Number 1068 - Saturday 12th December 2020


Marvin's Magic Live: Sunday December 13th. On a mission to give everyone a touch of magic this Christmas season, Marvin’s Magic is to a host special Marvin’s Magic Live event this Sunday, December 13th via a live-stream over Facebook and YouTube. The show will run from 6pm to 7.30pm (GMT) and promises to be a "live celebration show packed with magic, master magicians, and amazing prizes", that include the chance for a family of four to win a three-night stay at the luxury Forte Village Resort in Sardinia where kids can learn magic at the Marvin’s Magic Academy.

Marvin’s Magic Live will be co-hosted by magicians Michael J Fitch and Marvin Berglas, the creator of Marvin’s Magic. An hour and a half of magic featuring a behind the scenes look into the famous magic brand together with an array of magic celebrities including Debbie McGee, Marc Paul, Pete Wardell, Nick Einhorn, Ben Hart, Charlie Frye and Andy Nyman. Marvin Berglas will also interview his father, the original Man of Mystery, David Berglas, with news of the exciting official launch of David’s Digital Scrapbooks. For more information on Marvin’s Magic Live and to make sure you don't miss it, visit


In the Mind of David Berglas "Nothing is Impossible" - launches Sunday. The brand new David Berglas website launches Sunday, December 13th, see 12.12.20


Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2020 - online 16th-20th December. From the organisers: Edinburgh International Magic Festival is delighted to present a programme of events delivered entirely virtually this winter, supporting Scottish performers, from 16th-20th December 2020. Enjoy winter wonder with a lineup of talent, most of whom live in Scotland and are past MagicFest favourites. With live venues closed we’re presenting shows the only way we can, digitally, and we’d love for you to join us.

Kevin Quantum, magician and festival organiser, said "I’m delighted that we’re able to offer an 11th year of magic to the world, and this year you don’t even have to take off your slippers to enjoy it all!" Gary James’ Magic School returns for the 11th consecutive year alongside other Edinburgh favourites Magic Gareth and Tricky Ricky - who’ll be performing family shows - a perfect diversion for the kids. Fringe favourites Elliot Bibby and Kevin Quantum join Glasgow based magician Ryan K Davidson and past Scottish Magic Champ Billy Reid for virtual close-up magic performances. Vincent Gambini completes the bill with a unique show performed entirely by telephone!


This year all tickets will cost £10 'per screen' and we’re offering the opportunity to buy a MagicFest Pass that will let you see all shows in the lineup for just £50. Festival Producer Svetlana McMahon said "We really want to support Scottish performers as much as we can this year and thanks to a generous donation to the festival combined with support from Creative Scotland, it is possible for us to offer all festival participants fixed fees as well as 100% of takings from ticket sales." We know artists aren’t the only ones having a tough time, so Kevin Quantum has decided to offer half the tickets for his show The Trick That Fooled free of charge to those who aren’t able to afford a ticket at the moment. Those who would like a ticket need only pay the booking fee of £1 to secure a place. 12.12.20


"Lance Burton’s disappearing act takes him back to Kentucky" Here's a brilliant performance from Lance Burton from just over 30 years ago on The Royal Variety Performance on 25th November 1989 (from The MagicWeek Video Archive) YouTube. 12.12.20


Ian Adair: Celebrating 75 Years in Magic. Magical inventor, author and lecturer Ian Adair celebrates his 80th birthday on 20th December, having been heavily involved in magic for 75 years. Ian received a Christmas present from his Grandmother when he was five years old, which changed his life completely - an Ernest Sewell Cabinet of Magic.

He presented his dove act during the 1950s and won the top award at the S.A.M.S. (Scottish Association of Magical Societies) annual convention held in Largs in 1958, and appeared on many S.T.V. (Scottish Television) shows before leaving his home town of Kilmarnock to join Edwin Hooper at his Supreme Magic Company in Bideford, Devon. Ian enjoyed 36 years at Supreme, becoming a business partner, originating scores of marketed products, with over 1,000 marketed effects to his credit, manufactured and sold by magic dealers worldwide. His first book on magic was published in Kilmarnock 'Magic with Doves' when he was just 14 years old, and over the years he published over 300 books covering all branches of magic, including his massive five volumes of his Encyclopedia of Dove Magic.


He has contributed thousands of trick ideas to many of the magical journals. When Supreme folded in 1994, Ian launched his magic dealing firm 'Abracadair Ltd' from Barnstaple, Devon and toured many magical societies throughout the UK, demonstrating his latest ideas. Ian was the guest lecturer at the I.B.M. 40th Blue Ribbon convention held in Chattanooga, U.S.A. He presented his lectures at British Ring conventions, the Blackpool convention, Kidology and many others.

