Number 1062 - Saturday 31st October 2020


Winners announced for Olivier Awards 2020. The winners of the Olivier Awards 2020 were announced on Sunday evening in a special programme filmed at The London Palladium. In the 'Best Musical Revival' category the competition was tough. The nominees were: Evita, Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Mary Poppins and the winner was... Trevor Nunn's production of Fiddler on the Roof starring Andy Nyman as Tevye and Judy Kuhn as Golde. Big congratulations to Andy from the MagicWeek team. We saw the production during its first run. It was outstanding and Andy was simply brilliant. "Fiddler on the Roof West End Opening Night": YouTube. The Trailer: YouTube. Andy Nyman previously enjoyed Olivier success for 'Best Entertainment' in 2006 for his work on Derren Brown's Something Wicked This Way Comes. 31.10.20


Magic Goes Wrong reopens in London's West End in December. From the promoters: Created with Magic legends Penn & Teller, Mischief Theatre conjure up an evening of grand illusion. In the next ‘Goes Wrong’ comedy to hit the West End, the original Mischief company play a hapless gang of magicians presenting a charity event. As the accidents spiral out of control, so does their fundraising target! Re-appearing from 10th December 2020. Penn & Teller won’t be appearing on stage. The Vaudeville Theatre operates strictly under the government Tier 2 requirements. For further information check our Covid-19 secure information page. All bookings in a party must only be from the same household or the legally defined support bubble. 10th December - 31st January. 31.10.20


The Dodo. Jerry Sadowitz is no longer taking subscriptions to his magazine The Dodo (formerly The Crimp) but is now selling them on an issue by issue basis. The current October edition can be purchased by emailing for details: Please note that the magazine contains mainly card magic and material that some will find very offensive. Purchasers must be over 18 years of age. 31.10.20


Halloween Show and Ghost Walk. This Halloween, witness a collection of scary stories, mythical magic, and unexplained goings-on filmed live at a spooky 17th century barn and in the grounds of an old Essex farm house dating back to the Doomsday book. Hear of the countless spooky tales and legends of the local area, presented from various ancient locations during a ghost walk, guided by an experienced storyteller and magician. Then enter a ghost hunters lair, featuring demonstrations of travelling spirits, how to catch them, and eerie displays of floating objects! Watch this creepy compilation of magical mysteries from the comfort of your own home this Halloween featuring tricks (or treats) that you can also do, through the screen. A spooky experience suitable for all the family, so why not join us... if you dare! £5 per household. Tickets: Also see: YouTube. 31.10.20


Magicseen - in print and digital, Issue 95, November 2020. From the publishers: We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest edition of the UK's only independent magic magazine, an issue that we are able to provide once more in both printed and digital formats. Our cover star is Rafael, the Belgian wizard who always brings a touch of creativity and class to magic. He is ably supported by interviews with arguably one the UK's best unsung heroes, Steve Cook, as well as a first time chat for us with mentalist Haim Goldenberg. This issue sees the return of the Dealer's Booth, in which we throw the spotlight on new(ish) dealership Neo Magic, and we also take a look at twelve of the leading UK magic websites to see what they can offer you. Our advice article this time concentrates on how to improve your performance by the judicious use of movement (or not!) during your show, and Oliver Tabor takes you behind the scenes and reveals just how tricky it can be to present a theatre show online via Zoom. All of this is supplemented by contributions in the Masterclass from Looch and Gregg Webb, as well as product reviews, news, letters and more. You can receive your copy via a printed or download subscription (6 month, 1 and 2 year options are currently available), or simply by ordering the issue on its own from 31.10.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Johnny Paul on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 30th October 1982. Dice Stacking and Cards Across. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 31.10.20


6 week online mentoring programme with Looch. For the first time in his career, Looch is offering the magic community his online mentoring course. This course is perfectly suited for those who are looking to build a successful business within the performing world of mentalism. Perhaps you are looking to add some part-time performances to your calendar? Or maybe you wish to transition to a full-time performing career? Whatever you current status, download the free brochure that explains how it all works and how you can be mentored by one of the UK's best professional mentalists. Simply click the 'Buy Now' button and checkout to receive it as an instant download: 31.10.20


Paul Daniels 'Under Laboratory Conditions'. Added to The MagicWeek Video Archive on Tuesday, Paul Daniels performing "Under Laboratory Conditions" on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 2nd October 1982. See YouTube. 31.10.20


