Number 1074 - Saturday 23rd January 2021


Diobo. So sad. Diobo, who died last week, was a real artist. Unique, gentle and charismatic, his performances had such focus - he made you believe in his magic. Hailing from Poland he'd made the UK his home for many years and could often be seen performing in London's Leicester Square, where I first saw him with my family, and in Covent Garden. So many magicians left such sad and heartfelt messages as the news broke across Facebook last week. He was really loved. DT. 23.1.21


A Special Announcement from the Blackpool Magic Convention Team: We all know that 2021 wouldn’t be the same without some kind of Blackpool Magic Convention and so with that thought in mind we’re very excited to announce our 2021 Virtual Blackpool Magic Convention. We’ve set ourselves two main criteria to make this a special event.

1 - It will be a live stream with both performances and lectures, that you’ll be able to interact with live online.

2 - This will be a FREE day as way of thanks for your incredible support over the years. Last year we hit record numbers of nearly 5,000 and this support is much appreciated. Thank you again.

This won’t be a glorified Zoom meeting, but an actual live event from a locked off Winter Gardens where you’ll be able to interact online as it happens. Details and date to follow.


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Marc Paul in fine form on Parkinson from Christmas Eve 2002. With Martine McCutcheon, Alistair McGowan and Tom Jones. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 23.1.21


The E-Club Pro Live Open Event. Relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the latest E-Club Pro Live Zoom Lecture from Mark Leveridge. Here are just some of the magic effects that you will learn on the night. Flip - an easy, slimmed down version of the classic Triumph. Mental Coins - an ingenious close up mental effect in which a spectator appears to read the performer's mind. Star - a clever ESP card matching effect with a killer finish. Cash Withdrawal - a marked coin instantly vanishes from an envelope and appears in a spectator's hand. The Pro Ring On Glasses - Mark's super practical version of the great David Acer trick. The Invisible Glass - a wine glass vanishes and reappears convincingly under a handkerchief. The Money Box - a gimmick that is easy to make and which provides a strong finish to any signed coin routine. The Open Event is available to anyone, and will take place on Wednesday 10th February starting at 7.30pm GMT. The cost for a ticket is £10.00, but provided registrants attend on the night, afterwards they will receive a MLM Credit Voucher worth £10.00 to spend on any product from Mark's range, thus making the lecture itself effectively free if the voucher is cashed in. For more information and to book your place right now, go to 23.1.21


The Article Complete: Clipboard Edition - The Article is a custom built A4 sized Clipboard that enables you to freely predict anything you want to in your shows. It has been designed with the solo performer in mind and you do not require any assistants or outside help. Initially designed as a method for publicity stunts but now developed to work live in parlour, stage and virtual environments. "Looch’s Article sets the bar for the most fooling and practical system for predictions! This utility device goes way beyond headline predictions and also gives you the ability to devastate with a squeaky clean Confab routine. Also, the ideas he presents and deep thought involved in his teaching are top notch. I was beyond impressed by this product and give it my highest recommendation." Oz Pearlman - AGT Finalist. Find out more, visit 23.1.21


Lockdown Magic - A Card Routine by Peter Wardell. "A slightly modified version of a routine I've done for years. Adapted for lockdown because I have time on my hands. For the keyboard warriors who timestamp the sloppy bits... I know, relax, it's just a trick." Excellent stuff from Pete Wardell: YouTube. 23.1.21


Misprint 2.0 by Luke Dancy - MagicBox. Like a special effect, animate a misprinted card until it’s just right. Then hand it out! "Misprint has always been a great effect, and this 2.0 package is a value added upgrade in every conceivable way." David Regal. Has this ever happened to you? You’re going through your brand new deck of cards and you find one card that’s been horribly misprinted? You probably used to throw those cards away. But what if instead, you visually moved the ink and could then immediately hand the card out for examination? This is Misprint 2.0 by Luke Dancy! As the magician spreads through a deck of cards they notice that one has been printed incorrectly. The back design is off-centre, and even worse it’s crooked. Then the magician grabs the ink and visually twists it back into place. The ink, ever so slowly, creeps across the card until it is back into position. The card is then immediately handed out for examination. Find out more, and watch a video, visit 23.1.21


Magnet-0 by Henry Harrius - PropDog. Imagine this: A borrowed, signed, coin is placed on top of a Sharpie pen cap and is covered with an ordinary glass. Under such impossible circumstances, you are  able to move the coin, on demand! Everything is examinable at the beginning... the only solution is that you really do have psychic power! Thanks to the ingeniously designed gimmick, you can walk far away from the coin and yet still have a 100% control. No magnets or thread and easy and reliable to perform! Find out more, and watch a video, visit 23.1.21


