Number 1075 - Saturday 30th January 2021


Virtual Magic Show - Wednesday 10th February 8pm-9pm via Zoom. Starring: Nicolas Clement, Josh King, Étienne Pradier and Gust Star Magic Singh. Only £10 per screen. Simply PayPal £10 to and Étienne will send you the Zoom link for the show. 30.1.21


Billy & Me starring Jon Culshaw. For Michael Jennings the only way to fight the voices in his head is to bring them life. In fact he’s made a career from it. Now seemingly alone on an empty stage, Billy, his stage partner of 25 years, keeps interrupting him. Which would be fine, except that Billy is a puppet. Billy and Me is a hilarious and daring examination exploring what happens when a ventriloquist lets the puppets take control. Directed by Charlotte Peters. See for more details and to book. Online from 18th February 2021 to 31st July 2021. 30.1.21


Mark Wilson, 11th April 1929 - 19th January 2021. Son Greg Wilson's open letter to magicians: Dad always said, “The best kind of legend to be is a Living Legend”. But sadly, as of Tuesday, January 19th at 4.40pm, Husband of Nani, Father of Mike & Greg, Legendary Magician, Author, Producer, and so much more… James Mark Wilson transitioned from our earthly existence to the ethereal. Wishing to be with his family, he shared his love, bright outlook, and ambitions for the future, then he passed quietly, without pain, or a single complaint, comfortably at his home with Nani and his boys by his side.

Mark Wilson, the name by which he is best known, was born in Manhattan, New York on April 11th, 1929, in the loving arms of his mother Francis (Teta) Wilson and father James (Jimmy) Wilson. His parents raised him during the Great Depression and through WWII. By example, they taught him to persevere through difficult times and overcome obstacles with determination. His mother, Teta, often said, “Don’t worry honey, it will be alright.” Mark developed a “never give up” attitude, and learned that kindness, compassion, and love were the most important things in life.

Mark’s creativity, originality, and leadership were based on respect and honor for others. Mark finished on “the right side of magic history” morally and ethically. With his loving wife Nani Darnell at his side, he achieved a longer list of “Historic Firsts” than many dream of in multiple lifetimes. Magic Magazine named Mark Wilson, “One of the Ten Most Influential American Magicians of the 20th Century.”

Mark’s influence is still evident today, as he was so thankful to hear “Mark Wilson” and the Magic Land of Allakazam referenced in the newly released feature film, One Night in Miami. Whether you know him from his TV appearances, his Live productions, the Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic book, or one of his many in-person Magic University classes at the Magic Castle, or through one of his many other achievements… Mom and Mike and I are so proud that he brought “Happy Magic” into not only your life, but the lives of more people around the world than he could possibly meet.

"A lifetime of magic has taken Nani and me around the world and helped us make friends everywhere."
Mark Wilson. He is already dearly missed, Greg Wilson, on behalf of the Wilson Family.


Richard Wiseman has teamed up with The Good Thinking Society to create another Good Magic Award. This year, the award will provide £2,000 to support a new and innovative project that promotes the art of magic. This might, for example, include developing a live or virtual performance, writing a magic-related book or essay, creating a podcast, devising a new form of illusion or presentation, or undertaking research into the history of magic. Applicants need to be over 18 years old and currently residing in the UK, and nominations will close at 5pm (GMT) on 20th February 2021. For application details Click Here. 30.1.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week some 'Extra Sensory Deception' from Paul Daniels on 10th January 1987. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 30.1.21


Tonight at the London Palladium. Bradley Walsh hosts the variety show, featuring the very first TV performance from the hotly anticipated musical revival Annie, incredible mind-reading from international award-winners The Clairvoyants and music from legendary British blues singer Elkie Brooks. The star of Joseph and former X Factor winner Joe McElderry takes to the stage, there is a surprise visit from Brian Conley, and the British National Latin Formation Champions Fever Formation show off their trophy-winning talent. Saturday 6th February on Virgin Media One. (Repeat) See TV Magic for details. 30.1.21


Episode 2 of Adam Hudson's, Out of My Mind Podcast - out now. "A mind-reading experience, where you the listener witness the magic with your very own senses". In this month's episode you will predict Adam's date of birth, create piles of cards containing an amount previously predicted and play a game where the number of coins in your hand is known. Out Of My Mind - The Podcast. Episode 2: 30.1.21


David Kaye (Silly Billy) Lecture - South London Magic Society - online, Tuesday 2nd February. Simon Rossllie writes: Learn how to use child psychology techniques to make the kids love you and want to see you again and again. If you do kid shows or are just starting out you must attend this lecture. What you learn will result in repeat bookings many times over. Even if you don't do kid shows this lecture is funny and entertaining and you will be able to apply his theories to your own magic shows.