Fielding West, Talking Shtick with Mark James. Mark writes: This is a great chat with an absolute master of his craft. Fielding's act has influenced my own in so many ways it would be embarrassing to bring them all up. It was a joy to discuss this show." Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 31.10.20


An Evening with Jason Ladanye - online lecture, Newcastle Magic Circle. Tony Junior writes: The Newcastle Magic Circle invites you to join them live at 7.30pm (GMT/UK time) on Monday, 9th November, for "An Evening with Jason Ladanye" via Zoom for an evening of extraordinary card magic. The fee is just £5.00 per person for non-members, via BACS or PayPal. Full details are on our website on our Zoom page. If you would like to attend please email Tony Junior: Even if you're not a card magician, he is worth tuning in to, just to watch! Jason is an award-winning sleight of hand entertainer who has performed card magic all around the world for the last 20 years. He has written two books on sleight of hand card magic: Confident Deceptions and Game Changer. Both are best-sellers among magicians. Jason is among the best card handlers alive today. 31.10.20


The Magic Researcher. Historical Research on Magicians and Magic Effects. Phil Lawson, 'The Magic Researcher', looks back over the history of a magic effect, or person within the magic world, and provides an in-depth history. Expect some interesting detail and little-known facts along the way. Taking the spotlight in the first two articles, two creations by Jerry Sadowitz: his seminal effect The More Things Change, followed by Come Again. Planned articles include the magic of Peter Kane. The Magic Researcher would like to hear from anyone that knew Peter, together with suggestions for future articles. See 31.10.20


Hoffmann's Modern Magic - just published! This full and unabridged reprint of Hoffmann's most important text, and one of the most important magic books ever written, Modern Magic, is finally back in print. First published in 1876, this full facsimile reprint is part of's Classic Reprint Series. A set of Hoffmann's 5 most important works will be out before Christmas (Modern Magic, More Magic, Later Magic, Magical Titbits and Latest Magic). 511 pages. 22cm x 14cm. £15. 31.10.20


Devil's Bandana by Lee Alex, a Practical Magic Exclusive. Gary Dunn writes: At Blackpool 2020, I had a chat with Lee Alex about the lack of a nice looking, quality, Devil's Hank, that didn't look 'propy' or gaudy, and would be a pleasure to use. Little did I know at the time, but he set out to solve this problem... Fast forward to October, and Lee has produced the most beautiful Devil's Bandana! Made in a satin material, and measuring 50cm square, this Devil's Bandana is a pleasure to own and use. The Devil's Handkerchief that you can wear! This wickedly clever utility device can be worn (if you wish) as a neckerchief, bandana or face covering. Vanish large and small items with ease. Available for pre-order only from Practical Magic. Find out more: 31.10.20


Watch Mark James lecture at the Zodiac Magical Society via Zoom on November 4th. Don’t miss UK comedy magician Mark James perform a two-hour lecture this Wednesday 4th November at 8pm. He's lecturing for the Zodiac Magical Society via Zoom. But non-members around the world can join in the fun too for just £10, which will be deducted from their annual subscription if they later join the club. The Zodiac meets every Wednesday evening for lectures, workshops, competitions and general magic fun. If you want to watch this lecture please email or visit for club info. 31.10.20


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Creative discussions with creative people. From actors and writers to magicians, keynote speakers and behavioural experts. "Listen to an in-depth discussion moving where the conversation takes us. Not your average conversation." On Apple podcasts: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. 31.10.20


Seance: Ghosts of Enfield. A Livestream Experience - online, 31st of October. Peter Antoniou writes: I grew up in Enfield, home of one of the most famous hauntings in the UK. I never knew much about it though until COVID-19 happened, and I ended up quarantined for 7 months in my childhood home. I've spent all my time learning about it, which led to me discover something else: it might not have been the only one. This Halloween, join me in one of the most ambitious things I've ever attempted: a seance livestreamed on the internet, with participants from all over the world including you. Tune in, watch, and take part in a unprecedented experience.