Although retired from performing live shows, Ian is still very active in the world of magic, writing several regular columns for various magic magazines, originating new effects and appearing on Zoom type interviews and presentations, such as the recent Kidabra (U.S.A.) convention for children's entertainers. As a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, in 2015 Ian was awarded the John Nevil Maskelyne Prize for literature, presented by The Magic Circle. "So far, I've done what I always wanted to do. I always wanted to be in magic dealing. I've met a lot of magicians and seen a lot of magic during those 75 years of my life" Ian said, with a smile on his face. (Photo: Ian displaying his two sets of Ernest Sewell Cabinets of Magic.).


Martin Lewis: The Price of Fame - Debbie McGee. From the programme makers: Martin talks to Debbie McGee, the former magician's assistant who became a fully fledged star in her own right, but also faced accusations of being a gold-digger. She gives her thoughts on that, reveals how much she was paid for jobs throughout her career and how she and husband Paul Daniels capitalised on their fame. Friday 18th December on Channel 5. See TV Magic for details. 12.12.20


Pure Magic - Wednesday 23rd December on BBC One Scotland. Magicians Colin Cloud, Katherine Mills, Magical Bones and Ben Hart present a series of jaw-dropping illusions and dazzling acts of mentalism in four different Scottish locations: The Forth Bridge; Blackness Castle; Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens and Dynamic Earth, before coming together at the end to stage a show to an audience of four hundred at Glasgow's Fruitmarket. See TV Magic for details (later also on iPlayer). Trailer: Click Here. 12.12.20


Alakazam Christmas Party - this Friday, 18th December at 7pm. Join us on Friday 18th December for our online Christmas Party. We will be giving away tons of magic, we'll have a fun quiz and there'll be lots of the usual banter! We will be going live on Facebook and YouTube at 7pm and you're invited. So grab a glass of mulled wine and get in to the holiday spirit with the Alakazam crew. YouTube. 12.12.20


Zoom Magic Made Simple by Andrew Green. Andrew writes: Are you considering doing virtual magic shows but fear that they are too complicated for the not-so-tech savvy? Do you worry that the live experience of magic will be lost during an online show? I can help make those concerns disappear. Having performed over 150 virtual shows during the course of 2020 and appeared on BBC TV when I was first testing the concept, I have developed an easy to set up, interactive virtual magic show that leaves audiences of any age with a unique magical experience. I have discovered all of the pitfalls you may encounter along the way... so you don't have to!

In this 2 hour simple step by step video download tutorial I cover: Basic equipment set up. Step by step in show guide to Zoom (without the need for any additional software). Virtual Performance Techniques. Children's Show Ideas. Marketing and Booking Shows. Live ETicket Event Resources and much more. Plus, learn these 4 amazing easy-to-do effects direct from my virtual corporate close up show: Gypsy Thread, Virtually Invisible, Shopping Online (Virtual Confabulation) and Virtually Ambitious. I’ll also walk you through my children’s show props and routines. Get started creating your virtual show today with Zoom Magic Made Simple. Video Download £25. 10% Early Bird Discount until Midnight on Sunday 13th December (GMT). Discount Code: ZOOMDISCOUNT10


Eugene Burger books. Jay Fortune writes: Early January 2021, I begin work illustrating the second posthumous book of Eugene Burger’s life and magic. The author and publisher, Larry Hass, has written and produced some excellent, quality books, that have received rave reviews. With the shipping rates being high from USA to UK, I recently ordered a small quantity of Larry’s books, including his latest work WandCraft (co-authored by Judge Gary Brown). If any magicians would like to own this new book and any of the following, please email me and I’ll provide details. The titles I have are Eugene Burger: From Beyond (the first of Eugene’s post-humous books), Life Magic, New Favourites (Larry’s lecture notes) and WandCraft. If you buy the whole set of four books I’ll throw the lecture notes in for free (worth £15). Just to say, I don’t have any financial interest in any of these works, only offering it to save magicians high postage costs on these excellent books. Email for info. 12.12.20


Rudy Coby Talking Shtick with Mark James. After a hiatus of 14 years, Coby returned to performing in 2009. Here he is today, talking shtick with Mark James. Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. Also see John Fisher's The Magic Comedy Strip series, in which Rudy starred: YouTube. 12.12.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Chantal Valery on 3-2-1 hosted by Ted Rogers on 14th January 1984 (and no, the answer to the clue isn't Paul Daniels). See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 12.12.20


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Episode 21 Joshua Jay. Joshua has performed on stages in over 100 countries. His first residency in New York was the show, Six Impossible Things. Joshua was awarded the top prize at the World Magic Seminar and has fooled Penn & Teller on their hit show, Fool Us. He holds a Guinness World Record in card magic and has performed magic on numerous television shows, most recently Good Morning America and The Today Show. Most recently, in January 2018, Joshua was recognized by the Society of American Magicians with their highest proclamation, for his contribution to the art of magic. On Apple podcasts: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. 12.12.20


