Number 1077 - Saturday 13th February 2021


Dynamo: Magician Impossible - 20 episodes now available on BBC's iPlayer. Ordinary guy, extraordinary talent. Magician to the stars Dynamo takes to the streets - from LA to Ibiza - to perform unbelievable feats: iPlayer. "Dynamo Became ’the undisputed king of magic'" www.becomingx.com13.2.21


The Bristol Society of Magic celebrates 100 Years of Magic 1921 - 2021. Last week The Bristol Society of Magic celebrated its 100th anniversary! On the 8th February 1921 eighteen magicians met in Bristol , decided to form a club, and elected Ernest Wethered President, a position he was to hold for the next 50 years, becoming a County Court Judge, President of the IBM British Ring, an OBE and a MIMC along the way. The Society also celebrated its 50th Bristol Day of Magic in 2010, now known as Magic in the City. Currently, President Callum Weaver, at 23 years old, is thought to be the youngest in the country. At 70 members the BSM is going strong and always welcomes new members. Centenary plans are unfortunately on hold at the moment until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, when we hope to hold a special 100th year celebration event in the Autumn. Watch this space. Paul Preager. [Picture: Our young President Callum Weaver.] 13.2.21


New Online Magic Course AlphaMagic. Jake Banfield recently launched a brand new online magic course. The Instant Magician program is an easy, straight forward approach to learning incredible magic. The course is designed to take you from zero to hero featuring in-depth video tutorials on card and coin magic, mind reading, sleight of hand and misdirection. Jake has distilled his knowledge as a working professional into an easy to follow series that provides tricks and tools for getting great reactions from your audiences. Visit his brand new platform today to find out more! 13.2.21


"Professional Magician Reacts to the World's Greatest Coin Magician" This is Ali Cook's new YouTube series, where he studies the world's greatest magicians to see what we can learn from them. Episode 1: Coin Magic Legend David Roth: YouTube. [This is such a fitting tribute to American Coin Master David Roth, who sadly died on January 15th. DT]. 13.2.21


The Alakazam Hub Magic Hangout. Open 365, 24/7. New, from Alakazam: You are going to love this! We have always strived to create the friendliest and most encouraging community in the magic world. Our live shows, launches, monthly Jams and Academies show just how great the Alakazam Magic Community is. But it's been our dream to create a place where you can all come together whenever you like to chat magic, jam with other magicians and make new friends. It's open 365, 24/7! Yes, you read that right. It's not once a month or even once a week, The Alakazam Hub is open 24/7 365 days of the year. So no matter what time zone you are in or what country you live in you can be part of it any time of the day or night. Click Here to join right now. 13.2.21


Select Secrets. Rare & Important Magicana. Potter & Potter Auction, February 27th, online. This is the first of its kind for Potter & Potter: a closely curated selection of rare and important magicana. Just over 100 lots will go on the block, but what the auction will lack in quantity it will more than make up for in quality. Unique Houdini memorabilia, exceptional stone lithographs, unusual apparatus and historically significant association items will all be part of the sale. See PDF catalogue: Click Here13.2.21


Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Jimmy Tarbuck hosts an episode from 1965, featuring Spike Milligan, George Raft, Paul and Barry Ryan, Russ Conway, and David Nixon. Sunday 21st February on Talking Pictures. See TV Magic for details. 13.2.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Marshall Brodien's 'TV Miracle Cards' going wrong, in a clip from 'Noel Edmonds' Late, Late Breakfast Show' from 1984. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. [This is a funny clip, but doesn't, of course, do justice to magician Marshall Brodien, one of magic's great retail entrepreneurs. DT] 13.2.21


British crime drama television series Unforgotten returns to ITV for a fourth series on February 22nd at 9pm. Andy Nyman co-stars, alongside regulars Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Baskar. The three previous series are available to watch on Netflix. Andy said "I was already a huge fan of the show, so to be in this new series is an absolute honour". 13.2.21


"Barnes' People - Jon Culshaw" YouTube. See to book. 13.2.21


Carl & Dave: The Live Zoom Show! Carl & Dave will be performing a live interactive show on Zoom on Saturday, 20th February, at 6pm. To join the fun, it is just £10 per screen. To book please use this link for payment and a zoom invite will be sent to you. Looking forward to seeing you all! Carl & Dave. 13.2.21


Whose Line is it Anyway? Aisha Tyler hosts as guests Penn & Teller, and regulars Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Jeff Davis put their comedic skills to the test. Friday 19th February (30 minutes) on Dave. See TV Magic for details. 13.2.21


