launched. It replaces their 'Preview' which ran for 25 years. With 24 pages, 'Merlins Mail' is bigger and better, containing tricks and articles; this time from Paul Gordon, Darren Mac and Chris Wardle. If you are on their list, it should be arriving soon. If you would like a printed copy, email with your postal address. For a PDF copy right now just Click Here. Merlins are also interested in buying any good quality used magic and books. Contact them on 01924 339933. 3.10.20


Mel Mellers' Magical Mentalism Tour - Magicseen. We are delighted to announce that we have published another collection of terrific material from comedy mentalist Mel Mellers. Entitled the Mel Mellers' Magical Mentalism Tour, this 9" x 6" soft back book runs to 92 pages and features 28 of Mel's mentalism ideas, each of which is commercial and entertaining. It also has an interesting essay on getting the basics right as well as three further pages of great one liners to use in your act. Mel's methods are practical and uncomplicated – he has a real gift for getting directly to the nub of what is needed to created any desired effect – and so there will be many ideas which you will soon be including in your repertoire. Those who bought Mel’s first Magicseen publication (The Travelling Trickster) will no doubt be delighted to get hold of more of Mel's funny mental material. Order from 3.10.20


The Houdini Stunt by Phil Peters - Merlins. Many people believed that Houdini could dematerialize and then materialize elsewhere! You demonstrate Houdini’s incredible escaping ability with this easy to do card effect. Find out more and watch a video at 3.10.20


Credit Transfer - Mark Leveridge Magic. Two for the price of one here as with Credit Transfer you get a mental effect and a piece of magic together! A borrowed credit card is slipped into a small envelope. Two paperback books are shown and the pages are riffled of one of the books until a spectator calls ‘stop’. The credit card in the envelope is dropped into the book to mark the place. The second book is now opened to reveal an envelope is already inside it, and the page it rests on turns out to match the page just selected in the first book. Then the credit card vanishes from the envelope in the first book and arrives inside the envelope in the second book. This great routine is available either as a TricKlip Video Download if you learn best from video, or if you prefer written directions, then please select the E-Routine Download order button which will deliver the instructions via a PDF text file. Find out more and watch a video at 3.10.20


NexStand Laptop Stand. If you are chatting with friends, lecturing, or performing on Zoom, the NexStand Laptop Stand will elevate your performance by bringing the laptop's built-in camera up to your eye level, to stop the dreaded 'up nose ceiling shot'. Available from And while you are there maybe it's time to look at a decent USB Microphone and Logitech HD Pro Webcam as well! 3.10.20


Tricked is currently being repeated on Virgin Media Two. There's lots of clever stuff here as magician Ben Hanlin goes undercover to astonish unsuspecting celebrities and members of the public. See TV Magic for details. 3.10.20


The October E-Video Newsletter: The latest 30 minute online video presentation from Mark Leveridge is available and awaiting your attention. In the October episode Mark performs and explains a visual bare hand colour changing lighter effect which is ideal for social media use! If you are into coins, Mark raids the Tool Box section of E-Club Pro to bring you an explanation of an easy yet highly effective coin pass move. He also offers you two tried and tested techniques for helping to control performance nerves, and provides dems and background info on his two Web Offers for this month. 'Fragment' by the Other Brothers is featured in the Review Corner segment and finally Mark suggests a technique for how to break into close up groups when strolling in 60 Seconds To Success. The E-Video Newsletter is yours to watch and enjoy as long as you are signed up for Mark's free E-Club Lite. Membership brings you an email newsletter on the 1st of each month containing competitions, advice, special offers and of course access to the E-Video Newsletter itself. To join go to 3.10.20


Magicseen Lite Issue 9, October 2020. From the publishers: We all love a freebie and so hopefully you will want to take advantage of the latest complimentary Magicseen taster issue. Based on the main issue for September 2020 (#94), this downloadable edition contains the following: learn about our cover star Nathan Kranzo whose path from tough club venues to magic consultant is fascinating. Ian Brennan offers some great advice about managing your social media presence and website in the final instalment of A Little Bit Of Business. Find out what topics our readers are ruminating over in the letters page, and learn a clever card routine from Greg Webb taken from the Masterclass. This issue also has an interesting article on close upper Sebastian Midtvaage, and there are several of the product reviews too to help you to decide what's hot, and what's not! Magicseen Lite Issue 9 is free to download from, and is also available from Vanishing Inc, Black Artefacts, Mission Magic, PropDog, Discount Magic and Card Shark. 3.10.20


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