When you buy a ticket, you'll get an email with details of how to access the livestream on Halloween. If you can't join us at the exact time, it'll be online for 7 days after, so you can still have your spooky fix! Seance: Ghosts of Enfield will stream into your home on Saturday 31st of September at 9pm GMT, 5pm ET, 2PST Tickets available from


Ring in the Bell by Reynold Alexander - Magicbox. Ring Flight is a classic in magic; borrowed object to impossible location, with the emotional hook of the object itself. Ring In The Bell is an astonishing Ring Flight with a sure-fire method that allows you to vanish a spectator’s ring and make it re-appear on the clapper of the bell they are holding. Reynold Alexander has been refining this method for years, and now he is sharing his brilliant method with the world. "Pure evil genius. Your shocked spectators will not see the ending coming. Highly recommended." Chef Anton. Find out more and watch a video: 31.10.20


Ken Brooke. Paul Stone writes: November 3rd 2020 is a very significant date in the magical diary. And no, I’m not referring to the U.S. Presidential Election. November 3rd would have been the 100th Birthday of one of the most influential magicians of the last century, Ken Brooke. A wonderful performer, teacher, mentor and magic dealer, Ken was one of the greatest magic demonstrators of all time, and his advertising materials and detailed instruction sheets were superb and way ahead of the time. If you are a Ken Brooke aficionado or a magic collector watch out for a couple of special limited edition releases commemorating this landmark for a very unique and much loved magic personality and performer. 31.10.20


Spellbound by Mr E Enterprises. "One of the most entertaining card effects ever! Showing a number of playing cards, you demonstrate that by spelling a card’s number a letter at a time as you place each card below the packet, you always arrive at a card that has that card’s exact value. So if you spell two the next card dealt will be a value Two and so on, every time for each card. You allow an audience member to try, but time after time they always end up with a Joker no matter how careful they are, yet you are able to produce their number by the spelling process, even after they have failed to do so. This simple premise has your audience holding their sides with laughter throughout this entertaining routine, leading to a stunning fun finish where the participant becomes the star of your show - and you end up as the Joker! If you enjoy excellent entertaining card magic, and like being at least one step ahead of your audience all the time, you will love Spellbound. Only ten cards are used, no extras, just fabulous easy to do visual magic and superb entertainment from start to finish. Comes with jumbo sized playing cards and instructions." 31.10.20


Magician of Mann 2020. The Magician of Mann 2020 is Juan Corrin, winner of the society's annual stage competition staged on 24th October at the Centenary Centre in Peel, on the Isle of Man. With no known active Covid-19 cases in the Island's community for several months, the 'Evening of Magic' was able to be enjoyed by a full house, with no social distancing or face covering required. Juan was presented with the Arthur Culpin Challenge Cup, given to the Magicians of Mann in 1959, and first competed for in the following year. The other competitors in the show, produced by Lexi Dernie, were Michael Kelly, Rosalie and Giles Beaumont, John Cain, Michael Daniels and Chris Burns. Paul Martin, who won the trophy in 2019, ended the show in fine style whilst the four judges made their decision. Photo: Juan Corrin (L) and Ray Harmer M.H.K., one of the judges. 31.10.20


Arrow of Truth by Magic Wagon at Merlins. Limited stock - order yours now! The performer shows an elegant wooden drawer box along with a pack of 8 slightly aged element cards. Two cards are chosen with absolutely no force of any kind. The spectator is then asked to shuffle the chosen cards along with the six other ones. These eight cards are then randomly placed face down around the box. Now, a small stand and a wooden arrow are removed from the drawer and placed on top of the box. The arrow is then given a spin and after a few second, the arrow stops pointing to one card. It is of course one of the cards that was selected by the spectator!

The performer then turns all the remaining cards face up and offers to repeat the effect. As the performer spins the arrow, the spectator is asked to name their second card and when the arrow comes to a stop, it is not pointing at the correct card! Suddenly, the arrow begins to mysteriously move in the opposite direction and when it finally stops, it’s found to be pointing directly at the spectator’s other selected card! This is unquestionably one of the most elegant and memorable close-up effects, with a great kicker, we have ever produced! The instructions have been written by Mr. John M. Talbot and outline several extra routines which can be performed with "Arrow of Truth". The mysteries that can be created with this effect are limited only by one’s imagination!


The Table Magician Audio Book - Expert advice on how to succeed at table side magic. Available as an instant download. Volume 3 in The Professional Worker Series takes a close look at what is required to work commercial magic at a table side. It’s probably true to say that more opportunities are available for close-up magicians to work at a table side than for any other form of close-up. From big dinner functions with large numbers of tables through to hotels, restaurants and pubs, the commercial close-up magician will regularly be asked to cope with performing under some often quite demanding situations.

