Number 1069 - Saturday 19th December 2020


Ben Hart, Richard Jones, Marc Spelmann: Britain's Got Talent Christmas Spectacular, Christmas Day. Ant and Dec welcome back some of the most memorable and talented acts from the past 14 years, inviting them to collaborate and perform together for the ultimate Christmas extravaganza. Judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo are ready to be impressed by a whole host of talent. See TV Magic for details. 19.12.20


The Big Magic Quiz. The Magic Circle is running an online quiz on December 30th at 8pm. Open for members and non-members, it's a chance to test your magic knowledge and general knowledge. Not only can you enter individually, but you can also represent your local magic society at the same time. All entries from each society will be averaged, so that there will be a Club winner too - will you be a member of the winning magic club? What better way to start 2021 than as the most knowledgeable magic mind in the UK! All details on how and where to enter will be posted on The Magic Unlocked Facebook page: It's not going to be nearly as long as the recent "Magic Circle Unlocked" online event, but it should be just as much fun! 19.12.20


Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2020 - online now! Saturday and Sunday: Magic Gareth, Billy Reid, Tricky Ricky, Gary James, Vincent Gambini (photo). This year all tickets will cost £10 per screen. See 12.12.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive - it's Christmas! This week, Johnny Hart, from Christmas 1984 in a guest appearance on BBC1's Saturday Superstore hosted by Mike Read, with Nigel Planer (Neil, The Young Ones), Roy Wood, The Thompson Twins (Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway), Bob Geldof, ice skating champions Karen Barber & Nicky Slater and Basil Brush! See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 19.12.20


John Carney - on the cover of Genii’s December 2020 issue. Start reading Genii immediately with a digital subscription for only $35 worldwide. Not only do you get access to 12 new issues a year, but all of Genii’s back issues since 1936, and all 300 back issues of Stan Allen's Magic magazine, come with your subscription as well. Visit: 19.12.20


Marvin's Magic Live: Catch up! On a mission to give everyone a touch of magic this Christmas season, Marvin’s Magic hosted a special Marvin’s Magic Live event last Sunday, via Facebook and YouTube, hosted by magicians Michael J Fitch and Marvin Berglas, the creator of Marvin’s Magic. If you missed it, don't worry, you can catch up now (and the competition doesn't close until December 31st!). See YouTube. 19.12.20


Do you believe in Father Christmas? Andy Nyman writes: I know many magicians will have had a truly terrible year this year and will not be able to enjoy this holiday season. I have a small pile of books and DVDs that I was going to sell, but would rather give them out for Xmas. They are all from my private collection and are all in excellent condition. If you have had a lousy time or have a child or partner that has, email me at and I will choose something at random to send you, free of charge. A given everything will be treated in absolute confidence, you simply need to put your name and postal address in the email. I will send out until they've all gone. Stay safe and chipper, hopefully, the end is in sight. Happy Christmas. 19.12.20


Andi Gladwin Talking Shtick with Mark James. Andi Gladwin, co-founder of Vanishing Inc., talking shtick with Mark James. Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 19.12.20


Ian Rowland: Magicians Advice Podcast. Episode 140: Ian Rowland. Cold Reading, Tarot, FBI and Psychics. "For magicians looking to improve the quality of their performance and to get a deeper understanding of this art we call magic." Podbean. 19.12.20


The Mark Leveridge December Podcast. Time to relax with some mulled wine, a mince pie and Mark Leveridge! For December: Unearthing the treasures that reside in a magic bookcase : analysing the diverse elements that go to make up humour : printed advertising is an important part of your online promotional push : reflections on the presentation of Mark's first Zoom lecture : if your magic life was to be rebooted, what would you do differently? : Mark reflects on what a world in which magic is not that interesting to anyone would be like! You can access the free audio podcast either from or from from where you can also sign up to be a follower and automatically receive each issue when it is published at the start of every month. 19.12.20


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Creative discussions with creative people. From actors and writers to magicians, keynote speakers and behavioural experts. "Listen to an in-depth discussion moving where the conversation takes us. Not your average conversation." Episode 22. Steve Valentine - Actor, magician, writer, teacher, producer: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. 19.12.20



Radio Mind-Reader Adam Hudson was heard on BBC Radio Cumbria lasts week. He talked about his fundraising for The Children's Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. He also discussed how he developed his unique skills to overcome Multiple Sclerosis and a loss of sensation in his hands and there's a pre-recorded clip of his over-the-phone work. From about 45 minutes in: 19.12.20