Read My Mind Ltd are proud to present our 'Master Peek' envelopes! A custom made utility prop that allows you an easy, yet ultra deceptive peek of anything written onto the back of a business card. The Master Peek envelopes are expertly manufactured from a high grade Kraft Stock material to match existing envelopes already on the market. The increased thickness of the envelopes adds to their durability, creating another high quality professional mentalism product as you would expect from Read My Mind Ltd. 13.2.21


Do you remember Dinardi? Paul Temple writes: Many magicians will remember the spectacular closing act of the late great German Magician Rolf Dinardi as he filled the stage with a seemingly impossible array of brightly coloured flowers from a box. I am currently researching his life and work in preparation to leave a written record of him for magical history. Can you help? I am looking for photographs and information about his act, did you book him? Did you meet him? Did you work with him? Are you connected in any way to his descendants? If you have memories from conventions where we was the closing act, or a story about him you would like preserving for history, please contact me: Paul Temple pauljtemple71@gmail.com13.2.21


An Evening with Kozmo - Zoom event from Tony Junior. Tony Junior writes: All magicians, of all skill levels, are invited to my next event that I have organised for Monday 15th February at 7.30pm GMT. An Evening with Kozmo the Street Legend, hosted by myself, Tony Junior. The event is free for all magicians, see All events are limited to the first 100 entrants, that includes myself and my guests. The virtual doors will open half an hour before the event at 7pm. 13.2.21


Magicseen Lite Issue 11 February 2021. From the publishers: Those of you who like to get something for nothing will hopefully enjoy our latest free taster edition of Magicseen. Selected from the full January issue of the magazine we offer you the full article on cover star Gaetan Bloom, take you behind the scenes of Luca Volpe's virtual show called Luca's Lounge, and reveal what Romany has been getting up to during the lockdown. From the Masterclass we provide instructions for a balloon elephant, talk to actor Joel Courtney 'In The Phonebox' and let you see what magical things are on the minds of our readers in the letters page. This is then topped off with a selection of the latest product reviews. You can enjoy all this by downloading your complimentary copy direct from the publishers at, or from your favourite magic supplier. 13.2.21


Tony Griffith Zoom Lecture - Leicester Magic Circle. Following his recent successful Zoom lecture to the Home Counties Magic Society Tony Griffith will be repeating the exercise when he Zoom lectures for the Leicester Magic Circle on Monday, 15th February. This lecture is available for all magic clubs and magic minded groups. During lockdown Tony has taken the opportunity to update and revise all the books in his Reflection series. He has also released a number of his favourite routines. See Enquiries to Tony Griffith 01275 835463


The E-Video Newsletter February 2021. The latest edition of Mark Leveridge's monthly online video programme tempts you with: The Teach In – Mark explains the exact handling for a top ring and string move. Pro Peeks – for February Mark has delved into E-Club Pro's Mark’s Monthly Message files to present a discussion on collaboration in magic. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 8 looks at how to make good decisions on trick selection and patter. Web Offers – get information and save money on a feature coin box routine and on one of Mark's card e-books. 60 Seconds To Success – a reminder of the care needed when storing digital trick instructions. The Review Corner – Mark gives his opinion on the Universal xChange from Biz. Access to the full 37 minute online video is available to anyone who is signed up to MLM's free E-Club Lite. You can sign up in a few seconds at and you will then receive the monthly MLM email newsletter, which is full of interesting advice, information and freebies and which also gives you the link to the E-Video Newsletter itself. 13.2.21


Mark Bendell's The Unknown - now an instant download from RSVPMagic. Starring Mark Bendell, Lee Smith and Gary Jones. Here's one of our most popular projects ever, Mark Bendell's 'The Unknown', starring Lee Smith and Gary Jones, at the unbeatable price of just £9.99 for a limited time only. The Unknown features 13 incredible routines from the mind of Mark Bendell; bought to life by friends Lee Smith and Gary Jones.

All of the tricks pack a punch, hit hard, and are ones that you will use. Included is the incredible Bag 4 Life, Back to the Future and Ouija Card. Best of all they're not at all hard to do! We've decided to put up the trailer and full performance clips, so that you can see just how stunning this magic really is. Trailer: YouTube, Bag 4 Life: YouTube. The Ouija Card: YouTube. To order visit


