Number 1086 - Saturday 17th April 2021


Blackpool Magic Virtual Convention. A free event for magicians worldwide, this Sunday 18th April from 6pm. Join the 'Blackpool Magic Conventioneers' Facebook group in advance if you are not already a member: (this is where the event will be live-streamed from).


The Blackpool Magic Virtual Convention is a free online event as a 'thank you' to all the regular convention supporters. Starring: John Archer, Ben Hart, Ali Cook, Brendon Rodrigues, Marc Oberon, Paul 'The Bird Man of Magic' Derek, Arturo Brachetti (whose show was one of the highlights of the 2020 convention), Romany, R Paul Wilson, Phil Hitchcock, Sam Hurst, Graeme Shaw, Noah Kelly, John Kimmons and Gary Dunn.


The only time to join in is live this Sunday... the video feed will be deleted immediately afterwards, so make sure you don’t miss it! You are all invited to interact online as the convention progresses, so have fun and be good! DT. 17.4.21


Axel Hecklau's 'Cabinet of Curiosities' Sunday 25th April online. This Zoom event is pure amazement. FISM winning magician Axel Hecklau presents magic at its very best in English for this one-time event. April 25th London 7pm (BST) / Berlin 8pm (CEST) / L.A. 11am (PST) / Salt Lake City 12am (MST) / Chicago 1pm (CST) / N.Y. 2pm (EST). Marvel at whimsical experiments, optical illusions and magic at its best. Sleight of hand, distraction, mind-reading and psychological manipulation are just as much a part of the show as are the magnificent tiny tricks or an impossible object made of Lego! This is a one time event. Be sure to book your ticket today via 17.4.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, stand-up magician Ian Keable in a guest spot on The Big Stage Magic & Illusion Special from 29th December 2000. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 17.4.21


Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol, the Magic and Comedy Returns! Have you booked yet? We can start serving indoors with live entertainment from Monday 17th May 2021... See for details. 17.4.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week: Episode 11 - Remembering Patrick Page with Bob Gill. YouTube. 17.4.21


'Successful Secret Searching: A New Technique for Magicians' is the latest masterwork from magical writer, researcher and historian Bob Loomis, author of the acclaimed 'Houdini's Final, Incredible Secret'. Bob is a feature article writer for The Magic Circular, editor of The Magical Spectator, a librarian at The Magic Circle and one of only three Honorary Associates of The Inner Magic Circle. In this new book, Bob shares his meticulous research over many years, in all aspects and types of magic, to help magicians at all levels, to enable them to find that method they have been searching for, compare different takes on the same idea, hone their presentations by comparing routines and go direct to those hidden gems, thanks to his clever system and painstaking research. This is a large format, 365-page book, with an introduction by award-winning magic creator Chris Wardle, M.I.M.C, Gold Star. This book is a treasure trove of information, a handbook that no magician should be without and at £11.99, it’s an absolute steal! "An amazing amount of work has gone into this book and the result is a wonderful guide to discovering the source of so many magical effects. They say if you want to hide a magic secret you should publish it, with this guide that may no longer be true. An invaluable book for performers and historians alike." Alan Maskell, M.I.M.C. Gold Star and IBM British Ring President. Available via 17.4.21


Southend Sorcerers' Leo Smetsers and Alakazam Evening, Sunday June 6th at 7.30pm. On June 6th, Southend Sorcerers are hosting a Zoom based evening with Leo Smetsers and Alakazam. It's set to be a really entertaining night and everyone is invited to attend. Best news is that it's absolutely free! If you'd like to Zoom in, just send Adrian Fox an email at and we'll then send you the Zoom details you need to take part. 17.4.21


Zane's Magic Shop Second-hand Magic. Zane's Magic Shop have added a new category to their website: Zane's Magic Shop - Second-hand Magic. There are many rare and first edition/print magic books listed, from authors such as Jim Steinmeyer, Alex Emsley, Martin Gardner, Harry Lorraine and Paul Harris; early Supreme Magic publications, and more, with more books being added every day! See 17.4.21