Magicians Advice Podcast. Host Phil Taylor is joined by returning guests Lee Smith and Paul Martin, and writes: If you don't know Lee and Paul, they are two of the top professional magicians in the UK who are forging the path for magic in the real world and on Zoom; entertaining some of the biggest clients around. See Podbean. 12.12.20


Magician & Illusionist Andrew Melia has been keeping his fingers nimble during the lockdown period by merging his passion for playing the keyboard with his nostalgic interest in classic arcade and computer games. Andrew writes: "Playing an instrument is a great way to ensure that our hand to eye coordination is at the ready, for when we conjurers finally get to go back to work." To view his new media gallery and to see the hypnotic/music act that helped him win TV show The New Uri Geller visit 12.12.20


Alchemy by Roni Shachnaey - Merlins Premier Range. Merlins write: Alchemy is an influential tradition whose practitioners have, from antiquity, claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers. The defining objectives of alchemy are varied but historically the most prized of all is the ability for making Gold. Here, Roni has produced a piece of magical theatre which is a delight to perform, and witness. Talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls, the plight of the Israelites, Moses and the Golden Calf Roni weaves a magical tale that ends in the production of Alchemy. With beautiful aged props, the story unfolds, with the stunning climax of the production of Gold right in front of the spectators eyes. Everything is contained in a mystic box, and when finished, can all be packed back in for the next performance. Not difficult to perform, this is ideal for small groups in intimate surroundings to produce a real wow. Comes with certificate, Roni's full routine and contains everything needed to perform straight out of the box. Find out more and watch a video: 12.12.20


Tripod Table - Magic Box. We have searched high and low to find the perfect table for stand up, cabaret, stage and kids shows, and we have found it! This is the perfect table for all performances. Super sturdy. Metal construction. Height adjustable. Packs flat. Includes carry bag. 12.12.20


Impossible - Mark Leveridge Magic. The impossible becomes possible in this impossible card routine from Mark Leveridge. Watch the demonstration video at 12.12.20


Fantasy Film Awards - Mr E Enterprises. A stunning effect that you can work up into a feature in your show. No skill is required, save that of presentation. Comes with laminated picture cards table-hopping size and instructions. Find out what it's all about, visit 12.12.20


Best Illusion of the Year 2020. The results of the Best Illusion of the Year Contest were announced yesterday. Now in its 16th year, the international competition celebrates new sensory illusions that reveal something about the workings of the mind. Not only are they amazing in themselves but these illusions can often be a source of inspiration for magic tricks; both presentation and method. This year magician Matt Pritchard was one of the ten finalists with his contribution "The Real Thing?" which came in second - very well done Matt! His creation played with how easily the brain can jump to the wrong conclusion when viewing a mirror's reflection. See 12.12.20


Triad Coins - Zane's Magic Shop. Euro Coin Version (gimmicks and online video instructions) by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. Imagine what it would look like if you could really vanish coins into thin air. Then watch this trailer. This is how it would look. No funny moves. No fast motion. No camera edits. You roll back your sleeves. You show three coins. One by one, they just... disappear. Triad Coins is a revelation in coin magic. Watch the video and find out more: 12.12.20


Congreave’s Curiosities by Chris Congreave - Magicseen. The name Chris Congreave is synonymous with commercial close-up routines and ideas. As a full time close-up pro, he has learned how to hone his magic in order to make it totally practical for performance to lay people in the real world, and this book brings together a collection of 40 of his best ideas, as well as providing you with three essays that offer sage advice. This excellent collection of close-up, which is a combination of some previously published and released material as well as items that are being revealed for the first time, should be in the hands of every discerning performer who aspires to present commercial close-up magic. 12.12.20


Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality. Christine Bleakley presents a magic special starring illusionist Darcy Oake. Recorded before a live theatre audience, it is an evening of breathtaking, logic-defying, spectacular illusions in the grand old tradition of stage magic. Prepare to be amazed as Darcy promises three things: some things you will have never seen before, some things you will never see again and some things you will have to see to believe. (Repeat) Wednesday 16th December on Virgin Media Three. See TV Magic for details. 12.12.20


The December E-Video Newsletter. Lasting just over half an hour, Mark Leveridge's latest online video programme is ready for you to watch, featuring: The Teach In – a simple gimmick provides a strong finish for a coin or ring routine. Pro Peeks – Mark delves into E-Club Pro’s Vintage Vault to deliver a cool card routine. Keeping Control Unplugged – taking a look at why having control of moves and sleights is important. Web Offers – learn so much from Audio File Compilation 2 and get a killer version of paper to bank note, both items being discounted in December. 60 Seconds To Success – why magic magazines have more value than may at first be imagined. The Review Corner – A Letter To Santa from George Iglesias is discussed. To watch the E-Video Newsletter you simply need to be signed up for Mark Leveridge's free E-Club Lite. This not only means you will get a monthly email newsletter full of interesting news, advice and special offers, but it will also give you access to the current E-Video Newsletter. To sign up today go to 12.12.20


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