Ultra Zodiac Match - Mr E Enterprises. Performers looking for something different will find this is the ideal effect using two sets of Zodiac cards. You show two packets of Zodiac cards one with red backs and the other with blue backs, there are duplicate signs of the Zodiac in both sets. Your spectator is asked to choose a Zodiac sign from say the Red-backed pack, positively no force is used, and their choice can be their very own Zodiac sign just as they wish. The selected card is placed protruding crossways or facing upwards in its pile. The packs are placed next to each other and the cards from each pile are turned over one-by-one and each pair of cards fail to match each other. When they reach their selected card this and its equivalent face down card in the other pile are put to one side and the cards are once again turned over in sequence to see if they match each other. None of the pairs of cards match, that is until the two cards laid aside are both turned over to show they are identical. Next you make a magical pass over the two non-matching piles, these cards are again turned over two at a time to show magically all the signs are now matching! This is the perfect double-whammy Zodiac effect. The cards can now be left for examination as they are not faked in any manner. Comes with two sets of 12 Zodiac cards and instructions. See:


Magicians Advice Podcast - Kieron Johnson. "In this episode Phil and Ian are joined by Kieron Johnson: "Kieron has been smashing the TikTok game since the first lockdown, but is being a social media success story everything it is cracked up to be? In this episode we talk about the addiction that comes with 'likes' and 'views'. We look into the constant need to get more followers and the feeling that you are only as good as your last viral post. Kieron talks openly and honestly about TikTok and how it has changed his magical life." www.magiciansadvice.com13.2.21


Marvelous Poker Pro Chips, Series One, All-In - Merlins. Series One (gimmicks and online instructions) by Matthew Wright, part of the Marvelous Poker Pro Chip Range, this is all three of the Poker Pro Series One releases in one bargain package deal. Series One includes: Ante Gravity - The stunning floating 3 Fly effect. Straight Thru (Sharpie Thru) - The modern Sharpie pen thru chip effect. The Hold'Em Chip - A 4-in-1 magnetic locking chip gimmick. All three of these effects use matching chips and can be combined to create a multitude of different routines. A set of three professional poker chip tricks at an incredible price! See


Gnashers - Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge writes: I regularly use this routine in my children’s magic shows and it is perfect for the 4-7 age range. All you will need to get the routine together are a few silks, a three way change bag and a pair of large wind up chattering teeth (available in most joke shops). There’s loads of fun as the teeth, in an attempt to untie one of the hankies from a chain of three placed in the bag, only manages to chew holes in it. At first, your attempts to magically repair the hanky only makes it worse before finally all ends well. Lasts 5-6 minutes. This effect is supplied as an E-Routine, which is a downloadable PDF text file. See:


Mad, Mad Balls by Quentin Reynolds - A Practical Magic Exclusive. Originated by Ernest Bradford, and unavailable for over 40 years, Quentin Reynolds has taken this little known prop, and rebuilt it from scratch using modern materials to bring you a funny, entertaining and extremely clever piece of magic!


The magician displays a small red box, which is tipped upside down to allow a small red ball to drop out. The box is empty, and the idea of the game is to make the red ball jump from the magician's pocket back to the box. The red ball is placed inside the pocket, however, when the box is tipped up, a green ball appears! This green ball is dropped into the box and tipped out several times, when suddenly it becomes yellow! The ball changes from yellow to green several times, and just when the audience think they've seen it all, a blue ball appears! These colour changes can go on as long as you need, but eventually the red ball does end up back in the box, but it's a giant sponge ball, four times the size of the others!

It's a great fun routine, ideal for kids or adults. The gimmicked box is unlike anything I've seen before. Quentin has taken the original and improved it vastly by making it totally self-contained. No magnets or sleight of hand; yet you always control which coloured ball appears. These boxes are hand made by Quentin, and there's a whole load of work that goes into making each one - so supplies are sure to be limited on this item. Box size 16cm x 9cm x 9cm. See


Signs by Vernet - Zane's Magic Shop. Decode the present to predict the future. The magician shows three business cards with predictions written on them. These predictions are doodles, so he announces that he's going to teach three spectators how to read them. To do so, he whispers something to each. The spectators sign the predictions. One of the spectators names the predicted cards and they match cards that were chosen. Finally, the magician offers to explain how to read the signs. When he puts the signed business cards over a candle, the doodles visually turn into the names of the three chosen cards. You can give the three business cards as a souvenir! Includes: Printed instructions, gimmick and video download. Find out more, visit www.zanesmagicshop.com13.2.21


Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). That's How Murder Snowballs. Series 1, episode 5. Jeff enlists the help of ghostly partner Marty to find out who switched a stage magician's blank bullets for the real thing, turning a harmless illusion into a horrific and highly public killing. Starring Mike Pratt, Kenneth Cope and Annette Andre. Monday 15th February on Sony Channel. See TV Magic for details. 13.2.21


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