In this 68 minute Audio Book I take a detailed look at all aspects of this type of work. I talk about the different size and layouts of tables and what this means to you as a performer. I explain the difficulties you are likely to encounter from waiting staff, absent diners, and a myriad of other distractions, and I point out many of the pitfalls that this type of performance throws up and how you can avoid them. Even if you are new to this type of work, this Audio Book will cover everything that you need to get you started. The types of tricks to use, when and how to approach tables in the first place, plus a host of other important factors are all explained clearly and with practical considerations in mind. For more information and to order the download see


Creating the Impossible by Chris Wardle and James Ward continues to receive outstanding reviews from around the world. A book containing 15 new effects and theories on how to create tricks and make your magic unique. Available now from "‘Having spent years creating effects, from major illusions to smaller miracles, for Paul Daniels, I understand the development process from idea into effect extremely well, and my admiration for the authors is total." Barry Murray, The Magic Circular. "'Creating the Impossible' is a must read for the discerning performer who wants to stand out and be different…Plenty of case studies are also presented for context accordingly, and readers also get to learn some tricks. I enjoyed this tremendously and can imagine the intermediate magician gleaning massive ideas and strategies from the tips shared. Recommended" Ning Cai. "If investing in your magic is what you seek, invest in this book and your creativity will soar!" Nikola Arcane. "Creating the Impossible helps stir those creative juices from two respected creators... it reads well, and these two guys know what they are talking about." David Kenney, Magic Orthodoxy. 31.10.20


New President and Council at Portsmouth & District Magic Circle: After an elongated delay due to the Coronavirus, members of the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle held their AGM on Tuesday 27th October. The new Council was duly elected:

Nicky Lewis - President (previous Secretary PDMC and ACES, Lewes)
Neal Austin - Secretary
Michael Jordan - Treasurer
Clint Barron - Librarian
Martin Lewis - Council member (previously Chairman and President of the ACES, Lewes)
Rikki Mark - Council member (previous PDMC President)
Lee Roberts - Council member (previous PDMC President)
Jim Stone - Council member
With this very strong line-up it is hoped to push the club forwards and work towards a new programme for the forthcoming year. This team are all a great bunch of friends and we are hoping to have a very productive period in the history of the club. New members are always welcome and should in the first instance contact the Secretary via


The MLM E-Video Newsletter. The November edition of Mark Leveridge's monthly online video programme will be published at 9pm on October 31st. This month: The Teach In - learn a coin routine which incorporates a neat combination of principles. Pro Peeks - this time Mark presents an item from the Top Tips section of the E-Club Pro online vault. The Review Corner - Mark takes a look at the Tim Ellis comedy platform/cabaret routine called iDrop. Keeping Control Unplugged - part 5 concludes the discussion on ways to prevent performance nerves. Web Offers - background information on two close up products, both of which are offered at very generous discounts. 60 Seconds To Success - Mark asserts that online marketing is not the be all and end all when it comes to show promotion. You can watch the entire 36 minute video presentation by signing up for Mark Leveridge's free E-Club Lite. Not only will this mean you receive a monthly email newsletter full of news, offers, advice and freebies, but you will also gain access from it to the E-Video Newsletter. Sign up now at 31.10.20


The Noughties. A light-hearted look at the social and cultural changes society went through since the turn of the 21st century, featuring contributions from politicians and celebrities. In the fourth episode, Angela Scanlon, Nigel Harman and Rachel Parris take a look back at the year 2003, from Beyonce's hit Crazy in Love, to David Blaine living in a box over the bank of the Thames. Wednesday 11th November. See TV Magic for details. 31.10.20


For Sale & Wanted. MagicWeek's free classified For Sale and Wanted section has been going strong for over 20 years now. It's a great way to free up some cash for some new magic goodies from The Dealers, or hopefully locate a hard to find magic prop or out of print book. Please read the T&C's before submitting an ad. 31.10.20


"TruTV Orders Comedic Illusionist Stunt Series ‘Big Trick Energy’ From DIGA Studios" Click Here • "Magician Keith Barry says he bombarded Ellen DeGeneres’ production staff with calls until they put him on the show" Click Here • "Watch: Magician Keith Barry sends 'chills all over' Ellen DeGeneres' body on The Ellen Show" Click Here • "The Amazing Randi (just don't call him a magician)" Click Here • "Magician Teller will do ‘Chicago Shakesfear,' but even he can’t make live magic reappear" Click Here • "Magician Peter Boie gets students in the Halloween ‘spirit’" Click Here • "The Baffling Ben Bathje: An athlete and magician" Click Here • That's all for another week. Your UK magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 31.10.20