Number 1082 - Saturday 20th March 2021


The South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2021. From the organisers: We are pleased and excited to announce that we are planning to hold our next magic festival 'in person' between 15-17th October this year! Please email Karri Prinn, if you would like to reserve a space. No money needed yet, just your name. We have set a limit of only 175 spaces! In the two weeks in which we made the announcement on our FB page, half the slots have already been filled. Our star Lecturers and Performers will be announced over the coming months. We really look forward to seeing you in South Shields in October! 20.3.21


Tommy Cooper - The Magic Circle Unlocked. Missed it? Catch up online! March 19th was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tommy Cooper. An icon in the world of both magic and comedy, his influence is still felt today. The Magic Circle, of which Tommy was a Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle, celebrated this anniversary on Friday with a special online event with contributions from Anita Harris, David Berglas, Tim Vine, Raymond Crowe and Charlie Frye, along with many more including writers, prop suppliers, actors and producers. Available online until March 26th:


"He looked like a flummoxed, cumbersome magician, but every 'mistake' was tightly choreographed" writes Andre Vincent on the enduring brilliance of Tommy Cooper. To read the full article in Chortle Click Here.

"100th birthday of late comedian Tommy Cooper celebrated in Exeter" Click Here.

"Tommy Cooper's last act fooled us all, says Jimmy Tarbuck" Click Here.

"100 years of Tommy Cooper" Click Here20.3.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, the wonderful Tommy Cooper, as seen on The Bob Monkhouse Show on 7th November 1983. This complete original broadcast didn't include his sponge ball routine (recorded in the same show) that was shown on the recent BBC programme hosted by Lenny Henry 'Tommy Cooper at the BBC' (iPlayer). This guest spot with Bob Monkhouse turned out to be Tommy Cooper's penultimate television appearance, and runs for just over 23 minutes. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 20.3.21


The Magic Circle celebrated a full year of its excellent TMC TV online show last week, which came in to being during the first week of the initial lockdown back in March 2020. For members these 1 hour+ shows have been a great way to stay connected to the society, see some incredible magic, and to join in afterwards as well, with live 'Zoom HQ' chat, hosted by the inimitable Rodney James Piper. Auditions for membership are now held online as well, which really helps squash all that 'audition stress', or you can apply to join as an Apprentice. See for more info. DT. 20.3.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week: Danny Buckler, YouTube20.3.21


Richard Jones Magic Lecture - The Leicester Magicians Network, online, Tuesday 30th March. Adam Edgeley writes: The Leicester Magicians Network proudly present our star lecture Richard Jones, Magician, Mindreader, Presenter. Tuesday 30th March 2021. £10. Contact the Leicester Magicians Network via Facebook or email Lance Corporal Richard Jones is the only Magician to ever win Britain’s Got Talent. A world-class celebrity magician and mentalist who can be seen entertaining at Corporate Events, Royal Parties and in Theatres regularly all around the world. Richard has had sold out UK tours, headlined the West End and is one of the most highly viewed entertainers on TV globally. As well as being a top TV magician, he is also an Ambassador of The British Army. He combines his specialist military training from over the last 10 years with his fascination with the art of deception to create a unique and powerfully eye opening experience to audiences. He recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan where he spent time entertaining large numbers of troops in Kabul. He is a proud patron of two Children’s Charities: ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’ and ‘Together For Short Lives’. "You, sir, are a wizard. That has to be magic." Simon Cowell. "Absolutely Mind Boggling!" Prince Charles. 20.3.21


Kay Dyson Lecture - Blackpool Magicians' Club, online Thursday 25th March. From the organisers: 'Miss Magic' has extensive experience in the corporate, sports and TV arenas as a female magician and all-round entertainer. Kay has qualifications in Media Training, Improvisation and Creativity, and has entertained at venues all over the world at corporate and private functions such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, St Tropez, Venice, The Dorchester, Burj al Arab Dubai, Berlin, South Africa, The Ivy, The Savoy, Grosvenor Hotels and auntie Val's back garden! The lecture will start at 8pm on Thursday 25th March. See to book. 20.3.21