David Kaye, performing as Silly Billy, is considered to be one of the best magicians for children in the US. He has performed at the White House, Lincoln Center, and on many television shows. In addition to being a full time performer, he was a columnist for Magic magazine for eight years and is currently a columnist for Genii. David’s book, Seriously Silly is considered to be the bible of kid show magic. He was recently awarded the prestigious Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood, California. He was also named Magician of the Year 2019 by the New York chapter of the Society of American Magicians. David is one of only a handful of magicians in the world who has appeared on the covers of seven international magic journals. He has lectured at magic conventions in 30 countries and has created many original products for the professional children’s magician, used by children's magicians around the world. Tuesday 2nd February, 8pm-10pm, online. £10 for non-members of South London Magic Society – email me if you would like to attend: 30.1.21


The Plank. Silent comedy written and directed by Eric Sykes about two bungling workmen trying desperately to transport a wooden plank through a suburb of London to a building site starring Tommy Cooper, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Roy Castle, Graham Stark and Stratford Johns. Saturday 6th February on Talking Pictures TV. See TV Magic for details. 30.1.21


The Amazing Fartzini III: Finale by Shane Robinson. Shane Robinson, owner of Zane's Magic Shop, is pleased to announce that the thrilling and explosive finale to the 'Amazing Fartzini' trilogy about a magician has now been published. The Amazing Fartzini III: Finale by Shane Robinson is sold through Amazon worldwide as well as other book shops. For more details and to buy a signed copy from Zane's Magic Shop Click Here. Format: Quality Paperback, 430 Pages, Suitable for teens to adults, Price £9.95. If customers would like to buy all three books in the series as a set, Zane is currently offering a discount of 15%. 30.1.21


Looch Mindreader - Online Mentorship Program. For the first time ever in his career, Looch is offering his online mentoring course, perfectly suited for those who are looking to build a successful business within the performing world of mentalism. Whatever your current status, download our free brochure that explains how it works and how you can be mentored by one of the UK's best professional mentalists: 30.1.21


The January Mark Leveridge Podcast. If you haven't caught the latest edition of the free 30 minute podcast from Mark Leveridge yet, you've just about time before the next issue is published on the 1st February. January's edition covers: New Year magic planning may be almost impossible, but there are some positives : children’s entertainers are not always given proper credit for what they do so well : announcing the E-Club Pro Live Open Event : the four ‘E’s of entertainment that make for a good performance : what you wear at gigs says something about you as a performer : “mentalism is the last frontier of magic where some people believe that it is real” says Marc Paul. You can access the free audio either from or from from where you also sign up to be a follower and automatically receive each issue when it is published at the start of every month. 30.1.21


Deluxe Magic Collection Set 1 by Mark Lee - Merlins. This is a great Magic set for any budding magician. Each item inside has been specially selected by professional magician Mark Lee to enable you to perform amazing magic for family and friends. As well as each effect having written instructions, Mark has also produced a video tutorial. This shows you how to perform each effect as well as tips on presentation. See: 30.1.21


Symbolistic Symbol Cards - Table Hopping Pro size. Mr E Enterprises. When I originally made myself Symbolistic, I soon realised that the same system employed could be used in many different ways. Please don’t confuse this trick with Symbolistic – while the smart secret utilised is similar; the effects and methods are totally different to each other. What we offer here is a set of fifteen different symbol cards each with a sign on one side and a colourful back on the other side. The cards are not marked in any way and can be examined without revealing the clever techniques used, even by experienced magicians.

The symbol cards are shown to be a set of fifteen laminated cards suitable for experiments in telepathy & mindreading. The cards are mixed face down and then someone takes one. Immediately you know exactly which sign has been chosen and can reveal it in many different ways. For example, you can immediately reproduce their very symbol on an artist’s pad, slate, blackboard and so forth. The sign chosen can instantly be described by you verbally - no hit and miss methods used. They simply picture the symbol in their mind, and without further ado you describe it exactly! For more information and to order visit 30.1.21


David De-Val Project. Allan Taylor writes: We are in the extremely early stages of a new project involving David De-Val. If anyone has any images, stories, videos or newspaper clippings then can I please ask a huge favour and ask you to share them with me? Even if the memories seem small - please share. 30.1.21


The Table Magician Audio Book - Mark Leveridge Magic. Expert advice on how to succeed at table side magic. Available as an instant download. Volume 3 in The Professional Worker Series takes a close look at what is required to work commercial magic at a table side. It’s probably true to say that more opportunities are available for close-up magicians to work at a table side than for any other form of close-up. From big dinner functions with large numbers of tables through to hotels, restaurants and pubs, the commercial close-up magician will regularly be asked to cope with performing under some often quite demanding situations.

In this 68 minute Audio Book I take a detailed look at all aspects of this type of work. I talk about the different size and lay outs of tables and what this means to you as a performer, I explain the difficulties you are likely to encounter from waiting staff, absent diners, and a myriad of other distractions, and I point out many of the pitfalls that this type of performance throws up and how you can avoid them. Even if you are new to this type of work, this Audio Book will cover everything that you need to get you started. The types of tricks to use, when and how to approach tables in the first place, plus a host of other important factors are all explained clearly and with practical considerations in mind. This is a book for workers that takes you logically through the facts and provides you with relevant information that will give you the confidence to take on this style of magic. This title is also available as a PDF ebook. See


Zane's PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0. You will enjoy unbelievable reactions using Zane’s very practical and easy to use PK Magnet Accessory Kit in conjunction with a PK item such as a PK coin or PSY-KEY. As used by top professional close-up magician Zane in the UK and many other magicians worldwide, including Dynamo! Thousands of magicians use Zane's 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit' - find out what it's all about. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit www.zanesmagicshop.com30.1.21


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