L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index) - Stainless Steel Edition. Back in 2007, Looch set the Mentalism world on fire by introducing the L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index). This well designed pocket miracle maker instantly sold out and was considered by the pro’s as one of the best pocket indexes ever made. Each L.P.I has been expertly manufactured in Stainless Steel and will last a lifetime of performance use. Load up your L.P.I with billets, folded business cards, or even currency and it will always be ready to assist you in producing mind blowing mental miracles for your audiences! Each Stainless Steel L.P.I comes with its own custom printed velvet bag and access to an eBook with detailed instructions. You will also be granted access to the Facebook owners group to share ideas and routines with each other. (Facebook account required)

*Please note, the L.P.I is designed as a billet index, with the primary focus being to simply and efficiently organise a range of ‘outs’ and give you instant access to them during performance. It will not hold a full deck of playing cards. "I have long searched for a perfect billet index; finally the search is over, thank you." Lior Manor. See for details and to order.


Creation by Collectors Workshop - Merlins of Wakefield. "A small, gold plated lantern is displayed, suspended from the end of a brass chain. The lantern is handed to a spectator to hold while the performer examines the spectator's ring. The performer now wraps the upper portion of the lamp with a votive prayer slip. He also wraps the spectators ring in a similar prayer slip, which is ignited, causing the ring to vanish. The lantern is retrieved, the performer holding it by the end of the brass chains. At no time do his hands approach the cage. The spectator lights a match and lights the paper. As it ignites in a flash, the spectators ring visibly appears inside the lantern! The performer then unscrews the lantern and returns the ring. Creation is the absolute perfect effect for close-up, restaurant, table workers, walkaround, psychics, seers and storytellers. No angles, no reset, no pulls or complicated sleights. Plated in 24K Gold. An exquisite piece of mechanical craftsmanship in the C W tradition. Made entirely of hand wrought polished brass. Highly recommended!" 17.4.21


Casino Cash - Mark Leveridge Magic. A deck of cards is spread and freely displayed back and front. Four cards are selected at random by a spectator and then placed in a fan on the table. A snap of the fingers and when the fan is lifted, four coins are seen to have instantly appeared underneath! As a lead in to a four coin matrix routine this is ideal as it creates an unexpected and sleight-free intro. You just need a regular deck, which you need to prepare once (takes about 15 minutes), and four small coins (10p's or US quarters). Remember – no palming or sleight of hand is required. This routine was first published in E-Club Pro's Vintage Vault. See to watch a video performance and to order. 17.4.21


Tony Junior's free Zoom events for magicians - An Evening with Iñaki Zabaletta. Monday 19th April at 7.30pm. An Argentinian magician of 20 years who has lectured on Penguin and appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us. I had Iñaki booked for a UK tour to appear at 30 magic clubs last year, but obviously the pandemic put a stop to that. The zoom links etc. will be on my website and the virtual doors will open from 7pm and as usual stay open for socialising after the main features: 17.4.21


Tony Junior's free Zoom events for magicians - An Evening with Joe M. Turner. Monday 3rd May at 7.30pm. A multi award-winning magician based in Atlanta, Georgia. Former International President and Life Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Joe is a magic consultant, writer and director for theatre and film and was the first Georgian magician to perform in all three showrooms at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The zoom links etc. will be on my website and the virtual doors will open from 7pm and as usual stay open for socialising after the main features: 17.4.21


Tony Junior's free Zoom events for magicians - An Evening with David Ferst. Monday 14th June at 7.30pm. Not only is he a highly knowledgeable and extremely skilful magician, David, from New York, has the most amazing memory and is well known for remembering everyone's name at a gig/event - a feat he has been booked for alone! He has kept his secret to himself for all these years but I persuaded him to do a UK exclusive and to share his secret. Something he claims we can all learn relatively easily. Have you ever forgotten a spectator's name, even during a performance when they are helping you? Every magician could benefit from attending this free event. Thousands of magicians will know David from the two decades he worked at Tannen's in New York. The zoom links etc. will be on my website and the virtual doors will open from 7pm and as usual stay open for socialising after the main features: 17.4.21


Game of Talents. "Vernon Kay hosts a game show in which contestants pair up with celebrities to try to uncover the secret talents of the eight mystery performers in each episode. With big money prizes up for grabs if they get it right, will they be able to tell the fire-eater from the footballer or the line dancer from the lion tamer based solely on the performers' appearances and some intriguing clues?" A number of magicians will be appearing throughout the series. See TV Magic for details. 17.4.21


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