The Dodo! The latest issue of The Dodo! is now available from Jerry Sadowitz for anyone over the age of 18. The magazine contains card magic and material that some will find highly offensive. Very limited quantity. Email for further details. 20.3.21


Owen Strickland on the Magicians Advice Podcast. Hosted by Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. EP148: Owen Strickland Wedding Magician Extraordinaire. "In this episode we are joined with wedding magician extraordinaire Owen Strickland. Owen is in very high demand across the Midlands and has recently won nationwide awards for wedding entertainment, as voted for by the wedding couples themselves." www.magiciansadvice.com20.3.21


Morgan & West Talking Shtick with Mark James. Morgan & West met whilst studying at Oxford in the late nineteenth century. In the intervening centuries these time travelling tricksters have performed their unique brand of magic, wit and whimsy on stages all over the UK, and indeed all around the world. Anywhere there are boards to be trodden, crowds to be wowed or tea to be drunk Morgan & West will be there with miracles in tow... here they are in the 21st century Talking Shtick with Mark James. Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean20.3.21


Mark Leveridge Zoom Lecture at The Zodiac, Wednesday 24th March. William Spencer writes: Watch Mark Leveridge lecture at The Zodiac, March 24th, 8-10pm. Mark’s brand new E-Club Pro Live lecture is packed with clever ideas and effects. There is magic suitable for strolling, for close-up shows, for stand-up and for mentalism, using props such as coins, cards, sponge balls, finger rings, ESP cards, glasses and envelopes. There are no specialised props which means the routines can be put together without huge expense or difficulty. The lecture is on the Zodiac Magical Society’s Zoom. But there are a few spaces left for non members, who can watch for just £10 (or free if you go on to join). If you want to watch this lecture please email or visit for club info. The Zodiac is a weekly magic club in west London that offers a great chance to perform in a friendly and safe environment. It has lectures, competitions, workshops and other fun magic-related nights plus an extensive library. 20.3.21


Magic Room 101 with Mark James - Every Sunday. Mark James writes: Every week my guests will choose three things that really annoy them in magic. I'll attempt to argue against their grievances (whether I agree or not) and then give you the chance to have 'one minute on the mic' to do the same. Then we decide whether or not that thing goes into Magic Room 101 to be banished forever. Follow on Clubhouse at MARKJAMESMAGIC to be notified of events. Every Sunday at 10pm GMT (2pm PST, 5pm EST) live, not recorded. 20.3.21


Spring Magic Auction - Potter & Potter Auctions. This April, we present the first auction from the remarkable magic collection of Bill Trotter. Assembling what is unquestionably one of the largest gatherings of contemporary magic props in America, Bill's dedication to developing his collection will be evident in every lot of the sale. From near-complete runs of props made by Mel Babcock and Chance Wolf, to giant gatherings of props built by Owen Magic Supreme, John McKinven, Michael Baker, and other modern craftsmen (and a few magic factories, too), anyone seeking uncommon, unusual, or uncommonly well-made magic constructed in the last fifty years is sure to find a useable prop or choice collectible in this auction. April 24th online: www.potterauctions.com20.3.21


The Inner Circle Zoom Session. Taking place on Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 7.30pm, this is a relaxed, informal Zoom session which includes informed, knowledgeable chat and advice about technical aspects of magic performance, plus the presentation and explanation of some top routines for close-up, stand-up and mentalism. The exact make up of the session, however, is decided in advance by the attendees. They get to select 8 from the following 12 suggested topics: 1. Strong yet natural looking card forces. 2. The secrets of working large tables successfully. 3. Tips for how to convert more show enquires into paid bookings. 4. Opening effects for close up and stand up. 5. Coin vanishes that leave your hands genuinely empty. 6. Proven techniques for effective magic practice. 7. Audience involving parlour tricks. 8. How to smoothly break into larger groups in walkabout settings. 9. Commercial close-up mentalism effects. 10. The keys ways to create new magic. 11. Convincing card controls. 12. Subtle sponge ball handlings. The 8 most popular selections will form the contents of the session meaning that everyone present will have at least half of their requests included (and probably more), making it an occasion that is truly relevant to the interests of the attendees. Advance booking is required and costs £10.00, but anyone who registers before the 28th March will receive after the event a £10 Credit Voucher to put towards any product purchased from the MLM website. For more information and to book go to


Crowdpuller, Peter Wardell - now an instant 2 volume download from RSVPMagic. Volume 1: Behind the Scenes, Getting a Crowd, The Pre-Show, The Magic, including The C&R Rope, Coins thru Table, Ambitious Card and The Peter Wardell Coin Load (revealed for the very first time) and The Knotted Silks (one of Peter's featured routines and worth the price of both volumes alone! Running Time 93 minutes.