Collectors Dice Stacking Set - Merlins Prestige Range. Here at Merlins we are proud to offer to our customers a beautifully hand turned solid wooden dice cup together with four genuine casino dice from Las Vegas, all housed in a custom made velvet drawstring bag. Dice stacking is a very impressive demonstration of skill and fascinates audiences of all ages. It is surprisingly easy to do with the correct cup and once you acquire the knack it can become very addictive. We supply you with Wooden Cup, 4 Casino Dice and instructions to get you started. There are many more books and DVDs available. These are in limited supply, so do not miss out! 19.12.20


The Table Magician Audio Book - Mark Leveridge Magic. Expert advice on how to succeed at table side magic. Available as an instant download. Volume 3 in The Professional Worker Series takes a close look at what is required to work commercial magic at a table side. It’s probably true to say that more opportunities are available for close-up magicians to work at a table side than for any other form of close-up. From big dinner functions with large numbers of tables through to hotels, restaurants and pubs, the commercial close-up magician will regularly be asked to cope with performing under some often quite demanding situations.

In this 68 minute Audio Book I take a detailed look at all aspects of this type of work. I talk about the different size and lay outs of tables and what this means to you as a performer, I explain the difficulties you are likely to encounter from waiting staff, absent diners, and a myriad of other distractions, and I point out many of the pitfalls that this type of performance throws up and how you can avoid them. Even if you are new to this type of work, this Audio Book will cover everything that you need to get you started. The types of tricks to use, when and how to approach tables in the first place, plus a host of other important factors are all explained clearly and with practical considerations in mind. This is a book for workers that takes you logically through the facts and provides you with relevant information that will give you the confidence to take on this style of magic. This title is also available as a PDF ebook. See
19.12.20 Gordon Wardle writes: Are you an online magician? During this difficult period, with no bookings, I have been mostly working on my website programming skills. I have developed a working website which is a register of performers who now use Zoom, Skype, or other live platforms to deliver live online performances. There is a section where you can add your contact information and a short description of your online skills. Look for the ‘performer login’ button to register. It is free to register. There are also scheduled events where the public can chat online with performers, watch impromptu free live performances and (hopefully) want to book a performer for their next online event. Any questions or queries please contact 19.12.20


Tango Ultimate Coin Zane's Magic Shop. T.U.C. is everything you want in a gimmicked coin! The T.U.C. coin is already a modern classic. Its power is really revolutionary. You will become an expert coin magician in a very short time with this piece of coin magic. You can perform the following routines with it: Matrix, Coins Across, 3 Fly, Coin thru table, Coin thru hand and lots more effects and coin tricks! Find out more - visit 19.12.20


Astro Colour Vision - Mr E Enterprises. You position your prediction in full view and hand out nine pocket-sized laminated cards each with a number from one to nine; all may be shuffled. Three volunteers each take three cards of a different colour. The three participants may stand in any order, and they decide in which colours the numbers are called in so forming three, three-digit numbers. It is plain everything is being done under strict test conditions. As each number is formed you or another spectator write it boldly onto a pad or alternatively enter it into a calculator perhaps on a borrowed mobile phone and the participant announces the total out loud for everyone to hear. Now anyone displays your prediction and you have incredibly correctly predicted the grand total! Everything can be left for examination! See for details. 19.12.20


Mel Mellers' Magical Mentalism Tour - Magicseen. We are delighted to announce that we have published another collection of terrific material from comedy mentalist Mel Mellers. Entitled the Mel Mellers' Magical Mentalism Tour, this 9" x 6" soft back book runs to 92 pages and features 28 of Mel's mentalism ideas, each of which is commercial and entertaining. It also has an interesting essay on getting the basics right as well as three further pages of great one liners to use in your act. Mel's methods are practical and uncomplicated – he has a real gift for getting directly to the nub of what is needed to created any desired effect – and so there will be many ideas which you will soon be including in your repertoire. Those who bought Mel’s first Magicseen publication (The Travelling Trickster) will no doubt be delighted to get hold of more of Mel's funny mental material. Order from 19.12.20


News deadline next week: 2pm Thursday 24th, thanks, Duncan. 19.12.20


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide! From the MagicWeek team, Merry Christmas and very best wishes for 2021, Duncan & Keiko. 19.12.20