Number 1071 - Saturday 2nd January 2021


Illusion : Impossible - 2021 tour dates. From the promoters: Illusion : Impossible showcases 5 of the most incredible illusionists in the world including: Britain's Got Talent runner-up Jamie Raven, Britain's Got Talent 2020 Finalists James & Dylan Piper, award-winning magician Oliver Tabor, highly acclaimed magical duo The Glamourists and world speed illusionist Kayden Black. Collectively these performers have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and with over 500 million YouTube views between them, this production showcases their incredible talents together - live on stage. Illusion : Impossible features exclusive tricks never seen before... a non-stop show packed with breathtaking magic and illusion. Illusion : Impossible touring the UK and Europe. See for more info. Trailer: YouTube. 2.1.21


Ben Hart, Richard Jones and Marc Spelmann - the Britain's Got Talent Christmas Spectacular on YouTube: "Three of our best Magicians come together for a spellbinding performance! Ben Hart brings us some Dickensian magic, Richard Jones pays tribute to our heroes, while Marc Spelmann will shock you to your core with the return of X!" See YouTube. "Simon Cowell faces stiff competition in ratings war as Amazon signs up BGT stars" 2.1.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, funny stuff with Clive James in the commentary box, from 25 years ago. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 2.1.21


Mario The Maker Magician Talking Shtick with Mark James. Mario "the maker magician" Marchese is a New York based touring performer, with an all-ages theatre show full of homespun magic, DIY robotics, and punk rock slapstick. It's magic through the lens of the maker movement! Mario has appeared on Sesame Street, NBC's Universal kids, HGTV, and live on tour with David Blaine, who calls him "the best kids magician in the world!". Podbean. 2.1.21


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Episode 24. David Penn: Magician and consultant, explores his ideas on magic, the past and the future. On Apple podcasts: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. 2.1.21


Magicians Advice Podcast. Hosted by Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. Episode 142: Working hard to make magic with Frostie. "Chris has been working tirelessly since the first lockdown to keep magic alive with online shows, socially distanced shows for private events and in theatres. If you want to know how to keep magic alive when the world is falling apart then Frostie is the person to speak to! But it does take some hard work." 2.1.21


Politically Correct - PropDog. Spelling tricks have always been a popular but they can put pressure on the spectator to spell accurately with everyone watching. So it was about time someone removed the need for a spectator to spell words correctly and that is exactly what has been done here! A rather silly premise creates the perfect excuse for a completely random number of cards being dealt; and yet the chosen card is always arrived at. Politically Correct has the feel of ACAAN; everything is hands-off and completely random. The process is so ridiculously fair the ending really is a miracle! 2.1.21


Out Of My Mind - Adam Hudson's new interactive mind-reading podcast. Adam Hudson has launched a monthly interactive mind-reading podcast: "A mind-reading experience, where you the listener witness the magic with your very own senses". Adam invites you to take part in three experiments: 1) Change Your Mind - An interactive game involving a coin being hidden in either hand. 2) Conjunct - A mystery dice locates the position of your selected card. 3) Fitting In - Details of any thought-of number are impossibly known. Out Of My Mind - The Podcast. Episode 1: 2.1.21


Economicon by Al Smith - Merlins. Two spectators are given a book each. They can fully examine them, read some passages if they wish and confirm they appear to be ordinary paperback books. A third spectator is asked to call out any page number (there are 125 pages in each book). The spectators turn to the freely selected page and note the first word. You now tell each of them what the word is! Direct, no fishing, no questions. You can then ask a spectator to open there book to any page, and select any word they wish. As there are over 30,000 words in the book, you ask them to call out the first letter of the word. Instantly, you can tell them the word they have chosen! This is a fantastic book test by Al Smith. No difficult calculations, always direct, no fishing for clues, always ready to perform. Ideal for walk around, stage or cabaret. As used by Dynamo on the 'London Underground'. Direct mindreading at its best and great value for money! We have a used copy of the original hardback - call 01924 339933 2.1.21


The Magic Ring - Mark Leveridge Magic. This is such a strong routine that you will be keen to try it next time you are table hopping. A finger ring is examined and a spectator pushes it on to one of your fingers. She then holds on to the end of the ring finger and the hands are then covered with a handkerchief. You explain that as long as the spectator does not let go of the end of your finger, it is impossible for the ring to come off. However, you then reach under the cloth and say you are going to pull the ring through your finger. When the cloth is removed the ring is seen lying on the palm of your hand with the spectator still holding the finger. Comes as downloadable TricKlip video performance and explanation footage. Provide your own props. 2.1.21


Tony Griffith will be presenting his Zoom P.E.C. Lecture (Practical, Entertaining, Commercial) for the Home Counties Magic Society on Thursday 7th January 2021. This lecture is now available worldwide for those clubs and societies looking for something that is a little bit different. Tony is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle and has lectured throughout Australasia, Europe, the U.S.A. and the UK. He has lectured 5 times at The Magic Castle, Hollywood, where he has presented his close up-magic show 100 times. Contact via website email or telephone 01275 835463. 2.1.21


Fruitfull by Bazar de Magia - Zane's Magic Shop. The most practical and easiest method for the classic 'Bank Note in Lemon Trick'! A borrowed and signed bill vanishes from between the magician's hands and reappears in any freely selected fruit. Another workable, practical and clever idea created by Juan Pablo. A great classic trick using a great gimmick knife that makes this amazing classic trick easy to perform! No palming; No bill switch; Use any bill, borrowed and signed; Only one bill is used; No prepared fruit; Use any fruit, vegetable or bread; No reset, it is always ready to be performed; Includes gimmicks and an instructional DVD 2.1.21


The Stars & Circles - Mr E Enterprises. You show a deck of ESP cards consisting of only Stars and Circles and propose an experiment as you explain that many people possess latent psychic powers without even realising. With all the cards face down, a member of your audience is asked to guess which cards are stars and which are circles and their choices are placed into two separate piles one for the stars and the other for the circles. Incredibly, when the two separate piles are turned faces upwards by the participant, they prove to be one pile of stars and one pile of circles! A truly impossible result unless your volunteer really has psychic abilities. This routine has baffled many experienced mentalists and magicians as well as the lay-man. No skill is required save that of presentation. Comes with all the necessary cards and instructions. 2.1.21


David Blaine: Real or Magic and David Blaine: Beyond Magic, back to back this evening on Sky Replay. David Blaine: Real or Magic. For more than a decade, David Blaine has been captivating the world with his high-profile endurance stunts. Starting his career as a magician who appeared to do the impossible with a deck of cards, he was soon following in the footsteps of Houdini, seeking out that which seemed physically impossible, and actually doing it. This special programme follows Blaine's signature brand of street magic and mystifies some of the most recognisable celebrities in the world, including Jamie Foxx, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Ricky Gervais, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Will Smith, to name a few. Blaine goes into the homes of Kanye West and Olivia Wilde, and visits Stephen Hawking at his office at Cambridge University. He also travels the world, astonishing people from all walks of life with never-seen-before, inconceivable magic. See TV Magic for details. 2.1.21


David Blaine: Beyond Magic. Following his critically acclaimed ratings smash David Blaine: Real or Magic, Blaine returns with his most revealing performance yet, which has been two years in the making. Blaine pulls the lid off his signature brand of street magic, sparking reactions that will leave audiences in awe and defy all expectations. Magic meets documentary in the one-hour special, as Blaine blows the minds of some of the most recognisable celebrities in the world, including David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Drake, Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle, John Travolta, Patrick Stewart, Emma Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. See TV Magic for details. 2.1.21


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