Volume 2: The Cups and Balls - Peter's trademark routine featured for the first time! Watch the complete routine in a live performance from the home of street theatre, Covent Garden in London. Learn the correct props to use and where to get them! The complete routine revealed in intricate detail - nothing is held back! Plus: The One-Cup variation - A fantastic seldom seen move! Trade Show Work - Learn how to apply the techniques taught on these DVD's into your next corporate event or trade show. Running Time 85 minutes. "From stopping the crowds to passing the hat, Peter Wardell is the complete package" Mike Caveney. To order, find out more, or watch the trailer, see:


Just Like That. "Milton Jones celebrates the comic genius of Tommy Cooper, the 'unattractive young man' once rejected by the BBC for his 'poor diction and unpleasant manner'." Sunday 21st March on BBC Radio 4 Extra (Repeat) See TV Magic for details. 20.3.21


Invisible Deck Routine - Mark Leveridge Magic: A fantastic presentation and method for the classic routine in which there really is no deck! A spectator selects an invisible card from an invisible deck and names it as any card he desires. He initials a single envelope and drops his invisible selection inside. Moments later a real card is removed from the same signed envelope and it is seen to be the very card freely named by the spectator! No palming, this is a terrific stand up routine. Comes as downloadable TricKlip video performance and explanation footage. Provide your own props.


The March E-Video Newsletter. The latest monthly online video programme from Mark Leveridge features: The Teach In – learn a strong and effective card matching effect. Pro Peeks – this time Mark raids E-Club Pro’s Tool Box to present a useful card packet switch. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 9 takes a look at how to avoid performance disasters and how to use tricks in the right show settings. Web Offers – see dems and get background info on Tube Of Wonder and the Coin and Purse Collection e-book. 60 Seconds To Success – is it really necessary to get selected cards signed all the time? The Review Corner – Mark gives opinion on Asi Wind’s Gypsy Queen. The 40 minute presentation is available to watch and enjoy for anyone who is signed up to Mark Leveridge's E-Club Lite. The free membership provides an email newsletter at the start of each month featuring news, advice and freebies, as well as the link to the latest E-Video Newsletter. To find out more about the E-Club go to


Houdini's Last Secrets. Four episodes back to back on Discovery History. on Sunday 28th March. "How did Harry Houdini pull off his death-defying escapes? A team of experts investigate his illusions." See TV Magic for details. 20.3.21


Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun. "New Saydo Park arrivals Carole and Phyllis already love life in Spain but they want to experience more of the community spirit, so they sign up for fellow resident Margaret's mystery tour. Where will it take them? Tree surgeon Rocky faces danger on a daily basis as he tends to the high branches of the Costa del Sol, while young magician Dean faces the first night of a residency at the Chamber of Secrets theatre. Starring John Thomson." (Repeat) Sunday 28th March (55 minutes) on Channel 5. See TV Magic for details. 20.3.21


"Not needing the powers of Uri Geller" YouTube • "Benedict Cumberbatch to star in Colin Trevorrow's War Magician" Click Here • "Debbie McGee admits she 'misses the joy' Paul Daniels gave her on anniversary of his death" Click Here • "Preview: Comedy-magician Larry Wilson to open 2021 season at Kellar's magic, comedy club in Erie" Click Here • "UK government announces list of pilot events without social distancing" Click Here • "When Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan were stunned by magician at Diwali party." Click Here • "Midlands Magician Uses Deck Of Cards To Tell The Story Of Covid-19" Click Here • "Ground-breaking illusionist Scott Silven to return to Edinburgh's Traverse 3 with sell out virtual experience" Click Here • That's it! Your magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 20.3.21