Number 1065 - Saturday 21st November 2020


Christmas is coming early as Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2020 Virtually Appears. From the organisers: Edinburgh International Magic Festival is delighted to present a programme of events delivered entirely virtually this winter, supporting Scottish performers, from 16th-20th December 2020. Enjoy winter wonder with a lineup of talent, most of whom live in Scotland and are past MagicFest favourites. With live venues closed we’re presenting shows the only way we can, digitally, and we’d love for you to join us.

Kevin Quantum, magician and festival organiser, said "I’m delighted that we’re able to offer an 11th year of magic to the world, and this year you don’t even have to take off your slippers to enjoy it all!" Gary James’ Magic School returns for the 11th consecutive year alongside other Edinburgh favourites Magic Gareth and Tricky Ricky - who’ll be performing family shows - a perfect diversion for the kids. Fringe favourites Elliot Bibby and Kevin Quantum join Glasgow based magician Ryan K Davidson and past Scottish Magic Champ Billy Reid for virtual close-up magic performances. Vincent Gambini completes the bill with a unique show performed entirely by telephone!


This year all tickets will cost £10 'per screen' and we’re offering the opportunity to buy a MagicFest Pass that will let you see all shows in the lineup for just £50. Festival Producer Svetlana McMahon said "We really want to support Scottish performers as much as we can this year and thanks to a generous donation to the festival combined with support from Creative Scotland, it is possible for us to offer all festival participants fixed fees as well as 100% of takings from ticket sales." We know artists aren’t the only ones having a tough time, so Kevin Quantum has decided to offer half the tickets for his show The Trick That Fooled free of charge to those who aren’t able to afford a ticket at the moment. Those who would like a ticket need only pay the booking fee of £1 to secure a place. (Photo: Kevin and Olivia Quantum by Pavel Tamm @Fotkaplus Photography). 21.11.20


Ali Cook’s second appearance on Penn & Teller Fool Us. Season 7, 2020. Ali Cook and the Snake Goddess, with special thanks to Don Wayne for designing this illusion and builder John Gaughan and tweaks from Scott Penrose. You can watch the full episode on the CW channel which also features one of Ali's favourite magicians, Tony Clark. Watch Ali's performance here: YouTube. 21.11.20


Talking Shtick with Christopher Hart. Mark James writes: I've been the biggest fan of this act since the first time I saw his torn and restored sheet music routine. It was the first time I ever became aware of how music and magic could work in tandem to become greater than the sum of their parts. Christopher's magic is inventive, incredibly strong and hilarious. I loved every second of this chat! What's remarkable is that we focused on Chris' most well known 9 minute act! All of that and more in this incredible chat which is available now! Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 21.11.20


Issy Simpson's new partnership! "I’ve partnered with @Argos for a very magical Christmas competition! Share your magic trick using #ArgosMagicalCircle by Sunday 6th December at 5pm to be in with a chance of winning up to £500 Argos vouchers, a Limited Edition Marvin’s Magic Deluxe Box of Tricks and a bundle of 5 Marvin’s Magic sets! I can’t wait to see your magic tricks!" #Ad #ArgosMagicalCircle - see YouTube. 21.11.20


Bob Read’s London Magic Walk for The Magic Circle Centenary, 2005. Bob Gill writes: Here's a little piece of joy, Bob Read's London Magic Walk for TMC's Centenary in 2005. Spot several familiar faces in the crowd. It was filmed at Bob's request by retired member Pete Wentworth. The production values are not great, as it was taken on an old VHS camcorder, hand-held while on the move in pouring rain! It shows around two thirds of the Walk because some of the tape has been damaged. But it showcases Bob's energy, love of magic history and above all his infectious sense of fun. For those of us who counted Bob Read as a friend, it's a much-needed dose of nostalgia in the light of the recent revival of interest in his map and the Walk. With thanks to Mike Sullivan for recent technical assistance. See Vimeo. 21.11.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Doug Henning with some stand-up magic (Bill in Lemon!) from Doug Henning's World of Magic recorded at the Hilton Las Vegas in 1979. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 21.11.20


The Panto Podcast interviews Andrew Van Buren. "In this episode: Variety performer, showman, plate spinner and master illusionist Andrew Van Buren on the Panto Podcast for November 2020. Talking about the history of his family and the parallels with the inventor of circus Philip Astley; growing up in theatre, touring his shows, his plate spinning, and possibly the most moving song sheet story you'll ever hear." It's free to listen to on Apple Podcasts, YouTube (with subtitles), Spotify and TuneIn and you can even say 'Alexa play The Panto Podcast' to your Amazon Echo device (or any smart speaker). 21.11.20


South London Magic Society Zoom Close-up Competition. Mark Jennings writes: Congratulations to Sarah Campbell, winner of South London Magic Society’s annual Close-up Competition. This year’s competition was a bit different as, like all club nights at the moment, it was held over Zoom. A closely fought competition with 9 fantastic entrants was won by Sarah Campbell as her hilarious alter ego Miss Prim. Joseph Parrin won Best Trick with some very impressive card work. 21.11.20


Morgan and West - online lecture. Andy Hart writes: Continuing our very successful series of Zoom lectures, The Sussex Magic Circle is hosting a lecture by the award-winning magicians, Morgan and West on Thursday 26th at 8pm. Non SMC members can attend for £10 using the following link: 21.11.20


Book Vouchers now available for The perfect gift for magicians and magic history fans, now sells book vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed across all books on their site. They've also launched the Magic Readers' Gift Box which includes a range of useful reading accessories along with a book voucher. Have a look here: 21.11.20