Cutting The Aces In an Entertaining Way - Free with every PropDog order this weekend! PropDog write: It is my pleasure to include this routine free with any purchase made between Wednesday 20th and Monday 25th January! I have never seen the point of finding the Aces if the magician has done all the handling and shuffling prior to the cutting. In this version, everything is as clean, yet easy as possible. Plus, as every Ace is found in a progressively more difficult way, the excitement builds. The spectator examines and shuffles the cards, the magician proceeds to cut to two of the Aces, then the third, blindfolded! The final Ace, the hardest one, is cut to by the spectator; it's a killer routine! 23.1.21


Be a Magician by RSVPMagic - Perfect to sell after your Zoom shows. Featuring 16 easy to do tricks, seemingly performed by you. Be A Magician is a product that you will be proud to own. It makes money and sells you - long after your show is over. Best of all, you’ll own the copyright to your video and customised artwork. Find out more, visit 23.1.21


Merlins of Wakefield '10 in 2' videos! Merlins write: Merlins of Wakefield are asking Magicians everywhere to take part in our '10 in 2' feature during lockdown. We started the feature over 10 years ago, and reached nearly 100. Lots were lost when a computer crashed, so we are trying to get over 100. Basically, what we need is a short 2 minute video stating 10 things that most people would not know about you, but have nothing to do with Magic. Click Here to see the examples we still have. If you are interested, just email your video to us - let's see if we can get up to 100! 23.1.21


Super Sharpie by Magic Smith - Zane's Magic Shop. Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Magic doesn't get any more direct than this! Now you can predict a spectator’s freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow! All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a revolutionary redesign of mentalism's most potent weapon. It's so incredibly simple to use, you’ll be performing mind boggling mental miracles just minutes after practicing with it. Find out more, and watch a video, visit 23.1.21


How to Vanish a President - Mr E Enterprises! Eddie Burke writes: This is a very topical gag type of magic that I have recently been having a great deal of fun with. You display a large envelope that you claim was sent to you from the, "USA White House (fake news) – where I understand the Americans have had a bit of a problem lately!" From inside you take a jumbo-sized picture of President Donald Trump and show it to the audience, both back and front. "As we all know, he just doesn’t want to retire as President, and no one can convince him otherwise. Really, they should employ a good magician…" and then get everyone to say the magic words "Abracadabra it’s time to say goodbye!" A bit of fun here as you get the audience to say the magic words and do magical gestures and so forth.

When you turn the picture to the front once again Trump has vanished completely leaving in his place a lightning bolt and underneath the word "Gone" as you quip, "… then he would be gone in a flash!" No flaps or stealing parts away, very easy to do and guaranteed to break the ice of even the toughest audience. It’s also ideal for your Zoom performances. The late Tommy Cooper would have paid a fair bit for this item, but we offer it to you at a pocket money price and post free within the UK, get it while it is hot! Comes complete with laminated jumbo sized picture cards (approx 8" x 5.5", 20 x 14cms), special envelope and instructions. See


Free Magic Show and Lecture via Zoom - Sunday 24th January at 7pm. Tony Junior writes: Everyone is welcome. Children and  Adults. Magicians and non-magicians. The event is staged and hosted by myself. Over the past 6 months I have attended many Zoom events and have met some incredible talent, introducing many at our meetings last term. These two are exceptional for their ages: Brice, an 11 year old from California and Matteo, a 12 year old from New Jersey. Both will perform for 20 minutes at 7pm on Sunday 24th January, for all the family (ideal age range 5 and over, but all are welcome). Then at 8pm they will discuss their shows and demonstrate some of the releases that they have on Penguin to magicians only. They both have a string of new modern effects. They are truly inspirational and never cease to amaze magicians worldwide a weekly basis at one of the weekly Society of American Magicians Events. The Zoom link will be on one Email 23.1.21


Merlins Mail - free PDF download! Keep up to date with everything 'Merlins' Click Here. Winter Edition - Issue 2: A clever effect to make and learn from Ali Cardabra - Some great bargain effects - Tenyo 2021 reviewed by Mark Lee - Part Two of '‘In The Trenches' from Darren Mac - Special Offers on some Tora items and others dotted throughout, and much, much more...! 23.1.21


Gerry Cottle (7 April 1945 to 13 January 2021) The Last of The Great Showmen, remembered by Bob Gill Click Here. 23.1.21


Sweden's Johan Ståhl gets the Golden Buzzer from Bianca Ingrosso! YouTube • "Magician Michael J Fitch gets honoured by Magic Circle" Click Here • "Don’t Call Derek Delgaudio a Magician—He’s Much More" Click Here • "Magicians mark 100th anniversary of the first person sawn in half" Click Here • "Gender neutral playing cards see king removed" Click Here • "Boston illusionist 'sawn in half' by chainsaw says timing is everything to make the stunt work" Click Here • Take lots of care, see you next week, Duncan. 23.1.21