E-Club Pro Live 2021 - the new Mark Leveridge Zoom lecture is ready! After several months in preparation, Mark Leveridge is pleased to announce that his new lecture is ready for presentation. Designed to be delivered via Zoom, all the material has been specially selected from the E-Club Pro web pages and contains a wide selection of magic to suit most tastes. All the effects are practical and are usually simple to do, making the new lecture ideal for club members of any standard or experience. Following its inaugural performance, Tony Griffith commented, "That is the most professional Zoom lecture I've seen." Damian Surr sent a text to say, "Some great ideas in your lecture Mark", Callum Weaver emailed with "The club and others thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. It was super practical and very informative", Grant Maidment wrote "Really enjoyed your lecture, some top notch stuff within. Very workable and most of it was easy to do", while Ivan Hatvany (as he signed up for E-Club Pro) said, "Thank you for a very enjoyable Zoom lecture". For more information and to book a date for your club, go to where you can also watch a live trailer of the lecture itself. 21.11.20


Black Friday Offers from Mr E Enterprises. This coming Friday 27th November is traditionally a Black Friday in which we offer items at reduced and bargain prices. Black Friday offers will end promptly at midnight on Sunday 29th November; when everything will return to normal retail prices. You can save, save and save again by going to the following link now and checking out all the goodies we are offering this time around – there are some great money saving offers to be had over this limited period of time, so please act now They make the ideal Christmas presents for the Magician in your family! 21.11.20


Mental Die by Anverdi at Merlins. "You hand out a single die and even though your back is turned, you know with 100% confidence which number has been chosen. This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials. The possibilities are endless. Way beyond the typical 'I know your number' routines." Watch the video and find out more at 21.11.20


Close Call eBook & Video by Looch - Read My Mind. In September 2017 Looch was flown out to Cologne, Germany to give a very special lecture at Mind Summit. The lecture, entitled ‘Close Call’ has been described as the blueprint for successfully entertaining at close-up events around the world. In it Looch outlines the top 3 logistical problems that can destroy a performance, and teaches how to tackle those problems to ensure a smooth an effective close-up show.

‘Close Call’ consists of the physical lecture that was filmed live at Mind Summit 2017, along with a detailed eBook of lecture notes that breaks down each problem and arms the reader with a wide range of tips and techniques to utilise at your own gigs to ensure a smooth and successful performance. In addition, Looch teaches a range of subtleties that he uses at each of his close up bookings. The goal is to maximise the impact your performances will have on your audience, and to ensure a smooth and trouble free event for all concerned. ‘Close Call’ by Looch: Online lecture (filmed live at Mind Summit 2017), 44 page detailed eBook (eBook contains link and password to video). See


Imagination - Mark Leveridge Magic: Originally only available to members of E-Club Pro, or those who have seen it in the E-Club Pro Live lecture, this terrific commercial routine is now being generally released. A spectator is handed an invisible deck and is asked to spread the cards and note that all the red cards are bunched together and all the black cards are together. Splitting the deck so that he holds all the invisible red cards in one hand and all the blacks in the other, he hands over one half which is placed by a second spectator into the invisible cards box. Now the cards are spread again and the spectator is asked to note that all the court cards are together, and all the spot cards are together. Splitting them into their two groups he is invited to hand either section over to be replaced into the box. From the remaining cards he selects any one and names out loud which one he has chosen. The invisible selection is dropped momentarily into an empty envelope. Moments later a real card is tipped from the same envelope and it turns out to be the one selected by the spectator!

Designed specifically for commercial walkabout performance, Imagination is simple to do and packs a strong magical punch. Instantly repeatable, this takes up virtually no room and so is practical for the strolling magician. No gimmicks or sleight of hand required, this can be performed surrounded. This Premier E-Routine Download comes as downloadable PDF text instructions along with a link to also watch and/or download video instructions.


Gogglebox. The armchair critics share their opinions on shows including The Yorkshire Vet, Britain's Got Talent, Dynamo: Beyond Belief and The Nest. Plus, they offer thoughts on news coverage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Covid-19 recovery and President Donald Trump's various proclamations. (Repeat) Saturday 28th November on E4. See TV Magic. 21.11.20


Magicians wanted for Zoom Show! Colin McDabra writes: I am a keen amateur / hobbyist magician [for over twenty years!] and host Variety Shows on Zoom every Friday. At this stage I will make it clear that I do not benefit financially from the shows, nor do the acts, all contributions are voluntary! The aim of the shows is to provide a space for performers who are hampered by the restrictions of Covid to perform their craft and to brighten up the lives of those who watch.

The shows have a broad and inclusive range of performers of all ethnicities, genders, and from all over the globe, but mostly Europe and the US. We have a variety of acts: spoken word, dance and music. Some acts are pre-recorded, some are archive YouTube videos and about half are live. I take the time to have a technical / dress rehearsal with performers before the show to ensure they are content and everything is working well for them to perform on Zoom. The running time is around one hour from 8pm GMT.

I have hosted these shows since the first lockdown in spring 2020! I always start with a magic effect as a warm up to the show. | have found it can be quite a challenge to do magic on Zoom compared to the analogue world, but each week I have adapted or found magic that works. The audiences average 20-30 each week and are very supportive. I would like to provide other magicians with an opportunity to perform, have a bit of fun and put a bit of light into Friday nights. As I have said unfortunately there is no money to be made, but it is an opportunity to perform. Email Colin McDabra for more details if you'd like perform.


Sharron Rose. So sad to hear that Sharron had died on Tuesday. She was such a warm loving person and will be greatly missed by so many magicians, not just here in the UK but overseas too, who got to know her at magic conventions on the 'Five of Hearts Magic' stand. Sending love to Colin and the family. The Five of Hearts was the card she picked when they first met. Duncan. 21.11.20


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